What the hell just happened?

Everyone who’s ever followed my posts know that it takes a lot to get me pissed or thinking something was flat out terrible, but this week’s chapter was just flat out bad. I’m a bit glad that this does end the arc of perhaps the worst villain to date, but that doesn’t change the fact that what we got this week was equivalent to a manga that just got cancelled and needed to finish things within the next month or something. I mean, really? After all that hype and mother of all chakra stuff, it ends abruptly like this? That’s just…

Honestly, I don’t have the words to describe my feelings at seeing the line—

“Congrats on saving the world.”

—suddenly glaring at me from my screen, and it’s as if the life has been sucked out of me after reading the events of this chapter. I mean we saw the fight was approaching an end, but this was not the kind of end I wanted or expected, and at this point there’s only a few ways this can end. The problem is, following the events of this chapter, none of them look particularly good.

  • Kaguya didn’t actually get sealed and she’ll be back.
  • The Sage of Six Paths ends up being the final boss.
  • Madara getting pieced together means he’ll be back as the final boss.
  • This really is the end and it’s epilogue time.
  • Suffice to say, I can’t say I like any of those potential paths. The first one’ll just drag out a fight against a terribly developed villain, the second feels exceptionally nonsensical as a possibility despite the shady face he had at the end of this chapter, the third option’ll feel like a cheap ploy to bring him back, and the fourth… well. It’s probably actually the best of the four listed above, but I don’t know if I can stomach it if the series does actually end with this kind of transition.

    Needless to say, it’s just discontent all around this week, and that’s all I’m really going to say here. Excuse me while I throw my chair out the window in rage.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt something was off. I thought the ending was rather abrupt too. We had too many chapters devoted into how OP Kaguya is and within a few pages she gets finished by two palm strikes, albeit by the strongest duo.

      A bit too fast and would like more exposition. Maybe they’ll explain more next chapter, regardless after reading the chapter I had similar reactions as you. I’m a bit dazed.

      1. At first, I thought so too, but the only reason this chapter felt that abrupt is because it should have been part of the previous one, it is just that Kishi decided to leave the latter as a cliffhanger instead of a giving it a proper “ending” so to speak.

        Kishi has long been a master of trolling, so I doubt this is the true ending. Nothing has been said about the infinite tsukuyomi and the people trapped in it. Moreover, sealing Kaguya instead of killing her by creating a second moon seems increasingly odd, especially considering how dangerous she is. It would seem like the ninja world hasn’t changed one bit, as Zetsu said “just wait till she gets revived again”.That juts doesn’t seem right.

    2. I once remembered that first feeling of when Kaguya first appeared. The intrigue. The interest. The possibilities that might arise because there was suddenly a world-building mythology involved.

      And now this undignified end. It kinda feels like filler… but it’s canon.

      The Truth is in the Axe
    3. The Final boss is a big fat joke to this entire manga. I just can’t believe it ended just like that. What the hell did the author was thinking when he made this chapter? I feel so salty after reading this chapter. This was NOT THE ENDING I HAD IN MIND WHEN THE FINAL BOSS WAS BEATEN JUST LIKE THAT. I JUST AGHHHHHHHHHH. SO MUCH RAGE AND SO MUCH SALT DURING THIS CHAPTER. KISHI, YOU FAILED AT MAKING AN INTERESTING FINAL BOSS. SO I WILL SAY IT AGAIN: WORST FINAL BOSS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF SHONEN JUMP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. On top of this one other thing I had an issue with is that after all this talking about the seal it ends up being Pain’s Chibaku Tensei and if memory serves right Naruto broke out of that with Kurama’s empowerment long before he learned to control Kurama’s chakra or received the Sage’s blessing.

    5. My guess is that Madara will try something but lets face it, he’s surrounded by 20 something Kage, Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and a friggin god. He’ll probably put up a pathetic fight then Naruto will Talk no Jutsu him. Somehow I have the feeling that Naruto and Sasuke could have one more epic showdown which, I believe, would be a decent cap off to this series. Overall Kaguya was the worst villain in the series and was defeated in the most anticlimactic fashion possible.

    6. I felt that it was fairly anti-climatic as well. I mean we all knew all they had to do was put their hands on her to end it but seeing it happen was still very disheartening. The sage of six paths did seem to look very menacing at the end, at least to me for some reason. On the other hand I don’t think the sage will be a villain only because they showed the parallel between him and his brother, and naruto and sasuke. There is a lot to tie up still like whatever the hell Orochimaru may be planning, Naruto and Sasuke’s beef, and everyone in the cocoons. Hopefully they will finish strong though if it’s coming to the end.

