「クライシス・ポイント」 (Kuraishisu Pointo)
“Crisis Point”

This week’s episode sadly reminded me about just how bad of a train wreck this anime was during its first few episodes. Wacky pacing and awkward scene cuts aside, I think the writers tried to stuff way too much in a single episode. Sure the finale is next week but I’m pretty sure we went through three episodes worth of content in the span of one without any of the benefits.

Kagetane x Rentaro

With the original bad guy back in action and actively fighting alongside Rentaro, I don’t know what else to say — his sudden appearance is really neither a good or bad thing but rather a convenient plot twist that gives Rentaro the last pair he needed to have his perfect adjuvant. I suppose it appeals to all the Kagetane fans who were probably a little disappointed with how he lost to a guy like Rentaro and I suppose I can get behind a “new” character who has the balls to indirectly criticize Rentaro but I just can’t find any meaning behind it.

The Awkward Pacing Returns

Starting the day by defeating a key Gastrea boss and ending with the preparation for one last stand against Aldebaren where failure would mean the loss of the entire Tokyo Area, I think there was just way too much thrown at us. Because as much as I want to get behind how important it is to give the finale a decent spot to jump off from, I don’t think it’s worth sacrificing the important emotional impact we’re supposed to get from things like Midori’s death. Sure she wasn’t a main character but as a prominent girl in the opening, she deserved better! Because with the way things were handled, not only do we lose the feelings associated with mourning her loss but it almost feels like she was just killed off to make room for a more battle-orientated Initiator! Throw in the over-exaggerated yelling from Shouma as he questioned Rentaro’s resolve and Rentaro’s awkward attempt at becoming the “bad” guy in a vain attempt to scare people into following him and it starts to become pretty tough to take things seriously.

Hope Still Remains!

With a real doozy of and episode appearing right before the series comes to a close, I’m still hopeful that things will end on some kind of positive note. Seeing how the final battle between Aldebaran and the Civil Officers ready to begin and no one really on Rentaro’s case about his crazy dictator actions, I’m sure a bunch of awesome action scenes will help us forget about all of this week’s nonsense. Toss in how much I want Yasuwaki to get his face bashed in for trying to undermine Rentaro’s plan and you have the makings of a great finale!




  1. The pacing! God the pacing! And to think the last few episodes made me love the series T.T

    Oh well, the end is nigh, and rentaro’s last words screams death flag all over it.

  2. Hours later and I’m still trying to grasp the sense behind Yasuwaki’s sabotage. Revenge is fine and I’m all for it when it holds meaning and delivers in a way that can positively push the story forward but considering the timing and just how random and forced the whole scene felt, it really just didn’t make any sense at all other than to add an unnecessary and eye-rolling problem to what is already an uphill battle.

    I also agree that the pacing did kind of shift gears suddenly by throwing a lot at us and with the finale being next week, this episode sort of had me looking at things through my fingers and wondering whether or not it can pull off a decent ending. I think the series is deserving of that much since while it has had it’s relative share of downs, we’ve also seen numerous times –and more recently in the episodes leading up to this– that the elements that have made the show enjoyable can be used properly and excellently.

  3. huh? Yasuwaki, what do u mean by Rentaro’s screwed? You mean the whole freaking world is screwed now right?!

    I didn’t expect another cursed children to die. But well, that was surprising. And another thing, still bugs me about enju’s I think 46% corruption rate. I sure hope they don’t kill off Enju.

      1. I often skip the ending. So I really appreciate you for pointing that out. yeah I didn’t notice it. But if that’s the case, then I’m afraid that Enju might die. They better not kill enju and make a creepy picture at the end of the episode. Should be more like happy enju with corruption somehow removed. Well, all we can do now is hope the author gives us a happy ending.

      1. Such a smart guy. Lets get this one guy I hate killed. We’re all going to die if his plan fails but who cares about that when I can get revenge! Not to mention the whole reason this guy hates Rentaro to begin with is because Rentaro took his job that he apparently was horrible at anyway and he got all pissy about it. I’d be pretty happy that Rentaro didn’t just kill me if I were him and happy to never have to deal with him again and still be alive WITH a job we see.

