「その作印に気づく夜」 (Sono Saku Shirushi ni Kizuku Yoru)
“Sign from the Dark”

Regardless of what one might feel about the content and the overall development of the series so far, there are certainties that come with each episode, and one such thing is the reveal of puzzle pieces with every passing week. It’s a bit questionable having a bunch of minors in a casino (I say this with jokingly of course)—whether it’s the dealer or kids “just visiting”— but it’s ultimately a very different backdrop that adds a vital touch of change to things, and I have to say this episode ends up bringing back Captain Earth toward the upper end of its roller coaster ride.

As it turns out, CEO Kubo might actually be a lot more clueless than initially revealed—it seems like he doesn’t even know the designer children are using his Machine Goodfellows to revive the Kiltgang—and it makes you wonder if it weren’t for him, whether or not the Kiltgang would’ve had a chance in the first place. It just might be that the key to it all lies within an insidious element within humanity when it’s all said and done, and there’s a measure of irony behind it all if it turns out to be the case—even if it may be unintentional involvement on the former’s part.

That said, I find myself quite amazed at how oblivious Kubo generally seems to be regarding things in his own company—I suppose this could be commentary on the mentality of certain types of people—and it’s a notion emphasized further by the fact that he has eight of these machines made, yet hints at not knowing what they’re actually used for. Granted, the Planetary Gears aren’t exactly “regular humans” and it’s possible some of the other members within his company aren’t either, so it does make a fair amount of sense in the end game.

What this does leave us with though, is the fact that our main cast is inevitably fighting a losing battle, as the Kiltgang can essentially continuously attempt to activate Goodfellow units and force a scramble every time. Even if they somehow fail to send the orgone energy to their respective Kiltgang each time, they’re buying necessary time for Amarok and Malkin’s machines to get back into the game, and it’s essentially a battle of attrition for our main cast as time goes on. The only way they’re going to be able to turn the tide at this point is if they actually manage to seize or convert to their side one or more of the Kiltgang, designer children, or Machine Goodfellows, and even then it’s a strategy that’ll get harder as more enemies awaken. The fact that they can just go for Akari as well (which it seems like they will)—whom our cast seems overly reliant on in terms of her script kiddie skills—raises the stakes even more, and they’re really in need of an extra game changer at some point in the near future.

Perhaps the Macbeth CEO’ll find out somehow… I don’t know. Either way, time’s ticking for both our cast and humanity in general, and it doesn’t look good. All things considered however, that might actually end up being just things taking their natural course. Zimbalt’s comment of “we’re the real humans” potentially flips the story on its head depending on how you interpret it, and it’s possible that the humans on Earth as we know it might not even be the rightful “owners” of the planet so to speak. Wouldn’t that, or something along the lines of our main cast’s assumptions about the Kiltgang be completely off base be quite the twist? Guess we’ll have to wait for the next “high-density libido event” to see.

Random Tidbits:

  • Ironically enough, I used to have a ship captain’s hat that garnered me the nickname of “Captain” for a while. Sadly I’ve since misplaced that hat and don’t get called that anymore, but if I were Daichi I’d be relishing the title while it lasts.
  • “Certain types of contact” awaken memories for the Kiltgang eh?



        1. For those who watch Two Best Friends Play on YouTube and saw their Persona 4 video;

          *after the guy gets turned down by Yukiko* FINE!

          *Pat* What a mature way to react to a girl turning you down, “FINE!!! Whatever!!! I’ll just leave and become a boss character in five months!!! See you, f*****s!!!”

          …albeit it was a year in this case, lol.

    1. Well in his defense that girl was pretty shallow falling for the guy who supposedly took her picture. So really she was going to the other Kiltgang guy as a fall back because her boyfriend was acting violent and being a miserable dick. I.E she’s looking for a fling.

      I still can’t get over the fact that they want to eat our reproductive organs…*shudder* So, is it me or is the earth engine all but useless? Get wreck whenever it goes up against Kiltgangers.

      1. Totally agree .. i want more fights like the one in this episode, Earth Engine “Ordinary” looks better and fights better i have no idea why it’s called “ordinary” XD

        The fight scene from 19:24 to 19:33 is pretty damn impressive it feels the budget for animation just spiked up for the sake of the that cool scene, and tell me it doesn’t look like a freaking badass when Daichi reactivates it, turns around and aims the pistol at Zim (check 20:30 to 20:35).

        I do know they need the big space-capable Earth Engine to stop Kiltgangs from breaking through earth’s atmosphere but it seems from next episode preview (and pretty much how the story is going, i.e a hunt to see who can get their hands on the remaining designer children first) we will be seeing much more of Earth Engine “Ordinary” .. and i’m so damn glad for that XD

    2. Hey! You! In the preview! Take your hands off my magical girl, buddy, or I’ll take your hands off you. >:(

      On a different topic, hopefully our kids will be able to save at least some of the designer children (preferably the girls :p ) because I really don’t want to see all of them getting turned into crazy human-hating aliens.

      1. Can’t understand how you got even one downvote for liking best girl
        (really, a splendid character you’d love to have in your circle of friends … and made me have indecent thoughts involving belly buttons as a bonus)

    3. Certainly this puzzle’s clicking in more places than it should have buttons to push with.

      OTOH, pitz has risen to the challenge of being THE mascot after the vice-prez from STAR DRIVER
      (that said, I can’t find a good solo pic of that yellow fox in RC archives… T.T )


      Sub-Commander: What kind of body does she have???

      PS: It’s rather odd that the cast list was not updated on MAL (ANN don’t use character profiles at all – not helping)

    4. The Designer Children/Kiltgangs

      I think all of them will end up as Kiltgang given that they stand by Moco and Amara’s side on the posters. Some of them could possibly be saved though. The next one is Ai appearing next episode! Oh yeah~~

      Takao is really a dick for what he has done to Zin. He doesn’t even deserve the girl. Naoko should just leave Zin alone because she doesn’t deserve him as well. That aside, I would like to mention that Zimbalt might be based on Zimbardo the pyschologist who did the Stanford prison experiment. It relates to how people conform when the situation pushes them to do so like Zimbalt, who changes when he gets authority and power over humans.

    5. The sheer incompetence of these guys in command just astounds me. Leaving such an important mission like this to a bunch of kids……….god i want to slap all these idiots lol. The only person who I’d give a pass to is Akari with her hacking but everyone else really doesn’t have a clue what they are looking for or doing. And it’s really weird the kids didn’t point out that Zin also looked like a minor and yet he was working there.


      Even more Daichi nonsense this episode as well since he manages to escape a real life gunfight and is more worried about people still calling him “captain” than the fact he could have just died.

      Is this show trying to take itself seriously or not? It’s really hard to tell.

    6. I smell a 2nd season, if they go there and introduction now the other kiltgangs in the remain 4 or 5 episodes.. but what happen to this invasion plan and all. So, i smell a 2nd season

    7. Best drinking game when in hotel is as such:

      You must drink whenever these things happen / are said:
      1. Earth
      2. Engine
      3. Libido
      4. Hana or Pitz

      We took out Captain and Kiltgang after the eye catch because people were finishing their drink way too damn fast.

    8. Ep 09:

      Sorry, Cap. Earth. You walking now a way that i dont like it.
      Are we now going to see, how they fail the next Episodes?

      i am not an SM lover. I dont like the way you walk now

      1. I knew, you have the 4 Heroes. But now see the other Episodes how they Fail to save/recruit the Children’s.. (we all know they will fail) in the next Episodes? Thats no progress at all, thats just running in circles on the spot


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