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「目覚め」 (Mezame)

Why is it that when there’s some new prototype weapon in anime, there always seems to be some convenient plot device attached to it so that only the main protagonist can use it regardless of how incompetent he may be? I couldn’t help but shake my head a bit when I heard that Argevollen is now tied to Tokimune due to the U-Link System because it came off so forced. The writers could have easily made it so that Silfy could pilot Argevollen as well, but have it so that its true potential can’t be unlocked unless the U-Link System really synchronizes with its original user. Either that, or just have things carry over from the first episode where Tokimune’s inexperience as a pilot and reliance on natural instincts actually make him a better pilot for Argevollen. The angle that the writers approached it is clearly a trope but what irks me about it is not that it’s a trope, but because it could have been easily avoided. As far as anime is concerned, I’ve never minded the constant rehash and reuse of themes and ideas that we see today provided that they’re spun in an interesting way. It’s only when the writers’ aren’t even trying to be clever and just conforming like Argevollen did here that it makes me scratch my head.

Minor rant aside, the rest of the episode didn’t particularly sway me either way in terms of the series as a whole. I’ll admit that I was looking for some indication that Argevollen was going to pick up in a big way, so I was somewhat disappointed to find out how uneventful things were. They divulged very little, as Samonji simply recognized that they were being pursued and focused all his efforts to get his independent squad safely away. (I guess he just has some otherworldly sixth sense when it comes to the battlefield.) As for Tokimune, there was a bit of melodrama with potentially getting killed because his sudden incompetency when it comes to piloting Argevollen, but nothing that any viewer could have been expected to bat an eye at given that this is only the second episode. Other than that, not a whole lot happened.

Incidentally, I did take notice of all the 3D lighting effects throughout the episode, which actually looked really good as far as anime goes and may explain why the story’s progressing relatively slowly to start. Rather than trying to appeal to audiences with a gripping story early on, I wouldn’t be surprised if XEBEC wanted to use this episode to showcase how their studio’s 3D animation has improved. Granted, they couldn’t have showcased their production skills and grabbed our attention at the same time, but hey, maybe they just needed the characters stuck in that flue for most of the episode to accomplish the former. In any case, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now as the situation between Arandas and Igelmia was glossed over for the most part and the story made no more headway into the possibility of ulterior motives on either side. What we did learn is that Jamie was developing Argevollen for Arandas, so there doesn’t seem to be any conflict of interest there. Until next week…

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「フェイス」 (Face) by 三澤紗千香 (Misawa Sachika)
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  1. Why is it that when there’s some new prototype weapon in anime, there always seems to be some convenient plot device attached to it so that only the main protagonist can use it regardless of how incompetent he may be?

    Probably the same reason that the prototype is always brokenly overpowered when its first seen.

  2. I’m assuming the Argevollen was designed to only accept the first person either because: to prevent theft, or to better synchronize with the pilot (prior to how Jamie was describing); otherwise you do have a point that it could have been avoided and we’re going to need more information to how the new mecha was intended to be used.

    I did enjoy seeing some character development between the characters like Tokimine and Jamie, and the 3D animation was fluid enough to enhance that skirmish they had in the tunnels.

    Maybe next week or around the near future we’ll get a look at the Arandas company and see how they are involved in the war, besides developing the new mecha because I’m now curious to what’s going to happen to Jamie and what kind of progress we’ll get into the war with the Argevollen.

    1. there is a logic hole, to accept the first person. How activated the Argevollen?

      No not the Pilot. The Woman, when entering the Bootup Password. So she is the Key.. Or perhaps the TAN pin for Online Banking 🙂

      1. Or how do they develop this machine if they include that “only 1 person can ride it” specification? You don’t say that they included it after the project finished and they don’t need to make any optimization in the future

    2. Allowing only the first person to use it is beyond logic. It’s like telling soldiers of our age that they could use any weapon they like, with whatever bullet requirement etc. It’s simply not feasible and inefficient. What happens if the pilot dies for other reasons? (heart attack, or simply having a flu?) It would be hilarious to see them with lumps of metal that just wont budge.

      1. Jamine, is perhaps not a full Engineer. Perhaps she is a co- helper and the real person that now all about the Mecha died. It was the driver. So she took the Tablet and the Notebook of this person, and try now to improvise. She surly will find the Reset button. Perhaps in the future episodes, to make room for another Pilot. What good is there, if a Zero was only Piloted from 1 and only. Humans have a Limit, without sleep and eating. So at last 2-3 Pilots should share a Mecha

        I bet Jamine, dont know this Pilot Share point. Let’s hope she find this Note soon, in the Textbook.

