「禁断の」 (Kindan no)
“The Forbidden”

Great episode this week! The comedy is getting better, the animation is stable, and above all else, Usa finally got some happiness with Ritsu without Mayumi getting in the way!

Right off the bat I’m going to say this–screw those centipedes. I knew that bugs in Japan could be really huge, but they’re resilient too? To the point where they can escape tape, survive being smashed in a book, and have the ability to cause major bites? That’s pure terror right there. It’s not often that we see a fear of bugs portrayed in media, especially to the point where not just one, but several characters are in fear. It’s a strange thing to connect with a show over, but I distinctly remember being with groups of friends where we had this same reaction (we had to call one of our friends to help with the problem). Overall, I felt that the bug skit was possibly the funniest one in awhile, especially since it was so relatable and that it featured so much Ritsu. Just like Mayumi said–the two should just kiss already!

Speaking of Mayumi, we have to talk about our star character this week after all! Although I personally think she’s a bit too dramatic about her life, I can still listen to her words and relate to them. Unfortunately, it seems that I too am getting around the age where people start to tiptoe around that sensitive subject of dating (it’s not bad yet, but soon), as well as getting into those awkward conversations where a person just can’t stop talking about their new or old significant other. Indeed, as Mayumi says, most times you just sit politely while you resist the urge to gag at times. What, is that just me?

Despite my personal opinion of her, the problems that she faces are definitely ones that resonate with a specific audience. It’s mostly fun to just see her constantly contradict herself and have her ups and downs, because in a sense, her character is meant to portray the nasty side that people often hide behind a very polite surface. It’s not one that’s pretty to look at–the other characters in the show represent most of our reactions quite well–but it’s a refreshing look that you can’t often see occurring in real life.

Now that this week has me hyped up, I’m really excited to see where next week’s episode will go! We get to see ghost-seeing girl once more and possibly more exposition into Usa’s past weirdness! I was actually surprised that they didn’t wrap things up with Hayashi last time we saw her, but thankfully it seems the show will be tying up loose ends next week! Hopefully the show continues on with this level of quality in animation and comedy–although it hasn’t reached the levels of the first few episodes, the current level that we’re at is a great place for a romantic comedy to settle and satisfy. See you guys next week!




  1. This episode is yet again one (out of a show’s worth of) examples that demonstrate how Kawaisou’s pride within its very flawed characters can go a long way. It can be pretty brutal to them with its jokes, but the show being able to not take itself seriously to this extent is just entertaining and fulfilling to watch.

    On a more specific note, the Mayumi depression was hysterical – I lost it when she started singing on the roof. And, best of all, Ritsu was just being too cute during the centipede half of the episode – the ship is definitely stronger than ever!

  2. Best. episode. in a while. I was cracking up / openly freaking out about the *shudder* centipede, not to mentioned supremely enjoying moe afraid Ricchan and sekc-funny afraid Mayumi. Such a fun show!

    1. Additionally to what Smokex says, there is also the problem that they are resilient as hell and hard to get rid of. The method they used in Kawaisou – splashing boiling water on them – is just a superstition as these bugs are even fine for a while if you try to burn them (yes, “kill them with fire” doesn’t work).

      So far the only method I have seen in anime that sort of reliably works is from Danshi Koukousei: Spraying them with a freezing spray to stop them and then getting rid of them outside.

      1. @brajt: You can’t smash them with bricks if you can’t hit them, so you’d first have to slow them down with the freezing spray anyway. Not sure if a brick has enough weight to crush them anyway. Maybe if you put your entire weight on it.

  3. HalfDemonInuyasha
    1. same! tho i think hes more in it for the random punishment she gives him every time she has a hissy fit because someone at work is getting success in a relationship!

  4. Every Episode has me looking forward to the next so far! this series and NogameNoLife are the front runners of this season for sure! Lets throw in one week friends too but its more of a mention!

    For me Mayumi isnt exactly a catch!(she sure is hot tho but too much baggage and drama queeen) 😛 unlike kawai sempai now shes a catch! sure she likes books way too much but wait till she reads 50 shades of grey! hohoohohoho. gl gl USA-KUN! Everyone knows the book worm girls get teh most freaky in bed! Sayaka…shes the super bitch! so manipulative and so evil!!Good thing sumiko is around to keep her in check!

    Which girl is everyones type?

  5. Man, my heart nearly burst with feels this episode. Mayumi is my favorite. I can see the Ricchan appeal, but Christmas Cakes are almost always number one in my heart. Personally, I think she’d calm down a lot if she was actually with a good man…and that’s why she’ll never have one. As long as the show is comedy and playing off of reactions where hilarity ensued, she will be forever alone. It also warmed my heart when Sayaka said that she loved Mayumi. In her own twisted way, I think she meant it wholeheartedly and it helped me see her more as a person when she wasn’t playing up her sugar/poison personality. I’m actually wondering if she has a thing for Mayumi. Like a crush type thing. Ricchan was adorable this episode as per yoosh, and Sumiko’s expression when she pondered riding Shiro’s shoulders was as cute as any group of girls having cakes and tea in a club room. How is Ritsu related to Sumiko? I thought she would have been calling her Grandma instead of Sumiko-san. Lastly, someone mentioned this, but did Shaft have a few guest frames? Cuz you know. Dat tilt.

    The Walker
    1. alright fine + 1 for the big booobies :)well what you said and… fact that she never learns! shell always fall for a douche over and over time and time again!

      lol really? it seems like sayaka always says and does things just to mess with people… purely for her twisted entertainment!… doesnt she sees Mayumi as a sister since they live together? but she does teases her alot!

      hmmm sumiko is her grandfathers sister… not sure what she supposed to call her…

      1. Well I like her beyond the large cup size =p. It’s true though. Women with large breasts are definitely not lacking in anime. They have reasonable realistically large all the way to ludicrously big. Thankfully Mayumi is more on the realistically large size. Her misery with men is apart of her “set up” for jokes and gags and overall character foundation the same way Sayaka has her overly made up appearance and fake-sweet personality, Ritsu and her obsession with books and general stilted social attitude, and Shiro with his Masochist fetish. Sayaka does do things to mess with people, but she targets Mayumi in a way that she doesn’t with anyone else. Usa comes in a distant second, and she barely seems to interact with Ricchan and Shiro, although given his personality Sayaka messing with Shiro could have disastrous effects since he likes that kind of stuff. That is why I think she really meant that “I love you”. I think I forgot about the fact that Sumiko is Ricchan’s Grandfather’s sister. I guess that would make her a great aunt? I’m kinda bad at these things so I dont know.

        The Walker

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