After nearly a month of anticipation, we finally get to see Kirito enter the cyberpunk world of Gun Gale Online!

Female Looking Kirito Is Best Girl?

As much as I’m relieved to know that Kirito didn’t get gender swapped (I have a thing against guys using girl avatars to take advantage of others), I have to admit that it’s a little awkward whenever he tries to act like a girl. It’s not like he’s doing a bad job but after listening to his inner monologue about it, watching him just fool Sinon feels wrong.

On the flipside, watching Kirito show up a bunch of big dudes under the pretense he’s a girl was definitely a pleasure to watch. Doing things that only he’s capable of doing, I can’t wait to see him in action during the Bullet of Bullets event. All that said, I’m nervously waiting for the moment when Sinon figures out Kirito isn’t a girl and everything falls apart. Or maybe she’ll just completely fall for him and join the league of girls that make up his harem? Who knows.

Bringing a Sword to a Gunfight

For those of you who’ve played Pre-Hat Market TF2, CS, or any other FPS that use melee weapons in some fashion — you must know about the crazy amount of pleasure you get when you take someone out with a short-range weapon, right? As much as I want to join the hate train behind Kirito using a Beam Sword in a competitive shooter, I can see why he’d want to play to his strengths. His gun skills are pretty terrible and if I had enough skill to dodge bullets at near point-blank range, I would also probably take on the challenge of bringing a sword to a gunfight. (Mind you, I’m just weird and try to make the games I play more challenging haha)

Also, you have to wonder why a Beam Sword costs so much! Maybe it’s because there’s not a huge demand for it but seeing how there isn’t a limited supply of weapons, there has to be some reason besides economics behind why the thing costs so much.

Looking Ahead

With the preliminaries for BoB right around the corner, I can’t wait to see what explosive action sequences are in-store for us. Based off of Kirito’s performance this week, I have high expectations for him! Be it in the arena or with Sinon, there are a lot of things I’m really looking forward to.

P.S. Watching Sinon go into gun-mania mode was super cute. I think I could watch a whole episode of her just talking about guns and all their intricacies.


    1. I didn’t read the LNs but I had been waiting for Kirito to enter GGO for quite awhile and wasn’t disappointed at all as well. This series is feeling strong, like season 1 strong.

      Rick Anime
  1. https://randomc.net/image/Sword%20Art%20Online/Sword%20Art%20Online%20II%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2026.jpg
    That sound effect when Kirito was waving that lightsab beam sword around..
    Was anybody reminded of Star Wars?
    I haven’t really seen much anime with energy sabers or their variants, (oh wait there’s Aldnoah)
    so I was kind of expecting a sound effect similar to how Zero (from Megaman franchise) wields his signature weapon.

    there has to be some reason besides economics behind why the thing costs so much.

    Well if I recall correctly it was said to be introduced into GGO by popular request,
    so its probably a collector’s item or sort for bragging rights.
    Or maybe what’s being used as a power source for the sword is really rare / expensive stuff in GGO.

    1. It did more than remind of Star Wars, in fact it’s the same sound used in the movies (high voltage transformer circuits). Really surprised someone at Disney hasn’t tried made a case over it yet, but it might be due to SAO avoiding the lightsabre label at all costs every opportunity 😛

      1. Here’s a fun fact. You can not legally copyright a foley sound library such as explosions, effects or Wilhelm scream. So, any filmmaker can use any sound effect from any movie such as the Tie-fighter screech, lightsaber sounds, engine noises and whatnot. However, it is purely professional courtesy that filmmakers create their own foley’s and not copy others.

        Note: sound effects are different from music or songs.

      2. Ptolemaios is correct. (Source: I work in sound) Although certain sound effects are actually licensed (those big dramatic hits in classic trailers were musical effects designed by Robert Etoll) and require a fee to be paid to use them. The lightsaber sound isn’t too hard to reproduce either seeing as Ben Burtt has already revealed how he did it if you watch the special features on the DVDs.

        But no, Znail, the original lightsaber sound effect wasn’t an electric razor in can. The idling sound of the lightsaber was a combination of the motor hum of an old projector at USC and the buzz of the CRT tube in an old television. They then played the sound out of a speaker and moved a mic along with the lightsaber (see: doppler effect) to “foley” the movement of the lightsaber.

