「帰艦」 (Kikan)
“Returning to the Ship”

Here we are, the grand finale. It’s as they say though, the end is just another beginning, and it’s hats off to a series that’s definitely earned its second season. So while we relish the great news, let’s look back at a finale that while not quite perfect, puts a solid bow at the end of a great ride.

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind for me is the fact that this finale was felt like a straight up action/mecha/Sci-Fi episode in every sense of the word, and in ways, it harkens back to an older age filled with series of such a nature. But as times have changed, so have series in general, and what was definitely more commonplace stylistically in the past is now a kind of rare animal in every sense of the word. To top things off, Sidonia’s one of those rare series whose story-telling meshes almost flawlessly with its world-building, and it’s only fitting that the series ends the way it does—with Tanikaze on top, a fresh new perspective and start for everyone involved, and one of the greatest Gauna threats ever faced by the Sidonia thwarted by a length of a hair.

Admittedly, there were some moments that felt a bit off—likely due to either the constraints of the episodic format or the fact that they’re saved some developments for the second season in order to end things at this point—but the fact remains that the finale was fitting despite this, because there’s no denying that Tanikaze is the one all important cog that really makes this story tick. It’s his story that we’ve seen unfold throughout these last twelve episodes, his perspective that we tend to see things from, and his actions that’ve gotten the Sidonia as far as it has. And that’s the beauty of it all. The story itself might be a complex amalgamation of hundreds of years of history and dozens upon dozens of mysteries, but it all works because of the almost singular focus on Tanikaze, and it’s exemplified by this finale.

The comment that Ren makes about how it’s unfair Tanikaze gets all the gear? Her decision to give that one extra bullet to Tanikaze regardless? The fact that Tanikaze’s the one that takes down Benisuzume in a way only he can (it’s ironic it looks like it’s a middle finger)? Since day one, everything has and continues to revolve around Tanikaze—the flawed, yet perfectly reliable protagonist who’ve we’ve come to enjoy watching on a week to week basis. There’s just a kind of charm to someone who just appreciates the simple things (especially in a backdrop where people don’t even really eat physical food), and as much as most of us feel Kunato didn’t deserve to be approached by Tanikaze in the end, the fact remains that he is who he is, and it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t do what he did.

Ultimately, there just are few words to say about a series that’s really done everything expected of it. As mentioned previously, this first season does leave something to be desired regarding the multitude of mysteries surrounding the Gauna, the Immortal Council, and the like (some may feel that the 3DCG could’ve used some work too), but there’s just no denying the strength of the source material behind this show, and it’s quite obvious that we’ll get some of those answers once the second season rolls around. All things considered, there’ve been few shows this year so far that’ve managed to send chills down my spine like Sidonia has, and it’s truly been a special experience being able to watch things unfold here.

With that said, it’s sadly the end of another season, and I’d just like to end things here by thanking everyone again for not only reading and commenting on Sidonia the past few months, but for also the fact that you guys come in day in/day out to visit the site in general. We wouldn’t be here without you guys, so thanks, and I hope you guys’ll stick around for the future as well. I won’t go too much into detail, but let’s just say there are some exciting things in store on the horizon…

Author’s Note: As usual, please refrain from spoilers, especially if they’re not in response to a query of some sort. If you must, please remember to use spoiler tags.




    1. Saw that earlier and had to squee, didn’t expect that to be announced so fast with no word yet of a second NGNL season.

      And we get the first 2 episodes in November too before what is probably a winter 2015 showing, pretty damn impressive all things considered.

  1. Now I’m not one to wish ill on characters… especially ones I like.

    But god dammit Izana… I was actually getting my hopes up when there was blood splattered on her helmet.

      1. Not really. Isana’s only suffered minor injury in the asteroid mission (similar to the anime’s), but her mech was wrecked and had to hitch a ride home.

        spoiler contains events that was cut from the anime
        Show Spoiler ▼

        It’s a shame Sidonia is 2×12 episodes rather than 1×24. A lot of important materials were cut to get the asteroid battle into season 1 finale, otherwise it should go into ep14 or 15. Some of the cut events will be difficult to re-ordered into season 2 (such as the last battle with Kabizashi spear and stuff in the asteroid battle itself).

        by the time of the asteroid battle, these has already happened (potential Season 2 spoiler)
        Show Spoiler ▼

        While anime asteroid battle was good, it was rushed compared to the manga’s version, but then the manga version was 4 chapters long. In the manga version
        Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Holy crap! This entire episode was like an adrenaline injection right to the heart! Now this what I call a season finale! If the second season is anything close to this it´s going to be a master piece but hell, Benizusume was one tough enemy, she just wouln´t die.

