「漂流」 (Hyoryu)

As you sit there and watch your daily dose of anime, you’re inevitably going to run into one of those “stranded on an island” episodes at some point. It’s akin to the obligatory swimsuit/hot springs episodes you tend to see a lot of, and in general, it’s something many series use as a foundation (an easy one at that) to give some added depth to their characters and/or the story line. After all, when you’re stuck on a deserted island with someone and no obvious way out, what else is there to do but talk as you wait for help? In this sense, Sidonia no Kishi doesn’t exactly stray away from this formula in terms of what it does, but there’s much to be said about how differently it’s executed here.

Granted, some of this may have to do with the notion that they’re literally adrift in space, but that doesn’t change the fact that this episode is the kind of “stranded/adrift” episode I want to see more of. Because when it’s all said and done, it was beautiful how they tied everything together, and they really get through a lot with this singular episode. Not only do we get the obligatory stuff (i.e. the romance and the photosynthesizing scenes), we get a lot of revelations about the Sidonia universe, and best of all, we get perhaps the most epic retrieval of stranded cast members I’ve ever seen. I mean, really? All 256 frames coming together in formation to rescue them against orders? That’s just INSANE.

To say the least, I had chills running down my back after that whole end sequence, and it really hammers in the kind of epic space opera Sidonia is. That said, it’s amazing how much there is here. As it turns out, the conflict with the Gauna spans over a thousand years, the Kabizashi’s were apparently recovered from an alien ship of some sort, the ship Captain and dorm head are still survivors from the initial expedition that got them those spears six centuries ago, and it’s just a laundry list of revelations that demonstrate the sheer scope of everything here. At the same time, it highlights how they’re able to give us much in terms of information yet leave us in the dark with even more questions, and it’s an impressive piece of storytelling that hooks you in and leaves you wanting more. Are the Gauna trying to communicate? Who created those spears? Where are those aliens now? How many Gauna are left out there? What is their purpose? How are members of the expeditionary team still alive? Talk about mysteries.

Indeed, I can say with confidence that there’s no way the manga sales won’t rise after this—it’s BD’s were in the top 10 in pre-orders recently as well—and the show’s definitely doing something right in the eyes of the general populace back in Japan as well. I guess it only figures though, because Sidonia gives you virtually everything that a good Sci-Fi should have: a grand tale, great execution, an interesting main character, and a prevalent usage of technology in some shape or form. The latter ends up showing up multiple times this week in particular—filtration systems, Hyggs collection membranes, photosynthesizing to reduce ration requirements, the use of 256 mechs to provide enough thrust to collect our main cast while ensuring they didn’t run out of Hyggs particles… the list goes on—and it’s interesting to note that we had already seen some of these in action before, and I should’ve expected that we’d see them applied to different scenarios this week.

Ultimately, it was a great episode through and through—despite there being no combat of which to speak of—and gosh darn, I still get goosebumps looking over some of the screenshots. Looking forward though, it looks like this week’s only a temporary reprieve from the Gauna and for one reason or another, I’m getting really, really bad vibes about how things may not work out between Hoshijiro and Tanikaze… Ugh.

Author’s Notes: As usual, please keep spoilers to a minimum and use the spoiler tags where necessary. If possible, please also try to keep your spoilers to only responses to questions people ask as well, as there were some spoilers posted in the past few weeks that really didn’t need to be put up.




    1. lol.

      That was the first thing that ran through my head when they ran out of water. “Drink your pee like Bear Grylls taught us!”

      Of course, if she could filter the water out of her pee then, why weren’t they doing it the whole time? NASA would be disappointed.

      1. Dammit, now I have a mental image of Nishikawa from Gin no Saji selling bottled water with a picture of a girl and the label “this water was distilled from my urine”

    1. people are blind and complain about how peaceful this episode and the next one is , but little the know that after watch attack on titan , clannad ……+150 anime you know that SHIT about to HIT the FAN … the pain train is incoming , drinking piss have never been this legendary!

