Kaguya’s busy summoning different dimensions (or did she teleport them to another location/dimension? It’s hard to tell at this point.), Naruto’s got the ability to float/fly, Obito’s being used as a kunai stab plushie in order to keep Kakashi/Sakura from falling into a lava, Sasuke’s getting nuked by the Byakugan… and it’s a chapter just leaves you with a variety of mixed feelings.

After all, it’s probably safe to say no one can say for certain what happened here in terms of the whole lava/volcano bit, and the things that people did understand could be construed as odd in some shape or form. We got Sakura being pigeonholed as some useless person we should dislike, Sasuke’s eyes being pretty useless in the face of the Byakugan for reasons that are rather unclear, and despite all that happens this chapter, it feels like there’s not much to fear from Kaguya at all. Needless to say, the latter aspects are things that don’t really jibe considering how everything’s been presented so far—for instance, are we suddenly supposed to hate on Sakura or something? I’m not buying it—and it’s something that reeks of issues regarding the thinking process behind it all.

At this point it’s clear there was some major diversion in regards to what Kishimoto had in mind previously (or didn’t have), and although part of this has made itself shown in previous chapters, I’d say it hasn’t ever shown itself as much as it did here. I’d go as far to say that the only thing that really seemed continuous from the last chapter were the undead Hokage getting ready to join the fray, and it’s admittedly a bit saddening to see how this chapter felt like things were just tossed together. That said, I guess there’s at least the previous Hokage coming together again to look forward to… for all the positives and negatives that statement entails.


  1. I think you need to read the chapter again, Zephyr. Obito was just saved with a kunai in his hand. He was not used to save Sakura and Kakashi. Kakashi hit a different point in the ceiling to stay alive. And Sakura wasn’t stated to be useless, just that Naruto and Sasuke are that much more important than everyone else to fix everything.

    1. And Sasuke kind of hinted that Naruto should focus on protecting themselves instead of Sakura/Kakashi because it would be the end of everything if they died. But Naruto says that he would protect them by instinct anyways so Sakura was gratefful/relieved by his words.

      random viewer
    2. Ah. I see. I saw the panels next to each other on glance and thought they used him as a pincushion. Lol, guess my imagination got the best of me there.

      And no, Sakura wasn’t stated to be useless, but she’s sure being shown in a light that essentially hints at such. Combine that with her emotional state and reactions to various things regarding Sasuke and Naruto lately, it’s like she’s completely different all of a sudden, and it’s not a likeable change in any sense of the word.

      1. I think she’s just kind of realizing (and Sasuke’s words didn’t help) that even though they are all back together again after so long that she can’t hold a candle to them. Instead of being a river between them it’s an ocean. That and being basically told that it wouldn’t matter if she died because her value is that low according to Sasuke.

        It was a low but still effective way of drawing a clear line of separation in power while at the same time showing how far/close their feelings for each other have moved. Sasuke’s only care is the enemy before him. Sakura and Naruto still care for everyone.

        Then again maybe I’m completely wrong. -_-

      2. Sakura has always been more or less useless for most of the series. She helped way back in part one, but since then Naruto and Sasuke have far surpassed her.

        And you hinted that this chapter was sort of thrown together and not thought out, but I think it was. This was a foreshadow chapter of Show Spoiler ▼

      3. DragoZero, you’re an hater right? Sakura it’s not useless…useless it’s a certain Kunoichi with a Byakugan capable only to eat sand and pass out or get impaled even without fight. Sakura as stated too many times from the author it’s from a NORMAL family!!! Seems you’re not able to read or understand? And the main protagonist is Naruto not her. Sakura like all the girls of this world has her strong points and weak points, but seems people tend to forget that she’s a normal girl and not from a clan like Naruto or Sasuke. But the haters are like this.

        NaruSaku forever!!!!
      4. I agree with you on the shift of Sakura’s character Zephyr; hopefully we see her pull herself out of whatever has come over her all of a sudden in regards to being hurt by whatever sasuke says or does. At least in this chapter she realizes in a way that Naruto has and will always have her and kakashi’s back first and foremost, and that should be all she needs to gather the will to do anything she can to assist him as well. Just a couple chapters ago, she was ready to stand amongst naruto and sasuke on even terms and now she has been dropped down to being useless…again. I feel like Kishimoto wants to give her time to shine, but is dragging that moment for the sake of dragging it because he feels that it’s the one and only defining part of her character arc so he’s saving it for the “true finale”..which he shouldnt think that way because he could do more with Sakura’s arc even if he finally put her on even terms with sasuke and naruto.