        I have Faith

        (and this is a hint from me, to the Animators…)

  3. Actually it is a very valid point that it is hard or impossible to use the same instance of brain-computer interface for a different persons. Usually BCI requires some sort of machine learning at it is specifically tailor for a certain person. But it takes some time for training. And other person can use it but it will be very frustrating.

  4. Fair enough on the trope, but I am impressed by how realistic and down-to-earth each character is being portrayed. These characters, for the most part, do indeed feel like competent professional soldiers. You just know that in a more heavy-handed show the scene with the captive troops would have had violence or at least some sneering in response to that one captive’s outburst.

    1. Actually, the more I think about it, the more feels off about the whole situation with the Argevollen.

      – Everything from its aesthetic to its operating system just seems like a completely different tech base from literally every other mech in the show.
      – It’s a prototype being developed by an ‘up-and-coming weapons maker’… that absolutely no one appears to have heard of.
      – The apparent leader of the invasion force has no records of and can’t trace the force that were after the convoy.

      That’s a lot of strange circumstances surrounding that machine.

  5. Why is it that when there’s some new prototype weapon in anime, there always seems to be some convenient plot device attached to it so that only the main protagonist can use it regardless of how incompetent he may be?”

    UGH! #1: Exactly as Divine noted. I HATED that forced plot device. The fact that it “initializes” with a pilot is fine – actually makes sense. Once initialized, the pilot can only use it. Fine again. Cannot ever be reset/one time use only – STUPID. What if the pilot dies – not even in combat? Tree falls on them – how doesn’t matter. Now this ultra powerful weapon is useless, and it’s ALL BY DESIGN!? (key) What if the pilot turns traitor? Same thing if it was captured by the enemy (as it almost was). Ooops. Can’t recover our super secret, war winning mech. WTF doesn’t even cover it for me

    And as Divine noted, there are MANY ways to get around this. Maybe the hardware needed for reset is back at the manufacturing plant or something. Maybe there’s a reset code only the project chief knows, and he or she is MIA for now. Maybe there’s a glich in the OS. Don’t care – just SOME reason with a modicum of logic and sense to it.

    UGH! #2: Because one bad forced plot point isn’t enough, now Tokimune can’t even make the thing walk right. “Before I didn’t have time to think about how to operate it, just what I wanted to do and it worked, but now…” Well, there’s your hint. As Jamie finally pointed out (and had to tell him in person rather than over the comm network >_>), do the SAME THING YOU DID BEFORE = “envision what you want to do”. Rather than add tension, that whole bit was frustrating for me to watch since the answer was obvious. Bleh.

    I did think the 3-D lighting effects were good/impressive, but I don’t fully subscribe to the contention that they “couldn’t grab our attention” at the same time with the story. There’s got to be something closer to happy medium in that regard. Personally, this episode seemed to go nowhere overall. A few tidbits of exposition and possibly a little plot advancement before the ubiquitous end of episode battle.

    Sorry to be so negative, but EP 02 was a noticeable step down from EP 01 IMO (and I didn’t think EP 01 was exactly stellar either). Frankly, I’m starting to officially DISlike our male lead Tokimune. Not good. There are things I like about the show (war setting, some of the side characters, and even the old-style mechs), but after EP 02 I’m squarely on the fence about this one. Now that we’ve gotten the annoying “how does this thing work again?” plot line out of the way, I’m hoping the story will pick up next episode. I’ll give this one, maybe two more episodes, but it’s on a short leash in terms of dropping.

      1. @Actus: You actually had some expectation from the main protagonist with his extremely bad temper to begin with?

        To clarify, I was neutral on him before. I didn’t have any great expectations as he seemed quite generic and by the book for this sort of story. However, “neutral” or “tolerable” is one thing. “Annoying” or “irritating” is another, and with EP 02 he’s starting to be the latter for me.

        IDK about “extremely bad temper”. Frankly, he primarily strikes me as immature/too young for his job, inept though quite earnest, and very frustrated at his lack of ability/overall incompetence. Not saying he doesn’t get mad, but it’s not like he’s always pissed off for no reason whatsoever. Still, regardless of the underlying reason(s)or emotion(s), see point above about how he’s starting to annoy me.

