Sailor Moon Crystal wastes no time introducing the second Sailor Soldier this week – Sailor Mercury!
Or also known as, Mizuno Ami (Kanemoto Hisako). She’s the brains behind the group and someone that contrasts greatly with Usagi due to her maturity level and her overall intelligence. Usagi is… not the brightest and in later episodes, she relies on Ami greatly for battle strategies as well as her personal tutor for school. It’s amazing how quickly the two become friends, considering that they’re both in different classes and school cliques – not to mention that Ami was considered friendless at school. I guess Usagi is quite social in her own way and I don’t see her isolating someone just because. She might not be the smartest student, but I find that her personality easygoing and she has all the right intentions.

The episode itself wasn’t necessarily ground-breaking or terrible. I thought it matched my expectations (after having seen the first episode) and everything that I pointed out in the premiere still holds true. Usagi’s voice is still very forced to me and it makes it hard to really laugh at some of the more comedic scenes. The character designs are still not something that I’m used to… especially the massive eyes and just how elongated their bodies and faces look. Ami also didn’t look right at the beginning, but I figured it’s because of her (old-school) glasses more so than her actual face. Then there’s the animation that many people have complained about but I personally don’t mind. The transformations are something that will be repeated every episode so I might as well get used to it now. The CG is fine in my books. The only thing that does bother me though is the lack of attention to the animation outside the action sequences – I mean, this is the first time I’ve seen someone color outside the lines. I honestly haven’t seen something like this done before and I promise you, I wasn’t even looking for it. It makes me quite disappointed at the quality control of this production considering all the hype and anticipation around it.

Now I know that Sailor Moon Crystal isn’t supposed to be the best deepest story out there, but I thought that since this anime derived straight from the manga, that the pacing would be done better. I can’t quite put my finger on it (and it could be a combination of things), but the story so far just isn’t gripping (yet). I honestly love Sailor Moon and I’m trying hard to isolate this from the original. However, the relationships between characters feel forced and before you know it, Sailor Mars will already be introduced. What I mean is, I think there’s a lot of coincidences in the plot right now to make it advance and I can accept it, but it still feels rushed. Now, this is probably because we’re only two episodes in and I shouldn’t expect too much when the story is only in its introductory stages. A part of me is probably just too impatient and wants to get to all the good stuff because I’ve already been through this – multiply times. So forgive me if I sound too harsh on the show so far… it’s only because I know it has high potential later on and the fact that the beginning is quite episodic, is not something that I’ve had to deal with in a while.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: So the second episode of #SailorMoon_Crystal went as expected… except I still can’t stand Usagi’s voice and the animation is still off =S

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  1. These two weeks between episodes is murder, what exactly was their reason for spreading it out?

    For a show with this much money behind it to have such spotty visuals is odd, I have never seen coloring outside the lines either, especially when it can easily be fixed since it is all digital. On a positive Ami’s cgi wasn’t as bad as Usagi’s was last time.

    1. It’s to ensure quality. Having two weeks between episodes instead of one, means that they can take their time, and make sure that the finished product is up to par, before releasing it.

    2. That’s the thing though, one should expect better quality episodes for a biweekly release. What we are getting currently does not warrant Crystal’s release schedule as shows with lesser budgets have turned out arguably better animation and art

      Of course it can be argued that Crystal is trying to maintain the ’90s feel in both its art and animation, but it still shouldn’t need two weeks per episode to produce that.

      1. I am sure it is all some grand blu-ray selling scheme worked out by the marketing studio paid to handle this IP, keeping it in the public’s mind by artificially extending the show. I foresee very small episode counts per disk, and each disk at $30+.

  2. I just can’t get over how different Tuxedo Mask is in this adaptation vs the original. Not that I’m complaining, since the original “Darion” got kind of annoying. I actually kinda like how they’re just happening to be running into each other, and slowly developing their feelings for one another.

