「友達との最終日。」 (Tomodachi tono Saishuubi)
“Last Day with Friends”

Based off of the comments in last week’s post and the ominous looking preview, I was ready for this episode to be a doozy. What I wasn’t ready for was the amount of emotions that swelled up in my chest right as the episode came to a close.

The Calm before the Storm

Seeing how last week’s preview accounted for only 30 seconds of this week’s, I wasn’t expecting things to be so fuwa-fuwa! With a combination of Saki’s charm, Hase’s antics, and Shoubro’s trademark coolness, it finally felt like the show was building on all of the different points it’s been so focused on during the past few episodes. From addressing the latent feelings Shoubro has for Saki to ever-so-slowly pushing Hase and Fujimiya closer and closer together, I thought we finally escaped the vicious circle we were trapped in.

There’s No Going Back

But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked our mysterious new character Kujou appeared. While I don’t really want to go on a baseless rant about how much of a jerk he appears to be, I’ll just comment on a few things that came to mind. Because it seems like he was the friend that Fujimiya was going to visit that one fateful Sunday, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he probably isn’t as cold as he’s being portrayed as. While it’s mostly speculation, it’s tough to think that someone who was close with Fujimiya could be anything but a good person inside.

The other thing that came to mind was me trying to put together why Fujimiya missing her meeting with Kujou would be so emotionally scarring. I’m just making guesses here but there had to have been more than just wanting to wish him a farewell before moving away, right? Like naybe they had a cute crush on each other? At the same time though, let’s not forget that this all happened during elementary school, a time where relationships and feelings are pretty insignificant.

Looking Forward

I’ve been wanting to get hit with the feels for a while (that sounds pretty bad when I say it out loud…) and I think the end of this week’s episode was just a taste of what’s about to come. With secrets just asking to be revealed and Hase backed into a pretty dark corner, I can’t wait to see what’s about to happen in the next few episodes. Throw in Shoubro and Saki slowly dealing with how they feel about each other and a new mysterious character to shake things up and it sounds like we get to have cake and eat it.




    1. Hmmm don’t you think your being a bit harsh on the boy? It’s not like he was aware of her condition or anything. I’m only lead to believe that because of Fujimiya’s amnesia she forgot about something that he felt was really important (or it could be what happened before her accident). Either way he’s only said one line of spitefulness. Hasn’t Hase done the exact same thing even when he was clearly out of line? Yes but I still somewhat understood where he was coming from. Besides the preview doesn’t make him to really seem like a “I’m going hate you no matter what kind of guy” and I highly doubt he’s going to be a jerk the rest of the series. So hold your horses bro :I.

  1. I don’t think “Fujimiya missing her meeting with Kujou would be so emotionally scarring” (to heavily quote Takaii) was a cause, that might have been just one of the consequences from the car crash for all we know.

    ps. this post was only for waiting while my initial http-coding heavy post is going through the mod’s gauntlet…

  2. Shoubro X Saki… I didn’t expect that but daaaamn! That would probably be one of the most unique pairs. I’m afraid they might steal the spotlight from the leads 😛 give me the next episode now!!

  3. They can do this. That’s what this series is all about! Hase and Kiryu and Saki are gonna figure out what’s going on with that Douchebag McMemories Pants and convert him to the good side and help Fujimiya get back to normal and EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE FUWAFUWA DOKIDOKI AGAIN GODDAMMIT.

    1. ORRRRR the guy claims what is RIGHTFULLY HIS! hes thinkin DAS MY GURL U GET UR OWN BROOO HASELAVISTA!bitches!. He isnt douchey just a bitter boy… didnt get sum sweet sweet kaori lovin before he left. The guy was prob even closer to kaori than hase up to now before he had to leave! they be prob like lets get married when we grows up! hes probably wearing a pendant and she has a key… and so does 3 other girls who randomly tilt their heads for no reason ahahhahaha

  4. I hope Gen Urobutchi isn’t involved in this. j/k

    Honestly, the “let’s do homework” session hit me hard, I expected bad stuff happening from the start given the end of the last week’s episode, and instead I get this. I giggled when their mom found them lying on the ground. Saki x Shoubro so cute.

    Also, I cannot even count the amount of anime I’ve watched lately that tried to stir up things by introducing a transfer student. But it always works wonders. Intrigued to see what exactly happened between the mean guy and Kaori.

  5. It’s kind of funny that Kaori’s dad’s face wasn’t visible in the photograph; I don’t see why his face couldn’t be shown. XD But anyway, the episode was another good one, in my opinion. Shougo, despite his poker-face, has again proven himself to be an awesome friend! Hajime’s reaction at the end was uncalled-for, but I can understand his feelings of hurt and betrayal…anyone would be upset if a good friend of theirs seemingly abandoned them without as much as a word. Looking forward to the next episode; more drama incoming!!