    1. Maybe it it will somthing good eventually, she´s not Hoshijiro at, it´s just a copy made by the gauna and if Nagate kept going like this most likely it would´ve ended badly for him and all of Sidonia. And now that you mention it, the fact that the gauna can produce such a perfect copy of human mekes me belive they can understand mankind but don´t care about us at all.

    2. Just an Hint for Speculation. They blow up a Gas Giant Planet, to lure the Gauna out that flee there alone. Now what they found? 3 Twins… So what hold the Gauna back to recreate more of her in the Future? Plot?

      Well, perhaps there is no “Hive” wisdom, and with blasting the Dwarf planet Gauna, the wisdom died with it

      p.s. This is no Spoiler, this is a Speculation and collection facts. So pure Fan fiction

      1. It’s possible that the Gauna can’t create another. Benisuzume. To make a Hoshijiro Benisuzume, they need another human Hoshijiro. But in creating the first Benisuzume, the original human Hoshijiro was consumed and destroyed. And the clones Gauna can make off the Benisuzume are of much lower quality and easily killed.

        To make another Benisuzume, they would need a human ace pilot of equivalent skills. And only Tanikaze, Kunata, and maybe a few others are that skilled.

        But the manga didn’t repeat Benisuzumes threat. And storywise, a repetition of this threat wouldn’t be as exciting as the first time. Especially since Tanikaze isn’t emotionally affected by it being a Hoshijiro copy anymore.

        The Pointman
    1. Good god, if you don’t like this show so much, why did you come here anyway? For the purpose of trolling? Not cool, man. As for me, this show is the best among other 2014 spring animes tho, I’m a longtime fan of the manga and I’m enjoying this anime adaptation very much 🙂

  3. The Tanikaze / Benisuzume Dogfight was intense and exciting – almost as if you were playing a game and fighting it yourself. One thing they definitely got right was that ‘grit’ that you can just feel. Space is a rough place for us.

    1. …I’m not going to go there, tyvm…


      Going back to what I was going to say before that s2 announcement…


      The conversation between Kobayashi and her personal bodyguard here intrigues me; The elders also have the ancient knowledge????
      I thought only the auxiliary brain had it! (barring any manga only spoilers, since they haven’t mention that big plot twist here – yet)

      1. well,

        You know how to drive a Car?
        to repair some little things?
        to use a Computer?
        to use your kitchen to make food?

        See, this little thinks is “Wisdom”

        Thats why they are some little library, too

    2. careful, the Anime Fans seen her (you spoiled it already) for the first time. A new Type of Gauna? Friend or Foe? But because of your “love”, they surly will hit the right spot. So please, treat her like a “unknown” for now

    3. A major character cameo, but just a cameo
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I hope season 2 will be 24 episodes. There will be more than enough source materials for it especially after the current arc.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        I hope i put the Spoilers tag right

  4. You definitely deserve thanks for covering this Zephyr, Sidonia has turned out to be an awesome piece of sci fi and admittedly something I’ve been craving since Gargantia, we just don’t get shows like this much anymore.

    Some interesting tidbits were still included even though it was a final episode: the Immortal Council actually serves as one (or the only) source of history outside of the auxiliary brain, explaining their arrogance and position. Also the Gauna appear capable of replicating mechanical components as well as biological tissue; that Benisuzume still disintegrated like the other Gauna, but her mecha was in no way completely “biological”. Should also mention the collectivity of the Gauna (destroying the master Gauna destroyed them all), it implies the presence of either an overmind or queen Gauna, although I seriously wonder if they may not be something like the Flood from Halo.

    I’d give this an 8/10 (great) for the execution and story alone, but one’s mileage will vary depending on how much toleration you place on the CG and on getting answers in a timely manner. Without a doubt though Sidonia should be in the running for dark horse of the season. Oh, and the OP is the OP of the season, period; only Brynhildyr’s comes close to the catchiness of Sidonia’s OP 😛

      1. The Gauna are completely biological (I don’t think anyone would argue they’re not :P), they just appear to have the capability of producing non-biological material. In some of the screenshots of Gauna-Benisuzume there were more than a few patches of dull white sections with sharp edges; it looks like the mech unit has been grown over by a Gauna “parasite”. If Benisuzume was simply parasitized though then only the Gauna growth would have been eradicated following her defeat, leaving behind a heavily damaged mech unit. Instead the entire mech unit disappeared; this implies the Gauna can easily replicate any material they consume.