    1. Seriously he is walking around IN HIS COSTUME without the mask hat and cape on but wearing sunglasses that cover the exact same area as the mask. He;’s even wearing the exact same extremely fancy and unique looking neck piece. This isn’t even superman levels of obliviousness; Clark would have to walk around in his suit but still wearing glasses and have no one recognize him for it to be this bad.

      1. Well I mean… if you take it that way, Sailor Moon looks identical to Usagi except for the make-up and change in costume… so I don’t think you should take it too literally that no one can recognize him. I think what I would’ve liked to see is more development between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (either in real life or transformed) because so far, all you know is that she has a crush on him =S because why? He’s good-looking? o_o that’s nice…
        I think the original did a better job here because they had fillers which spent time developing Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship outside of just “bumping into each other on the street”. I think they had cooking classes together and Mamoru is actually a friend of Motoki’s (but I might be wrong… it’s been a while lol =S memory fades for old people like me T_T).

  3. Coloring outside the lines aside the art is still beautiful which is accompanied by a nice soundtrack; im onboard with this reboot so far. Im getting what i expected and I like the overall presentation of this production (you can really see the heart going into the composition of this series). I get that we are in the introduction stages so this works for me. Im still having a good time :). Once the intros are over, then ill start expecting more

  4. Animation and art can be overlooked, a biweekly release cannot. There must be some serious budget management issues behind the scenes if this is the quality we can expect every two weeks. Almost makes me wonder if the delay in premiere and the current release schedule are due to a sponsor pulling the plug.

    Also have to agree with you on the sense of rushing Cherrie, Sailor Moon is not overly deep from what I remember, but it really seems like the plot is moving quickly. That by itself is not a problem, but it does hurt the show when mixed with the corner cutting animation, reliance on CGI for key scenes, and the release schedule. Seems more and more to be a cash grab rather than an attempt at renewing interest and creating new fans.

    As an aside IGN is covering Crystal as well, which is quite funny considering what they usually review for TV shows 😛

    1. I have no idea why they’re delaying the releases and making it a biweekly show =S severely disappointed when I heard – especially after the release of Sailor Moon Crystal has been anticipated for so long. While watching this, I noticed there were no previews and I said “What?! No previews!?”… Div, who was also watching, said “It’s because they haven’t made the next episode yet.”… which is probably true… but the extra time to create episodes is not being showcased in the actual product =S sad.

      1. There are previews – but only if you watch it directly on nicovideo.

        I do agree though, for a bi-weekly release and the long delay this isn’t the animation quality I was expecting. Sure, it’s okay, there’s been a lot worse and there are some parts they did really well I think but I also just can’t help wonder where that (supposedly rather high budget) went to. Maybe they’ll pull a Madoka and revise it for the DVD/Blueray versions?

  5. So far… exactly what I expected. It’s a straight adaptation of the Sailor Moon manga. Which in some ways is a classic, but which in others is showing its age. Magical Girl as a genre has come on a long way since Sailor Moon first aired, so this was always going to feel very retro.

    I know this puts me in a small minority, but I was always disappointed that they were using the manga rather than the old anime as a source. The manga always felt a bit over-wrought to me, while the anime usually had a pleasant sense of its own silliness.

  6. There’s quite a lot of close-ups so I’m constantly being forced to see anatomical problems with the girls’ faces. I don’t understand why these episodes aren’t been better crafted. The original had inconsistency problems but their key art and episodes were beautifully rendered… from shading to fighting sequences to pacing to facial expressions to cinematography. Mercury’s transformation was particularly beautiful with that stream of ribbon-like water. Now we get CGI.

  7. The quality control on this is atrocious and the animation, even putting the CGI aside, is just so stiff. Toei was the worst possible pick for this.. or any series, really given their history. I was excited to see it picked up by someone but horrified at the studio. The old art, while certainly not as shiny, was much more fluid and natural.

    I do enjoy the adaption being so close to the manga in story but it still feels like a bad low budget fan animation rather than an official adaption.