    1. The photosynthesis aspect of this show actually makes no sense whatsoever. It works on plants due to their immovable nature (hence consumes less energy) and abundance of leaves, but humans need several square meters of skin exposed to intense sunlight all the time just to fulfill minimum energy requirement of inactive lifestyle. Though i would accept that since it’s basically the reason of Hoshijiro’s delicious fanservice on this episode

      1. wow and i always think that by changing every cell of our body in order to produce chlorophyll , we can photosynthesise like a boss, tbh this may b true for science in this era but we never know , when i was in Highschool i always ask teacher about human photosynthesise , because this method will be able to save the world since we don’t have to eat anymore(not killing animal ,produce less trash , + inhale CO2) , perhaps one day science is vast.

  1. Very clever fanservice, she HAS to go nude to survive for the photosynthesis, not the random wind blowing skirts of girls to reveal their underwear like other shows do! I guess her pee is ‘cleaner’ because of that compared to someone like Nagate who can’t (I wonder what Bear Grylls would react to that thought).

    Having been watched “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney recently, this space-drifting episode totally reminds me of that, which was one of the truly best Sci-Fi movie I’ve ever seen.

    With slightly more revelation of the mystery behind the Gauna shown in the episode, I can’t help but demand for more answers, which they’ve done a great job in making me stay seated for future episodes.

    1. Her urine isn’t any cleaner than Nagate’s, notice she filtered it before giving it to him so that all he ingested was water. You would know if urine ever hit your tongue, urea has a very distinct flavour.

      1. Yes of course I forgot to mention the filtered urine, assuming when both Nagate’s and Hoshijiro’s are filtered, Hoshijiro’s would be cleaner since she’s basically a plant lol.

      2. right and wrong XD have you taste it? well ….. i did and there is a way to make your urine cleanner , filtering is good but well i am tired go check THE_LIVER_AND_GALLBLADDER_MIRACLE_CLEANSE book and.. whatever , world is big , damn i want to go to space

      1. But there’s sterile =/= clean. Sterile is free of life, but it doesn’t mean its free of chemical impurities. There are hot springs in Yellowstone that are extremely clear and sterile, but you wouldn’t want to drink the water in there because its so poisonous and hot that bacteria cannot survive.

  2. I don’t get the big deal about the Photozyntheising but whatever.

    Something I don’t quit get about this episode and me and my friend was debating on this. Did those 256 ships spent 11 days searching for Nagate? Didn’t Nagate engine burned out withing a couple of hours? How the hell did all 256 units last within those 11 days?!

    My friend take however is that they flew out out periodically to search and refueled.

    But my counter argument is that the second in command wanted to jailed 256 people specifically. If they did come back periodically shouldn’t he had them under lock and key already? Or at the very least the ring leaders?

    Of course if they did come back and refueled wouldn’t that mean they had accomplice and more then 256 people needed to be jailed?

    I love me a good sci fi show but 256 units spending 11 days to find them and not running out or fuel when Nagate clearly ran out withing a couple of hours is kinda rule breaking that sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Can someone clarified it for me?

    1. I can’t speak for the 11-days part, but I was under the impression that they flew in formation because it was more fuel-efficient. I assumed that, extending that principle to the limit, 256 units in formation would be even more efficient. Whatever the case, I highly doubt that they took multiple trips.

      1. I’m not totally sure on this fuel-efficiency thing. The fuel/Higgs they expend to propulse the mass of 1 mech doesn’t decrease by adding on more mechs in formation since each mech needs to expend the same amount of fuel for their own propulsion. Unless the mech units themselves are mass-less, the energy expended for each attached unit does not decrease just by linking hands.

        The 4-unit link up would be great for aerodynamics, but that is pointless in space without any atmosphere. The only possible reason I can think of is using the 4 engines for directional stability.

        I really don’t know though. The series does seem to imply that the linkage imparts a speed boost somehow. I don’t know if it’s bad science or maybe there’s details in the story explaining this that I forgot. If someone with better understanding of physics can explain, then please do.

