「(サンセン × ト× カイセン」 (Sansen x to x Kaisen)
“Join Battle x And x Open Battle”

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My God, it’s full of GAR…

Dear Ging Freecs:

Fuck you.


That man is back.

I admit, Leorio has been an easy character to take for granted (and based on fan polls, it’s not just for me that this is the case). He’d stand out in the cast of a normal series, but among the endless standouts of Hunter X Hunter Leorio can be swamped a bit. He’s not flashy, he’s not overpowered, and comparatively speaking he’s easy to figure out. But that very trait, his straightforward nature, is occasionally what does make Leorio stand out – though it’s fair to say, he’s never had a series of moments quite so stand-outey as he had this week.

All in all, this episode was a veritable fangasm of familiar faces making reappearances after long (or not so long) absences – though I don’t know if you can count Gon in that, as this is all we saw. Clearly, poor Gon is a very bad shape – so much so that the sole Nen exorcist in the employ of the Hunter Association reacted in horror and declared herself incapable of helping him when she saw the state he was in. Leave it to Gon – he doesn’t do anything halfway, so if he’s going to screw himself royally he’s going to do it to excess.

Indeed, about all Gon has going for him at this point is friends – but in that respect he’s wealthy, an okanemochi of the first order. Killua is his greatest and the most obvious, of course, and he’s prominent in this episode. But it’s Leorio who steals the show, and there are a long list of others who’ve flocked to his bedside. Some are expected – Bisky, Goreinu, even Tsezguerra (though I do wonder – when did Gon make such a strong impression that Melody would be there, keeping watch?). Some are a bit surprising, like Hanzo. But what’s clear is that the unique qualities in Gon that so profoundly impacted Killua that it prompted him to change his entire life impacted others too, many of whom knew Gon for far less time. When you think about it, the act that led Gon to this terrible state was soundly in-character – it fits perfectly with everything that’s noble and everything that’s infuriating in him.

It’s clear that Killua, while his desperation gambit managed to extract him from under his father’s thumb, is far from being out from under Zoldyck control. Gotoh is listening in on his conversations – interrupting them when he deems they cross the line of secrecy – and informs Killua that he’s under “Level 4” security. Basically, Killua is on the shortest possible leash that still allows him to be free to move about – and in the end he decides it will be simpler to have Gotoh tail him and Alluka, and invites Canary along as well. Ostensibly this is to have a girl around for Alluka’s benefit (neither side is willing to acknowledge the inconsistency is how they refer to Alluka’s gender, but Killua takes great offense to the term “object”) but truthfully, it seems likely Killua wanted an ally by his side in case the shit really goes down.

The degree to which Silva is taking this seriously comes in the person of Tsubone (Tani Ikuko), the fearsome grand dame of the butler corps being assigned to watch Killua (and Gotoh) on this journey. Tsubone is clearly formidable – she’s the only one who calls Killua “-chan”, she can sweet-talk Alluka, and when she lays down the law Killua meekly defers (“I just realized… I have problems dealing with Obabas!”). The key moment here comes when Alluka makes a request from Tsubone – her pinky nail, which she gladly hands over and then goes into hiding with a stern warning that she’ll be close by. This could hardly have worked out better for Tsubone (apart from the pain) – Alluka is now effectively unable to grant Killua’s (or anyone else’s) wish until Tsubone decides to allow it by reappearing and granting Alluka’s two additional requests. It’s almost as if Tsubone had planned it this way, and Killua has been played – but at the very least, it’s an ideal situation for Tsubone and it partially ties Killua’s hands.

Meanwhile, Leorio is asserting his personality in a big way at the hospital – obviously frustrated at being unable to help Gon, he vents big-time at Gotoh’s interference when he’s trying to catch up with Killua. Here Morel (who I actually think would make a great Chairman if he weren’t so allergic to office work) shows his formidable calm and intelligence – he bears Leorio’s abuse with a smile, waits for Leorio to realize his approach isn’t working, and finally takes over the phone and calmly negotiates a deal to meet all the Zoldyck requests for secrecy. That involves building a private room for Gon in the parking lot (no windows) where the Zoldycks can allow whatever it is that Killua intends to do to take place.

Here’s the thing with Leorio – as I said earlier, he’s easier to figure out than most of the people in this cast of oddballs and exceptional freaks. But there are times when that makes him the most relatable, because he reacts the way a normal person would react. Leorio pretty much kicks ass and takes names here – he says the stuff that has to be said and does the stuff than needs to be done. He’s furious at Kurpika for refusing to answer his phone when Gon is in trouble (this is the first look we’ve had at Kurapika in a long time, and wherever he is he doesn’t look happy). And he’s even more furious at Ging for being the most callous and insensitive father in the universe.