  8. i think you can’t expect more from usagi’s seiyuu(Kotono Mitsuishi), i mean, sailor moon was 20 years ago, of course she got older and her voice too would change. it’s basically someone in her 40’s trying to sound like she is 20’s

    1. Um, how about expecting her not to VA a character half her age? Her voice is iconic and was amazing at the time of the original show but now it’s just not. She didn’t have to be part of this project and I don’t think it was made any better by her participation (as much as I love her and am a fan of her work). That would be like a 50year old woman trying to fit in her little black dress from her 20s. No matter how much you rock it in your prime, some things change and her voice has definitely changed from the Usagi pitch.

  9. I think the pacing is jarring. I realize the anime was different but I enjoyed Saloir Moon growing as her own Sailor Senshi before they introduces the others. I thought Ami was introduced way too quickly.

    I also agree on the voice. It is the biggest thing making me want to drop this. She sounds super annoying. I may need to watch older episodes of the original anime on Hulu. I may even listen to the english dub. Only a few shows I can say I prefer the dub hahahaha.

  10. I started the watching the English version before I watched the Japanese version for that last season. So I don’t have that problem with Usagi’s voice; it was more like the names were the things translated I didn’t get use to. I actually like the transformation scenes if they keep it short; I’ll wait til all 5 of them transform together then decided again.
    This is the future Sailor Scouts…so they look more mature to me than anything else. Of course they still act like teenagers.
    I find it funny that they switched to CDs instead of floppy disks; by now the newer generation are like what?
    The monster bad guys look scarier than I recalled, so the Sailor Scouts’ attacks should look more incredible to destroy them.

    random viewer
  11. ” What I mean is, I think there’s a lot of coincidences in the plot right now to make it advance and I can accept it, but it still feels rushed.”

    “A part of me is probably just too impatient and wants to get to all the good stuff because I’ve already been through this – multiply times.”

    I’m sort of confused here. Do you think it’s going too quickly or too slow? Because you are sending somewhat contradictory signals with these lines.

    1. I think the plot feels rushed – period. I think they introduced Ami too soon (and now Rei is next already) without giving much time for the audience to digest the relationships between people and at times like these, I think some fillers would be fine to get used to Usagi’s personality (how she’s clumsy and naiive and too trusting of strangers). However, since the original manga is not like that, and I find these initial episodes to be done poorly, I wish they would just skip through it all quickly to get to the good stuff. I think after Sailor Mars is introduced, and Jadeite is defeated, the next villain is the one that I’m most anxious to see =X They better deliver that arc properly because it was one of my favorites.

      1. But, look at the manga and their chapters. It’s straight 1 episode = 1 chapter. The second chapter of the manga brought us Ami and the 3rd Rei. If they continue like this, we’ll get a 1 chapter breather before we get Makoto and three more chapters before Minako. It may seem rushed but pace-wise it feels on par with the manga.

      2. The whole Nephrite/Naru love story is completely anime original and non-existent in the manga, so if that’s what you’re anxious to see, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, as there will be none of it here. I understand how the plot feels rushed to you (especially when compared to the first anime), but that’s exactly how it is in the manga. So far they’ve been keeping the 1:1 ratio – one manga chapter per one anime episode (heck, even the episode titles are exactly the same as corresponding titles of manga chapters). Episode 3 will introduce Rei, episode 5 Makoto, episode 8 Minako (that is, assuming they’re going to keep the 1:1 ratio). It took 33 episodes of the first anime to introduce all the inner senshi, so yeah, you can feel the difference. The Dark Kingdom arc is 13 chapters long in the manga, so is the following Black Moon arc, so I’m assuming that’s what the new anime will cover (it would fit the planned 26 episodes nicely). Some of the later chapters are significantly longer than the chapters 1-10, so maybe that’s the reason of the bi-weekly broadcast – to have some of the later episodes longer as well (maybe even double length), to fit the manga content as it is (but that’s just my guess; we’ll have to wait and see). So yes, the manga is much more plot/story/action oriented, while the first anime was more focused on the characters and their everyday lives. I think that for someone’s who’s not acquainted with the manga, it would be best to just let the first anime go, at least temporarily, and not focus too much on the comparisons. Soon enough the plot will be so significantly different, that it’ll be like comparing two completely different entities anyway (no seriously, the further into the manga, the more different it gets). There’s really A LOT of cool stuff that was changed or didn’t even made it to the first anime and that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to see in the SM Crystal, which is after all the faithful adaptation of the manga, and NOT a reboot of the classic anime. And hey, we can rewatch the original series whenever and how many times we want; it’s not like Crystal is canceling it out or anything, right?