  6. Kaori’s mama is serious so cool, approving Hase all the way XDDD i would like to see the dad reaction then lol

    I kinda feel like Kaori’s memory about Hase is more to romantic feeling instead of friendship XDDD I mean, she didnt forget Saki as a friend, but why is she keep on forgetting Hase? Is her past trauma related to love affair that she’s kinda “numb” when it comes to romance? How can she act so calm every time they had that moment ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    The new guy is a douche; i dont know what Kaori did to him in the past, but its kinda pathetic for a guy like him not able to let go whatsoever promises they did when they were kids. I mean, c’mon dude…thats aint sweet

    Anyway, the real drama has just begun! Commencing Hase to assault mode! Go Hase!

    onion warrior
    1. Kaori does forget about Saki too every week; it’s just that Saki doesn’t realize it (she thinks Kaori’s problem is like her own absent-mindedness).

      As for the new guy, yeah he acts a little douchy. He probably acts that way because Kaori doesn’t even recognize him now (I’m guessing Kujou’s the kid Kaori was supposed to meet the day of her accident).

      le barto
    1. Agreed. Too a strong a word to describe a friend who just didn’t show up to meet you.
      Sounds like there was something more going on between Kujou & Kaori after all.

      le barto
  7. Plot Twist:

    That was all an act by Fujimiya and it was just some ill attempt at a joke. She actually does remember Hase and they live happily ever after! The preview was just a lie…

    Right? Please let it be a lie…

  8. you just arrive and talk shit to a girl , who care about you anyway , it’s isn’t like she got into accident was a secret also to point it out, same go for the whatver his name senpai and Mibu …yo i like you for a long time so when to go astray let’s hit you and try to murder your ass with magic sword OMG that’s not how you help , the only thing you will get isn’t the girl but a fist in your face.

  9. This is only the beginning, it gets much worse for Hase.

    But regardless, based on the manga’s status I think this will head towards the “friendship” ending, which will probably appease many but leave a few who were hoping for more romance to be disappointed. That way this will also be left open for a sequel down the road when the manga’s finished.

  10. Damn, I called it last week (unfortunately). This week’s title had a double meaning. Last day of summer with her friends and last day she remembers her friends. Kujou has an attitude that makes Shoubro look like a pollyanna. Does this mean that her memory of friends prior to the accident has returned or is it just him? Hoping for bad things to happen to him since he seems like a jerk. Maybe Shoubro will fix his ass.

  11. I actually felt like I had a girlfriend and she forgot about me because some douchebag that caused her to forget almost everything came out of nowhere. That’s how good this show is, it almost made me cry 🙁

    Jason Isenberg
  12. What does this show do wrong? I defy anyone to point one thing this show does wrong.

    Wow. That was a well built up punch to the gut. I don’t think it could have been timed any more perfectly. Just as things are starting to get settled and our friends reached their high water mark, BAM. Someone comes in to wreck everything. It takes a long time to build things up. It only takes one swing of a hammer to wreck it.


    1. Well,after this episode I guess I can point out something it could POSSIBLY do wrong.

      First let me make it clear that I love this Isshukan Friends and consider it one of the most heart-warming shows I saw in a while. For that reason exactly,I’m worried about this attempt to add some drama when things were progressing so well,we have only 3 episodes remaining and there haven’t been any hints of a storm coming(Kujou’s very brief appearance last week might’ve signified this but it was until then there was nothing). I don’t have anything against drama but it worries me when it’s introduced late. It’s just that things were progressing so naturally that it feels like this wasn’t needed.

      But eh,maybe I’m just too paranoid. I love this show and still will even if it fails in it’s attempt to add some drama towards the end,although hopefully all will go well.

  13. I’m sure what exactly Kujou feelsing are but it’s a long time to let his hurt childhood memories brew so I can see him going on the offensive thinking that Fujimiya snubbed him that day to not show it.

    It’s probably the day he moved too otherwise he might have known she was in a car accident!

  14. When I saw the title for this week’s episode last week, I thought of ‘goodbyes’ or ‘transferring schools’. But, LOL, never expected much fuwa-fuwa-ness in the first 2/3 of this episode.

    Also, never expected that Shougo used to care for Saki back in elementary. Now that’s Sho-bro for you.

    Red HeartGold ZX
  15. Kujo is the pettiest prick. Who keeps a grudge from elementary school? Oh I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to you as I was hit by a car. Here’s hoping he gets hit by more than just feels, but hopefully he does experience some feels such as remorse or shame. What an a-hole.

    1. well see if he knew about the car accident tho he might have just left without knowing what happened just that she stood him up! oooohhh that just reminded me of Haganai! haha sena allll the way!

  16. Great episode. Even if I did get gut-punched emotionally.

    Having watched enough amounts of anime, part of me thinks that Kujo will come around eventually.

    However, there’s also a part of me that wanted to elbow-smash that d-bag’s face for eternity. No matter what, “traitor” is too heavy a word to be used for this situation. It’s not like Fujimiya double-crossed Kujo and left him for dead. Goddamn it.

    Danny Zeto
    1. haha these are still hot blooded YOUTHS immaturity is their strength why u no understand this fact? theyre in the age that they just wanna “die” because someone they like snubbed them gg

  17. Shobro x Yamagashi – Swiftly approved. I think we might see the dawn of a new term… Tsundebro

    Aside from the tsundebro moment, the closing scenes totally swept every fuwa fuwa (discounting tsundebro moments) out the window and into the nearest black hole

    Makise Kuristina
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