    3. It wasn’t explicitly stated, but Sasuke clearly implied that everyone else, not just Sakura, other than himself and Naruto were useless, at least in their current situation.The focus on Sakura being useless seems to be a continuation of her issues through out the series, not odd at all, also it feels like the author is planning to give her power-up or at least have her do something significantly important at a later stage, and is laying the groundwork for it.

      One thing I don’t get in Zephyr’s post is the part about Sakura being supposed to be disliked or hated?I get the her being useless part, but so is everyone other than Naruto and Sasuke at this point, even if that wasn’t the case since when does being useless = dislike/hate them?

      1. That’s the feeling that I’ve been getting over the past few chapters. There’s a kind of atmospheric shift in terms of how Sakura’s being viewed and depicted that just feels a bit off in some ways.

        Yes, you could say part of it is just her realization that she’s in a position where she can’t do much, but just a few chapters ago people were like “what’s up with her thinking of Sasuke even in this situation” and I feel like that’s carried over since.

      2. I wouldn’t use the word useless so much as to being a dead-weight. I mean having two ninjas that could be a liability to the whole “saving-the-whole-world” mission is not something Sasuke/Naruto needs. This chapter illustrated that while protecting Sakura/Kakashi that it leaves them vulnerable to an attack from behind thus putting them in more danger than they would be.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        random viewer
  2. Meh, not much to say about the latest chapter other than the chances are quite high that the attack at the end will either not touch Kaguya at all or she’ll block it effortlessly.

    The Kage will probably do something to free Yamato which may help free everyone who’s captured and then they’ll have to find some way to use the tools on Kaguya (after all, they’re still Edo Tensei bodies with infinite chakra as Orochimaru isn’t dead yet), find some way to teleport them to Naruto and Sasuke to use (as they’re the otherwise only ones capable of using them without being exhausted possibly to death), or the group has to find some way to get themselves back to “normal reality” to use them.

    1. Just because the children are good, that doesn’t mean the parents are/were all the time.

      The fact that it was Hagaromo who spread the knowledge of chakra around and not Kaguya after she had stopped all the wars after eating the fruit from the Shinju was an immediate sign (to me at least) that Kaguya most likely kept the power all to herself and controlled through force, fear, illusions, etc. and that Hagaromo and his brother were probably the ones who killed her to stop her.

  3. I don’t get why Sasuke doesn’t use the ascended rinnegan’s powers. He should be able to perform massive kuchiyose not a lame eagle, fly with the gravitation jutsus (shinra tensei), summon a frickin meteorite at least, needless to say the only thing he has used so far is flying susanoo. If Itachi would have controlled the rinnegan, the fight would be already over.

  4. So… Orochimaru was in Akatsuki which was being lead by Pain who was getting used by Obito who was getting used by Madara who was getting used by Black-Zetsu who is under Kaguya?

  5. I’m having trouble understanding the action between Kaguya and Naruto at the end of the chapter…was it like a giant rasengan? Or was it Kaguya absorbing Naruto’s chakra hand thing which was holding Sakura and Kakashi up?

    With the rest of the Hokages joining the fray..I’ve lost hope in Kishi making Sakura useful at all. Right now it feels like she’s at the mercy of everything and esp. Naruto and Sasuke. It was like when Naruto said he’ll save her she’s like “whew..I thought I was doomed.”

    1. Well, to be fair, you can say that about a majority of the “Shinobi Alliance” (being “useless”). I give slightly more points to Sakura for actually trying to do stuff, even if it doesn’t work.

    1. Yeah, first time was alright, second time was meh, now it just feels like kishimoto’s just using it to fill in empty panels. Plus, it’s always the annoying ass “Senpai won’t notice me” formula with Sakura. I’m not saying it’s not funny, it’s just that that particular trope doesn’t work here.

  6. Kaguya with all her power didn’t bombarded Team 7 when she had a chance just floats and watch
    Maybe Grandma instincts seeing reincarnations of her grandsons lol.
    Well this Grandma is gonna feed her grandsons plenty lol.

  7. This chapter just solidifies the personalities of the two brothers into our two protagonists. Sasuke thinks nothing but power and talent as sufficient to win the day. Everyone else is useless. Naruto still thinks teamwork and friendship. Everyone is important.
    Sakura is there because she was there in the beginning as part of the team. I get the feeling the manga-ka just forgot how to make her important to the plot.
    Or Sakura is just there because it would be too much of a sausage-fest otherwise with the only surviving combatants all men about to attack a rabbit woman.

    1. the absorbed Beasts and with their Chakra this “End boss” appeared. This combined Chakra has a own will, like a living being. And it turned into this End boss.

      I just wait for the “World tree” to appear, smells like the final-final-final Boss


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