      3. Not to mention, the anime has actually buffed out the plot compared to the manga. I re-read it last night after re-watching the episode upon seeing this review, so yeah.

  12. T_T how can everybody just not mind the CGI? I just cant get over it, its ugly, atrocious, and an insult to my childhood memories. Really, these “transformations” (if you want to call a change of clothes that XD) were the central part of Sailor Moon, Amys especially was beatifully done. Its like they are stealing an essential element of the show, cause I just want to skip these sequences. Such a disappointment 🙁

    1. I was actually OK with Usagi’s transformation. Amy’s on the other hand was just awful. Her poses were awkward and those water effects looked ridiculous. Her attack was also a let down. They made it look so boring. Are they not fans of Sailor Mercury or something?

      Winged Robot
  13. The CGI is creepy and nasty, the art is sloppy, yes, these are givens in my point of view, but they don’t matter that much to me if the story is compelling. I haven’t read the manga or seen the old anime, so the jury’s still out on that, but it feels pretty MotW to me.

    What really kills me is the voice acting. I don’t know how much more Usagi I can take. If I could find a way to concentrate her voice, though, I think I could cut the sun in half with it. Yikes.

    *Goes off to watch some Sakura or maybe some Nanoha to recover lost HP*

    1. I referenced it in my post. Usagi is laying on her bed and her hair is colored blue because whoever colored in her collar went over the line. It’s the first time that I saw it in the anime – there might be other examples. I think it just shows that their quality control is kind of sloppy =X

  14. I know Mamoru and Usagi didn’t have the deepest relationship in the manga, but they have so little banter this time and she is already kinda deep for him. I know considering the story it doesn’t have to be a reason but old anime always had Usagi “disliked” him yet she did thought of him as attractive and starts seeing his good points along the road. Here it’s like she only fancies his looks, even in the first episode they barely talked much. I understand adapting from the manga buuut some stuff could have been improved a bit in an original, manga driven way.

    Oh and I hate the CG, there’s no saving it.

    1. @South: I believe that even though she doesn’t remember her past life yet as the moon princess, she actually instinctively reacts to Mamoru, her past lover, and her heart starts pounding and racing when she is around him…but while her body reacts that way, she is clearly confused since her mind doesn’t follow, a normal reaction with her memories gone…

      But the thought they were making her into someone only attracted by looks never crossed my mind!!

  15. Usagi’s voice does indeed seem forced and it seems like the pacing is rather weird. But, this show coming out bi-weekly and having those kinds of hiccups like the over the line coloring is just sloppy. As for the art and animation itself, I don’t mind those that much, the actual movement of frames is fine to me and the art while indeed weird (in agreement about elongated face and body) does its job, it still looks good (though the CG is still a bit jarring to me). I’ve never seen the original but, I fully know of its legacy and characters (for the most part). After all i’ve said above i’m still enjoying this.

    PS I think you made a little mistake here: “I’ve already been through this – multiply times.”
    Should be multiple* if my english is correct.

  16. How to plan the budget of an anime production :

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    As for Sailor Moon 2014, I wonder who the target audience is.
    It doesn’t seem to be a large group, judging from how the source material
    wasn’t upgraded for appealing to young contemporary audiences.

    Horse Mask Joker
    1. It’s not just about budget. A good studio can do a lot with a lower budget. Toei has poor animation and quality control in general. If they were to have a million dollars per episode, they’d still find a way to ruin it.