    2. Well, without having read the novels, my guess would be that, it’s just like Kirito said, if it’s there, then it has to be useable. Back the ALO arc was airing, someone on here brought up a point that wasn’t mentioned in the anime, but was in the novels. The race that Kirito used was one that was hardly used. This was b/c everyone simply assumed that, since illusions couldn’t hurt anyone, that the race was useless. The truth, however, was that you just had to be at a really high level in order to use them properly, ad no one had ever had the patience. That’s why Kirito was able to do the crazy monster transformation thing. S, I would assume, that this is in a similar category. The swords are there, b/c they are a perfectly useable weapon. They’re also very good (notice the comment about how expensive they are), but no one has yet to figure out how to properly use them. That isn’t surprising, since this is a game based around guns, and people probably wouldn’t want to take the time to build up enough physical stats to use a weapon that requires them to get close, in a game about shooting from a distance. That’s just my two cents anyway.

    3. not much has been revealed about GGO’s mechanics, but i’d say it costs that since it’s (probably) the only offensive weapon that doesn’t rely on regular ammo. maybe since the player doesn’t need to buy ammo for it, that becomes factored in to the cost.

      1. Yes, I was thinking this with the ammo supply being “unlimited”. Also, since it is a melee weapon, it will probably be a one hit kill since you have to be so close to be effective at all. They don’t want everyone to just be buying a beam sword if it’s anything like the Halo 2 energy sword so they have to make it a primary weapon (I’m assuming) and make it expensive to reduce the number of players trying to use them.

  2. Great episode, hard to believe it took 4 episodes for Kirito to meet Shinon but I like the pace and they don’t seem to be skipping any of the details of the book which I’m really glad for. As much as many other people may have hated the second arc of SAO they left a lot out which made it feel much more rushed then it likely could have been otherwise. Glad they don’t seem to be making that mistake this time.

    Heres hoping we get a certain ‘event’ next week.

    Also really hoping for (Major Light Novel spoilers) Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Eh I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. The people at Seventhstyle have a kind of community fun thing when it comes to hating SAO. Most of their complaints are valid, while others are matters of opinion. You can’t change the mind of someone who’s set in their ways. If someone likes spice stuff and dislikes sweet stuff, you can’t exactly convince them to do a 180 etc.

      2. Seventh Style is just an internet tabloid for anime stuff, just ignore them. They aren’t going to let any comments through that point out how they’re factually wrong. Saying outrageous **** is how they get their page views.

    1. I read somewhere that it takes the average girl 5 sconds of seeing Kirito and Asuna interact to realize they are going to end up married. Poor Lizbeth took only 3 seconds.

      1. Sounds about right. I’ve yet to hear a Japanese seiyuu speak English/Engrish without an accent.

        Actually, this was the most surprising part of the episode for me. Second was “Paied.”

  3. It only took four episodes for Kirito to finally enter the game and assume Gary Stu status. Well, cannot complain about the pacing, opinion of most LN readers I’ve seen is a consistent adaptation of the source material; that alone is a rarity among the current slate of adaptations we have been graced it. Also really surprised about Kirito’s current avatar, fully expected him to be a female in the game rather than a long-haired male considering the amount of trap talk flying about.

    Regarding the gambling game little needs to be said considering the amount of criticism already levelled at it. Kirito is Gary Stu, that’s all that needs to be known, these things that stretch the suspension of disbelief on his part are to be expected. Credit is due though to Kirito’s weak gun skills, I am happy that the author has improved since the first two SAO arcs in terms of trying to add weakness to our special little snowflake; too bad it won’t mean much when the Gary Stu lightsabre antics start appearing 😛

    On a positive note the background detail given to weaponry is very good, it’s not often you see an RPG-7, Dragunov, and BTR-80 all in the same episode (someone on the production team has a liking for USSR equipment); now to make people understand that GGO is dieselpunk and not cyberpunk then all be right in the world.

    Overall the standard SAO episode, Kirito Gary Stu OPness and the meeting between Kirito and his new harem member Sinon. How money hungry Disney has not yet found a way to sue for IP infringement over the lightsabre energy sword Kirito now wields too is beyond me. Personal gripes aside this arc is already looking like a good improvement to the last.

    1. Well, cannot complain about the pacing, opinion of most LN readers I’ve seen is a consistent adaptation of the source material; that alone is a rarity among the current slate of adaptations we have been graced it.

