Imagine a world filled with endless conflict. A world where it was kill or be killed, where you fought to survive and merely survived just to fight another day. Now imagine if that conflict comes to an abrupt end. Suddenly, a world that’s known nothing but war is a peaceful land, and the times begin to cross you by. There are no longer wars to fight, no need for someone with your skill set, no longer a place where you belong, and you’re left without a purpose. What do you do?

The easiest response would be to just find another goal, to look for another purpose to fulfill. But as we know, life’s a fickle thing. It’s not something that gives you a path because you’re looking for one, and that’s Hitsugi no Chaika in a nut shell. In a way, it’s a story of displaced people trying to find a place to belong, of heroes meeting lonely ends, of specialized soldiers (saboteurs, magicians, cavalier and the like) left to fend for themselves. At the same time, it’s an adventure shaped by chance meetings, led by a girl with a coffin, and dependent on acquiring the remains of the recently defeated Emperor. More than that, it’s an amalgamation of mysteries set in a world where magic is fueled by anything and everything, even human memories.

To say the least, Hitsugi no Chaika’s ended up being an interesting series to talk about. It takes a few episodes to develop and to get used to the world they’ve set here, and it’s not exactly the best of shows in terms of overall execution, but there’s a lot to like here. It just depends where you’re looking, because Chaika’s surface and its interior are drastically different things, and it’s quite easy to dismiss this as just another average adventure story at first, second, or even third glance. Granted, I won’t blame you if you did—it’s easy to be deluded by someone who (minor spoilers of scenes from mid-series, no plot spoilers) does cute things like this—but if you’re someone that gave up on the series early on, this is where I’ll tell you to give it another try.

I won’t say too much for the sake of keeping this post generally spoiler free, but I will say this: some stories are worth waiting for the development and I feel like this is one that’ll leave you wanting to see what happens next. There’s the individual stories of the heroes our main cast meets on their en-route to attempting their corpse reclamation project, the stories of the individual cast members themselves, great (and at times hilarious) interactions between the cast , a solidly developed world with broad applications of magic that stretch the imagination, some decent twists/turns to look forward to, and it broaches plenty of questions both regarding the plot and other more philosophical aspects as well.

Why does Chaika want to gather the remains? What could the remains be used for? Who exactly was Emperor Gaz? What do you do when times change too fast for you to adapt? What would you be willing to do to regain a sense of purpose? These are just some of the many questions that come up as the series progresses, and it’s like a smoke/mirrors show that hides some pieces while occasionally revealing others—coming together to ultimately form an adventure that’s fun to watch, filled with more depth than some would give it credit for, and has someone who’s arguably done one of the best voice acting for any character this year in up in the up and coming Anzai Chika, who voices our coffin princess.

When it’s all said and done, just as not everyone’s lives are the same, not all coffin (princesses) are either. Then again, one does wonder when it’s ever normal to have a young girl who speaks with broken sentences and walks around with a giant coffin containing remains of their father and a giant Gun(do)…

Author’s Notes:

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  • For reference, a 2nd Season for Hitsugi no Chaika has been confirmed for the Fall.

    1. The fighting skills of the Saboteurs, and the mystery behind Chaika (and cuteness) made me stay hooked on the series, also, Chibi-Fredrica bit on the last episode just made me giggle! I can’t wait to continue on their adventures in season 2.

      1. It is also great that the Chevalier Gillette’s entourage of troubleshooters provide an additional viewpoint and another source of questions…
        Why there are multiple Chaikas? Why each seems to carry another reason for gathering the remains? Which one is the REAL one, if ANY at all?
        Mix in the superweapons abandoned in the wake of conflict (Floating Fortresses) and we have a compelling multi-faceted story.
        Also I love the way Chaika talks.
        Chaika – Doge meme. So like. Much similar! Shocking!

    2. The… event… with Vivi in the last episode has shaken me thoroughly, as I have come to really like her character. I need to know where this is going, yet I’m afraid to find out.

      1. The way it looked to me, it’s like she turned into a Chaika or something… but that wouldn’t make any sense. At the same time I gotta say, in some twisted sense it would. Eek. S2 can’t come soon enough.