        I think they beat the whole incompetent “newbie” or “rookie” thing to death. “Your falling behind! Walk properly!” No s**t. Thank you Capt. Obvious. I’m sick of hearing those lines, and I’m “just watching” the show. Kid’s trying his best, but he’s not up to the job. Frankly, IDK how he passed mech pilot school the way the anime portrays his skills.

  6. Why is it that when there’s some new prototype weapon in anime, there always seems to be some convenient plot device attached to it so that only the main protagonist can use it regardless of how incompetent he may be?

    -because otherwise military would never let it use a teenager?
    -unless, MC actually is extremely competent due to being trained from birth to be THE ONE (done well enough in Sidonia no kishi, and done masterfully in Ender’s Game)

  7. Another cliche played but, weirdly enough, it was Jamie that irritated me this episode. From her choosing to run to the Argevollen instead of, y’know, using the com line, to her forgetting the key detail in using Argevollen, I couldn’t help but facepalm. It’s all for dramatic tension, I feel. Granted, it seems like Jamie wasn’t that involved in the creation of Argevollen, so I can forgive those moments. I infer that she, just like Tokimune, was a fresh graduate with hardly any experience in the field.

    Overall, another so-so but somehow still entertaining episode. One more to go before deciding whether to keep watching!

    1. As i wrote above. Jamine is the catalyst for Argevollen. If the Pilots know how to drive the Mecha, Jamine must give her approve to use the Mech. So Jamine must be nearby the Mecha to be full operational

      All here forgotten the Boot up Sequence, it was Jamine that unlocked the Security. But let the Newbie trigger-happy Hot-blood Guy, piloting it. So U-Sync is connected with her, somehow..

      Or the Anime Studio here, made a little Plot error… But i dont think so

      And if i am on the right route.. Let me be, dont approve it, to not backup my speculation

    1. i know, what you mean. But the other Pilots failed, because they wanted to drive it like their own ones. With lever and pedals. But, you move this mecha in your Mind… Imiganitaion it to run, and it begins to run..

    1. This anime is like a recipe. The writers took 1 lb of bland incompetent main character, 4 oz of ridiculously overpowered mecha fried it in 5 tablespoons of weak plot seasoned it with three cloves of generic side characters and seasoned it with every cliche typically for the genre.

  8. Black Bullet (last season’s facepalming flop) had the advantage of lolis to keep the audience entertained…. Argevollen has nothing.

    No amount of fancy graphics can save a poorly executed story. If this series doesnt shape up in the upcoming episode, I shall consider this as a flop and drop it from 10000 feet

  9. I was gonna watch a little while longer just for Jamie (that punch 1st episode was great, especially since I can’t stand the MC). but now….nope. she runs to MC to relay information instead of comm system? she forgets the key to piloting that she shouted last week?!

  10. Slow, too slow! This episode really dragged out. The entire episode was just a rehash of the first, only even more uneventful. Basically both Jamie AND the pilot conveniently totally forgot how the Shirogane works, even though they JUST used it a minute ago! It’s funny because Jamie exactly told him to “envision it” in the first episode, the litterally forgot she said it, same for Newbie pilot. It was so pathetic I couldn’t even… Even the fight was more or less the same. There was a ton of time wasted on the camera just panning over people’s faces as they scrunched their brows or waited for something to happen. They could have done so much more with this episode, but they went nowhere.

    1. Time: How many time has passed since they found this Mecha? Hours, and they forgotten how to move the mecha

      Plot: How far has the Plot moved? They are still on the run from the Enemy of Episode 1

      Pilot: he was fighting with himself mostly. The Team saved now 2 times his Ass. First his “disobey” order, and now “come to us”

      Mecha: Okay, it has some weak points. The Mecha is only strong when the Pilot imagine his movements, oh and he is OP. No not Offensive. is Defensive is to OP. Not a scratch until now. The enemy using BB Guns? 🙂

      What direction will the Anime go? Hide and running from the Enemy? Captain you have a Ice stone as Heart? How to learn to drive this Mecha in 12 Episodes? The Empire strikes back? I have the Deus-Ex Machina?

      Well, it’s so many possibilities. I hope Episode 3-5 will found the roots of the Story they want to tell

      1. Yeap, especially the “too much” part. Sometimes I feel like I’m not reading (when I bother to – hint hint) an episode review, but rather a thesis, get it? The past few years you guys have gone from writing reviews intertwined with your take on the episode, to write long winded opinions (and sometimes you even deviate from the topic).

        Of course, I’m not saying you have to do it in an X or Y manner (well yes, I’m implying it), or to do it my way (I miss OMNI’s style, one section of what happened in the episode, one section his take on it); I’m just saying KISS. Go back and check how reviews were done 4-5 years ago. Nowadays you guys have gone completely bananas.