    7. Just ending that fight of Kagura seem to be fast as compared to other episodes, which just seem to spoil the mood.

      And is it just me, or the Kages of the 5 hidden villages suddenly appear seem be to a bit way off?

    8. Okay, I found the end of this fight to be overly abrupt too, but I’m not going to complain because I’m just glad it’s over. Oh, and Sasuke is the final boss people, we all knew that.

    9. ………………………………….

      *walks into a safe with the biggest, thickest door and shuts it*


      *door breaks off and goes flying several hundred feet from the single, most epic head-slam-into-solid-object in history*

      1. I wouldn’t go that far, it was really great in the beginning I still remember the first fight Kakashi had with that water-using-guy(Hidden Mist if I recall correctly?) as one of the most awesome fights, although I might be a bit biased since it’s the first anime I ever watched, still, really enjoyed Naruto(fillers….not so much) even Naruto Shippuden was great in the beginning but I guess everything has it’s time.

        1. I am feeling very glad i got tired of Naruto halfway through the manga. I mean… really… really glad when I took a peak at what the rage was all about the chapter.. i was like… WTF as well…

          All that build up for… its like…managing to somehow get in bed with a deliciously hot and sex girl.. and all she did was smile and snore……

        2. I didn’t think Shippuden was too bad until the end of the Kakuzu and Hidan Arc. It was looking up more with Naruto proclaiming he was going to win using “his own power” after his bad 4-tailed experience and injuring Sakura, and it looked like he was succeeding with his creation of the (half-finished) Rasenshuriken. After that, you’d think he’d actually work at being a more competent shinobi overall to establish his own career…..but then that went absolutely nowhere as he goes right on to copy Jiraiya with the Sage Training and his idealism, then going right back to being reliant on Kurama’s chakra again, but even MORE than before (then even more after that).

    10. Well…

      That was thing. That’s all my thoughts about this weeks chapter. It just did a thing and well it was thing.

      “Yeah good job guys, you saved the world. Now go take a five. Same time next week alright? Alright.”

    11. I don’t understand why so many readers want this fight to last another twenty chapters. Last chapter was good enough, this command’s job. Next we will see some Sasuke-conclusions.

      I really don’t want this manga to end soon. Every week I am waiting for it and I like this feeling.

      1. Strange people! If everything go as expected, they’ll say – it’s tritely, if it goes unexpected, they’ll say – “Madara was stronger than this”, “anticlimactic”, “Epic Troll”. Just what do you want, people?

      2. It’s not that people wanted it to keep going (for so long), but that the way things have gone was very underwhelming and now the way it (seemingly) ended is so abrupt.

        We’re talking about Kaguya, someone who is supposed to be THE progenitor of all chakra, possessing ALL the doujutsu, someone who (is supposed to) makes even Sage Madara (and even Hagaromo, considering he needed his brother’s help to defeat and seal her) look like nothing and he was pretty easily beating the crap out of everyone before and that was without even having the complete Jubi yet. Even incomplete Sage Obito was giving the characters a lot of trouble before and, of course, Sage Madara makes him look like nothing.

        So you’d think we’d at least get an extremely epic battle that hasn’t been seen since Kaguya was sealed by Hagaromo and his brother who-knows-how-long-ago. Instead, all we get is a lot of dimension hopping (which we got from Obito), some hax pulls (the usual), and a tiny bit of comedy before it just seems to end with the snap of the fingers.

    12. I’ll sigh a breath of relief when naruto and Bleach end, both have become pretty terrible over the course of time (sadly)

      either manga is simply living off the momentum and popularity they built in their early years (when they were actually good)

      narutos current arc was overall pretty terrible, the asspulling of ultimate villains one after another was hard to stomach

      I think he wanted to depict the escalation in this “Great War” to something epic and memorable but it only ended up contrived unconvincing, confusing and at times downright stupid

    13. MMMmmMMmWWWWWWHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahhahahahahahaha

      Epic Troll Kishi-san ! Unbereeveabre Trorring …

      Now for Izanami to kick-in …. and Izanagi to make things not so 😉

      1. Mugen Tsukiyomi (infinite moon-eye plan ) —> Depends on how long Mangekyou Sharingan can shine its light on the Moon while it is a Full-Moon under Total Eclipse. Once initiated, all those caught are put inside the World Tree Resurrection? technique and cannot be freed until the Caster is taken out.