        1. Layla said she “awakened” as a Chaika one day, although she’s forgotten what caused it to happen. If someone is doing… something to ordinary girls to transform them like this… What frightens me is that every Chaika believes that they are Chaika Gaz. Even Layla, who knew better, could not apparently remember who she was before. If that is what has happened, then the girl we know as Vivi may have, for all intents and purposes, just been murdered.

        2. The thing also is that I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually Chaika Gaz and it’s some kinda of magical phenomenon where the original got split into different parts/personalities and they just take over bodies given the right circumstances. Some games I’ve played have had things like this happen. Makes me shudder to think about though…

        3. I would have guessed it’s a latency thing. Whenever the ‘Chaika’s’ were created, they are normal girls until some kind of trigger causes them to awaken. I’d like to think there isn’t someone out there still creating Chaikas out of young girls.. Too creepy a thought. Does anyone believe what happened with Gillette is gonna stick? No body, but I’d well believe he’s dust.

        4. Oh wow, I completely missed that the first time I watched it. That certainly does change my thoughts on a few things though but I’m glad others were being more attentive. I would have had such silly theories about how he survives coming into the next season.

        5. Damn missed that, although screw Gillette that scene makes Guy all the more interesting.

          As for Chaika I’m still thinking the girls are “born” as Chaika; in Vivi’s case then it’s more like she was made out of Chaika and turned into Vivi, with Gillette’s apparent death breaking her transformation. After all why else would Guy appear to save Gillette? Either him or someone else with him (Vivi) has some importance to Guy and the mission to recover the emperor’s remains.

        6. Damn, Alberic might not really be dead…Seemed a little odd to kill off a character who appeared to be in the middle of undergoing some major personal development (With how he was starting to doubt the government’s cause and seemed like he was on the brink of going rogue). Maybe we will get to see him defect or something after all…

      2. When I first saw Vivi’s hair changing color, I first thought she might’ve been turning to stone because of the sheer freaking out of Gillette’s “death”, but then you see her face and that’s when I was all O_O


    3. I would agree that this was a show that really asked for a bit of patience but if you did choose to stick with it, you got to see that it did indeed shine at times. It proved to be more than worth it by tying up a couple of ends in this season’s finale while offering a few more questions to hold us over until the fall. S2 really couldn’t come quicker.

    4. Although it’s pigeonholed itself as the standard adventure go out and find/rescue/recover something/someone, Chaika still was a pretty damn fun ride. I’ve read I don’t know how many people tear into this because of supposedly ridiculous pacing or over ultimately superficial things like Chaika’s manner of speech or character designs (also known as hating something for the sake of hating it). Yeah it may have blown through the LNs about as fast as Black Bullet, but unlike some other adaptations this season (*cough* Mahouka), Chaika managed to be entertaining.

      Probably the biggest plus for Chaika was the attention paid towards making the story coherent and understandable for the anime-only viewer. There’s definitely parts where you can tell things have been cut such as explanations or more SoL-oriented scenes, but it doesn’t impact the basic understanding of the main story: Chaika is seeking her father’s remnants for a funeral. It’s a lot like some older fantasy-oriented shows like Slayers, we are shown a wide range of magical things along the way like unicorns, dragons, spells, and machinery, but often don’t get much explanation of where they come from, how they work, and why they exist unless it ties directly into the main story. We don’t need an explanation because the characters already understand these things perfectly and will fill us in on needed info if something breaks or goes wrong as was often the case in Chaika for stuff like magic, magic fuel, the airships, the dragons/dragoons, and a bit of the geopolitical system. This concept is one way to produce suspension of disbelief, and–while nowhere near perfect–offers a much better method of immersing the viewer than Mahouka’s method of regurgitating LN world building word for word.

      Only real problem with Chaika I found was the rigidity of the characters, there wasn’t much that separated them from the common archetypes often found in these shows. We have Chaika the Damsel in Distress who is being helped by the heroes of Toru and Akari, in this case to perform a mission rather than rescue her from the enemy. Gillette and his associates are the ignorant antagonists who will eventually aid our heroes (unless Gillette is actually dead), and Guy is the mysterious man who will come to play a huge role in future events. None of them are overtly flat or boring, but ones such as Toru lack unique nuances that prevents them from being switched with someone else to get the exact same story; to be fair though this likely has to do with the cuts made to the source material.

      Overall I’d give it a 7/10 (good), Chaika may be lacking in depth, but it still possesses an interesting storyline and neat little twists that leave you wanting more. For all the complaining and nitpicking this remained a nicely entertaining, popcorn-worthy show. Personally looking forward to season 2.