        Personally, what attracted me to Random Curiosity back in 2005/2006 was being able to read what happened in the episode, because I was so desperate to know that I couldn’t wait to actually watch it. And that’s what made this site the # 1.

        Please don’t take offense (writers), please don’t start a flame war (anybody). It’s just an opinion/criticism. No ill intent.

      2. Well I do sort of take offense because you’re saying that we’ve “gone bananas” =S. I don’t think we have, especially with the direction that the internet and anime has taken. I used to also be a visitor of RC (before becoming a writer) back in the day, and although the summary/impressions-style of posting was popular back then, it’s not really necessary anymore. The reason people would have enjoyed the summaries back then was because raws came out faster the subs. Nowadays, people of all languages can watch anime simultaneously as it airs and therefore, what’s the point of the summary? Most people can probably watch the episode faster than RC can post it. So to save time and effort, RC started doing more impression-based posts rather than summary ones.
        The site has evolved to be more conversation-based rather than simply an information stop for people. I understand that there are people that may have preferred the old formats, but now that “RC has gone bananas”, it also allows creativity for writers to express and say what they want to say in the way they want to say it. You may not like reading “a thesis”, but some people like putting a main objective to their writing and some people enjoy reading that. In your case, a lot of people still write in the same older format – myself, Div, Enzo – so it’s not like we’ve all migrated to something new lol.

      3. Ok, maybe saying you guys have gone bananas didn’t come across the way I wanted it. Sorry… but you have. Yes, the internet has taken a different direction than back in the day; hence, why I say you don’t have to do it my way.

        Yet, there are people like me with time constraints because of RL. And you’d be impressed by how many people. I’m still watching some of spring’s episodes while accumulating summer’s episodes. So no, not all people watch simultaneously as it airs. Summaries still matter. With that train of thought you’re alienating a good portion of your audience.

        Being an information stop is what made RC what it is. You can evolve, but you should do it for the better. Don’t get rid of what made you what you are. That’s your base. It’s fine to be creative, but you are long winded. Take newspapers for example. They evolved because of the internet; yet, they still are information stops.

        I can only imagine what’s like to be in your shoes and try to please everyone, and having to make a choice. If it counts for anything, I still check out the site; but mostly for OVAs and season previews. I used to have an RSS feed to my e-mail box; but not anymore, because I can’t bother to spend time reading you. And RL hasn’t gotten so hectic for me as to not take the time to read you.

        I still read some of your posts to get a different point of view on what happened in an episode, even something that may have flied by me; but most of the time I don’t bother. Two paragraphs and I quit. It’s too long. And in those two paragraphs, you haven’t said anything about the episode. It’s nuts.

        And I’m sure most of your audience speaks English as a second language. So there goes you guys writing in a complicated matter. Not everyone is an English major.

        And if any of you is an aspiring writer, you should take this criticism to heart. The first rule of communication, and therefore writing, is to make sure your reader gets the point. And the point of writing about an episode is (1) to tell what happened, then (2) your impressions of it, and maybe (3) all the obscure things relating to Japanese culture we may not know.

        Maybe is my science background, I don’t know; but get to the point as quickly as possible with the most information possible. Keep it simple.

      4. @Don845
        It’s not like you’re the only one with real life complications that make it difficult to browse this site; everyone is pressed for time.

        Either way there is no point in summaries. If you want a summary, you might as well browse wikipedia for episode summaries. I’m watching anime to enjoy what it is, not to get a rapid summary so that I don’t have to watch/read the actual text (like sparknotes).

        You’re mistaking one media for another as well. Newspapers, well, are ‘news’ papers. They are meant to be informative. RandomCuriosity should be more akin to the ‘opinion’ or ‘editorial’ section of newspapers. Or for a more direct comparison, more like The Economist than the Financial Times.

      5. @Actus

        Good job on taking everything out of context, including the newspaper example. I’ll just pretend you didn’t say anything. Good job on not getting it.

        By the way, your contribution to a healthy discussion was…? Just a self righteous rambling?

    1. No! let them be. each writer has his/her own style of writing, each writer doesn’t have to be a “Divine”. I personally like the diversity in the writing styles of the writers, and i don’t mind long detailed posts as they allow writers to truly express how they feel about the episode.

    2. 1st and foremost, there is no way that your post wont offend anyone.

      2nd. Every writer has his/her style.

