「陸繋島 (ベルハルス)」 (Beruharusu)

For an episode that will probably only be remembered for its orgasmic spa experiences, there was surprisingly a fair bit of foreshadowing. In addition, we finally see the face of Tokimune’s sister–Nanjou Reika (Hikasa Youko). Judging from the way this episode started with Tokimune dreaming of his sister and how it ended with Samonji arriving at the sunflower field where Reika’s last picture was taken, I get the feeling that Samonji knows exactly what happened to Tokimune’s sister. Assuming that’s true, I also get the feeling that he might feel responsibility for her death, which may explain why he’s been so lenient with Tokimune. If not that, Samonji’s run in with an old friend, Eraldo Quasimodo, heavily implies that he was demoted at some point from a General/Marshal to a Lieutenant. Whether or not that was for insubordination in order to save his men I’m not sure, but if it was, the short spiel that he gave Tokimune in episode four would make perfect sense. Whatever the case, there’s little doubt in my mind that Samonji at least knows of Reika, since the opening shows him and Tokimune at odds with one another.

As for the rest of the episode, Independent Unit 8’s stopover at the neutral island of Bellhals certainly felt like a “calm before the storm” type of episode. I didn’t particularly care for the Tokimune x Jamie moments since their pseudo-date couldn’t catch a break, but I did like the reintroduction of Schlein Richthofen, whom like Tokimune, realized that he just ran into a soldier from the opposing army. Little did they know that they ran into their “rival” of sorts from back in episode three. While the preview suggests these two will have a rematch next time, what will be interesting to watch for is how Argevollen’s newly updated software plays into things. What’s more, Richthofen’s run in with a man named Gorzy foreshadowed the existence of a new weapon that Ingelmia is constructing. In all likelihood, this is a prototype Trail Krieger, which would give Richthofen a huge edge over Tokimune since he’s clearly the more experienced pilot.

Aside from holding a coupon with the best written English that I’ve ever seen in an anime, it’s probably worth talking about Jamie a bit. More specifically, I can’t help but feel that her character’s role in the overall story continues to diminish the more we learn about Tokimune’s sister and Samonji’s past. I often find myself scratching my head over on her character’s purpose, other than serving as some civilian comedic relief now and then and maybe becoming a damsel in distress for Tokimune later on. While I’m hoping that she’ll amount to more than that, I can’t really say that I’m expecting much from her. Next week’s action-filled episode will probably either reaffirm my pessimism or give me new hope though.




  1. Strange. My thoughts on Jamie have been the opposite. On several occasions, I’ve thought to myself that she was the true heroine of the story. I’ve strongly felt the story has started revolving around her and how she has to deal with Tokimune.

  2. This was a pretty mediocre episode.

    So hard for me to take this show seriously sometimes. That massage scene was cringingly bad. Do people really moan that much when they are just getting their back rubbed? I mean………jesus.

    I think these guys have been taking breaks much more than any other mech war show I’ve seen. Well besides Majestic Prince. But i always thought Majestic Prince was just a light hearted mech show so it didn’t bother me there.

    Bit of an overly convenient coincidence that Jamie wanted to take a picture in the EXACT spot Tokimune’s sister did huh?……..actually I think that goes beyond convenience. They have made it BEYOND obvious that Samonji either had something to do with the mission that killed Tokimune’s sister or knew her (probably in a romantic way). Overall I feel like the show isn’t really telling us anything that we couldn’t already figure out.

  3. This was quite a meandering episode. A lot of little scenes at different places with really going anywhere in terms of plot progression. A couple hints here, a bit of foreshadowing there, but nothing truly substantial. I have to agree with Divine that the date didn’t work for me at all. Those two still have zero chemistry IMO. And yeah, WTF with the massage phone sex. That was cringe worthy. Ugh.

    I guess we set up a few things, but like leatherhead333 said, did we really learn that much that we couldn’t figure out already – well other than Samonji evidently receiving the biggest downgrade in rank imaginable barring full court martial and dishonorable discharge. From Field Marshal to Lieutenant? Really? No, really?

    On the plus side, Tokimune didn’t irritate me as much for some reason. I’ll take it. Still, I can’t help but think back to a comment I made a few episodes ago. This show is just there. I watch it and… well, nothing. There’s no energy to the presentation.

  4. More and more Argevollen looks like the story made by a child, the one looking so amazing in your head with everything “epic” and “awesome”, yet coming apart at the seams when pen hits paper. There are too many ideas here that have not been touched on or only superficially expanded; if the intention was suspense and a slow, drawn out story, well the slowness was achieved at the expense of everything else. Even this filler-esque episode (the staple of most anime series which is damn near impossible to screw up) was overly boring, featuring nothing more than half baked romance, shallow world history, unneeded fan service, and further “promises” of better things to come in the future.

