「友達の母親。」 (Tomodachi no Hahaoya.)
“A Friend’s Mom”

After a few slower episodes, Isshuukan Friends picks up the pace by hitting us with a double whammy of feels — and on Mother’s Day no less!

Fujimiya’s Mom

I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of strength it takes for someone like Fujimiya’s mom to stay positive. Her cheerful and friendly daughter has turned into a shadow of herself; trying to deal with whatever trauma she suffered when she was young. She knows something’s wrong but is unable to do anything about it. And as someone who cherishes the bond I have with my parents, I know I would feel crushed if I had a daughter who I couldn’t help.

But instead of wallowing around and feeling bad about the situation, I love how she’s able to move forward and keep a positive attitude as she tries to come up with an answer. She doesn’t force Fujimiya into facing whatever terrors she’s trying to ignore but takes the initiative to do what she can when her daughter takes the first step — all with a smile on her face.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a sucker for any story that involves parents and their children. Besides working up an emotion inside of me that I can’t seem to effectively put into words, I tend to think about what I would do if I were placed into a similar situation. Together, it’s an awkward feeling that floats between sadness and guilt that’s super effective at getting the waterworks flowing.

What could Fujimiya be ignoring?

Just as Shoubro said a few episodes back, there has to be a reason behind Fujimiya being unable to remember her friends. While we still don’t know the specifics behind what happened, it feels like we’re beginning to go down a rather dark path. Something about the combination of a car accident and Fujimiya leaping out into the street just doesn’t sound good to me.

Shoubro and Hase

I think Zanibas/Stilts brought this up during the podcast (which should be released fairly soon) but I thought it’d be good to make a remark against how I said something along the lines of Hase’s driving me insane with how he behaves. Seeing how Hase is a prime example of a “beta”, I think his awkward actions and rash decisions are pretty fitting for his character — unlike other shows where the same things happen in an effort to move the plot forward (or backwards). Throw in Shoubro who’s able to give some wise words of advice when Hase’s on the verge of making a horrible decision while not babying him too much and you have a great pair of characters.

Looking Forward

We’ve finally hit the halfway point and I think we’re in a prime position for the story to start tackling whatever Fujimiya’s subconsciously hiding. With a great group of friends ready to provide whatever support she needs, I’m as nervous as I am excited to see what’s in store for us down the road.




  1. I did love the way Kaori’s mum met up with Hase and told him the score. It explained Kaori’s condition in a way which seemed to me to make perfect sense, a case of emotional trauma (possibly a falling out with a close friend) and physical trauma (being knocked down) causing some psychosomatic problem. It also gives hope that if Hase keeps this up then he can really help and one day Kaori may recover.

    It’s always nice to see good parents in anime, if they’re there at all they’re often distant, aloof, or just plain nasty, so nice ones are a real breath of fresh air.

  2. Saki-chan’s approach of Shougo and Kaori’s friendship is amazing! Way better than how Hase treats it. I’m starting to like her character more and more every episode!

    Kaori’s mom is amazing! And oh, Hase come on! Even the Mom can sense something!

    Pickled Cucumber
    1. I can’t tell if she’s half asleep or half awake everytime she speaks. I just go with it because she’s doing things that Hase can’t. Especially as she notes that Kaori talks a LOT about Hase-kun. 😀

      1. Ow! How’d I miss this post? I wish I had the power to delete my post here…
        Kaori’s mom is giving Hase dangerous ideas on this unusual relationship Kaori and Hase has.

      2. @Techim
        I just copy (right click) the image url from the post and put it into my comment. Presto! It’s like anime magic except i understand what’s going on when i’m doing it. haha. Hope this helps!

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Isshuukan%20Friends/Isshuukan%20Friends%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    Ugggggh when Hase was freaking out about going to Kaori’s house and then feeling down that Saki was coming too. I sighed heavily. Only because i’ve done the SAME thing and it’s just awful to see our Hase-kun assume something will happen while they’re alone and then sulk when Saki smashes his expectations. Good one Saki 😀

    Overprotective much? hahaha. I could feel Shoubro’s contempt as he’s probably thinking, “Are you kidding me?”

    I’m still waiting for a feel’s truck to hit me… The first couple of episodes blew me away and while i’m waiting for the bigger things to be set up, i’m left a feeling a little shortchanged. Still, I can tell where Kaori gets her good looks from. The scene in the park definitely was my favorite.

    Did anyone catch the symbolism with the little panda ball? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Probably because i’ve been looking at #s for the past few days and DFQs are the only thing on my mind.

  4. @ Synic:

    Did anyone catch the symbolism with the little panda ball? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Probably because i’ve been looking at #s for the past few days and DFQs are the only thing on my mind.

    What went through my mind with the panda ball cuts and the dog sniffing it was Kaori rejecting any memories of her friends…very symbolic with what Kaori’s mom had just told Hase.


    The ongoing dynamic between Hase and Shougo Shoubro feels a bit like Nichibro, but with half the BSs generated and actual advices from Shougo to the “first time in love” Hase.

    caption:”I felt 10 years younger just by sitting next to you for the last few minutes. Tee-hee~”

    alternate pic for the caption:

  5. Makise Kuristina
    1. ohhh dude! that would be a nice twist of fateeee! Did she crushd on him hard? but hes shobro being shobro the ASEXUAL kinda fellar just probs shrugged off all her lovey dovey feelings! She got hurt and ran away! and also got hit by a car? lolol damn pro cybersteel you rock!

  6. I forgot to compliment on Shougo when he suddenly said, “Just call me your friend already.” Haha! A man of straightforward words! >.< *will be starting a ShougoShoubro fans club…hihihi!*

    Pickled Cucumber
  7. Is no one gonna point out Kaori’s mom giving Hase ideas about their unusual relationship? She seems to be pushing Hase to take their relationship beyond friendship.

  8. This episode was heartwarming and had some nice revelations, but I just can’t get my mind off the reminder poster that she rolled and put aside the entire time!

    I let out a huge sigh of relief when she pasted it back. Thank god they didn’t play that card again.

  9. Wonder what might happen if Kaori has a sister as well…and she’s giving the similar sweet vibes like the Mom and Kaori…and it would be a set of kawaiiiiiiii family~(i wanna have them!) ohhhh i love how close Kaori is with her mom! And why is her mom is sooo adorable as well XDDD

    Mom approves Hase and Kaori! Hohoo~! Hase, its a green light! Go for it! XDDD

    Airhead Saki is sooo cute as well! Shougo, looks like you’re the only “mean” guy there lol…ahahaha! Looking forward for next time! All of the sudden Monday becomes my favorite day ever (adding the LoveLive! release as well)! ^^

    onion warrior

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