  17. Looking at it so far it seems to be following the manga page for page. If this continues then next episode Jadeite will died by Sailor Mars’s Fire Soul when his bus hijacking plan fails.

    The Original anime series has a lot more fill episode than Crystal.

  18. I’m disappointed at this episode – the quality is even worse than before and I (like almost everyone else above me) can’t see how it warrants the bi-weekly schedule. Usually even when a series is short on budget and overall quality gets worse the face close-ups are always properly drawn and detailed. But if we get faces such as this (how do I insert images here on RC…) on the second episode, I dread how much worse it may get at the mid-point…
    Quality aside, there was an awful lot of blushing on both girls’ sides.

  19. Hi there, I’ve been following RC for the last four years but this will be my first time posting. As a major Sailor Moon fan whose been watching the show since it was new and fresh, back in the dark ages of the early 90s, as well as someone who has read the entire manga I thought I’d give my two cents worth.
    One of the main negative points people often bring up about the original anime is that it was overflowing with filler episodes. However, those filler episodes are what made Sailor Moon what it was and the effect of their removal can be easily seen when reading the manga or watching Crystal. One thing I’ve always felt the original show did wonderfully was character development. All of those filler episodes fleshed out the scouts so completely that I felt as though I knew them personally. I’ve often said to my friends that for me the scouts feel like old friends. The manga in all honesty does a poor job in this department as the scouts sometimes feel as though they’re more part of the background than actual contributing characters or members of the team. Aside from the occasional notable accomplishment they are far outshone by Sailor Moon who is basically a merciless killing machine who asks no questions and seeks no redemption from her enemies as she mows them down with extreme prejudice. The lack of filler and breakneck pace remove any real chance for characterization from the manga’s story line.
    Remember what I said about Sailor Moon being a killing machine? Do you have any favorite villains from the original show? Well don’t get too attached. Villains who were important in the show and were present for maybe half an entire arc sometimes survived no more than three pages in the manga. This means that many of our memorable villains wont be so memorable this time around.
    Now for the topic of personality differences. A lot of people seems to be thrown off by Usagi’s more mature personality and lack of overall silliness and crybaby tendencies. That’s another manga difference, the Usagi of the manga is a noticeably more mature and competent character and leader. My favorite scout is Sailor Mars, however, the Rei of the original show and the Rei of the manga are practically two different characters(but I still love her!). The Rei of the anime was loud and hot tempered but the Rei of the manga is much more calm, reserved and quiet to the point that sometimes I wondered if she had gone mute. That probably doesn’t sound much like the Rei most people here are familiar with!
    This doesn’t mean that the manga is all bad, not by a long shot! Some people, such as myself, prefer the more competent Usagi. I found her wailing annoying back then and it would be no less annoying 22 years later, but of course that’s my personal opinion. Also, the manga has a more detailed, mature and overall superior story.
    For anyone who has read the manga the personality differences and pacing of Crystal should hold absolutely no surprises. If it to continues to follow the manga as faithfully as it is then it will inherit all of the manga’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the old show. I can certainly understand the shock that fans who haven’t read the manga are feeling right now as I felt the same thing while reading the manga.
    If you prefer strong character development, a relaxed pace and the same personalities that your familiar with then your going to feel as though Crystal is an inferior retelling. Without the addition of some filler episodes, which at this point seems unlikely, Crystal’s pace is not going to slow down. If anything, as the story moves through the various arcs it may seem all the more shocking. If you prefer a deeper, grander and more mature story which wastes no time on fluff and moves you through the story like your strapped to a rocket heading to the moon then the manga and seemingly Crystal may just be your version of choice.
    Either way, the issues many are having with Crystal aren’t going anywhere as the manga is the manga and Crystal is basically the manga too.
    As far as the art goes, an art style based off a 22 year old manga is going to look 22 years old no matter how you color it(though lets try to stay inside the lines right!). I personally am actually very pleased that they kept the watercolor background style. Sailor Moon’s bright and colorful depictions of 90s Tokyo fascinated me as a kid and are a big part of the nostalgia factor I feel for the show today. Could there be improvements made in terms of the art style and quality? Yes, I agree with SOME of those concerns, but at the same time I appreciate the blending of the new aspects of this show with some of the fondly remembered aspects of the old show, such as the mentioned background style.
    I hope this wall of text from an old Moonie and a new poster helps to address some of the concerns with Crystal. Knowledge is power, Sailor Moon Says!