      2. I don’t think the Gauna can reproduce metal, just biological forms. They can replace the shape of a Gardes. But it’s just solid placenta matter. The Higgs cannon was something they possessed before Benisuzume. And they already had space flight. The only things that are new (in battle) were the Higgs backpack thruster, which made Benisuzume faster, and duplicating Hoshijiro’s combat skills.

        The Pointman
      1. I just wish I could find the op online and in hi Rez. Youtube deletes all the Sidonia OPs. The music is there, but not the animate OP. Wish I could find it in hIrez. 🙁

        The Pointman
      1. Not quite sure how I’d rank things myself at the moment, but yeah Brynhildr’s first OP is really quite something. Quite artistically fitting to the series and the first/only purely vocal-less OP I remember seeing ever, really.

  5. That was such a trilling finally esp the fight between Tanakaze & Benisuzume wow! but Guana weren’t the only thing killed this episode….Kunato as well tho with kindness instead of bullets. Well handled Tanakaze.

    I am so glad we got that season 2 announcement.

    1. Yeah. I’m so used to mech/gundam-type fights, where they fight like honorable samurai or something, like every other mecha. Beni vs Nagate felt more like they were piloting airplanes in a dogfight. Esp that part where Nagate dodges the Beni’s particle beam while simultaneously pelting it with machine gun fire, immediately giving chase, but unable to get a lock-on due to Beni’s high evasive maneuvers.

  6. Wow awesome last episode. It really got my heart pumping! Also that last ROCKET PUNCH!! Does Benisuzume really die here though? I honestly can’t remember. It’s been forever since I’ve read the manga.


    1. As you read the manga…
      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The non-manga readers will have to wait to see what happens to Kunato. I was hoping the writers would sort him out by now but I guess they knew they had another season.

      Btw, warning to non-manga readers. The order of some events have changed, things that have taken place in the manga have not yet occurred in the anime so spoilers will crop up if you do read the manga.

  7. The fight was epic indeed, but I’m pretty upset that they changed what happened to Izana (esp. when it’ll be quite significant later on). They added, altered and omitted some scenes Show Spoiler ▼

    I know it’s too much to ask to really stick w/ the manga, but that was one of my fav part and i was really looking forward to it. Oh well, at least we get the much deserved S2.
    PS: I was expecting Tsumugi’s voice to be so much more moe…

    1. ^ agree 1000% I expected that scene to occur here, too bad it didn’t :(. On the flipside there’s season 2, so lets see how they integrate it. I felt that there was better tension in the manga of said acompaning scece Show Spoiler ▼

      Question to manga readers Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

      Hope i got the Spoiler tags right

  8. I’m very glad I decided to pick this up this season. I wasn’t expecting it to be soo good but I was blown away. This episode was an amazing end to this season, and I can’t wait for the next one!

  9. Catsrofl
      1. I guess it makes sense, I just hope Sidonia also has onsen with a Izana flag at the gender entrance^^.
        Maybe Fhe decides for a sex in the next season, in order to be more attractive for Tanikaze.

  10. I wonder where the 10th survivor was. There were 7 shown in formation, Izana & 706 (is it Ren?); I don’t remember seeing what happened with the guy on the right most at the 1st platoon diagram list of survivors.

    1. I was surprised when she actually leaned forward when Izana was saving him. That was the biggest emotional act we’ve seen her make on the bridge!

      Btw they didn’t detail it in the subs, but that crazy old coot protestor (ep1) is showing the various ‘faces” of different captains of Sidonia on that big sign he is waving. His sign claims that all these captains are the same person. We all know he is right and that the mask is to give the illusion that different captains have lived and died and passed their mask on to a younger generation.

      The Pointman
  11. I love the action in this Episode. Truly a spectacle. Worthy for a Finale

    You took the Manga time-line, crunched for the Anime. And your done a dam right think. Congratulation for this, i bow my head of respect

    Thank you for threaten me with this awesome pacing and action

  12. this season has absurd share of shows broken mid-story:
    Sidonia no Kishi,
    Hitsugi no Chaika
    No Game no Life
    Nanana’s collection
    Date a Live

    and probably:
    Black Bullet

    Keep Calm and wait for next season(s)?
    Or riot under a flag of: Bring back 24-episodes showlength!