  4. Yet another anime that is rushing the hell out of it’s last few episodes. So many conflicts unrealistically solved within a matter of minutes. Rentaro’s strategy to make people fear him was really stupid. He just straight up STABBED a guy! Yet he was surprised when he was almost shot……..yeah good plan there dude. Make the people turn on you by being a dickhead leader. Sounds great!

    And of course Kagetane gets immediately redeemed cause you know all that stuff he did before was justified because he wasn’t looking to start any fights! He was only protecting himself! Sounds like a similar Naruto villain. And we still haven’t gotten an explanation on exactly why he’s helping now other than him just being a lazily used plot device.

    I hope they can wrap this show gracefully because the pacing has really ruined this episode and of course we had another pointless loli death that wasn’t even properly shown. They just said “some bad stuff happened so now she’s going to die”. Cue the sappy music and tragic suicide! Yet another cheap attempt to emotionally enrage the viewer.

    Kisara: “Even if the whole world turns against you I……”

    (throws up in a barf bag) Yep someone ordered a little to much cheese on that one xD

    Bleh…….. >.>

    1. Kagetane was always a character whose only loyalty was to himself and his interests. It’s strongly implied that he was hired to be the villain of the first arc, and it meshed with his “screw the world” mentality. Of course, during that time he developed an “interest” in Rentaro, so he changed his objective. Skip ahead to this arc, and he’s still doing exactly that. He’s interested in Rentaro, and has an opportunity to observe from the front row instead of being a stalker, so he takes it.

      Also, by this point, so many of the regular humans have turned out to be bad enough that I think there’s a sizable portion of the viewers who are cheering for the guy.

      1. So tell me how that is NOT a cheap plot device? You have a villain who is insanely over powered teaming up with the hero because he feels like it………….cool that’s all the explanation we need. And we can use the cheap reasoning that he hates the world like Rentaro somewhat does so they are so much alike? Give me a break….

        Regardless of his mentality the fact is he is a cold blooded murder that does whatever he feels like. He was willing put the world at risk because it was within his whims. Such a person shouldn’t be forgiven so easily. Just because the anime wants to paint humanity in a negative light doesn’t mean that there aren’t other people out there who are good honest people worth protecting. Letting them die wouldn’t solve anything. You’d live in an empty world full of giant monsters………….how is that better than what they have now?

        It actually sickens me that people think they should just let the world end. Given what Rentaro has been through sure that makes sense. But as person looking into this world? No it doesn’t.

      2. And then you have people who are more than willing to risk the end of the world just to get ahead of someone else, like Kisara’s grandfather for political power, and now Yasuwaki for petty revenge.

        The other weird thing is how the whole discovery of Shouma being involved with the faulty Monolith just seemingly being swept under the rug.

      3. @leatherhead333
        The heel-face turn (trope!) is standard fare in these series, and it’s consistent with Kagetane’s character. Given Shogen from the first arc, it’s also apparently not uncommon for IP pairs to kill others, and Kagetane did team up with Rentaro and help to kill Pleiades, so him being forcibly added to the team isn’t that much of a stretch.
        And hell, they need the firepower, so they may as well put up with the SOB until after Aldebaran goes down and deal with him afterward.

    2. The antagonist construction and romance buildup are probably the most jarring aspects of this adaptation, there has simply not been enough time for either of them to be properly fleshed out. In earlier years for example Kagetane’s introductory arc would at least have been around 6-8 episodes and given us a better picture of his motives, history, and nuances. Why does he want to watch the world burn? What made him into that person? There isn’t much of an answer (even hinted at) given to us in the anime, which I agree contributes to his new “redemption” here feeling out of place among what we already know of the man. It’s all fine and good that Kagetane’s actions adhere to his goals, but when the audience is barely aware of these goals it ends up creating more questions than understanding. Doesn’t help too we were not given any hint or explanation just how the damn guy survived in the first place.

      The romance is the second major quibble due to its forced and rushed inclusion. Kisara and Rentaro falling for each other is perfectly understandable considering their positions and circumstance, but it just came on too fast. Both characters have not received much development beyond the essentials, reducing what should be a powerful emotional linking into nothing more than a through the motions event included because every other similar story has the exact same thing. Even just expanding upon Kisara’s renal condition (IIRC) and giving some more scenes to personal SoL development between Kisara and Rentaro would have gone a long way to making their romance come on more naturally in a more organic manner.