    1. I like the watercolor background styles from the original as well. However, the issue here is that the contrast between the foreground and background is way too sharp. It feels like they are paper dolls interacting on top of a watercolor world and it just doesn’t blend well like it did in the original series. The super crisp outlines with the blurry soft shading is too different from the original style to work with it and lends itself to the whole doujin game effect where photoshop filter backgrounds are pasted behind prettily drawn characters. I feel like Toei had some solid concepts behind some of their decisions but they just failed in the actual implementation of said concepts.

      1. I definitely understand what you’re saying about high detail characters on top of a low detail background. In the old days the characters were low detail too so they mixed nicely. For me it’s not a big deal because I’m getting to much enjoyment out of how the backgrounds are transporting me back in time twice a month. Crystal is one of those rare shows where a lot of my attention is going into background appreciation. The manga character art style is an acquired taste, I didn’t like it at first but as I read the manga is began to grow on me. I’ll have to wait and see if I’ll experience the same effect with Crystal.
        Of course the art is only one aspect of the concerns I’ve heard in regards to Crystal and most of those concerns seem to stem from just not having an understanding of the differences from manga to old anime. My paragraph on the art was left for last because I felt it to be the least important.

  20. hohoho nice episode! I never felt this expression more appropriate but this series is truely like putting lipstick on a pig! AND
    WOAH GOOD EYE THERE I TOTALLY MISSED THAT SMUDGE!! SO yeah honestly it wouldnt have killed them to update the character design D: to more like RAIL wars… or monogatari with nice faces and the booobiesss oh boobies!

    ALSO,anyone get the oh sooo goodo mushy feelings from ao haru ride? WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE?? CH-CH-aracters are swwweeet like BERRRIES 🙂 (CHHEERRRIE cause incase it wasnt clear ahhaha)
    no takers? its a pretty sweet one! My appologies to anyone who may have already mentioned this series but +1 then?

  21. remember in the old days of anime when a female character could be single and no one accused that character of being attracted to the same sex or when a female friendship was just a friendship and nothing more. now if female characters show the slightest bit of intimacy fans will go “they are totally into each other!” without concrete proof or evidence. To each there own I guess

  22. Pretty cool episode. I’ll say this once again…. SAILOR JUPITER IS TOTALLY UNDERRATED! It’s really criminal for such a character of her caliber. I would LOVE Takeuchi to make a spinoff series of her. You can do so much stuff with instead of her just talking about her senpai. She’s REALLY popular over in the western market. Why do you see alot chicks dressed like her? There’s a reason. She’s an empowering female anime character who is fine with letting her feminine side out. I guess it’s true why Sailor Mercury is popular in Japan. She has the archetypes of a stereotypical hardworking obsessed quiet shy Japanese person. I can see in the Japanese promotioning of the franchise, Makoto is almost an after thought. It’s the attention on Usagi, Minako, Ami, and Hotaru and maybe Michiru. Mako has so much potential for making an interesting series around her. I bet you if a series of her was made of her, the Western market would eat it up, hell I know I would because I’m a Huge fan of her and had a Huge crush on her since I was young. I’m in love with Mako-Chan! Lol.

    Corey Lucas
  23. I really just expect all the cliche overused plots and pacing in this adaptation because it is being based on a classic. As long as it stays true to the manga I think putting up with a bit of the pacing is alright.

    The coloring outside of the line though is kind of weird but they’ll touch it up for the DVDs or whatever, but really we are watching it online free. I’m not going to complain so much since all we had to offer for a new series was waiting.

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