Once in awhile, you get a chapter that either leaves you wanting more or wishing that you didn’t have to wait another week for the next one. I’d say this one qualifies as one of them. A flashback covers half the chapters this week, and there’s just not much to talk about here aside from the fact that it was nice to see the effort Obito and Sakura had to put in (literally trial and error) to find Sasuke, as well as the fact that the only reason he ends up joining them again is because he managed to switch spots with Sakura’s acid-burned jacket. Considering the alternative—it might’ve required that someone be swapped instead of something—I’d say things worked out quite nicely here for our cast, and that’s it for the most part here.

Naruto’s chugging along slowly, and here’s hoping the next chapter provides less recap and more development. At the very least though, there seems to be some kind of special announcement in the works (new movie?), so guess we’ll see.


  1. I just wonder, how they get out of this Dimension. She is still out there fighting naruto. But his Eyes is bleeding heavy, and Sakura’s Mana ist nearly depleted…

    I see only a way. If the fight get switched into the Dimension where they are right now. But then.. What happen, if both succeed?

  2. I had this weird premonition yesterday, and this happened while I was taking an afternoon nap:

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      1. All she is doing is feeding Obito chakra, you guys are treating it as she is finally useful when her utility is that of a chakra dispenser (aka no showing of talent/ability).

      1. LOL, I don’t care about the Sakura/Hinata fandom. But even with that graphic portrayal of Sakura’s “abilities” it proves the point that she does tasks that other people could do. She is just average in every way (average strength of a ninja even with the Byakugo no In, lack of a tactical mind, no people skills, etc.) and, as the manga author made abundantly clear, her only role is that of a chakra dispenser. She stays in the background for support only. The only time she did something worthwhile was when she defeated Sasori, however, she still needed that old lady’s help to do it (and that happened years ago). I am just calling a spade a spade.

    1. Sakura learn new Spell very quickly, and use it like a Pro. You forgotten team 7 at beginning…
      And dont forget, Naruto dont wanna make Sakura mad. Because she know the Power punch secret from the Hokage

    2. Instead Hinata you can put all the others, except Naruto. It is just an example.

      To be good/great ninja isn’t mean to have many special abilities. She has succeeded in medicine more than almost or all others ninjas in fight abilities. She also can fight, but she isn’t from a clan, so she doesn’t have special abilities from the beginning. She save lifes and did it in a great way. She is smart and kind and she is one of a few characters who really finds their own way. And it suits her perfectly.

      But you can always say “All the others ninjas beat some others ninjas. They are cool!!! That ninja have twenty five thousand abilities. He is so cool!!!”

  3. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sakura and I am glad she is there to help instead of once again left in the dust by Kishimoto. I just want everyone to make it out okay.

  4. Ha! Finally some movement. Lets hope they do more than just follow the predictable plot of searching out each other. I want to see a fight in the Ice Mirror replayed here with Naruto jumping in to save Sasuke in Kaguya’s first/inter- Dimension using a clone instead of both of them being in the same place.

    Remember ? Their likely chance at Genin level of defeating Haku’s Kekkei Genkai was simultaneously coordinating their attacks from both inside and outside … when Naruto simply stepped inside with Sasuke putting both of them in extreme danger …

    Well now perhaps if they caught the Dimension-Hopping rabid Rabbit-Princess in a Pincer-move they can Pin-her between dimensions causing her to get sealed in some other world reality ?

    BTW Guodadama circling the original seems to be a sure giveaway assuming Naruto dint do it on purpose. Keeping Kaguya Clone-hopping instead of Dimension-hopping holds next week will be a blockbuster reunion with massive fight about to happen !!!

    Please … I need my fix with more story, else I am re-reading the last 100+ chapters every minute in hopes of finding missing plot-holes or hints.

  5. I’m sure Sakura has proven she is needed on the team to Sasuke now. And I’m guessing Naruto cannot copy those goudoma or “truth-seeking balls” with his clones; it totally gave his position away or he just admit being his real original self.

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