Well, here we have it folks. The sending off for Obito is officially here and in many ways, it’s refreshing to see how Naruto can’t actually save everyone from everything. The explicit statement that he can’t do anything for Obito this time gets emphasized by literal falling apart of the latter, and it comes as an ending that was a long time coming. And so, he who held dreams of becoming a Hokage makes way for one with the same dream, fittingly guiding the latter towards the successful fulfillment of that dream.

At least, one would think it’ll end up that way. The signs are all pointing to that direction—the full page spread with the not so subtle line of “I know you will become Hokage assures that—and all that’s left is to take down Kaguya, or what’s left of her anyway. Naruto manages to take out one of Kaguya’s arms right before the chapter’s conclusion, and it all but starts to countdown to our cast’s inevitable victory, which sure looks like it’ll be coming sooner than we might’ve expected. The Sage of Six Paths and the other Hokage are likely almost done prepping their technique at this point, and they might as well have a clock now with the words “time until Kaguya’s defeat.”

All in all, it’s a solid chapter that also surprised me in a few ways. It took a while for Obito to really become someone I actually gave any thoughts about, and while it still hasn’t changed much per se, I did find myself kind of saluting him as he bid us one final farewell. Love him or hate him, he’s been around for quite a while now, and he’s done well considering all he’s had to go through. His similarities to Naruto only emphasized the repetition of history we’ve gotten with this series quite a few times overall, and it also puts into perspective the need for someone to be a guiding hand for our protagonists, even if they seem perfectly capable of fending by themselves at this point. And by guiding hand, I mean Kakashi and Sakura—of course it would be them—who look like they’ll play a large part in the future to come. Until then…


  1. This chapter made me realize I really don’t care anymore about character development/feelings. I’m just reading to see the ending, after those long 10 years I’ve been reading Naruto.

    It was the same with Fairy Tail last chapters, but I could drop it, since there is no signal of ending over there.

  2. Kaguya does almost a guerilla fight against our (not so) beloved MC’s, that’s the manual of hit-and-run we’re seeing, since she can simply flee to another dimension. Also, I really think that, by now, Naruto would be able to save anything, and it was a good thing to realize that characters can still die in the manga (though I think that no one on T-7 will die anytime soon, and Naruto will cast the Walking-dead no jutsu if one dies).

  3. Overall I think Obito has a more tragic story than Itachi..

    –Obito’s life–
    1)didn’t get the positive recognition he wanted from most people
    2)thought he was doing his own crusade but was actually used by Madara (beliefs shattered)
    3)never had much friends (after the Kakashi Gaiden where he joined Madara he mostly saw everyone else as tools to be used)
    4)friendzoned by his crush(or depending on how you see it, cockblocked by Kakashi)
    5)if he had lived till the end of the story, almost nobody will trust him.

    What about Itachi, who had it worse by massacring his clan and parents and taking the blame?
    The way I see it, however:
    –Itachi’s life–
    1)He has always been recognized for his skills.
    2)He had friends before and after the massacre (Akatsuki pals)
    3)His reputation should be cleared should the Konoha brass decide to reveal the truth.

  4. Hey, you basically killed my parents, murdered BUNCH of innocent people, and ruined my entire fu**ing life…..

    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT——– You helped me out at the last second so I guess you were pretty cool!

    Yep. Fking Naruto, amiright, guys?

  5. By itself, this chapter actually was pretty good…

    …but then you look back at everything that leads up to it, then that really kills half of it; Obito’s whole 180 attitude shift from Talk no Jutsu, almost pulling a total Nagato 2.0 (were it not for Madara stopping him from using Rinne Tensei on the others and shifting it to himself), not really being able to care much about his motivation because we still know next to nothing about Rin besides the death situation and such.

  6. I feel that was the right way to do it. Obito killed a lot of the good guys, massacred a lot of the shinobi Alliance and was ultimately responsible for Madara and Kaguya’s ascension. There was no other way for his character to be redeemed.

  7. I don’t get it why obito falls apart, I don’t remember him being an edo tensei… Probably I just forgot as I don’t care about Naruto as much as I did, but that was strange.

  8. I felt sad for Obito before he died, he got some redemption anyway, and is with Rin now. I liked the final 2 pages of this chapter and I’m glad the author gave them to Obito.

  9. just gonna repost this person’s excellent point:

    “you know the only thing black zetsu needs to do to win this fight is act like the mastermind that fooled smarter generations into fighting each other

    bz: I was a loser too. I wanted to be Hokage but I had a sad chilhood 🙁

    naruto: aaaw

    bz: you remind me of myself when i was a kid

    naruto: aaaaaaw

    bz: can i get a hug?

    naruto: of course, come here you son of a gun

    bz: *stabs his face* sucker!

    sasuke: [deep sigh]”

  10. Obito got some redemption. Sure he started a lot of shit but I can at least sympathize since he was being tricked all along. I think this end for him is the most fitting, as I doubt he’ll be forgiven if he survives.


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