「結界の守人」 (Kekkai no Mori Hito)
“Protectors of the Monolith”

With all the pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together, it looks like the last battle of the season will end up being a pretty good one.

Rank 9200 — Tendou Kisara and Tina Sprout

As if the opening didn’t spoil it already, I was so relieved when I found out Tina wouldn’t be stuck on the back lines. In one of the Seitenshi’s most logical moves, I appreciate how the decision to lift Tina’s suspension was made with more than just “Because I like Rentarou”. While I’m sure that had something to do with it, it’s nice to see she can make some smart decisions especially with a disaster staring straight at her.

Pedo Jokes are some of the Best (Worst?) Jokes

With this episode serving as the setup for the huge battle that’s coming, I was happily surprised to see the return of pedo jokes at Rentaro’s expense. While I don’t think the jokes themselves are all that funny (because we all know Rentaro is a pretty respectable guy), the comedic gold comes from watching how Rentaro reacts to them. I mean, it would be easy enough for him to just ignore it right? But instead of being smart, he ends up going with the flow when hes accused of things like kidnapping young girls to fulfill his dream of creating a young girl harem — and how can you not giggle at that?

Asian Lady Visor and Mahou Shojo Shironeko

Okay, that title might be a pretty bad joke but did anyone else associate Shouma and Midori with those things? I mean, Shouma is wearing a black visor that resembles the same type of visor/hat thing that older Asian ladies wear while walking outside! And in Midori’s case it isn’t as bad since her hat is pretty kawaii but the fact she’s hiding true nekomimi (and maybe a tail we just don’t know about yet) and can claw through steel makes her almost like a magical cat girl, right?!

In all honesty though they seem like a great addition to the team. Seeing how Shouma already shares a close relationship with Rentaro and Midori seems pretty capable when the going gets tough, I can’t wait to see what happens when they’re up against some real opponents.

Looking Ahead

With Monolith 32 on the verge of collapse and thousands of Gastrea just waiting for the chance to strike, it seems the stage has been set for a gigantic battle. While it would be a shame to see such a large group of civil officers fall, I can’t help but think that all the adjuvants except Rentaro’s are going to get the short end of the stick. Combined with what I could make out from the preview and I’m starting to think it’ll end up being Rentaro’s group and all the Cursed Children who were exiled from the city who’ll do the saving. Or maybe I’ll be wrong and humanity will get their act together and win such a decisive battle on their own? Who knows~




    1. funny that you would mention SnK – a handful of brave defenders setting out to defeat horde of almost invincible foes attacking walled out remains of mankind…

  1. ey, ey, ou!!! – and the ED starts playing…
    way to get me fired up for the final battle

    oh and poor Rentaro is actually getting quite a harem between Enju, Tina and Kisara (though he is romantically interested in Kisara only becaue despite all the jokes he is truly decent guy)

    1. My romance detector must be broken because all I see are two close childhood friends in Kisara and Rentaro. People say the romance is there, but I just don’t see it.

      Maybe I’m just in denial since Enju is my favorite character.

  2. Lolis, Loli’s everywhere! Why did Tina look afraid of Satomi loli harem plan? I thought she would be on board! I wonder if Kisara like SHouma, she clearly blushed. NTR?

    I don’t get the part about positioning are the JDSF so stupid that they would not call their strongest to help or does Saotomi mean that the JDSF would get slaughter and can’t call them?

    Also, for a moment I thought Kurogane ( Mask man) Would should up and be the fifth member. XD I kind of want him to live.

    Also they didn’t mention this but did the people flee yet or they can’t? Even if the rich buy the transportation why would they need ALL the mode of transportation? Surely there are room to start evacuating?

    1. I don’t get the part about positioning are the JDSF so stupid that they would not call their strongest to help or does Saotomi mean that the JDSF would get slaughter and can’t call them?

      Do you remember in the first episode, when a swat squad entered the apartment before Rentaro got there, because they “didn’t want him to get all the glory?” I’d say this is the same principle, and it’s not uncommon when attempting to coordinate actions between different groups of armed forces, or between military and civlian forces. Each group has their own sense of pride, looks at the other group as “intruders” who are “interfering in their business” and will try to push the other group aside to make sure they can take credit themselves. Intelligent superior officers can help prevent that from happening, but only if they don’t agree with it themselves, and odds are most of the JSDF brass are either on the “who are these civilians trying to interfere in a military operation” group or the “cursed children are the spawn of satan, if their supporters say to do something I will do the exact opposite and then blame them for it” group.