    It’s quite hard to say there is anything to Argevollen, it’s just there. Nothing stands out nor is really intriguing, there are no memorable characters, no key plot points to grasp at in a desire to know more, no exhilarating battles. The show just keeps chugging along at its own leisurely pace ignorant that it needs some spark to keep its audience invested. I adore any sort of military series, but Argevollen might be the first which has nearly bored me to sleep.

  5. Thats everyone said Cute girls enjoying cute things amirite? The massage and the phone conversation is one of the best combination scene. I will called a massage cute girls service to recharge.

    Its a shame for those two who trying to look a place for entertainment which is actually close cuz the battle is ongoing just a few 5 kilometers outside the neutral border zone.

    Speaking of Neutral laws they allow arm sales or technology transfer for both sides friend or foe. That neutral country aren’t neutral to disguise for build-up military power or to get richer. Come to think of it remind me like Orb from Gundam Seed.

  6. I think I might be going against the general flow here, but I actually quite enjoyed this episode. Sure it was mostly fillerish material which hardly progressed the overall plot, but we got a few very interesting tidbits that foreshadows future developments while also reaffirming some minor conjectures from previous episodes.

    We finally get to see the face of Tokimune’s sister and judging by the flashback-in-a-dream sequence we got, Tokimune really ‘adores’ his big sister, ehh? Jokes aside, even though it was short, that segment really drove home just how much he loves his sister, the grief he feels even now at her loss, and his determination to find out the real cause of her death.

    Next was Suzushiro and Samonji’s conversation in the command centre. Samonji’s decision to personally meet the person in charge of the supplies instead of delegating it to his XO Suzushiro was definitely suspicious. The real meaning to the ‘reason’ he gave Suzushiro of wanting some ‘sunshine’ was ultimately revealed in the end though when he arrives at the same patch of sunflowers that Tokimune just found out was a place his sister had a picture taken off. This strengthens the conjecture that Samonji did have some sort of a relationship with Reika, and will probably sow the seeds of suspicion of his commander in Tokimune’s heart.

    Then we had that ‘date’ between Jamie and Tokimune. Even I had to admit the development to it was rather contrived with the ‘urgent’ update for Argevollen conveniently giving the 2 some alone time. After that, the spa being fully booked after Jamie was free to come thus leading to her sightseeing Bellhals together with Tokimune felt like they were trying a tad too hard to push them together. Nevertheless, I actually feel their chemistry was better compared than before, helped by Tokimune not doing anything idiotic for a change while Jamie can interact with him with her work switch off. I’m not seeing any overtly romantic feelings yet, but they just look so comfortable with each other, and I don’t think it would feel like a stretch to see them hook up.

    There were also other future plot points that they briefly touched on such as a new weapon (another Trail Krieger prototype perhaps?) being developed by Ingelmia, Samonji possibly holding the rank of a marshal in the past, and Argevollen’s software update. Overall it was a good setup episode and I’m mildly awaiting next weeks episode, which judging by the title might involve a rematch between Tokimune and Richthofen.

    P.S. – That massage scene felt super awkward. I’ve never gone to a spa before though, so maybe it really does feel that good, or are the massages at that particular exclusive spa a bit ‘special’ lol. Also had to chuckle at the girls having to pass the phone a few times when they were talking to Jamie, just so we could hear them all moan in pleasure while being massaged. Too bad Silfy didn’t talk ehh?

    P.P.S. – Is it just me, or does anyone else like Seeker? Everyone seems to be calling him that, and we’ve never heard his real name yet. Unless that really is his name, and if so his parents must have been prescient to choose such an appropriate name for their future ace military scout son.

  7. Gosh, this would have been a nice low-lying episode if it wasn’t for that spa experience being telegraphed to Jamie. Sighs heavily.

    Speaking of Jamie, I would dare say that we have been looking from HER point of view for the good portion of the series.
    And then there’s the spa coupon:
    It looks like a rip-off from an actual advertisement to me (local newspaper)…

    the millisecond before Jamie smacks Tokimune on the back of his head…

  8. So he was a ex-High Officer, and perhaps has something to do with this Boy Sister..

    Perhaps the same as the Boy is doing, ignore the Order, and She died in the attempt to save him in the Past

    And the SPA? Fanservice? You not sure that the Awesome Mecha catch the Fans?

  9. Did anyone not notice the high-bandwidth WiFi Jamie was able to get on her cell phone and the software update for the Argevollen? The 8th Independent Squad was in a remote area far away from cell phone towers or 3G/4G equipment, and yet Jamie is downloading a multi-gigabyte upload and having it accepted by the hardware the very first time. That almost never happens in real life in the real Army. Maybe at a military base, with 2-4 civilian technicians swarming over your equipment with data DVDs.

    And the skyscraper-set resort island just kilometers away. With both sides of the war vacationing and getting supplies there. In war, obeying the rules only counts if you win.

  10. “So what’s the update do?”
    “Improved safe mode and 3% increase in speed!”

    lolz, most realistic update ever. Not Crimea/Hong Kong was interesting, somehow I suspect a third nation at play, perhaps behind the company that’s making Argevollen.


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