The election drama is still ongoing at the Association, this time in the form of a general assembly to which Pariston (in a truly garish gold lamé suit) is giving a very Pariston speech. His joke about Ging seems to cross the line, though – and I was waiting for someone to mention the Hunters that have gone missing when Pariston invites everyone to speak with “no fear of repercussions”. It’s Leorio who stands up to speak, but he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the election – he’s there to call Ging out for not visiting Gon, and he really lays into him. Ging’s response? Gon has many friends, and that should be “sufficient”. Never mind Leorio’s valid point that just maybe hearing Ging’s voice might rouse Gon from his coma – this is wrong on a purely moral level, and Leorio is more pissed off than we’ve ever seen him. As he damn well should be.

I’m sure someone with insider information from the manga could make an argument about extenuating circumstances with Ging, reasons for why he’s behaved as he has towards Gon. Let me state up front I don’t care – Ging is a prick for the way he’s treated Gon and for refusing to visit him now (“Has he asked for me?” HA! Lame, Ging-san) and I can think of no better occasion for the unveiling of Leorio’s Nen (Emitter? Conjurer maybe?) than to deliver a ridiculously satisfying punch to Ging’s smug face. What a moment – Leorio’s Nen at last, and Ging at last having someone call him out for the miserable bastard he is to his face, while punching it at the same time. Without a shadow of doubt this is Leorio’s finest hour – an expression of pure common sense thinking and loyalty, two of his hallmarks – and one of the most satisfying moments in the entire series. It’s game on, now, in every way – and I suspect the party is just getting started.




  1. I have been waiting for this.

    I wish Ging did not behave like a douchebag. I have somewhat held him in high regard. Good for Leorio though. I hope father and son get to meet soon.

    1. I think Ging gets too much hate for being a bad father. Not that he isn’t one, just that he at least was smart enough to know he would be a terrible father and left Gon in the care of someone he knew would be a great mother.

  2. Man I’ve been away from HxH for so long (mainly due to Togashi’s ridiculously uber-infrequent updates on his serialization), that I’ve sort of been off of this series since the Chimera Arc.

    Just hearing Leorio returning just to give Ging a socket punch in the face, yes, you heard that right, THAT Leorio, which most fans acknowledge as “weakest” of the four HxH protagonists and who has been absent from the series for so long, giving THE Ging Freecs a socket punch in the face, makes this worth picking up again.

  3. There is always something about Leorio that makes him so entertaining, what with his honest resolve and sometimes quick temper, there’s not many like him that would punch their friend’s father (which was pretty cool) in front of an audience.

    And another interesting episode since we got to see the mix between new and returning characters. Sometimes I can’t believe I never found this anime sooner; what with all the action balanced out with though out events, intense dialogue, and unique character interactions, there are not enough words to describe the cohesiveness of thoughts I have when I look back how Hunter x Hunter provides all that its given so far.

    P.S: Gotta laugh at Killua for his comment about not being good with older women, he just reminded me of when he first called Bisky an old hag…good times.

  4. That was an amazingly satisfying episode. Leorio did the right thing and Ging deserved that punch. I don’t care of whatever circumstances because however a great Hunter Ging is, even after knowing what has transpired, his absence from Gon’s side is almost freakish.

    On Melody’s presence, I think she was sent by Kurapika because she’s always been his agent and he’s stuck in a rut. Though, she must have liked Gon enough to visit as well. This reminds me how she commented many episodes back how glorious and calming Leorio’s heartbeat was. He definitely possesses a heart of gold.

    1. There’s been no announcement, but it’s almost universally believed that the anime will go on what is optimistically being called a hiatus. It seems very unlikely it would continue with original material. Depending on how much longer Togashi writes the manga, we might see it resume at some point – or if the ***k ***t arc is the final one, maybe it will be adapted in OVA form.

    2. The original anime ended with Yorknew and the OVA with Greed Island.
      If this anime ends with the Elections and they won’t adapt 1 chap = 1 episode, then a new OVA will cover the next arc.
      So I guess there’ll be a new re-remake in 2020 and they’ll say “this time it’s complete!”

    3. Actually, I’m under the impression that if the D* C* Arc is long enough (at least York Shin length) then MADHOUSE will adapt the arc once its over. As far as I know, York Shin Final had to go into OVAs because the original anime series had caught up to the manga at a point where the arc’s story was nearly over.
      And Greed Island was too short of an arc to have been made into a tv show.

      But anyway, a ~22 episode single cour series could be appropriate if the current manga arc is long enough. And perhaps the show’s franchise will go in the way of Hajime no Ippo where the studio releases a new sequel tv show once every few years.

      And I honestly would not mind that. As long as Togashi finds it within him to stop getting lazy and keeps up a good pace, then us fans of the anime adaptation can be at peace.