      Now let’s hope SAO II BD sales does so amazingly well in Japan until the Alicization arc gets adapted. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

      Though if 2 GGO-centric LNs gets 13 episodes, then Alicization arc with at least 7 LNs (and probably more) makes me wonder how many episodes it’ll get..it could go 4-cours.
      *Assuming roughly 8 LNs, hence 13×4 = 52 episodes

    2. Well, I guess a small upside is that at least Kirito’s OPness is actually more believable this time around, having his account converted and all rather than it being a uber-lucky bug glitch thing like it was with ALO initially.

      Still, I do agree that it’s a bit irksome that, aside from just learning about the weapons and other smaller GGO details, Kirito still doesn’t have to truly build himself from the ground up and he’s probably not going to be using many guns himself anyway if the OP is any indication (might be wrong as I haven’t read the source material).

  4. Kirito: (fidgets in his head)
    Me: ………uh
    Kirito: (continues to to fidget)
    Me: Don’t do it man…..
    Kirito: (has such a conflicted face that it looks like he’s constipated)
    Me: DON’T DO IT!
    Kirito: (Lifts hand to face making a girly pose)
    “Yes this is my first time playing”
    Me: (headesk x10)

    It might have been good for the moment but Kirito is going to have some awkward tension with Shino later (can’t wait to see that happen actually xP).

    Oddly enough that cowboy NPC spoke really good english. But as soon as we are informed that winning against him was next to impossible I’m sure everyone knew some Kirito ownage was going to take place lol.

    The pace of the show seems really slow compared to last season. It’s not really bothering me that much though, in fact I kind of prefer it this way.

    1. It’s (of course) explained better in the LN.
      In GGO, people fell into normal habits and assumed the trick to beating it had something to do about the prediction lines or reacting to the bullets being fired.

      In SAO, however, there was no such thing as a prediction line for enemies with ranged abilities, but enemies did look at where they were aiming, so players got a lot of practice of dodging attacks by sight.

      So when Kirito beat the game, it was because he was able to predict where the bullets were going to be fired from the sheriff’s expression… and also how he predicted the energy shots at the end. He was dodging before it started to shoot.

      1. It’s not really a spoiler. Kirito was thinking this when he was charging at the cowboy. It’s an inner monologue that wouldn’t really translate well when adapted.
        You can at least see that Kirito was observing the cowboy’s eyes and face. He was darting around and knew that his eyes were following him. And there’s a very brief moment that the cowboy was smiling that meant he had something up his sleeve, which is how Kirito dodged those laser beams.

    2. “All the trouble I caused with Suguha after I didn’t tell her I was actually Kazuto?? ….. yeah I think putting on a charade for a girl I just met is A GREAT way to show I learned my lesson!!”

    3. One reason he went with the flow was to avoid the issue with Sinon mistaking him for trying to hit on her. When he walked up to her he thought she also was a guy with a slim body, but realised his mistake when she turned around. So telling her he was a guy would also involve convincing her he wasn’t making a pass on her and just wanted some directions. That was too much work just to ask for directions. They ended up spending more time together, but he didn’t know that when they met.

  5. somethings:

    – I have played some female avatars in some MMOs games … but only when is a 3rd person view MMO … i rather see a female’s erm back than a male’s one for an extended period of time. .. all the time playing MMOs has taught me that most girl avatar’s are actually GIRLs (Guys In Real Life) … here are exceptions tho (like my guild officers: IRL female… one has to “wonder” why there was a LOT more people joining our raids when she was leading them xD)

    – melee weapons in shooters: normally they make them do OP damage .. lol in CS (all the versions from 1.6 to CS:GO) you take MORE damage from a back stab than from a AWP ( .338 cal, think about 7k joules force. IIRC a bullet only needs 80 joules to kill if it hits a good spot) shot to your feet(then again backstabbing in cs got no localisation damage at all), yeah if you can sneak to the back of an enemy is funny … till you get to the knifes in CoD.. atleast in CoD:BO i used to just run around stabbing people (they die faster with a chest stab than with a shotgun blast) … i think i got once to a 21 killstreak that way… in nuketown … fastest and easiest way to get kills xD (NINJA ftw!)