      1. I know the anime simplified the tragic backstories of Dominika and Simon(the heroes), but as an anime only viewer I didn’t feel anything was missing. This shows the adaptation team know what they’re doing.

      2. Unlike other LN adaptation anime, this one I never get a chance to read the source material, and I became hesitant whether or not to follow this series after hearing about how it simplify the plot and jump around the LN, but after hearing that second season is green lit and thanks your comment here, I might as well pick this up after all. I hope I won’t miss out much as an anime only watcher.:)

    5. The easiest response would be to just find another goal, to look for another purpose to fulfill.

      Tooru’s an idiot though.

      He should’ve just went to work for Leon’s. 😛

      Overall, despite the crazy fast pacing (felt like they were going at 2 ep’s per novel) it was an entertaining show. The start was good but the middle started falling off a bit and it ended on a pretty decent note. Nothing spectacular, but well worth a watch.

      Vivi-Chaika’s awakening and Tooru possibly becoming a dragoon cavalier also add something to look forward to for the second season.

      And I just can’t help but laugh at how my initial expectations of Chaika (the character) upon seeing her in the promo art were more along the lines of what Chaika Bohdan ended up being. I was totally not expecting to be going, “So moe~” over her antics at all.

      Especially when she said “Shogeki no jijitsu.” So many hngh’s.

    6. All in all, Chaika was definitely an enjoyable show to watch. It kind of brings back ScrapPrin vibes. I’ve not personally watch Chaika’s finale but judging how it’s been thus far, I’m definitely looking forward to Chaika2

      Mamie's Kuristina
    7. What other Chaikas do you anticipate for Season 2? 🙂

      Rainbow Chaika, Fat Chaika, Megane Chaika, Tsundere Chaika, Yandere Chaika, Fujoshi Chaika, Grandmother Chaika, Nekomimi Chaika, Gravure Idol Chaika…

    8. Shittiest end of the season, not even a special ending credit. Like Fredica, called it that the assian girl was Chika, looked too similar. Tooru is actually a pretty huge dick so fuck him.

      His sister however is actually better. Chaika actually grew on me and I am hoping to see more of the sword wielding Chaika.

    9. As I mentioned in an earlier Black Bullet post, Hitsugi no Chaika is really sort of opposite to Black Bullet and Mahouka (at least for anime-only viewers like me). You get the general gist of the plot and the characters are entertaining and such, but lacks a little in explanation. Not enough to make it “bad”, but it’s noticeable.

      Like we know the general, basic roles of saboteurs that Toru and Akari are, but just what IS that transformation of theirs? How did they come about it? Is it unique to them or do all saboteurs have that sort of ability (and/or others)? And so on and so forth, as well as lacking a chunk of back-story for them beyond that little bit of training flashbacks and other small things we got. I don’t expect a whole biography or anything, but at least more so they don’t, as was mentioned, seem so generic.

      But that’s really the only “problem” for me. (I guess the “romance” between Toru and Chaika could be developed more, preferably from Toru’s side, but we have Season 2 to, hopefully, do that.) Otherwise, I’m glad I checked it out and looking forward to the developments in Season 2.

      1. It’s interesting to note that, because there’s kind of a two-way street on doing this.

        Adaptation wise:

        On one side, you can have Mahouka, which takes explanations to an extreme. It explains all the details and is essentially a kind of hard Sci-Fi in this regard. It’s a tactic where you’ll get an exceptionally detailed world, but risk doing so at the detriment to the actual story or other developments. Some people’ll like this, but others will be turned off by the extreme by which it describes things and others would much prefer details come while the story develops.

        Then you can have Black Bullet, whose adaptation seems to toe the middle line. It tries to explain some of the more “key elements” while also developing the story at a brisk pace. Obviously the pacing and attempting to shove all the content into one cour hasn’t worked out as well as we would’ve liked, but for the sake of this example, this is another methodology where you try to adapt things in a way that keeps the key elements of the original while making it accessible despite the circumstances.

        And last but not least, you have the Chaika method, which seems to intentionally leave some of the major details out on purpose. It’s definitely the opposite of what Mahouka does and it makes sense considering the story here genre-wise is technically a Fantasy more than a Sci-Fi, the latter of which tends to spend a lot more on terminology. Of course, there’s another give and take here for those that prefer more detail…

        …but yeah generally there’s a lotta ways to go about it and none of the strategies are inherently bad per se.