      2. Rabbit Goddess Princess redirects all the World Tree sucking Chakra to the Initial Dimension from where she can absorb Chakra ( note chakra contains now blood-line- and elemental-type- and gen/nin/taijustu- ) abilities. So she could combine and use any technique she felt like using. Think A or Bee type speed, Shield of Sand, anything really.

      3. Trolling Naruto to end it seems such a waste of time and effort. Surely you want a better message on your masterpiece?

    14. Now, something feels off……it might be paranoid, but somehow I’m starting to get suspicious at sage of the six path…..And what about Madara? He is still there….
      Don’t forget the last fight between sasuke and naruto which supposed to mirror the one between Hashirama and Madara.

    15. This could go 3 ways.

      1. the advanture of Uzumaki Naruto continues

      2. this is the end of Naruto (which i highly doubt)

      3. like a good business man that knows how to milk a series, they’ll do a time skip! Adult Naruto ahoy!

    16. Why is everyone acting like this is the end? There’s still one more fight to come: the epic final fight between Naruto and Sasuke. Plus a substantial epilogue of sorts, probably.

    17. Plot twist: they have been in infinite tsukuyomi and this is their perfect world dream where they reunite at the end, and save the world together. Probably not but this seems like a pretty meh ending for an arc that has dragged on for literally years.

    18. Sage of Six Paths: Thank you, for saving the world.
      Sage of Six Paths: Now I can finally destroy it thanks to you for removing my seal instead when you sealed Kaguya.

      Calling it.

    19. … Facepalm.
      There is so much wrong with this, that i feel it would be a waste of time for me to list them all.

      Instead i am confused about something: a number of chapters back, we had this scene where Hashirama taught Sasuke a jutsu – whatever happened to that? Did he ever use it? Did i just miss it while skimming over all the other bullshit?

      And, as stated by “That Guy”, what about those sealing stuff Tenten grabbed?

      1. Because we were hoping for a better closure to the crappy arc. Oh well.

        I think for the last 4+ years this “Great Ninja Alliance War against Madara” arc has been running, the only part I liked was Gai beating up Madara. It was seriously the only real entertainment.

        Giorno Giovanna
        1. “the only part I liked was Gai beating up Madara. It was seriously the only real entertainment.”

          And we didn’t even get the whole fight. All we got was Gai landing one blow and Madara showing excitement at fighting him, then just cutting away to Naruto and Sasuke with Hagaromo and literally being handed new hax power-ups. By the time we get back to the fight, it’s already over and Gai should’ve been dead only for Naruto “Jesus” Uzumaki to save his life with a mere touch of his finger.

    20. Things could’ve gone a lot better this arc for sure, but I personally find the way Kaguya being defeated was satisfactory enough, with the team work of the old team 7.

      I cant see if end in any other way that’ll be as satisfying honestly.

    21. I wanna know if its gonna be a narusaku or naruhina or neither ending? And what about team 7, thats it? And is Tsunade just gonna retire and give Kakashi the hokage position? I’m more curious as to whats going to happen to Sai and Yamato. But if this is how quickly its gonna “end” then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by whatever happens….

    22. *Trying to understand what happened*
      **Fatal error, too many synapses needed, your brain needs to be restored**

      I will send the med bill to Kishimoto and his editor, if he has one that is.
      It looked like a song being cutoff right in the part where it is most needed not to. The “grats on saving the world” sounded to me like “heey, grats on reaching the lvl cap on the game, now you have nothing else to do unless they develop some other crap to keep you into it.”

      Horrible way to end this chapter and the manga as well (i vote on #4 Zephyr).

    23. I’ve thought this entire arc was completely pointless, the more and more its been stretched out into ‘final battle’ after ‘final battle’ and still looks like we could have another ‘final battle’ is just annoying as hell. Just fucking end it already seriously.

    24. Well, all good things needs to come to an End

      #But i wonder, if he really want to expand Naruto’s World. What can came next? We saw the root of the Ninja Chakra, the essence. What will come next? So, i think it is really the beginning of the End. Or Sasuke will play the grumpy one, and Naruto still want to turn him to the Light. Without “Destroy the Village” path…

      1. and remember, Guy released all His Gates. What happened to Rock Lee in the Duel Episodes, after he released his Gates of Youth? His Bones got smashed, and he needed a complicated Operation.