    2. Well there are a few things that don’t stack up. The big one is that there ain’t a lot of photons in deep space so being able to photosynthesize would mean jack squat if you’re stranded.

      In terms of the rescue there’s a couple of points; 1. Out hero used some pretty aggressive maneuvers when he took out the Gauna so probably chewed up his fuel pretty quick. 2. The 256 frames only need to thrust on acceleration and deceleration so if they conserved their tanks they should have been fine.

      1. Hmmm, we weren’t ever really given an exact location of where they were though… unless I’m forgetting something. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sun nearby of some sort, perhaps.

        I dunno though, solar radiation go pretty far out, and iirc solar radiation is composed of protons.

      2. If they are illuminated enough by the light of the surrounding stars, then she should get enough EM radiation for photosynthesis right? The speed of light is a quantum physics constant meaning light pretty much shoots everywhere constantly and consistently without stopping or slowing. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a lack of photons unless they happen to be surrounded by black holes or nebulas.

        Hoshijiro would probably get more EM excitation than plants on Earth do seeing as there’s no atmosphere to filter it. The window membrane probably lets the needed EM waves through.

      3. In ‘deep space’ there would not be enough light for photosynthesis on any significant level.

        For example, Neptune is ~30 AU from the sun and only gets something like 1/900 the light Earth gets at 1 AU.

      4. It’s an inconsistency, but it must be remembered an exact location was never given regarding Sidonia’s current position nor the operational limit of the mech units. All we know is that they are near an ice planet which may or may not be located close to the system’s sun. Based just on the light intensity shining into Nagata’s unit it could be that they are within 1-1.5 AU of the star, but that gets us deeper into a topic that likely we aren’t meant to put much thought into.

        Building on the photosynthesis argument, light is a quantum constant (at least in terms of speed), but background EM radiation is not enough to sustain photosynthesis as already mentioned. Try growing a plant in a dark room. What happens? After the seed has sprouted the fledgling plant will quickly die after the initial carbohydrate reserves from the seed run out unless adequate light is provided. There are some plants adapted to dark conditions (i.e. Coleus), but even these species require photons in far greater quantity and energy level than what is present in deep space.

    3. It’s actually possible none of them needed to go back in the first place. Nagate ran out of fuel cause he was constantly utilizing it when fighting the Gauna, his frame was damaged initially, and then he expended extra fuel shifting direction to rendezvous with Hoshijiro. The 256 units on the other hand, provided they knew approximately where Nagate was, only needed to do one joint acceleration and let Newton’s First Law of “an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force” take over.

      Reasonably speaking, it could stretch a few hours of fuel to that amount of days if they only used fuel for the initial propulsion, because they would only use it for that initial launch and to stop themselves once they reached Tanikaze. Also explains why they took 10 days in the first place, because they were going slowly using only the First Law.

      You’ll also note Tanikaze said “reverse thrusters” when the reception crew arrived, which would fit this theory perfectly, as the only reason they would need to use that is if they needed to stop themselves from going right past Tanikaze, which normally wouldn’t be a problem you were not actually controlling your acceleration and letting the laws of motion carry you.

      1. Hmmm so in theory they just kinda of floated around to form one big sensor net and combed an area I guess that make sense seeing as how Nagate was dead in the water they might had have to do it by section using your thrust and newton law of motion.

        And since they could all photsythn I guess if it had been 20 days Nagate would have been dead but not Hoshi lol.

        Thanks for the clearing up!

      2. This is the bit about Sidonia that puzzles me. The Sidonia itself can cut engines and coast along but the Gaurdians are always shown as travelling with their engines on. In combat this is understandable but even on long missions like reconnaissance runs they are always under power.

      3. @celebrinen

        Sidona is a Big heavy Ship with trillions of Mass weight. Their Mecha compare to it, is like a feather

        And the Mechas need agility in battle. So thats why they have their Engine in Standby. If Sidona needs to take a Turn, you need a lot of Power. Not even these 256 Mechas could push this Ship. It’s not like a small rowboat can pull the mother ship of wind loss in our past.