        With that said, it’s interesting to note I’m of the opposite opinion. I actually like how some of the things aren’t exactly expanded on quite yet in Chaika, as it keeps you guessing/wondering/wanting more. The downside is that this won’t be anywhere near as detailed as Mahouka, but I’d much rather have something of a solid story that adds details while it goes, rather than forcing details upon you after every moment.

        Of course, that’s only hitting the surface of it though. There’s a lot here one could go into regarding BB and Mahouka that could probably take all day. Lol.

        1. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the 3D animation of Sidonia, but after a couple of episodes, I stopped caring about that kind of stuff, because I was hooked on the story. Sidonia is probably one of my favorites of this whole season. (But Chaika was a nice sleeper, IMO.)

        2. I think the difference with Chaika is that it is supposed to be a fantasy mystery. Who she is and what the real purpose is the plot of the show. Magic is magic and doesn’t really need an explanation in a fantasy setting. We just accept it. Mahouka attempts to create a rationale for magic and how it works in a world similar to our own (though it actually is a variation of psi). What’s missing from Mahouka is the overall mystery of exactly who Tatsuya is and why he’s like he is (one of the major flaws in the anime vs the LN).

      2. For some reason the problem with proper world building seems to assume an intensity in anime not found elsewhere. As I think I mentioned earlier and Zephyr nicely expanded on above, there’s a few ways to go about doing it: provide anything and everything up front that concerns facets of the story universe, no matter how miniscule (Mahouka), minimize the explaining of details, leaving the majority up to the viewer to conceptualize unless tied directly to the story (Chaika), and the ever shifting middle path that tries to toe the line between realism and entertainment (Black Bullet to a degree, although Sidonia as Fortis mentioned is a better example).

        Chaika with its method of explanation is no different really to the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek, or heck even Lord of the Rings. We never once question how many things like warp drive, hyperdrive, the Force, lightsabres, photon torpedoes, lasers, or magic works after all, we are simply immersed in it from the start as the characters in these universes already accept these things as “fact”. Only when something breaks or is related to a story event does an explanation usually get provided. Hardly hear any arguments about the feasibility or a lack of understanding even though Star Trek has as much technobabble, if not more, than Mahouka after all.

        The main reason Mahouka gets bashed for its verbal deluge for example and Star Trek doesn’t is Star Trek’s entertainment value. Star Trek creates interesting characters that do interesting things with all the extra stuff simply serving as immersion; Mahouka’s adaptation has foregone its character development to maximize the technobabble, and thus its entertainment value suffers respectively. Chaika, however, has focused on entertaining the viewer over world building which IMO lends to its strength as decent show. There might be things left untouched (like the saboteur’s skills), but often enough is provided through imagery to glean an answer.

        I don’t mind how Chaika is explaining things, but I can understand why you and others wish there was more given. Some of us just like more thorough world building than others 🙂

      3. One of the enemies they fought earlier on (I forgot who it was) mentioned that the Iron-Blood Transformation is an ability unique to the Acuras. Along with the revelations about their hometown, we can say that it’s a secret technique passed down to members of the Acura clan. Kind of like those swordfighting schools and secret ninja village things that show up here and there.

    10. >season 2 confirmed

      More “mwee”. More Chaikas. More fun. I just wish BT would translate the novels. It hurts not being able to read the canon source materials. DX

    11. I feel like the age difference between Chaika and Toru is a little… Too big. But that aside, I don’t have any major gripes about the show. It was a fun show, which occasionally became more disturbing than I had imagined it would.

    12. So I bet the real Chaika is likely dead- killed by the heroes who invaded the capital well before the beginning of the series. That duke fellow in the first few episodes seems to have stated that he’d killed her himself or something. Guy is likely part of a group that might have retrieved the real Chaika’s head (She was behaded, hence the scar) and used it to cast some kind of forbidden magic that imprints the memories and personality of a deceased person unto other suitable people (Maybe a similar age/gender requirement) given that certain prerequisite conditions are met (Losing the will to live perhaps). He states in this episode that they went for “variety” which seems to suggest to me that he and his group willfully created lots of fake Chaikas out of a numerous ordinary girls with various base personalities so that each would take a different approach to recovering the emperor’s remains so as to maximize the likelihood of success.