    – about the ligthsaber’s cost … well i think ALL the weapons were costing in the thousands … that five-seven was over 100k? really o.O (last time i checked the cost of that gun was $800)

    – Kirito really sucks with guns lol… he gonna need to do a LOT of jumping and dodging to get to a distance where he can actually hit his target… wonder how he is gonna handle shotgun spreads… any smart enemy will change to a close range weapon (either shotgun or rapid SMG ..thinking on Uzi or mp7 or p90) when they see him dodging long range shots … lol wonder if they have automatic shotguns like the CAWS … that would be a literal wall of pellets xD

    1. In older games, female characters tend to have smaller frames, and also smaller hitboxes.
      Best reason to use the smaller and slender characters. harder to notice, harder to hit.

      That’s why during the good old netquake days people used low poly mode so they could jump on the pixels sticking out the wall.

    2. As a girl gamer, I always found that interesting. I’ve also heard from other guys that “i rather see a female’s back than a male’s one for an extended period of time.”
      For me, especially for a 3rd person MMO, I would want a girl avatar, preferably customized with my hairstyle lol. Otherwise wouldn’t it feel more like a roleplay than an avatar? (For example for LoZ, because Link is a male, I definitely don’t identify with him, but see Link as a character). But I digress…

      -I’m thought of CS too! In RL, I would expect the lightsword to be more popular as a close range item, just because its cool and for the stabbing/difficulty value. 😛

      1. The first time I heard that rationale was in a UK magazine interviewing the creators of Tomb Raider, and asking why they chose to have a female lead. “If you have to look at a bum, it’s much better to look at a nice female bum than a bloke’s bum.”

        I imagine that’s always been the case, but it was the first time I saw it in print.

  6. Isn’t he still a girl avatar? i mean he checked only the tits but not the below nor his profile for gender, is a surprise “I’m actually a girl?!?” coming later? or was he female in LN but they changed him to male in adaptation but kept the look? I’m confused really.

    1. No he is male; just with really effeminate features. In the LN it is explained that were health issues when people swapped sex in VR so that capability has been removed altogether.

    2. Does it really matter? He’s still plain and OP character.

      Good things about this ep:
      – great cyberpunk feel of city design
      – Kirito’s poor gun skill

      Everything else was SAO lvl, which means it wasn’t actually bad but it wasn’t good either.

  7. oh boy, after this episode, i really want to ask kirito out for a date =^.^=
    if kirito’s avatar did turn out to be an actual female one
    i can just see what it is in store for him later on
    having to ask asuna or sugu for lingerie advice =^.^=

    1. No, it’s male. Like than random guy at the start mentioned, there are two (very rare) avatar types that look very similar, only difference between them being gender. Kirito got the male one.

  8. I flipped when my favourite pistol was selected as Kirito’s firearm. Also didn’t know that the Hecate II is actually also used in Fallout NV (As the ‘Anti-Materiel Rifle) which I never knew until now lol

    Jason Isenberg
    1. actually any rifle that is designed to target equipment (vehicles including tanks, guns emplacements, walls, etc) is an Anti-Materiel Rifle. (they can also have different kind of ammo ..like explosive.

      ofcoure that any gun designed to pierce thru vehicle armor would likely turn a soft target (AKA person) into pulp.

      Nowadays the AMRs cant go thru tank armor (in the beginning they could) but that is because modern tank armor is much better, BUT there are dozens of other military vehicles they can punch thru.

      Given the muzzle velocity they can also reach really long distances i think the longest confirmed kill for an AMR is 2.5 km.

      Also the RL Hecate II is a french rifle … is funny to note that the AMR in fallout is indeed based on it.. even tho Fallout and Fallout NV is supposed to happen in the post apocalyptic US.

  9. “Not as clumsy, or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon… from a more…. civilized age.”

    The lightest, funniest, and calmest episode of the arc. Ironic, since it’s also the first ep where Kirito and Sinon meet. Of course though, he coincidentally knows how to ride a buggie AND the game coincidentally offers back-end swords as weapons. *eye rolls* So it’s not totally devoid of the usual bad writing. So far, the pacing is pretty slow but still better than the first eps of Season 1!

    Too bad we won’t likely see the robot cowboy again. His English is really good!

    1. Actually the reason he chose the buggy was because he knew he could ride it because of his motorcycling experience in RL. It’s detailed in the LN.

      (The part where he says that he played some racing games was basically him responding to Sinon saying “not even many guys know how to drive the buggy” in the LN)


    2. While reading the LN, I always had a hard time visualizing Kirito “as a girl”, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked in the episode. Kirito is really cute as a girl!