      3rd. There are also a lot of randomc visitors that prefer the thesis style post. It gives a different perspective from what we seen for ourselves.

      4th. Summaries? Why? Do you not watch the anime? If your that busy, then wouldnt it be better to prioritize whatever it is that is eating your time and watch the episode when you are free? If you cant even give yourself some free time, then wouldnt it be better to go to a wikipedia page and read a more detailed summary there?

      5th. While I respect your opinion, my opinion simply clashes with yours.

      1. 1) You’re speaking in absolute terms, which I’ll assume comes from a narrow point of view.

        2) Right. Who’s arguing that?

        3) Again, you’re right. Who’s arguing that?

        4) “Do you not watch the anime? If your that busy, then wouldnt it be better to prioritize whatever it is that is eating your time and watch the episode when you are free?”

        How do you know I’m not already doing that? Did you read what I wrote, and paused to think about what I was saying? Did you bother at all? Because if you take offense at my post, then I take offense of you arguing with me without paying attention to me.

        You should take a look at my 2nd response to Cherrie, 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence.

        Also, and again, you’re speaking with absolute certainty.

        And on the Wikipedia thing, most of the summaries there aren’t even detailed to begin with. So no, it’s not a better option.

        5) I don’t have a problem with that. On the other hand, judging by your post, you seem to have a problem with an opinion different than your own.

        Lastly, you’re replying to my main post. So, you take offense of me telling the writers to notice how Divine wrote his episode review (and pointing out the aspect I want them to notice)? Wooooooow!

        (Next time you should make the reply to the correct post.)

  11. Divine, did you just pick up this show as well? So not only are you back, but you’re blogging 2 shows?!?!

    I’m almost tempted to log on to IRC for a proper explanation.

  12. This episode wasn’t that much better than the first episode either. But what really bothers me is why would the military take on a kid with anger issues. Yes, if you’re assigned to be the rear guard, then do it. There is no need to explode and tell others to shut up and explain how cool you are with it. Before he thinks of becoming a soldier, I’d suggest he see a psychiatrist.

    As a private, I highly doubt that he has the authority to order a civilian to ‘shut up’ either. Secondly, I have no idea why he is so afraid of being the rear guard. Being sent to protect his allies is something I doubt anyone wants to do, but it’s not like he has the average issued specifications – he has an overpowered mech that didn’t even seem to have a dent after 2 battles. I would hope that he’s trained to be a soldier – as he seemingly implies as well, though I highly doubt he even graduated primary school. He’s also done it last episode as well.

  13. Unfortunately this series is not starting out great. Lots of cliches, lots of plot-holes. Why did Jamie need to run back to tell him to ‘envision it’ when it had been established that they were linked by radio 20 seconds before? And even when she ran to him, it’s not like he ‘heard’ her. It was still just over the comm link. Just dumb.

    And unfortunately, where Buddy Complex, another utterly cliche mecha anime, was made into more than the sum of its parts by having a good protagonist, this guy seems to be… not that interesting, to put it mildly.

    They’ve dug themselves a pretty deep hole in the first two episodes that they’re gonna have to really work to pull themselves out of IMO.

  14. Xebec is like the studio that plays it safe and full of tropes but somehow still enjoyable. Also most start slow and have pretty eventful epic endings. They always have excellent sound design (which they borrow from sunrise studios stock sounds, probably borrowed the “gundam” too lol) and get great people to do the OST, pandora hearts, heroic age, rinne where all like this, even broken blade. So far Shirogane is more the same. It’s like their personal mecha formula.

    As for this show I will try to watch it to the end, it has been too eventful yet but it’s dreadful or anything to drop. Actually enjoy it. I will give it more time. Rinne was similar and didn’t pick up till half way season 1 and was full of cliche mecha start up story lines but had great endings. This is a 2 cour show so there is still time to build up.

  15. My expectations aren’t too high for this series. I did find these first 2 episodes enjoyable however. I do agree with the article. The main character is our typical anime noob thrown in over his head. Even in his new super powered mecha, he had to run to his comrades for help (in the cave).

    I do like the environment, setting, Art, and all the other characters. Even the main character seems like he will be okay. This story isn’t going to be mind blowing like ‘Attack on Titan’ or ‘Knights of Sidonia’. It’s just going to be a straight forward affair. Hype meter is down. But might still watch it

    Rick Anime
  16. https://randomc.net/image/Shirogane%20no%20Ishi%20Argevollen/Shirogane%20no%20Ishi%20Argevollen%20-%2002%20-%2031.jpg Why you so cool Silfy?!