        The indolence of the Mass * speed still exist in space

      4. If they knew his flight vector, they can also make a fuel optimized (curved) flight path. It would take longer, but making a loop means only small changes in one axis instead of spending twice as much fuel going straight one direction, as much fuel stopping, then fuel for the return.

        With 256 in a ring, they can make much finer directional adjustments at the very least– and that makes all the difference in a super-long path.

      5. Ok, let me clarify.

        Sidonia is shown to be coasting along on inertia alone, the engines were fired up to accelerate and dodge the inbound gauna. Once the threat passed they shut it down and went back to coasting.

        The guardians are almost always shown to have their engines on constantly, even when not in combat.

        I was wondering why guardians don’t cut their engines when in transit to save fuel.
        I’m having difficulty trying to get your point Germanguy.

      6. like i said, the Guardians are like a feather compared to Sidonia. If you stand infront of a red Light in a Car, do you shut down your car engine, to save fuel? No because your batteries dont like it?

        Now take my gist and compare it with the Guardians, the fueling station is right in range.
        And they are not build for long range outsinde Sidonia

        Sidona would not slow down to rescue a Guardian

      7. No, what got me was this: “Not even these 256 Mechas could push this Ship. It’s not like a small rowboat can pull the mother ship of wind loss in our past.”

      8. “I was wondering why guardians don’t cut their engines when in transit to save fuel.”

        Because then there would be less blue light and we all know that less blue light = less visual candy = less sales.

      9. i was trying to demonstrate the fuel that the guradians need to move around vs Sidona move an inch.

        If Sidona needs to correct their Path, the Fuel usage is a lot higher then a Guardian would do. So, recovering the used Fuel for Guardians is easier then recovering Fuel of Sidonia’s Main Engines

    4. Lets assume author did it like this and used pysics so they would accelerate and fly backwards to be able to find and stop at that small ship in mid of space. Accelerating in space would mean achieving something that is not posible on earth and itis almost no resistance so stoping would be done by accelerating in other direction. Also lets add fact if they wanted to fly to Sidonia asap in case of attack using reverse position how it was said in manga would be smart to achieve maximum speed to Sidonia and it would not matter if they were few hundred killometers of the big ship after that but you would not wana miss small ship which cannot move by that distance…

      Anyways wrote on phone so hope aint full of mistakes

  3. This better receive a second season, it’s getting incredible how authentically sci-fi Sidonia is becoming. Best part for me though was the small nuggets of history we finally got. Sidonia is not the only seed ship, there are over 500 and more interestingly all of these ships supposedly launched from the Earth’s surface. Considering the energy needed just to launch satellites into orbit, the implication is that the seed ships started out small and grew once launched. It would explain why Sidonia is encapsulated within an asteroid after all.

    There doesn’t need to be much combat to keep Sidonia interesting as long as we can start finding out more about the Gauna as things move forward. I’m loving the Dead Space vibes I’m getting from the Gauna especially.

      1. Could you tell us where do you get those pre-order sales numbers?

        I can’t wait to see if my favourite shows of the season (including Sidonia) will prevail among the eventual huge mass of flops and earn a second season. I also have hopes for Mahouka, Black Bullet and No Game No Life.

    1. By “From Earth” does not automatically mean it was assembled in Earth itself – It may be assembled in a Orbital Shipyards. From the Flashback, Humanity encountered The Gauna for some time before The invasion of Earth, presumably by another Sublight Vessel. This means Humans already sent Generation ships well before Sidonia launched. Humanity at the time seems advanced enough to make extensive colonization of the entire Solar System, since humans have the engineering know-how to Build or Retrofit hundreds of Seed Ships tge size of Deimos.

  4. I’m currently collecting the hardback Gundam the Origin from Vertical, Inc through Amazon and Amazon has been recommending me the Knights of Sidonia manga (also from Vertical) but I ignored it. It’s not available at my local Barnes and Noble oddly. But yeah I’m definitely gonna pick up the manga now that I’ve seen the anime. Knights of Sidonia reminds me a bit of Blue Gender-well the enemy at least. Shame some mangas have to get animated to get noticed.