      Which leads to the question- if the real Chaika is dead and all living Chaikas are fakes how then could our Chaika possibly be the “real” one? Well, if our Chaika does in fact happen to be real somehow and I had to guess why I would imagine that it’s something like what happened in Crysis 3 with Prophet’s personality completely overwriting Alcatraz’s after Alcatraz’s mind was “lost” at the end of Crysis 2. If for whatever reason the original personality and memories of the host body are completely “lost”- perhaps through the host burning all of her own memories as fuel to cast some kind of big spell in a desperate situation (Losing the will to live after this immense sacrifice fails)- and Guy’s crew introduces the original Chaika’s personality and memories into this body at that time wouldn’t that body simply constitute a blank slate? One onto which the original Chaika’s memories and personality can implant wholly and fully without any residual influence from the host’s base personality/memories- resulting in what is essentially a resurrection of the original Chaika given that an individual with a personality and memories identical to hers at the time of her death is created, just like how the Nanosuit overwriting Alcatraz’s corrupted personality and memories with Prophet’s stored personality and memories essentially resurrected Prophet. Well, we’ll see…

    13. Purely for the sake of reference and not really a spoiler, but just so you know about Chaika’s speech pattern (which I spoiled myself to and still don’t really regard it as a spoiler :\ )

      Show Spoiler ▼

    14. unlimited chaika work ! I totally love everything about the story , but what i love the most is the way chaikas speak , so honest and cute! it remind me of Misaka sister.

    15. I did like this series but there were a couple things that kept it from getting to quite the potentially awesome peak it could have.

      1. Toru and Akari could have used a bit more development. Especially Akari. I don’t know how people can still find this “I want to bang the MC and I’ll make jokes about him being a pervert” character type funny anymore. I guess she helps with comedic relief but other than being crazy about Toru i didn’t see any depth in her character. She might as well just be a cardboard cutout that can fight. I don’t know why Japan can’t seem to understand that people who are step/blood siblings don’t ALWAYS fall in love with each other. Toru being the MC got it a little better but as of now he’s really just helping Chaika to make him feel useful. I don’t really buy into their love. The almost kiss (after the first kiss) seemed like it was thrown in just to make the shippers scream. But it felt randomly placed to me.

      2. Chaika’s speech pattern from what I’ve heard isn’t like it is in the anime. She actually talks normally. Which is what I wish they would have gone with. It’s really hard to take Chaika seriously when she’s trying to say meaningful things. I’m pretty sure it was added in to add to her moe appeal so i really don’t approve. I constantly keep rewinding Toru’s dream of being together with her talking like a normal person. I think it would have made her character a bit more bearable for me but eh whatever.

      3. If it was up to me Fredica would not have joined the main cast. Why? Well there is an obvious reason for that. She’ way to powerful. She’s basically a walking deus ex. If everyone is in danger she can just bust in and save them (and she does so many times in the series). But of course she is given that “I won’t help unless it’s necessary” personality so she comes at the last minute. I think even the writer noticed he made her to powerful. Take note how she was taken out TWICE when they invaded the castle and was gone for very long periods of time. Why would that need to happen hmmm? Oh but of course if she’s walking around there isn’t any tension. Toru, Akari and her working together would probably take out any enemy they’ve faced easily. They really ought to have made her a bit weaker so to not have to force the issue of making her conveniently gone during dangerous situations.

      1. I’m not entirely sure, but this is also what I’ve heard from people. But if you’re referring to the way she talks in the manga, (haven’t checked that out yet) apparently that’s because the fan translators didn’t want to bother writing her broken dialect while she still talks with her broken language in the LN. Of course this is all hearsay but it does make sense.

      2. @leatherhead333 Oh man,it’s like you’ve read my mind. Those are exactly my issues with the show as well,although I’m more lenient when it comes to Akari than you,probably because she at least behaves like a pro when the situation calls for it and doesn’t tend to annoy me from time to time like Chaika & Vivi.