      In general this season is really well adapted, even down to the details of the Gambling game. The world of GGO looks a lot better on screen than I had even hoped. 🙂

    3. “That light sabre belonged to your father Kirito.”
      “What happened to him?”
      “He was killed by Darth Vader”

      Luke looks at the lightsaber and buys it….

  10. OP Trapito is OP. That said, this was actually a fun episode to watch compared to the last 3 in my opinion. Its kinda hard to take Trapito seriously when his voice sounds even more like Aito from Mangaka-San in than before.

    Side Note: Sinon is rising up in the ranks for best girl of the series.

  11. I read somewhere Kawahara Reki wrote Kirito as a more confident version of himself. I wonder if Kirito’s trolling comes from Reki’s fantasies of who he wishes he was.

  12. Also, you have to wonder why a Beam Sword costs so much! Maybe it’s because there’s not a huge demand for it but seeing how there isn’t a limited supply of weapons, there has to be some reason besides economics behind why the thing costs so much

    IIRC, Sinon explained to Kirito in the novel that beam sabers deal ridiculously high damage and require no ammo to use, hence the price.

    1. Just like the light sabers of the Jedi, once they are close it´s all over no matter what your defenses are. If a remember correctly in the novel Kirito said that this photo sword reminded him of simmilar weapon he saw in a movie, I wonder what movie aws he refering to?.

  13. freakin’ seventhstyle for reals. just read the reviews… but anyways this is a great episode. i can’t wait to see kirito in the tournament. really want to see sinon’s reaction when she finds out kirito is a guy and that he’s taken xD

  14. And here we have a translation issue. English lacks a non-gendered indefinite personal pronoun. We have only he or she; it is for objects or is an insult when applied to a person. Japanese, on the other hand, avoids the general use of pronouns and when it does use them, it has plenty that do not indicate sex and which are more generally used than the gendered pronouns, and thus it is possible to speak completely normally without once giving a verbal indicator of gender. This allows for these sorts of gender confusion stories which make no sense when the sentences people are saying are translated, because when rendered in English the indefinite pronouns have to be translated as either he or she in order for them to form coherent sentences.

    1. If you listen you notice that while several people around Sinon refer to Kirito as a girl, Sinon never does and neither does Kirito himself. The closest it comes is when Sinon mentions that there aren’t many female players, but this is a general statement and not a direct inquiry (although it was an opening for Kirito to fess up, it was not an outright question and his reply was not an outright lie).

  15. More than anything I have to say that this episode was just…fun, pure unadulterated fun. I’ve actually watched twice already. I love episodes like this. They just put a smile on my face.

    1. I know right!? It was ten times better that what I had imagined, I almost spilled my coffee wheen I heard Kirito´s voice going all soft and girly and he wasn´t even pretending to be a girl yet!. XD

  16. You know that Kirito posing as a girl is gonna bite him in the ass when Sinon figures it out.

    Still, I think Sinon is my favourite girl in SAO, maybe a notch above Asuna. She’s not quite as pretty, but still very cute, and she’s had so much build-up it’s difficult not to like her. I mean, Asuna or Leafa never got an entire episode for their backstories, much less two. The first season showed the chemistry between Asuna and Kirito, but I’m expecting his fight scenes with Sinon to surpass those.

    Weird D
    1. Wich is in my oppinion the largest mistake made in the first season as the second episode where Kirito met Asuna was extremely shortened and could easily have been made into two or even three episodes (not quite needed). It cut away a lot of background on Asuna and actualy changed how they met. Asuna is the character that changes most over time in the novel. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Likewise, from what I’ve gathered from other sources, pre-SAO Asuna was a girl who didn’t stand up to herself and pretty much obediently went along with whatever her family had planned for her. She changed quite a bit through her experiences in SAO, but all this development is skipped – maybe it is expanded a bit throughout the ALO arc, but aside from her escape attempt, she was pretty much relegated to ‘damsel in distress’.
        Compare with Shino’s background, the full explanation of her childhood trauma and its ongoing consequences in her life… it’s much easier to feel for her.

        Weird D
    2. Not really, people seem to like Kirito in general in the series, they’re drawn to something about him, he befriends people quite easily when he wants too. Sinon will likely hear his story and join him.

  17. LOL Kirito totally misled her as being a girl.

    Anyways it seems he was looking at the Game Machines eyes when it was shooting bullets. That Laser shotgun in the end was hax tho.