    2. Kagetane’s rank (134) actually was revoked before the series started because he kept causing trouble, so odds are he couldn’t actually join even if he wanted to.

      And I expect him to be on the other side.

      Regarding Kagetane in the LN at the end of Volume 1:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. First at Wanderer- Isn’t it a giving that the JDSF is worthless before the Gastera and that only the Curse children with their handler armed with black bullets can take them down?

        At least that was the world that I got the impression of and was presented to me, the Military knew they were wiped and could not fight back hence the creation of the Civilian officers unless they DO have weaponize cursed children and soldiers who handle them.

        I thought the whole point to having the curse children in the first place and why they were tolerated was because the army is worthless before the gastera?

        @ Cyouni. What does Rank have to do with anything? If he wanted to join that would add more firepower to stopping the Gastera, isn’t that a good thing? Aren’t volunteers and fighters in short supply to fight off the Gastera? From what I understand most of humanity is wiped out so if someone is crazy enough to fight them why wouldn’t they be welcomed?

      2. Of course it is. It was a given that the police were useless against the Gastraea they were expecting in the apartment in episode 1 as well, but that didn’t stop their idiots from rushing in trying to kill it. The fact that they are useless against the things is either not common knowledge, or does not filter through the brain of the average gung ho “I’ma defend my country” imbecile. The people in charge of them are likely a bunch of ignorant desk-jockeys who will refuse to believe that their weapons are soldiers are useless, but will be sure to blame the cursed children for not saving everyone when they “discover” that fact.

        In short form: don’t underestimate human stupidity, especially in a series designed around the concept of humans being the most evil/monstrous/stupid/(insert insulting term here) things on the planet.

      3. @Duzz: I was under the impression that it mattered, given how they kept noting that Tina’s rank was revoked and that she wasn’t able to participate as a result.

      1. I don’t mind cats, cats are fine too, but isn’t it the first time we’ve got some redundancy? So far we had a mammal, a fish (KIA), an insect (KIA), a bird, and a spider in prominent roles. There are more species left to explore!

      2. Yeah, I like cats so I’m fine with a neko based Initiator nyaa~

        @Conrad: “So far we had a mammal, a fish (KIA), an insect (KIA), a bird, and a spider in prominent roles.

        Pretty sure that Senju (“KIA”) was based on the marine mammal dolphin, not the fish mahi-mahi (which is commonly referred to as “dolphin”).

        As for a reptile, how about a Komodo dragon based Initiator? No need to stick with the commonly used snake route.

      3. Was Senju a dolphin type or an orca type? Either way, that would be a mammal too, but I think that choice wasn’t about fish/mammal/whatever, but rather picking the second most intelligent species after the humans. Still, the difference between the sea and the land mammals appears to be as significant as the one between insects and spiders.

        And why no love for snakes? It’s one big tail, think about prospects! And now that we have duplicate types, a scorpion type is also an option. BTW, are multi-factor types possible? You could have an actual dragon then. If not, a dinosaur type would do for a reptile as well.

  3. Ohhh so good :3 Fuse too cute XD Kemonomimi on lolis are such a dangerous combo, and I wanted to check if she had a tail or not too! Well jokes aside, I’m really glad to see that BB is getting on track with the pacing and this is a nice lead up and it looks like we’ll get around 3 or so episode of action from now, which I guess was kinda worth skipping the first arc a bit too quickly.

    PS: Just a thought, but the officer who were killed, and they are cut, anyone getting a vibe that Kagetane and Kohina are the ones who did that, or at least Kohina, since we know 100% she’s alive. Also, I feel very suspicious of how Rentarou said 5 group but they only have four, they might be hinting about how maybe Kagetane might join them?!?! I have no idea, this is me just ranting about my silly ideas so they’re probably wrong but hey you never know.