        I totally agree when it comes to Frederica. I was worried from the moment she decided to join the main group. One of the things I really enjoyed in Hitsugi no Chaika were the action scenes. The movements are detailed,battle tactics are used and there’s plenty of teamwork involved but when an overpowered being join’s up with our adventurers,there’s always the risk of loosing some of that and it well,that’s what happened. Maybe some will say it’s a nitpick,but there’s no denying that it took away from the challenge aspect the show had until then. Still,when you think about it,it could’ve been much worse…

        I still found the show pretty enjoyable though and will definitely watch the 2nd season.

    16. I felt like a lot of shows tried too hard this season. There were some encouraging signs with a departure from cookie-cutter tropes and an attempt to use more creative characters, but a lot of the writing left much to be desired.

      This is where I really appreciate Chaika. It kept it simple, stupid. It didn’t blow me away, but it was fun and easy. I could follow everything that was going on and didn’t once feel uncomfortable about events in the story happening or the pacing.

      This was a nice, simplistic, action-adventure that did not disappoint with the action.

    17. I enjoyed the heck out of this show. (And not because I have a thing for eyebrows.) Tooru was a little flat, Akari was a bit of a one-trick pony, and there wasn’t enough Frederica for my taste, but there was enough plot and intrigue to keep me hooked. (Yay, season 2 upcoming.)

      I think the Chaika adaptation was well-done, even if they rushed some parts and omitted a bunch of others. The show was still coherent and entertaining to non-LN readers.

      It’s so hard to tell if a LN adaptation is going to be any good or not, because adapting these things is just hard as all hell. LNs can linger over some details (or obsess over an incredible amount of detail *cough*Mahouka*cough*), but anime just doesn’t have that luxury, whether it’s because of limited eps, limited budgets or good ol’ viewer fickleness.

    18. SO i watched it and while it starts slow it does get better. Its not great but it certainly is enjoyable and the many mysteries make it interesting. Looking forward to s02

    19. Yeah, this was an enjoyable show. It lacked a little bit in the execution of its interesting premise to really bring it to the top of fantasy shows, but it was a fun romp regardless.

      In my opinion, where the show truly started to shine wasn’t until the final arc. It was only then that the plot really started moving in an interesting direction again, where the action was at its best and where the characters played off of each other in a lot of fun ways. So for the second season, I hope they can keep that level. It would elevate this show to the ranks of quite noteworthy fantasy anime for me.

    20. So… with Vivi becoming Chaika, I would assume Gillette will become Guy? There are a bunch of him too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if boys are becoming Guy.

      Either way, this was a really fun ride. I kind of like how things are being left in the dark since this is a fantasy series. The second season cannot come fast enough.

    21. i sat through it all…wow big up to Wanderer!! i totally missed that ,,,that’s some twin peaks sh!t right there….moderately enjoyed the series..but hate hate HATED the stupid way chaika spoke..SOOOO CORNY!!!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
    22. Times like these I’m glad I have patience because honestly a tad bit of time to really start picking up speed. I AM glad though that we’re getting a new season this fall!

      Jason Isenberg
    23. The Japanese love big breasts. But no male MC ends paired in any anime or manga with female characters who meet that stereotypes … something is wrong with their Asian heads.

        1. Oh… I can’t wait for DxD…

          But no, I’m speaking about anime/manga outside the harem/echii stuff. In all of them (in general) we have the busty friendo who love the MC and the stupid boy end paired with the small plain chested girl.

          I repeat myself… Akari… What a waste…

    24. Honestly this was a pretty good series, definitely loved it. Pretty good action scenes and really nice dark secrets lurking on the horizon, making me want to know more. Really looking forward to new season and looking forward to the whole Chaika(s) mystery thing, really want to know what’s going on, maybe under certain circumstances, new Chaika are being born? Idk we’ll have to see!

      PS: I would want to capture all the Chaika in the world too, to create my CHAIKA HAREM!!!! >:D

      Trap Master
    25. (I just finished this series late, had a lot of other stuff to go through)

      Meh they could have at least let the main characters kiss (Toru and Chaika) when she saved him in the lake. Would have increased my interest in a 2nd season. It was a pretty decent show but I was a little disappointed how somethings were handled. For instance, how the Dragon just all of a sudden decided to shapeshift into a cute little loli thing as soon as it joined their party. Would’ve been nice if it remained a grown woman. Guess it is taboo or something for anime to have older characters.

      Anyway, I think there is a chance I will watch the second season. I really am missing Sidonia and Attack on Titan right bout now though. This show was decent but those were on another level (Epic)

      Rick Anime

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