    1. Indeed.

      Just for reference: Sidonia, NGNL, and Chaika have confirmed TV sequels, while DAL will get a movie sequel.

      Black Bullet I believe is essentially done once the final episode’s done.

      As for Nanana, I don’t know if we’ll ever get a sequel to that sadly.

      1. I haven’t seen any official announcement regarding NGNL sequel.
        Chaika was already planned as split from the beginning.
        DAL is a second season already, though got a movie as Zephyr said.
        Sidonia definitely deserved it.

        anyway, we do see more split-cour lately (silver spoon, valvrave, Chaika, fate zero, space dandy and more) because it works considering the show isn’t complete garbage. it allow studio to adjust budget and see what they can improve during the break. the hype for the series is longer so more sales (possible for the original material as well if there is one).
        so split is indeed good and have advantage rather than 2cour despite the fact eventually both are…more or less the same in terms of eps number and the development of story.

        of course I’d like a larger number of eps. I wish today the industry wasn’t to much afraid from taking risks. if a show should be 16 or 20 or 30 or whatever eps it should take..let it be. why cutting and forcing the people working on the script and everyone else to be so fixated for 12-13 or 24-26 eps. sure, some shows definitely work perfectly fine being so focused (like Madoka Magica as 1cour or SSY as 2cour), but they shouldn’t restrict themselves (and everyone else around them). anime of 1-2 decades ago wasn’t like that (I think, I wasn’t into so much details back then).
        there is also the problem of unfinished material. I understand it meant to increase sales of whatever manga/LN it is. but it also proven problematic in times.

      1. Lol well, you know there’s going to be more coming for that in the future at least. It’s as close to a guarantee as there is, which is a lot better than fans of many other shows can say. There’s a lot of shows out there that could use or deserve a sequel of which there’s no guarantee of sadly.

      1. I believe the book/crayons were markers. The red lettering on the case said “To-a Marker”. I’m doubt I got the To-a right. But pretty sure that’s Marker. I’ve seen it spelled that way before. But I’m not fluent in Japanese.

        The Pointman
      2. Small addition. I think the To-a is Toha,(still not sure of the English spelling)is the name of the company that made Tanizaki’s frame. Also the same company hat is replacing Kunato industries as Sidonia’s frame manufacturer.

        The Pointman
      3. They are clearly markers. The red katakanas said “To-a makers”, where to-a is the usual way of pronouncing the name of the frame company 東亞, literally “East Asia”. The black words below said “for writing in bold fonts”, and the black words above (can hardly be seen, only a flash) said “write well for whatever placenta”. Good sense there..

  13. That was one hell of a pulse-pounding finale, it had everything i loved about the show, the sci-fi elements, the intense action, the character moments .. it’s all there and in spades.

    I’m really a sucker for large scale space battles and dog-fights so i really enjoyed everything about those two final episodes (which brought sweet memories of the large scale battles and dogfights of all Macross series).

    Story-wise there is still a lot to be desired but that’s what the 2nd season is all about, and i’m so glad we already got a confirmation that there is a 2nd season (i’m looknig at you Attack on Titan, a show that had x10 more popularity and still no 2nd season announcement, grrr), that said we still got some developments .. first a confirmation of Tanikaze’s resolve and why he is fighting for Sidonia so hard (and it was repeated twice, in the flashback with the commander and again with Kunato), Izana shows some impressive determination and skill .. i guess it’s the power of love (i actually expected Izana to die like many characters before, the falling scene felt like a death-flag).

    Lastly, i have to say the dwarf planet explosion looked so beautiful (almost as if it is a photo from a real-telescope), and then there is Ren .. sheesh that was one of landing girl, who is going to fix that floor now!!! XD .. and as soon as we recover from that we immediately learn that she (and all the other clones) are actually 5 years old (i suppose clones here go through accelerated growth in their early years before they are woken up).

    All in all great show and can’t wait for the next season, thanks for the great coverage too.

  14. Being a Nihei Tsutomu fangirl, this series is now a favorite. Apart from Izana’s [true] storyline not (yet) getting adapted from the manga, the series was perfect. It carried the right moods from the original, as well as proper characterization. I just need my Izana fix now.

    I can’t wait for S2.

  15. Sidonia has become one of my absolute favourites of the season!
    The biggest downside of the season 2 announcement is that now, instead of jumping straight to the manga like a planned to, I’ll have to wait 3 months to know what comes next. 🙁

    Uh, who am I kidding? YAY FOR SEASON 2!!! \o/


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