    The dumbass being the only one able to pilot the AVO is a bad thing because he sucks ass, but there is a good thing about it too. Now we won’t get the cliche trope of an enemy faction storming a secret base and stealing mechs from them to use against them. I hated that shit in just about every Gundam that did it and more recently Buddy Complex did that bullshit too.

    I’d rather have one incompentent dumbass than an entire base full of them.

    Jamie was being a dumbass too in this episode. You can remember all the stuff about how to activate the AVO, but now how to use it “properly”? Also, you can talk to the LT over communications, but you can’t just tell the dumbass how to use AVO?! I would’ve tied her ass up and put her in the back.

    https://randomc.net/image/Shirogane%20no%20Ishi%20Argevollen/Shirogane%20no%20Ishi%20Argevollen%20-%2002%20-%2016.jpg It’s this guy fault too, there’s no child lock for your mech?! Anybody riding in the back can just open the hatch. What kind of shit is that?!

    https://randomc.net/image/Shirogane%20no%20Ishi%20Argevollen/Shirogane%20no%20Ishi%20Argevollen%20-%2002%20-%2007.jpg Silfy and this guy next to her need more screentime. I liked their team up and shameless flirting ;p

  17. It’s pretty obvious from the first episode that Jamie Hazaford is just a secretary. Maybe the personal assistant to the guy who died in the convoy in the first episode, who might have been the brains behind the new U-link system in Kivernas Manufacturing’s Argevollen Stablis Prima mecha. Jamie is reading her notes, as well as her boss’ laptop, to try and understand the Argevollen system.

    This is what is wrong with letting the civilian corporations develop the war materiel. Proprietary information gets compartmentalized. So if the genius who made the system gets shot on the way to deliver the mecha, you have nobody who knows enough to operate the mecha.

    Notice how in episode 2 the enemy Colonels noticed forensically the mecha transport and how their own troops were taken out hand-to-hand, not conventionally with bullets and shells. That screams “special forces” to most military, and with sci-fi anime, it also says “prototype”. No wonder they assigned more troops to the chase. The Colonels also know soldiers who live and retreat to fight another day carry military intelligence with them about the enemy to higher headquarters.

    Now it’s a race to see who can get the prototype, or get to safety with additional forces.

  18. I actually like the little details they put in, from the recoil of the cannon to that apology the squad leader made to his second in command. Those little things actually grabbed my attention more than the straight forward plot so far.

    Most of the characters seem OK, though I’ve only gotten a slight grasp on the personalities of three of four protagonists. Still don’t know who Jamie the “engineer” is. As for the side characters, the maintenance crew are almost Patlabor like and I’m kinda biased towards both senior pilots. The funny thing is, the two most incompetent ones seem to be tied to the Argevollen.

  19. I still can’t get over the main robot design (specially emphasized in the new opening where they fly-by all the robots in the series, it feels like putting Nirvash from Eureka 7 among the robots from Front Mission 4 or Armored Core, total clash in style), but i have to admit i did like this episode, and maybe the solution to the main robot design standing out so much is introducing other unique robots on the enemy ranks.

    First i’ll tackle Divine’s main complaint, they did say that the robot is locked to only one pilot now (our main character) and that he became the initiation key, that’s in fact a very useful countermeasure so that if it falls in enemy hands now they can’t use it, and there is also the fact they never explicitly stated at any point that it can’t ever be reset (i watched carefully to make sure of this), i’m sure if they take it to the company factory where it was made they surely can do a full system reset (and it’s also smart that the resetting mechanism is far away from their enemies, they don’t want them getting that too), so it simply means for NOW they are stuck with the current pilot since of course the factory that made the robot is far away from them (not to mention the fact they are supposed to deliver it to the military not take it back, at this point their only choice is to push forward and manage with whatever they have).

    There is also something i liked about the battle here, first that they gave him a robot-rifle to use and 2nd is the fact that before he won easily against several enemy units equipped for long/medium range combat but when faced with enemy units designed for melee combat (love the thruster hammer) he was barely able to defeat one of them before having to retreat .. i really like the attention to such details.

    The one stupid thing that i was cringing my teeth about is Jamie’s stupid idea to exist the cockpit of the robot she was inside to run all the way to the MCs robot just to tell him one hint, seriously .. that’s just so stupid and unnecessarily dramatic .. she could have told him that over the radio as it was clear from the previous conversations they can hear each other, so i hope they try to avoid these situations in the future.

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