This week on Naruto… we change the title to “Kakashi” instead. Because he’s a boss. And well, because he pretty much steals the entire chapter away for the most part. Last week’s awkwardness regarding his power-up still carries over, but it doesn’t change the fact his spamming of Kamui Shurikens, Raikiris, and letting objects pass right through him makes for some great entertainment. It only helps that he made Sasuke look rather meager while he was at it, and there’s much to be said about how this all ties back to their Team 7 days. Kakashi’s in charge again, and it’s all about what seems to be Team 7’s “final mission”—one that seemingly ends with a rather satisfactory three-pronged attack from all its members.

Considering, the suspension of disbelief necessary for this week (and last), this is one of those chapters where you really had to roll with things as they were happening. Boil it all down and Naruto is what it is—for better and for worse—and I can’t help but wonder if Kaguya’s really going to be defeated within the next few chapters. The signs are there for sure, especially with the revived Hokage still hanging around in the background, and the fact that she’s been such a generally underwhelming enemy makes me kind of want this to be the end for her. Knowing the series for what it is though, I just can’t see it happening anytime soon, which makes you wonder if there’s another fairly major plot twist (or a bunch of story oriented chapters) coming soon.

Either way, pretty straight forward chapter here with Kakashi strutting his stuff and the rest of Team 7 following him. Bit underwhelming development-wise considering the two week wait though.


  1. I like this chapter. Who was “better”, “stronger”, “main character” it is not matter for me. To give an opportunity to Kakashi to say that he loves Team 7 was really an important for the character and the story. It draws a line between past and future.

    I think that soon we will see the outcomes of Sasuke’s return.

    1. Sasuke’s return…… bet is that Sasuke may become Hokage, where Tsunade retires as the war ends.

      I am sure Naruto can become hokage, just only when he gets older.

      Of course, I am pondering about that statement Sakura made, on how she will become Hokage. I feel a disturbing foreshadow since she is Tsunade’s student. If she becomes Hokage, then that must mean that Naruto and Sasuke have died; which can be possible if we assume Naruto’s “prediction” comes true on how both he and Sasuke will kill each other.

    2. I don’t think there is going to be a big deal about it honestly. I expect to see Naruto and Sasuke have their final Goku/Vegeta fight then one will come out on top, or it will be a double K.O. and the rivalry will be settled. Then they will die together as friends in the future. Typical shonen ending but satisfying nontheless.

    3. His recent actions notwithstanding, Sasuke is still a criminal, rigth?

      I mean, he went AWOL to hunt his brother. Itachi had a mission to go undercover after massacring his whole clan but Sasuke never received any order as such.

      I dont think a criminal like him will become Hokage.

  2. Ahhhhh…no. Kakashi was the most awesome good guy in the series, not just because of his sharingan, but because he was a tactical genius who could read into enemy movements, anticipate them and act accordingly. If Kishimoto really wanted to make the most out of Kakashi he should have made it so Kakashi would be able to come up with a plan against the overwhelming power of Kaguya without needing his sharingan at all. Instead Kishimoto was like; “power up for you! And you! Power ups for everyone! It doesn’t have to make sense anymore!”

    Now we have Jesus Naruto with god like healing powers and a space bending Sasuke both blessed by the sage of six paths and a Susanoo using Kakashi and then there’s Sakura…throwing punches…that’s cute.

  3. And then, to keep it going even longer, Kaguya, Black Zetsu, and/or the incomplete Jubi blob will pull something…or the sealing just plain won’t work for some reason.

  4. And then suddenly Kakashi becomes OP.

    $50 says a bigger, badder, bad guy suddenly appears and reveals their ultimate plan of influencing the decisions of Black Zetsu to influence everyone else into ultimately reviving Kaguya so that they could seal her again and the bad guy would take advantage of that moment to steal her powers for their own?

    At this point, that’s Grad A logic for Naruto

  5. Also, I’m officially starting to feel so bad for Sakura.

    Kishimoto could power up every character still alive and somehow Sakura would still not be in that equation.
    “Ooh, but she can heal like crazy” So? Oh my God can we just get a female protagonist in this show that isn’t set aside to only be nothing more than a healer? It’s so boring watching Naruto and Sasuke get power ups now.

  6. I want Kaguya to be defeated here since it would be a very satisfactory way to end her, but I just know this wont be the end :\

    I love how Naruto just blurted out how Kakashi looks more impressive than Sasuke in this chapter, lol.

  7. I’ll be nice if Kaguya gets defeated in the next chapter. I think this battle has been severely overstretched and nothing really cool happened. Dimension hop here, dimension hop there… Just make Black Zetsu the final boss because obviously he’s obviously telling what Mommy should do. =/

  8. Just another theory, but if Naruto “ends” like it is now, it is most likely that he won’t be Hokage.

    Simply because there will be no need for a Hokage to exist (and thinking that Kakashi would be the next one).

    If every ninja village allies among themselves, the Daimyos (was this their title?)will have no need to keep the hidden villages, since it may be costly as hell to keep one running (well, it’s an army after all, and peaceful countries has no need to keep an expansive fighting force). Of course, the running system won’t disband right from the start, but will certainly decay, until it falls completely (which may be right into Kakashi’s rule)

  9. hey zephir
    i just finished listening to the pocast and wanted to say that i’m not sure but i think there are terrorist groups who claim to strive to not kill people, by warning the police to evacuate the place before they explode it, such as ETA:
    ETA gave “advance warning of the Hipercor bomb”
    if it is true or not that’s another matter

    1. Yeah there’s definitely some groups out there that have claimed to do so. I would think out of the many groups out there there has to be at least one. The question after that is what their purpose is eh.

  10. Tucked away in some random corner of a bookshelf, Goku and Frieza are checking this fight out and thinking to themselves: “Damn, what’s taking these guys so long?”

    Ryan Ashfyre
  11. Kakashis’ a way more interesting character than Naruto. Seriously, Why can’t we get characters like Kakashi or Hisagi (Bleach) the franchises. They are both underrated JUST LIKE SAILOR JUPITER! LOL. Well no ones more underrated then Tenten. But, anyway the cool and always interesting character never get the screen time or series they deserve. I know Bleach and Naruto are Shonen, but that still doesn’t mean you can have annoying characters or only have boys as protagonists (cough * rurouni kenshin* cough).

    Corey Lucas
  12. Since Kishimito likes to repeat history in Naruto, maybe this battle won’t end with one of the Team 7 members as Hokage, but they will be granted with the tittle “Sannin” of the “new generation” or something like that…


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