    And finally, Kirito brings a sword to a Gunfight, though using a handgun for support kinda makes that point less salient.

    1. hes pretty bad with a gun tho…lol 10 secs relaxing and aiming and didnt even hit the target at all …. and that reaction to the recoil? likely never fired a handgun before.

      so for him the BoB will come down to his jumping and dodging bullets till he gets in melee range … unless he uses the gun at really really close range…but he could just keep running and stabbity stab?

      …IOW the next episode hes gonna do the “Master Yoda routine”.

      1. One thing to keep in mind is that, in Japan, it is virtually impossible for a civilian to own a firearm. So yes, Kirito has likely never held, much less fired, a gun before. The same could be said for virtually any Japanese national that you meet irl.

  18. So is Kirito going to overtake Asuna in Japanese “anime character I want to have as wife/big sister/little sister” rankings now?

    As for the episode itself, it was pretty much standard SAO.
    Cowboy NPC was the best.

  19. 4 episodes now and I have to say SAO II is already ahead in terms of being better than SAO I. The huge contributing factor to me to this was the fact that the story flows in a continuity, something the first half of SAO does have. I hope they keep it up.

    1. That is fairly obvious as with the visible bullet lines so do you only need to place the sword in one of the lines to block a bullet. Kind of like they actually intended for it to be used like that.

  20. Kirito appears and all the old good writings go down the toilet. Pity it was almost decent for three episodes or so.

    Reading every week how saofans try to make sense out of this garbage is always more fun than watching at the actual episode itself. Just like they already did with the cowboy episode and buggy riding already. No need to make up stuff, people: That’s just called plot armor. Kirito can do it, while nobody other can, of course, cause he’s the main and cool at that. No further explanation needed.

    And now let’s enjoy Kirito going full fledged Jedi master next episode…

    1. WHATS BETTER THAN a LIGHT SABER? thats right! 2 LIGHT SABERS! I wonder if he will be able to buy 2 or even dw? cmon if hes a converted character he should still 2x lightsabers only thing is the gold he doenst have it D:

    2. They never made anything up. Kirito admits to playing a lot of racing games to Sinon after she mentions that not many people ride them due to it being difficult too. It’s plausible, this after all is a game that focuses more on guns than driving, and not everyone is great at racing games.

      1. Is that bullshit really enough to you?
        I mean, if you’re a master at Gran Turismo then you’re a master at any other racing game? Or maybe you’ll be a master at real driving too?
        Please… Game have different mechanics even among the same genre, let alone virtual reality settings like that.

        We ‘haters’ just would like some actual character development instead of that bullshit. Is that really asking too much?

      2. He doesn’t have to be a master at it, he just understands the basic mechanics of driving games. I admit I don’t really play racing games myself but I’m sure those that are good at racing games can pretty much pick up and play any game they buy without much problem.

      3. Snail, you maybe don’t know, but you hit a nail about the general settings of the series. It’s not stated anywhere but it’s shown as given game technology is so advanced in SAO that virtual life is no longer different than real life. This is a good point but brings forth a lot of inconsistency, because as a matter of fact, virtual world, real world and several game world, that ought to be different, are now short-circuited in some kind of unexplained fantasy settings that makes very little sense.

        So your assumption may work just fine, unless that brief explanation Kirito gave us himself as in being good at ‘driving games’. And It made less sense than stating that he can drive cause he’s got a bike driving license irl. So nope. They screwed it up themselves. ^^;

  21. KIRITO IS DEFINITELY no COD FISHER 😛 I guess the handgun made sense so he wouldnt empty his clip too fast and its cooler to pistol whip nooobs even tho hes a big one at shooters 😛 oh well at least hes not OP at shooting too that would give solaris a field day to rant ehhehe

  22. His GGO avatar was really the opposite of his previous cool ones (esp. in the SAO beta test), like he intended to use “moe” in a dangerous battle field. XD

    But this episode really rocks. I’m looking forward to the BoB event. I really love thid arc and I want it beautifully animated. 🙂

    Kamijou Kona-chin
  23. It’s going to be fun watching people cry and whine over the things they ought to expect by now.
    If Kirito was, at least, OP in SAO in terms of fighting with a sword, did that for like a year…it’s going to leak over in to GGO in terms of agility and person experience. Especially since he’s a converted account.
    As for the driving that car thing…I’m curious how they’ll pass that off.
    None of this is bad writing so far though.


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