      Just not enough time was allotted to include everything Black Bullet needed to become a decent bit of sci-fi.

      1. Yeah, it’s not surprising that Rentaro and Kisara would end up together in general, but without the proper build-up and actual development to make it seem more believable, the romance is feeling more like one of convenience rather than actual love, like “It’s highly likely the world is going to end and we’re all going to die, and he/she happens to the one closest to me, so might as well try to get it on while we can”, something like that.

        I can at least give Kisara slack as it was obvious she had a tsundere crush on Rentaro since early on.

      2. Mind you I haven’t read the LN, but the thing the illness would add is a sense of mortality, fear, and inevitability rather than a cockblock. By giving more attention to it Kisara’s infatuation with Rentaro would assume a degree of desperation and acceptance; both Kisara and Rentaro understand neither may survive the coming battle at the minimum, so they might as well make the most of the time they know they have right now.

        It’s through this development where the emotional strength comes from in similar situations like the King’s and Komugi’s final moments in the latest HxH episode. It’s heart wrenching because we know the profound changes the King has gone through and how he has now become enlightened to both his mixed nature and the sheer tenacity of humanity; the King’s acceptance of his fate simply solidifies the common sympathy we have for a being whose time is up.

        This example underscores why the romance in Black Bullet feels so forced, neither Kisara nor Rentaro have received the history or struggle through dialogue that lets the audience see and understand their attraction. We know both are enamoured of each other, but we have hardly seen it nor been given an explanation for it. For example why does Craft Lawrence’s and Holo’s relationship seem natural? Because we can see their gradually intensifying intimacy over time, centered around Holo’s fear of loneliness and Lawrence’s desire to make a name for himself; both come to eventually see each other as indispensable companions in their journey. Black Bullet easily could have managed something similar if it had allotted the time necessary for development in things like Kisara’s disease and giving attention to the characters’ desires earlier and more often. Close relationships never happen overnight after all, and it’s clear from the script and interactions that this was meant to be one.

      3. In earlier years for example Kagetane’s introductory arc would at least have been around 6-8 episodes and given us a better picture of his motives, history, and nuances.

        I agree with that. I just finished Read or Die recently, and it was great. Less fight scenes then I expected, and Yomiko Readman was also weaker than I’d thought… But by the end, you ended up caring for all of the characters, or at least felt you understood them. The pacing was perfect, the plot was coherent, and every character had decent screen time.

        Recent anime seems too limited by its 12-ish/24-ish episode structure. It seems like a template that works for some, not for most. I know you can’t just go “Oops, it seems like we need an extra episode. Let’s make it anyway and shove it into the broadcasting schedule somehow.“, but I hope it improves.

        Even though they have contracts, schedules and whatnot (I have no idea how it works), a little flexibility would have made everything so much better. But wishes are wishes, and there are perfectly logical reasons why they can’t all be granted.

  5. “Take your time to figure out if you want to save the world or not Enju-chan. But before then, we have to save the world!”

    “You’re not a leader, you’re a dictator!”
    “Hey there cute little girl, I hear you just lost your Initiator. Coincidentally, my battle loli just tragically killed herself a couple hours ago. Wanna team up?
    “I instantly drop all my objections and agree, but d-don’t expect it to be permanent or anything, b-baka!”

    Well, at least it wasn’t boring.

  6. *sigh* this why I’m starting to like female writers better to some male writers now: atleast female writers know how to write kid characters the right way and don’t succumb to this pandering fiasco and have a better head on their shoulders when it comes to story.

  7. The stab in the shoulder was pointless. That scene established absolutely nothing except for more Kisara drama. I’m thinking that scenes like those probably have more meaning in a novel, since it has more time to expand on ideas like those.

  8. Wow… was that ever anti-climatic. Yep, it was a “suicide” mission alright. Rentaro and Kagetane quietly walk up to mini-boss gastrea, who not only conveniently can’t move, but is fast asleep. Then with a single, shounen inspired dual-punch combo, they instantly defeat it. Run away, hide under a conveniently located waterfall, and… mission accomplished. Sorry, but that was just bad. Rentaro struggled more against the level 1 gastrea in the first episode. All that build up for nothing, and another anti-climatic fight. On the plus side, I learned something – gastrea evidently sleep.