  5. I’m a bit surprised at how they cramped that much exposition into the abandoned / drifting session.

    Also: a certain “Ochiai” person gets only a mention by the dorm mother this time, but that person should will pass by again later…

  6. This is one of the best manga adaptations that I have seen in many years. I am rereading the the series for comparison. I was curious if they would cover this portion properly and they did.

    1. I know, right? I read the manga long before I knew this series was going to be aired (it was in my list of “the best mangas that should enjoy an anime”), but I’m still surprised at the details. Ok, the anime has been adding some things, but it always has been to explain things even better.

      For example, the lesson in the classroom with a worried Shinatose wasn’t in the equivalent chapter originally. However, each and everyone of the explanations appeared in the manga in one way or another.

      I just miss the captain not taking off her mask at the end. Kobayashi smiling is not your every day occurrence, although I agree that it makes more sense for her to keep the mask on the bridge(see? another detail the anime does right).

  7. By my reckoning ep05 is a third of the way through the second volume. They summarized Kobayashi (and her crew of heroes) discovery of the true kabi’s as a class lesson which cuts out a chunk of the backstory. If the rate of adaption is reasonably constant they should end by around vol5 of the manga.

    The good news is they will still have plenty of material for a 2nd cour (raw manga is currently up to vol12). The bad news is we’ll have to wait for Miss Moe and Yuhata’s moment of awesome.

    Btw, am I the only one annoyed by the pre-OP recaps?

    1. Meh I have no sympathy for him at all. He’s a dick through and through. Even though he was getting better for that one thing happened to him, it doesn’t excuse his actions at all. His current state is a worthy punishment for his dickery.

  8. This show is so good it’s not even funny… It blends everything in such a perfect way: story and mythos, action, mech combat, usage of sci-fi technology, likeable characters, romance, fanservice; it has everything so far. Plus, despite the personal preference regarding CGI, you gotta admit it suits the series tone perfectly. I think CGI has been attracting more fans lately, especially after successful implementations in shows like SnK and Aoki Hagane.

  9. This pretty far ahead as my favourite anime this season, I started reading the manga because of this and I was pleasantly surprised how the anime adds to it and seemingly reorders parts. For example Akai’s gang, you don’t see Akai fall, but anime showed that, same as Nagate being a bit more savvy at times in the show, in particular regarding the gauna hyggs cannon. Also some of the exposition today wasn’t chronologically in volume 2, which made it more exciting to watch. I hope it does do as well Zephy says it is, definitely keen on more (and more 3D).

  10. “How are members of the expeditionary team still alive?”
    No spoilers, just take note that Sidonia have a very advanced genetic engineering. They can change humans to make photosynthesis, they can create 22 pink colored hair clones, they can create talking bears. They too can, probably, stop people from get old, so someone can live for 600 years and have the body of twenty.

    It is something scientists are researching just now: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/527146/can-compounds-in-young-blood-fix-aging/

    Joao Carlos
    1. offtopic:
      i am just wondering, if sometime the Humanity would find the anti-age medic. What will happen with our Brain and the Memories inside of it? Will we forget with time some old memories to make space for new ones? like a Harddrive delete old unused data, to make room for new ones?

      That is a point that picks my curiosity in this anti-age medic race

    2. My defense is that it’s a rough character sketch on a blank page. Hiyama’s pre-bear backstory has not been revealed as of vol12 so I have avoided all her spoilers up to the latest chapters of the manga.

      Of course, should the anime get that far and it is shown that I’ve said too much then I apologize in advance.