  5. No offense to Leorio, but Ging had to have let himself be hit like that. There is no way a rookie like Leorio, even if he has been training non stop this whole time and I doubt he has been since he has also still been studying to be a doctor, would be able to land a hit that easily on one of the strongest hunters alive.

    I actually thought that Hanzo being at Gon’s bedside made a ton of sense. Gon made a huge impact on him and Hanzo gained a ton of respect for the kid when they fought during the exam finals and Gon refused to submit. Melody could be there because she was sent by Kurapika because he could not come himself for whatever reason or maybe it could be due to hearing stories of Gon from Kurapika and wanting to be there because of that.

    1. I have to agree. Gin totally allowed Leorio to get his shot in. I think it goes to show that although Gin has his own reasons for not visiting Gon, he understands that Gon’s friends could see this as a dick move, and he let Leorio get in a shot as his way of acknowledging how deeply Gon’s friends feel about his son.

      Jack Spicer
    1. Yeah, the moment he was shown, I was thinking that he had probably chained one of their members and is currently ‘interrogating’ them. So it felt like as if we were in his view of them. Probably why he didnt want to be interrupted by the call

  6. Leorio is an Emitter. Conjurers manifest their aura into physical objects, like Kurapika’s chains and Shizuku’s vacuum cleaner while Emitters shoot or project their aura, like what Leorio did.

    Fun fact: we were already told what his Nen type is as far back as the second ED song. He’s at the top left side of the hexagon which matches the Emitter side of the Nen chart

  7. Gotta give it to Fujiwara Keiji for all that apoplectic shouting in this episode.

    I thought we’d only get to see Leorio, but a glimpse of Kurapika too? I’m a happy fan.

  8. i find it amazing how u guys expect Ging to drop everything hes doin just to go visit Gon when you know dam well he chose his job over lookin over Gon and Gon himself KNOWS this yet he still respects his father. Yet every comment has o hes a prick and whatnot hell yall acting like this is the only time Gons been hurt yet didnt here anyone expect Ging to pop up and visit him then yet just because we finally see him yall expect him to now comon geme a break. and for Leorio hes just mad because he cant help at all with whats goin on atm so hes takin his frustation out on anything he comes across

    1. theres a difference between gon being “hurt” and “dying”

      i mean however you try to explain it away, it doesn’t change the fact that Gon is on his deathbed and his father could not give less of a shit. and that makes him an asshole. period. Its amazing how many people try to come up with excuses for ging…

  9. Leorio you absolute beast! We love him cause he’s relatable in a world full of bad asses. But Gin totally took that punch, but he totally deserved it.

    Really cool nen ability considering Leorio wanted to become a doctor to save people. The practicality of such an ability in surgery must be pretty high. Not having to make incisions with a scalpel.

    Really enjoying where this is going with Alluka and Kill. I get the impression Hisoka and Illumi are going to rain all over Kills homecoming parade, considering Illumi knows nothing of Alluka’s the secret condision (or maybe he does with the needle previously in Kills forehead /shrug)./

  10. The whole point of the story is that it’s Gon’s mission to hunt down Ging. That was essentially the task that he gave to Gon. By going to see him, Ging would essentially negate everything Gon has done thus far.

    We know how insightful Ging is (especially after how he pulled one over on all of the other Zodiacs). The guy even built Greed Island primarily as a way to train his son to become a better Hunter. You don’t think that dumping him on Whale Island was all part of his plan to make Gon into a great Hunter/person? Sure, he may not have been “hands on” as a father, but he certainly helped Gon grow into who he is today. It’s kind of like the song “A Boy Named Sue.” The father couldn’t be there for the kid, so he gave him a girl’s name so that the kid would be forced to toughen up in his father’s absence.

    And silly Leorio… Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Because we all know that his entire purpose in life, instead of spending time with his family and working at his leisure because he’s financially stable, is to work 80+ hours a week to satisfy fake “fans” who mock him and complain incessantly as if it’s their god-given right for people they’ve never met to write manga for them.

  11. Don’t know about you guys, but I found the rabbit girl’s (forgot her name) announcement at the very end that the video would be made public and everyone had to watch it and tell their friends to watch it to be hilarious.

  12. Kurapika is no doubt feeling guilty about Gons fate. Remember it was him who gave him the idea of setting conditions for himself to gain power based on his resolve. (When Gon asked him to put one of his nen chains on his heart) Kurapika isn’t so heartless that he would completely avoid Gon for the sake of his “Phantom Troupe Hunt”. You can tell he isn’t happy but if there was any more significance to that scene with him staring blankly atus refusing to answer his phone they’d have made that VERY clear.

    In some way I can honestly say Kurapika is hurting more than anyone else over this (Not including Killua of course), definitely even blaming himself to some degree.


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