    Oh cute loli neko-mahou shoujo Midori. We hardly knew ye! Well, if it’s any consolation, you got a little more screen time than Senju (dolphin girl). I think. On the downside, your off-screen death didn’t have nearly the same impact as Senju’s death (IMO). To be fair, being the 274,598 loli to die doesn’t help the “feels” aspect. Don’t get me wrong. I liked Midori, but it’s hard have much emotional attachment at this point to any new character, especially an Initiator loli, when they all seem to have giant death flags waving above them. Minimal screen time doesn’t help either.

    Kudos to Enju for asking “Why the hell are we fighting (and dying) for people who just want to kill us anyway?” Been asking that very same question myself for a few episodes. Rentaro’s response, however, I thought was “meh”.

    Ugh, another recycled villain, and the most boring, generic/cliche one of all!? Bleh. With all the death, couldn’t that guy at least been among the casualties? Sorry, but I was not happy to see that. His little, insane ramblings and petty tricks do not tension make.



    Did you notice how they dodged the “corrosion rate” issue AGAIN. “Hey, Midori’s in really bad shape! Her corrosion rated is–.” *cue interruption* Enough, stop milking that plot line. It’s been, what, 2/3 of the season already? :<

    “The Awkward Bad Pacing Returns”” -> fixed that for you. 😀

    This week’s episode sadly reminded me about just how bad of a train wreck this anime was during its first few episodes.”

    Yep, had the same feeling myself. This was just all over the place. I think I have plot whiplash.

  9. The fight with Pleiades was anticlimatic, definitely. You expect a fight to the death, and in the end it’s just a hit-and-run… Well, good for the MC, he didn’t die at least.

    Shoma’s reaction to Midori death was completely unnatural. I don’t know what kind of twisted mind these characters have, but they get their way off traumatic experiences way too fast! It almost feels like they really treat the initiator as tools, and it feels like the initiators themselves think so as well… creepy.

    Kagetane turning into the world savior was fun though, I really like that guy. “I want too see how you save the world, Rentaro-kun *evil grin behind the mask*”

    And finally, this kind of stupid villain and his lackeys are simply…stupid. Someone needs to tell them that if the batteries are gone, and the Civil Officers lose the battle, they die as well. “Oh, Yasuwaki-sama, we thrown the batteries in the lake, can you pat us in the head?”. Off with their heads, Rentaro-kun *evil grin behind the mask*.

    1. yeah, totally agree. Now I start wondering whether it’s a good idea for Rentaro to defeat Kagetane. I start to feel that Kagetane is actually doing the right thing. Heck, just let the world end. All those discrimination and what not can just go to hell.

      And I can kinda understand Yasuwaki’s motive for throwing the batteries. But I don’t get why the lackeys help throw the batteries as well, unless they have no idea what these batteries are used for. That’s a good point you pointed out. Didn’t really notice. I was all Yasuwaki needs to die when that scene happened.

  10. I hope Rentaro die in this Episode. No really. His sudden change of Sides, from “I want to save the Children!.” to “You not going to disobey me, i kill you!”. Is not fitting his Character

    He is going from a Men with feelings and understanding, warm heart to a Ice cold, i crush disobeyer’s Dictator.. No sir, this do not fit at all

    Lucky kill of the “Suicide mission” target, just with one attack. He did know that Aldebaran regens his head, but he forgotten…

    And of course the Very Bad guys are the Military. When i heard that they will support them with Batteries, “So they build this all up, without energy source? This is fishy”. Then “They need their time” from Rentaro, from there i know that they wont came. And of course a Offscreen subside Bad guy, is the culprit. And his “underlings” are following his orders…

    It was a big error, to let this Old Men alive

    “Power corrupts People” in Rentaro’s case it was in a instant. If i would be in these Group, i would leave the camp. I would not want to fight for such a Dirt-bag and scum

    Rentaro took the wrong turn, somewhere. Also the story

  11. There was so much wrong with this episode, it’s a shame since the last few were finally getting this show on the right track… The anticlimactic Pleiades fight, the over the top dictator move, Midori’s random death, Shouma’s over the top yelling then suddenly switching initiators, the stupid STUPID ex bodyguard that would kill off the human race to get revenge… Hopefully the finale redeems some of this but I’ll keep my hopes low.

