Unfortunately this picture wasn’t taken at Fanime, but I think this Kakashi looks pretty awesome.

Good evening everyone! Takaii here once again to shamelessly promote another convention that some writers here at RandomC are heading to! More after the jump!

So what’s Fanime you may be asking? Honestly I wouldn’t be able to tell you since this will be my first time going to a convention way up in Northern California. From what I’ve heard though, a con of Fanime’s size has all the charm and personality that a smaller con like ALA has but all the size, sway, and swag you’d expect from a larger con like Anime-Expo. Basically it’s a nice middle ground that I think will provide an awesome experience for newbies and veterans alike. (Hopefully.)

Now you may be asking, what does one do at an anime convention? Among the standard fare of walking around the dealer hall and the artist alley and questioning why your wallet is hemorrhaging money, there are actually quite a few things I’m excited about for this con. Without going into too much detail since I’ll be covering a lot of that in the full post that’ll come out after the convention, all I can say is that the panels seem really interesting. With a nice mix between industry panels and ones held by anime lovers, I’m actually looking forward to them! But if I were to pick the single thing that I just could not miss, it would have to be seeing Home Made Kazoku in the flesh. Besides being one of my favorite groups for quite some time now, there’s just something special about getting to see the people you fawn over in person. (Getting to see LiSA perform live and then dance along with her? I was fanboying so hard I was afraid my heart was going to explode.)

Now for the fun part — I would love to see any RandomC-ers out there who happen to be attending! While I don’t think our site holds enough clout to compete with people like Danny Choo or some of those crazy idols out there, it would be cool to stop and chat with anyone who’s been keeping up with the site! And let’s not forget that Zanibas and Xumbra will also be at Fanime! So if you happen to be there don’t hesitate to say hi!

So yeah, that’s basically it! Make sure to follow me at @RCtakaii as well as @Zanibas and @Xumbra to find out where we’re at if you wanna say hi! Me and my buddy will also be rocking this T-Shirt so if you see it, you’ll know it’s me haha.

Random Notes

  • Quick shoutout to an amazing artist who also happens to be my buddy, Mason, for putting Kill La Kill garb on those two characters and allowing me to make such a cool shirt. Check him out at his deviantart! Also another huge thanks to Chappy for originally creating the two characters!
  • Even if you can’t make it to the convention, you’re still awesome. <3
  • If you’ve made it this far, I just wanted to give another shout out to all the readers of the site. You’re honestly what makes it worth doing all of this and I appreciate it every single time you decide to read something I or any other writer has written. Thanks <3


  1. That is one great Kakashi cosplay. On another note, while I may not be at Fanime (I actually came back from San Jose for summer vacation), I hope you all have fun there (-^.^-).

    I thank you for the shout-out as you guys’ posts are a pleasure as a reader.

  2. Have fun there, mate. =D
    Hoping that a movie summary will be up soon for Unicorn 7, lol. Just finished watching it…and OMG…win. XD
    Good luck and don’t trip on anything while you’re there, as taking a spill would just suck.

  3. Anime conventions are fun! I was just at Anime Central in Chicago a few days ago. It sure was a blast. Angela had a concert there too. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or funds to fly anywhere for another anime convention. Still, I hope it’ll be another fun experience for anyone who goes!

  4. I would go to this if I weren’t only the other side of the country. I guess all I can do is wish all you West Coasters a good con and hope for the day you’ll come to Otakon or something.


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