「オンデ / 念仏踊り」 (Onde / Nenbutsu Odori)
“Buddhist Prayer Dance”

Again, this week’s episode managed to bring out all the feels. Maybe it’s because I can relate closely with Handa or maybe it’s because Naru is such a powerful character on and off screen — all I know is that this show has made me shed more manly tears than I’ll ever openly admit.

The Mystery of Naru’s Parents

This week’s episode brought up a really interesting question that’s been on my mind but didn’t really want an answer too because of all the sad things it could bring. The question being just where are Naru’s parents? At first I always thought they must have been super busy like her grandpa but their absence during the grave visit conjures some pretty sad thoughts. Toss in how everyone seems to be avoiding the topic and you have the makings of a mystery that would wreck your emotions. At this point though, it could be just about anything and I’m hoping the show makes an effort to answer the question sometime soon. Until then, I’ll just believe that maybe they’re on some sort of adventure in the city trying to make a better life for themselves and the daughter that’s waiting for them to return.

Is It Worth Itl?

This second one get’s a bit personal but I personally have always loved spending time with kids younger than me. Be it babysitting or teaching them something that’ll enrich their life — I’m the one who’s on the ground playing with everyone. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve slowly learned the harsh reality that everything you think you’re imparting on someone could completely be for naught. Can you imagine seeing some kid you’ve babysat for years completely not remember who you are? If you can’t, I’ll just tell you it feels pretty shitty.

Anyways, the thought of “is anything I do really meaningful?” has crossed my mind a lot recently and somehow turned into exactly what Handa said — even if I didn’t do anything that person or thing would probably end up the same, right? OF COURSE NOT. If there was anything this episode helped me remember, it’s that everything you do has meaning and pays huge dividends in the end. While it may not be tangible or even recognizable, there’s always something gained. Always.

Looking Ahead

With each and every episode doing a fantastic job of building on top of each other, I can’t wait to see what’s in-store for us down the homestretch. Between Handa and his goals in life and Naru’s parents, it feels like there’s more than, if not too much material for four more episodes. No matter what happens though, I’m sure we’ll have some sort of grand finish.

P.S. Sorry if these posts have been getting too personal. Something about this show manages to just click with me and I can’t help but write about it. Besides that, thanks for your continued support <3.


  1. The matter of Naru’s parents sure is bothering me. At first when I saw they were visiting graves I thought “that’s it, the truth will come out now”, but nothing happened. Since they got no grave, it’s pretty safe to assume they’re still alive.

    I don’t think it’s just “off working in a remote city” either. Given Naru’s character and how the village behaves this would probably have been mentionned already as a benign comment.

    So I’m left with just two grim ideas:
    1) Naru’s parents are not alive, but not confirmed to be dead. They’re on an island afterall, sea-related accident are not unlikely.
    2) Naru has been abandonned, which now that I think about it makes Handa’s comment about how Naru can feel lonely too even more interesting.

    1. If it is the case that Naru’s parent/s abandoned her, she’s going to be crushed if Handa decides to return to Tokyo. At this point, I do wonder for how this season’s Barakamon will end…

      1. Seems like a likely ending! I have a feeling that birthday present from Handa will have a bigger role to play yet. Perhaps in the form of a heart-melting intervention from Naru using it to stop Handa from leaving the island/her in the final episode? Just conjecture…

    1. Yeah I was thinking something similar too, I was acutally thinking that Naru might actually Die at some point with all that Naru-centric/death,/memorial type imagery in the op and Ed. I took me a few episodes to realize that something was strange abotu how the OP and ED are with all that imagery. . .

      However IF that is the case, they better make it EXTREEMLY good when(or “if) it happens. Not some contrived B.S.

      . . .that and there were a few death flag lines thrown in this episode. . .

  2. Despite the ground being ripe for something sour to happen (Handa’s personal issues, his yearning for the top spot as a calligrapher or as this episode brought up Naru’s parents) the anime still opts to curve around it and avoids the pitfall somehow, usually ending with an actual life lesson to be learned by the end. This episode I especially liked how they used the lights to emphasize the brightness Naru brings to her surroundings and those around her but I’m wondering worriedly if something really heavy is lurking in the shadows to serve as the series’ climax. I don’t like to imagine seeing a sad Naru…

  3. Loved how he freaked out when the bug landed on his face.
    Happened to me some time ago (on my chest and just as narley) –
    musta jumped 20 feet straight up! Brought back the memories!

    Dunno if this series is going the Usagi Drop path or not (just
    the series, not the whole story), but they’re definitely dropping
    hints that the thought of staying there has crossed his mind.
    The people around him are beginning to see him as Naru’s guardian,
    and worry about the effect on Naru if he leaves the island.
    Honestly, I don’t think Naru will die or anything like that,
    but there’s nothing saying her grandfather won’t pass — never know.
    That would be a good segway for the story to move in that direction.

    Definitely seems like Naru’s parents are out of the picture —
    guardian vs. older brother. I think that was a very deliberate
    attempt by the writers to make that distinction clear in the story.
    But the lack of their grave is curious, or a mention of their whereabouts.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they wind it up and if there
    might be a future season sometime down the road.

    It’d be nice…

  4. Can you imagine seeing some kid you’ve babysat for years completely not remember who you are?

    Yup. I’d say it’s perfectly normal, too.

    It’s not always necessary to make an impression on someone’s life to have an effect on them.
    Being reliable and consistent are the foundation that their minds build upon.

    Doesn’t mean you were boring, mundane, or insignificant – they definitely would have noticed
    your absence had you not been a part of their life during those baby-sitting years.

  5. Aint nothing wrong shedding man tears on this show.
    I’m also very worried about the next eps. Everyone in the village shows such great respect for Narus grandmother, yet no mention of the parents. What is the deal? So many sad flags being raised. Im gonna be bawling by the end of the series, i just know it. =/

  6. Following a more upbeat line of thought, could Naru and her parents have connections to Handa’s family? An embarrassing family secret/illegitimate child or something.
    Granted the OP/ED suggests sad flags but killing a character at this stage would be a massive fuck you to the viewers. If this was by Jun Maeda I be expecting heavy handed emotional manipulation but it fortunately isn’t.

      1. Watching that certain Key series certainly give another layer of meaning to that sentence.

        Anyway, I don’t expect anything extreme with this. Maybe a crowning moment of awesome+feels, but still in Barakamon style, even when they finally need to address anything which was happened with Naru’s parents.

  7. Sensei was so cute when he was seriously thinking about Naru’s birthday present. And his bug moments as a typical city guy.haha
    Those kids begging sensei to get the beetle by pulling his shirt was sooo adorable <3 <3

    Such a heartwarming Obon….

    Takaii, thanks for the post 🙂 Its ok for personal moments! I always relate to my life but sure wish if ppl around me were as cool as ppl from the island.lol Hanging around, planning/having birthday parties, fireworks, fishing.
    Cause at my country in America, u really can't go places without cars, whose gonna drive, fireworks (uhh,some county/city it's illegal cause ppl r stupid and hurt themself)=watch July 4th fireworks =/

  8. The shows that touch me personally are the best to watch and the blogs I read when the writer connects with a show personally are the best to read IMHO. So thanks for sharing TAKAII.


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