      1. yeah you said it. exbodyguard. while he is the army now? lack of men? or is he just driving the stuff to the spot, and the military dont care that he is give them a very bad reputation. no one wonders that he need that long to reach his destanation?

        animes, where…
        police are dumb or hidden yakuza groups
        looks like the military joins them…

  12. There was a LOT of bad writing in this episode.
    Let’s start with Pleiades. Setting aside the fact that it’s stationary artillery and a really boring not-fight, Kagetane and Rentaro got one hell of a mercury bath.
    And somehow it’s completely defeated by popping its storage sack.

    Then, once it’s gone and they can use ranged weapons and air support (was it ever mentioned that it was AA as well?), they only send two fighters?

    Back to base, Gado died (good), but it turns out that Rentaro is the next highest ranking officer? So that idiot Gado decided to sentence the second-ranking guy to death on a whim? If that entire part had been rewritten as “your team did good, so we’d like you to eliminate Pleiades” it’d have flowed so much better.

    As for Mibu, I made this for a post elsewhere:
    Go ahead and finish that sentence, Mibu. Nagamasa Gado would have been more… what? Did you forget what the two of you did last episode? It’s been what, less than 24 hours since then? #BadWriting

    And then what’s-her-name shows up with a grenade that has 20x the destructive force of a 500-lb bomb, but with the condition that it has to explode within Aldebaran? If conventional weapons work on Gastrea now, why not just drop a few bombs on it than nuke its remains with the supergrenade?

    And then there’s the fact that they can’t find Aldebaran and need to use battery-powered lights to find it? The thing is frigging gigantic. You shouldn’t have a problem finding it.

    And then there’s that idiot. I can’t even begin to complain about him without a massive rant, so I’m just going to leave it alone.

    In a way, Kagetane joining up with Rentaro is the only “good” part. He’s always been a wild card with an unhealthy interest in Rentaro, so it makes some degree of sense that he’d just randomly tag along.

    1. Add in the fact that they seemed to completely ignore the fact that there ARE such things as flying Gastrea which, as shown, immediately took down those two fighters in probably an easier and quicker fashion than Pleiades would’ve/could’ve, given its ray glows with such an obvious indication that it’s about to fire, so I doubt it would’ve made that decent an AA gun anyway so long as the fighters kept moving.

    2. Oh hey YOU, here, take this super powerful bomb and shove it inside the giant enemy we need to kill with your bare fists.

      So we have a giant railgun cannon that had no ammo but could fire an arm as a projectile, that some genius wanted to put on the MOON and that doing this would let them threaten people on earth, sounds pretty powerful. How about taking this giant explosive, putting it inside the giant railgun with the power to fire to earth from the moon and shoot the gastrea instead.

      No? Ok lets just send hundreds of people to die fighting it while everyone else hides in a hole in the ground hoping that the people they all hate and want to kill save them.

      1. Eh they specifically mentioned that the Railgun broke down after firing. It was already in horrible disrepair and using it that time made it unoperable. If you recall when evil Prime Minister mentioned putting it on the Moon he prefaced it with “You destroyed the cannon Satomi!” or something like that.

        BB has a multitude of other problems though.

  13. That Guilty Crown moment when Rentarou decided that he was going to try to play the antihero for like 3 minutes. Oh so terrible. They only had 2 episodes left, I don’t know why they would pull this stunt. Also, after squaring off with Aldebaran for a while, the “real” villain being that rat-faced slimeball is such a letdown it’s not even funny.

  14. 1. Just a point out, I wonder if enju still receive her virus inhibiting injections… Just like today epode and the past episode 11, rentaro is not on her side for more than 1 day because he is out to kill pleiades. If I remember right CCs not taking such injections would increase their corrosion rate by a certain percentage. Did enju learned to take her shots or someone like kisara does it for her? Any LN readers to answer this?
    2. That’s one hell of a goo bath after they punch a Pleiades. Another question to LN readers… Does gastrea virus only infect you via injecting? So that even if you blast a gastrea and get a one hell of a bath with it s blood you will not get infected?