  4. another loli casualties this ep.

    well, the loli group is complete now just like in the OP and I can totally see it now, in an alternate universe of some sort where this girls are just normal girls going about their daily lives and no gastrea powers and all that shenanigans, having their own stories with Enju being the main character and the spider girl being her best bud and partner in crime doing all kind of mischief, Tina being the big sister in the group and nekomimi girl being the butt monkey, but theres a twist! Enju and Tina are mahou shoujo fighting off the evil Kagetane in secret, after all the show already put Enju and Tina in a mahou shoujo costume so why not make a spinoff story about it, lol

  5. Rentaro´s warning about the Civil Officers been left out of the defense operation is ringing hard in my ears, anyone would think that the JSDF will happily welcome the experts in Gastrea killing into the fighting force but humanity can be dumb as hell. We´re talking about the same humanity that treats the little girls that are their only hope as worse than garbage, something tells me that Tokyo is going need a serious amount of luck and God´s help to this one off.

    1. I’ll spoil this since some people may not even want to read the guess if it turns out the be right but, based entirely on the conversation about their distance from the main force and one line in the preview, my gut is leaning towards Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Personally, I liked this episode a bit more than the last one. The show seems to be slowly finding it’s stride, at least compared to the first arc.

    Rank 9200 — Tendou Kisara and Tina Sprout
    First, damn you YouTube! Can’t see nine thousand something without thinking “It’s over 9000!!!” With that out of the way, I was also very glad to see Tina included in the upcoming fight. Just stupid to leave someone of her ability on the proverbial sidelines. Tactically, no problem with her on the sidelines (flanking position) sniping with some large caliber gun. Actually, that’s a good idea IMO. Heck, have her snipe away long range while the JSDF fights even if the “civilian” groups are on standby. Just bring plenty of ammo/spare barrels/etc. Oh, and please get her “minigun” fixed while you’re at it. 😀

    As for Kisara, I like her character and think she’s certainly competent… as long as the whole kidney dialysis problem doesn’t arise. JMO, but I really don’t like that aspect of her character – especially since it seems that she could have a transplant or some other permanent fix. It just gives an all too easy way for adding “tension” in some fight. I’m glad she (and Tina) joined Rentaro’s group in the upcoming battle, but I’m already anticipating her illness affecting her at the worst possible moment during it.

    Personally, Midori reminds me somewhat of Hōtō Shigen from Koihime Musou. Regardless, another cute loli initiator and a quite competent one at that, but damn are those claws sharp! Glad those things are retractable. Can she do the same with her toenails? What happens if she gets into the catnip? 😛

    I’m starting to think it’ll end up being Rentaro’s group and all the Cursed Children who were exiled from the city who’ll do the saving. Or maybe I’ll be wrong and humanity will get their act together and win such a decisive battle on their own?

    Yeah, I think that’s a pretty safe assumption. I’m certainly betting on Rentaro’s group rather than the rest getting their act together. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of confrontation between the JSDF and the “civilian force” or within the groups themselves during the battle.

    I still wonder about Enju and her 42.1% corrosion rate. We got that what, four? five? episodes ago then… nothing? It’s always in the back of my mind when watching, and I find that a little distracting. Also, it makes me possibly too alert for potential death flags. In EP 09, Sumire tells Rentaro: “Don’t get too attached. The Cursed Children are bound by their corrosion rate, a shackle they cannot escape.” O.o… “Don’t get too attached”… “bound by their corrosion rate”… *remembers Enju at 42.1%* -> death flag!? I certainly hope not. Frankly, I wish the anime did a little better job with exposition on the whole corrosion rate thing. Maybe I missed it, but is it safe to assume that greater than 50% corrosion = the point of no return?

    Lastly, WHY does Kikunojō Tendō still have his job (let alone his head)? It’s not like he concocted some harebrained scheme involving a Level 5 Gastrea which almost doomed the entire city and everyone in it all for the sake of his personal revenge…oh, wait. Seriously, is the guy that untouchable as to (apparently) suffer NO punishment for his transgressions? I say put him on the front lines in charge of a JSDF platoon, and don’t come back until the new monolith is firmly in place AND that Level 4 Gastrea dead.

      1. @ewok40k: That makes a lot of sense, but OTOH there’s the whole willing to risk Tokyo and everyone it it for his “revenge”.

        One does not simply remove from power Tywin Lannister, or Cardinal Richelieu.

        Not necessarily easy, but wasn’t too hard in the case of Roman Emperors Domitian and Claudius along with other despots throughout history. “Accidents” do happen. Now I’m not suggesting something that drastic, but it just seems awfully strange to me that NOTHING happened to him given the gravity of his actions. Game Over if Rentaro and Enju are not around. Maybe you can’t boot him out completely due to public perception (i.e. would lose a LOT of public confidence in the government if his secret was revealed). Still, I can’t believe that given his actions you couldn’t blunt his claws. Maybe he’s now there for show and/or the LN has more detail on that. Just struck me as odd seeing him there.