    3. As I believe it s not major spoiler so it was revealed in manga they use wonder medicine pills to stop aging
      And yeah nothing much more to add as I dont wana spoil it
      They can do many other things which are shown in manga so readit or wait on anime

  11. Oh Men, to all this “Urin drinking” comments…

    You never saw the Film “Dune”. The Peoples living in the Desert, have specials suits that filters their Urin and well the other part, filter it and you can drink it…

    And Dune is so old.. but your doing so, as if you hearing the first time about this

    1. Well, never watched the film, but I read the original book. Amazing reading, I recommend it, even if I think it gave too much importance to the importance of environment and training to create the best warriors, and ignored the unsurmountable advantages a superior technology provides, maybe because the author wanted to make his plot fit with real historical events who didn’t have such a divide.

      1. It isn’t hard to argue that more than anything Dune emphasised homefield advantage. The Fremen knew Dune geography and weather phenomenons well enough to use them tactically, it’s the reason guerrilla warfare works and in Dune, the emperor was clearly shown to be arrogant making knowledge enough to succeed. Both sides also had the same technology and weapons in the universe and through all but the last 3 books remained static in nature. It is noted that Fremen had honour duels too, such as the several Paul is stated to be in, and they regularly rode the sandworms together to travel. It was a spartan lifestyle that was training in itself even without a strict military regime, such as the Sardaukar are mentioned as having.

        This is a side point, but Dune the environment was intentionally depicted as a tactical advantage, but Atreides used technology too and born and bonded soldiers.

      2. True, but still makes little sense for the opposing party to offer such a clear bullseye to Paul and company. However, more than the Emperor’s arrogance (as a Greek tragedy), the book chose to paint it as the Fremen’s superiority (environment + Sardaukar-like training). It reminded me of so many sci-fi films with alien invasions where the aliens drop to the atmosphere instead of, you know, nuke them from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure XD).

        But it’s just nitpicking. Dune (especially the first book) is a great story and Germanguy was right to point out that SnK is not the first to showcase good methods to keep your water supply.

    2. Good sci fi doesnt mean making up some stuff it s about using what science says it can achieve
      So just staying on edge of modern techonologies and adding bit of fantasy makes sci fi
      Yeah I also wonder why it was so pointed out by viewers may be just kids saw it it differnt way and didnt even bother with science ideas involved

  12. Loved this episode! But I did keep wondering about how Hosijiro and Nagate didn’t really seem to worry about being thrown into space. And by that, I meant when they left the frame, they weren’t attached to anything. And at one point, they’re standing on the frame pretty naturally. Does the frame have its own gravitational pull?

      1. Ohh okay. I must have missed the magnetic boot part or something. (I did catch the propulsion though; I just thought that that might have not been enough). Thanks!

  13. I knew humanity had evacuated Earth using the Seed Ships but this is beyond horrible! The Gauna destroy the planet completely, they cut it in half! Just how strong are those monsters!?.

    1. Right, and it’s not like the Gauna we’ve seen so far have shown abilities that would make you think they could split a planet. I know “we don’t know anything about [insert topic here]” gets batted around a lot in science fiction, but rarely is it true to quite this extent.

  14. To everybody:

    We need to make Sidonia no Kishi so popular that when people say SNK they mean this and not Shingeki no Kyogin.

    Plus we should certainly have more spacesuit cosplay.

  15. Recycling urine is standard practice on board the ISS. It would be strange if it is not standard practice over thousand of years into the future.

    Why would they have a filtration unit built into their suit and a hose coming out of the backpack like a hydration pack. Drinking ones own urine (filtered) is probably normal everyday activity for the pilots.

    Honestly I wouldn’t be surprise to see a similar system installed in one of NASA’s future spacesuit and then have Chirs Hadfield demonstrating it live on Youtube …

  16. I’d love to take on photosyntezing. Sunbathing is already on my fave summer activities list, and it would tremendously save me money on vacations…
    All those 256 mechs doing rebellious rescue was epic!
    So, the spears are alien artefacts (so there is possibly third faction out there apart from Earth survivor ships and Gauna). Furthermore, as the ships are out-of-contact, it is possible other ships have run into more spears, or even the makers of them.
    I have a strong feeling Gauna are trying to communicate but fail due to sheer inter-species gap. I wonder if any of the survivor ships has managed to make peace with Gauna?


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