    3. So if a CC reached 50% corrosion rate (CR) her blood turns violet? I remember that those CC in low CR have red

    The Last Idiot
    1. How to beat enemy boss 101. Take idiot ex-bodyguard who hates Rentaro and give him the giant bomb. Throw said idiot into boss and let him be eaten. Blow up bomb. Everyone wins!

      Also you used fighter jets to bomb the gastrea and blow of it’s head but Rentaro taking the bomb on foot and shoving it inside the thing is a better idea than just sending in fighter jets to bomb it then shoot a rocket with the bomb into the hole from bombing it with normal bombs?

  15. Well at least the Laughing Man Kagetane returns to show off more of his sadistic loli and pompous gentlemanly pose. Black Bullet has sadly turned into another of those common LN adaptations where the focus is getting to the “awesome” point in the story, ignoring anything and everything that might interfere in that sprint pacing.

    The previous few episodes at least showed just what this series could have been if they had slowed the entire thing down a notch or two and given it another cour. Don’t have much hope for a redeeming final episode personally as by this stage the damage has already been done.

    1. I’ve been wondering about that quite a bit myself. I don’t want to believe that she was created for the sole purpose of strengthening Rentaro’s resolve; I think that topic has been pushed upon already great deal as it is and while in a sense predictable, it would make for an interesting twist if she and this sister we’ve yet to meet did in fact play a greater purpose and have some form of connection to Aldebaran.

  16. Like I said before, Kagehane is da MAN! Also I wanted him to join Rentaro original adjuvant since he have the muscles. Normally I would be repulsed by his action but when the goods guys are just as despicable as the bad guys, then I really can’t say I feel all that horrified when he cut down people who want to pick a fight with them. In fact I whole heartdly approved.

    Also Rentaro characterization is everywhere, is he a bitch or is he a man? One moment he’s backing down from everyone with his tail between his legs and the next he’s all “I’m the man you listen to me!” Samurai clothes and all.

    I could say one thing for Kagehane, I never seen him kill any cursed children yet, which is a + in his favor.

    Also the blind girl that sings..was that it? Nothing more to do with her? Final battle naturally the asshole who he pissed off will come back to bite him in the ass not caring he just doom his city.

    Geniuses in the military!


  17. The Tina arc managed to pull me back in, and I forgave this show of a really, really bad introduction. But this has gone way down hill. Things are happening without a purpose or just for the sake of advancing the narrative.

    And congrats, you petulant jerk-wad. This has to be the best revenge plot I have ever heard of. In order to make sure the guy you want is dead, you make sure EVERYBODY dies. In the whole friggin Tokyo Area. Except, then you think that he likely dies as well, and the genius of the whole plan just dissipates. And then you kind of laugh at the stupidity of it all.

  18. As much I love the characters of Enju and Tina, it’s not enough to save this series for me. All signs point to the author eventually killing them off, because all signs point to that being the author’s go-to move.

    I’ll “watch” the end, then bid everything about this series farewell.

  19. Yeah the anime had a bad pacing, but turning four volume into 13 episode this was bound to happen. 24 or 26 would have been a better length, but they just didn’t have the budget. Missing info and cut scenes everywhere, it is better to think of this episode as a summary and introduction to the source rather than a stand alone work, too bad anime watcher would miss all the great scenes (which include really cool action and emotion scenes that have been cut).

  20. damn human , it’s not even revenge , it’s pure stupidity since rentarou do nothing (it’s only an shot in the knee man ..oh) but that guy still upset anyway. That guy prefer destroying the world lol , Should have kill him long ago

  21. Ep 13:

    Umm, ufff… ohmm….

    Well, i can not find the right words, to describe how i feel with this end

    Light and Darkness, yes thats the core. But i am puzzled about Rentaro and the progress

    1. My Final thoughts

      This fast forward at the beginning, let many Anime only Fans/viewers/Spectators behind and out of breath, like after a 10Km marathon. So many things, that flew in a blink of an eye around us, but not really touched us.

      Then the Tina arc, the Anime finally left the fast freeway and took it’s time to bring us Tina near with her dark and then light side. Then Rentaro try to be Darth Vader for the sake of battle moral, but it dont suit him at all. because we all know, he is Luke Skywalker…

      Umm, well as you see. i fight with my words, to describe my feelings about this 2/3 fast forward and 1/3 Heartwarming but still puzzled pacing


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