        Seitenshi is more of a figurehead.

        True, but then again she does seem to call some of the shots and have her own agenda which AFAIK, is not congruent with Tendo’s plans. Frankly, I would have liked more exposition on her situation. She has grandiose plans, but doesn’t seem to do all that much beyond asking Rentaro for help. So far, she reacts more than leads IMO. I get the impression there’s more to her situation than the anime presents, but what exactly that is…

      1. @LGrey: Good point, and for Enju fans (which I am) that does NOT bode well. Frankly, I dislike it when OP/ED are spoilerish like that. One more reason I hope Enju comes out of all this unscathed.

        Perhaps I’m being naive, but I still hold out hope that Enju will somehow survive all this. Still, when you have a series so grim/dark that a little girl is willing to pour molten lead into her eyes just so mommy will like her (and the girl still ends up as blind beggar on the streets), no character other than Rentaro is safe (or relatively safe).

    1. @daikama
      1. Forget her minigun, I wonder why she doesn’t set up that death array with the automated turrets. She’d kill so many Gastrea on her own.
      Turrets -> Low level
      Sniper rifle -> High level

      2. But my biggest problem is with Kisara. I mean, her kidney problem that might flare up who knows when is going to get her killed. And then she’d drag down the others as well, especially considering the fact that she’s a close-mid range fighter.

      I get wanting to help, but why would she charge into battle with such an obvious death flag!? I get that she has a personal reason for not curing her kidney problem, but still… one mistake and everyone could die.

      3. Kikunojo Tendo seems like he won’t die easily. And Tendo style users are OP, so he must be really strong. Why doesn’t Seitenshi just drop him in the middle of the Gastrea?

      4. Next Episode:
      Monolith 32 completely collapses! JSDF squashed!
      A flood of Gastrea spill in!
      Civil officers too slow to react!
      Level 4 Aldebaran’s acid attack kills many! Especially varanium cyborgs!
      Only one Promoter-Initiator pair, survive due to armor! Once labeled as ‘cowards’, they are now Tokyo Area’s last hope! How will they fare?!

      1. @ReverseTales:

        1) I like your idea as a concept, but it’s almost always better to take the high ground. I would have one remote 20mm or 40mm auto-cannon set up on a reinforced concrete pillar on each side of the monolith. I anticipate a very chaotic battlefield with a high risk of friendly fire so two remote control guns are max I would want in this situation. I’d pair up two of those orb things for each gun Better 360 degree view and distances estimation. Keep the sniper rifle and minigun for backup/as needed. Of course that’s assuming Tina still has access to that type of weaponry & can pay for it now that she’s paired up with Kisara.

        More “realistic” scenario IMO for Tina’s weaponry would be her .50 cal BMG sniper rifle though I think a 20mm semi-automatic Cursed Child custom “sniper rifle” (gun really) would be cool. Hard to go wrong with a 20mm round. Snipe with either one of those (again from a high position), and keep the minigun for suppressive/sweeping fire for groups of Gastrea. As back up, two .50 cal or 10mm semi-automatic pistols. Oh, and bring lots of ammo. 😉

        2. Not sure what to say other than I agree. It’s a frustrating plot point for me. If (more likely when), her illness strikes during a fight, it’s not a surprise which adds tension but “as expected”. I’d much prefer she didn’t have that disability or get it fixed permanently. It’s very tough for me to accept the “not getting cured as a reminder for revenge”. Seems to me that her illness makes it a lot harder for her to achieve said revenge in the first place. Meh.

        3. Works for me. 😀

  7. we all know enju’s a model rabbit… meaning she turns to a “rabbit” gastrea if the corrosion hits 50%+

    i am just wondering if you guys have the same thought as mine which is, HOW THE HELL ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO MAKE A RABBIT A GROTESQUE MONSTER just like the other gastrea? will they turn it in to look like the LEVEL 5 gastrea with so many eyes and tentacles but with rabbit ears?

    The Last Idiot
  8. I’m sooo glad that when the teacher mentioned the harem thing Tina looked very VERY uncomfortable, thus confirming that she has absolutely and without a doubt no I repeat NO romantic feelings toward Rentaro whatsoever

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