        But what will happen with Guy? He gone beyond more the Rock Lee. You really want to see him in this State?

    25. Naruto’s finished. (The finishing move is a punch up to the sky). If there’s enough complaints about the manga’s end I think they will fix it with a movie end for the anime at least.

      random viewer
    26. I’m glad it’s over, now I won’t have to read it anymore pretty soon. I dropped Bleach after Trollkubo decided their was another final boss after Aizen and Aizen was just a midboss all along.

      But with Naruto, too much valuable time that I can’t get back, I better see how it ends dammit!

      Now if Kishimoto pulls a trollkubo, Imma lose my shit!

      Soon I will be able to devote my manga reading time to One Piece, Fairy Tail (Current Arc sucks and I enjoy the spinoff with Mavis more than it), and various other less popular mangas that will get an eventual anime that will be stuck in my backlog till it’s over because the adaptation is shitty like Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill.

    27. Ugh. After that I honestly expected the music from Wheel of Fortuney to start playing. That line was thrown off with all the matter of factness of “congratulations you have won a new car” or “congratulations you have won X amount of money.”Plus this whole arc had two much of a bad guy of the week tone. Thought I was back to watching Dragon Ball

      Yuri Rocks
    28. Really? People are upset by THIS chapter? This comic went sour 5 years ago with the deus ex machina conclusion to the Pain Invasion Arch! Since then we’ve bore witness to a progressively deteriorating story. From a disappointing reveal of Obito, to a horrible character arch for Sasuke (who seems to have simply changed his mind in a scene that should have directly involved Naruto himself changing it). And Sakura, a potentially interesting female character who was continually relegated to the side lines, nerfed, and turned into one of the most disliked characters of the series with a manipulative confession to Naruto. On top of all this, an endless war involving zombiefied enemies, where everyone seems to have an endless amount of chakra and stamina, ignoring rules clearly established earlier in the comic. Sure this is a sucky way to end the series but who really cares at this point, the time for being upset about this comic is over. Lets all be thankful and move on to new things.

    29. I know how it feels anticlimactic but remember that the expectation of a seal was set prior to this. What also makes it feel like a cop out is sealing her in a moon instead of using a fancy sealing technique. But again, we knew all they needed to do was touch her. Let’s see where we go from here.

    30. So I read the chapter today, and immediately ran over to randomc to see if i was only was that was saying “wtf…”.

      This was a fail.. @ this point I hope Aldnoah Zero can surprise us an not go along the painfully obvious plotline with saazbaum posing as a good guy and getting Slaine to ride out as “Bat against Orange”.

      This might have been the worse arc in naruto history.. this was as bad as the anime “filler” episodes. @least we got to see Gai go Über before the series totally failed us.

    31. Naruto is finally ending, i say those words with joy when a few years back i though i was going to cry when this day finally come. But now….

      Naruto isa manga whose twists and characters jus became too much to hable for the author, he made a mess and didnt’ know how o fix it. His Final Villain, a mother that didn’twant to lose to his children, sorry but it sucked.

    32. Lets face it after the jaraiya pain battle the whole manga started to turn into half assed bullshit, they should have just made pain the final boss if they were gonna be lazy, or at least make a better story up to madara and have him be the final boss, but the way the story went after jaraiyas battle was downhill. Pain died in such a gay ass way too.

    33. A fight between Sasuke and Naruto has been foreshadowed since the beginning. Also it might be that sealing away ALL ninjutsu might be the only way to solve the problem, therefore providing a point of contention between the sage of six paths and the ninjaverse.

      1. What point of contention? He’s already won. He had the kages (the only remaining edo tensei, as far as I can figure) perform a ritual they don’t understand, and are now trapped in this base dimension. The tree sucked up the chakra from all the people in the world. Naruto and Sasuke, and the chakra they inherited from Indra and Asura are there. Madara and all the tailed beasts are there. Oh, and Kakashi and Sakura get dragged along, too.

        This dimension is completely and utterly isolated from the ‘real’ world. The real world has no more chakra. This dimension can contain all the chakra that ever existed, until the end of time. Sage wins. Even if they kill him (if such a concept made sense), he still wins.

        Game over.

        Maybe if they’re super nice about it, he’ll let the remaining humans relinquish all their remaining chakra, to allow them to return to the real world, but all the ‘power’ entities only exist because of chakra, so can never leave.


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