「月」 (Tsuki)

With the anime slowly turning around in some aspects, I can’t help but laugh a bit as I think about just how far we’ve come since episode one.

Yuki and Yanagi

With everyone else’s relationship prospects failing quicker than the housing market did back in 2008, the only two that I have some hope left for is Yuki and Yanagi. Out of the group they seem to be the most grounded while simultaneously not letting whatever Kakeru has spread to them. Toss in how cute and somewhat flirty they were together and I think this might be our best shot at finally seeing someone’s feelings turn into something more than shattered dreams and a broken heart.

Sacchan, What?!

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be something if Touko and Sacchan actually started dating? While the chances of it actually happening are close to zero you have to commend Sacchan for being so bold at the end of the episode. Not only did she incorporate a beautiful looking moon to set the mood but the way she craftily spoke her feelings without actually saying the words was pretty sly.

That said, I don’t understand why she did all of this with Hiro right there. I wouldn’t really consider what she did as a “proper explanation” nor do I think it’s right to shatter his dreams in-front of someone else. I mean, she had the gall to call him her boyfriend right in-front of her mother! All I know is that I was giving Sacchan the benefit of the doubt but after this week’s episode I’ve changed my mind. Because it doesn’t matter how much she cares/is in love with Touko — she had unfinished business with Hiro and again ended up using him to serve her self-interests!

Kakeru, you weird bro.

I really don’t understand Kakeru. After weeks of trying to keep himself shrouded in this mysterious aura and actually rejecting Touko’s feelings, he suddenly has a change in character and falls hard for her. But instead of showing some kind of affection or at least giving her some sort of sign he continues to act just as weird if not weirder! And don’t get me started about his ability to hear fragments or his clones.

All I’m hoping for is that we get some kind of proper explanation before everything comes crashing down.

Looking Ahead

This show is like one disaster after another. Right when you think you’ve weathered out the storm something else comes flying right by. The problem is everything feels so fragmented and unrelated that right when you think you have a grasp over where the story is going, it makes two rights and a left just to throw you off.

Anyways, if you’ve made it this far it means you’re still here with me to see this to the end! And hopefully, we get something meaningful by then. See you next week!




  1. Wow this show has been a train wreck imo. I will be sticking it through to the end though just to see what happens and if they can redeem the show in some way.

    Sacchan seemed innocent at first but, idk she has been messing with Hiro’s feelings who is the only normal one of the bunch. Kakeru is just weird and doesn’t make much sense and I have no idea what to make of him just that he is a weirdo. It seems like Yuki and Yanagi will become a thing but, idk what she finds in him he seems out of it. I hope all this leads somewhere call me evil but, I kind of want something horrible to happen to spice things up and knock some sense into these silly characters.

    1. Have to agree with you about the train wreck. Where have the clones gone? What’s with the weather report texts? And Sacchan?????? In what universe is THAT cool!!!! It was incredibly cruel to use Hiro once again, even if she then wimps out and says she loves him as well. Hope he moves on. He seems the only nice guy in the show. The others are all WAY too broody

  2. Sachi still hasn’t apologized to Hiro yet and now she pulls this shit. I hope the security guard comes back from his patrol and arrests Sachi for trespassing. That’ll wipe the stupid self satisfied smirk off her face.

  3. That’s official I basically care for none of these ships anymore… Well, MAYBE Yanangi’s despite the fact that I don’t particularly like her character, or maybe it’s just how the show has portrayed her to me, I don’t know. Regardless, I’m going to stick with this show to see how the hell it’ll end. But, one thing’s for sure, Hiro, bro, ditch Sacchi. She used you once and it hurt like hell. This time though? She just stomped on all your aspirations. Now that I think about, I probably like Hiro most.

  4. The high-light of this episode has to be the scene with Yanagi letting Hina try on her clothes, and Hina’s enthusiasm when telling her mum about it afterwards. There was just something so sweet and happy about all that, a stark contrast to the weirdness that is glasslip.

  5. Man, Touka is just ruining everyone’s love life, whether she means to or not! She’s dumped (or caused to be dumped) pretty much every character in the show, except her little sister. (Next week, maybe?)

    This show is a total Train Wreck, but I’m actually enjoying it MORE now that I know I can just sit back and watch each car derail and tumble into the valley below. (Insert “Dis gunna be gud.gif” here.)

    *Pats self on back for calling Sacchan’s crush before it happened.*

    Yes, I got a kick out of that. As soon as she started going on about Souseki and the moon, I knew exactly where she was going. She’s such a lit nerd, and an awkward one at that.

    And by confessing to Touko, that explains everything to Hiro.

    It wasn’t NICE of her to do it that way. It was really f’in cruel. But that explained her underhandedness, her scheming– it was all to be with Touko. Hiro was “safe guy I can use to get closer to Touko, because he seems to like me.” And it wasn’t like PA didn’t drop hints all along the way.

    But Hiro’s gonna need a shrink after this.

    Kakeru… don’t care. He’s just weird/creepy guy now. Yuki/Yanagi… will probably hook up.

    So the Sacchan-Hiro-Touka polygon has me the most interested as it sails into the gorge.

    RDG was MUCH better than this. It was incoherent, but it still had a plot. This is just incoherent.

  6. Kind of funny. I really understand that this show divide the opinion. But I respect Glasslip for gathering so many people who wants to see the serial until the end despite the lack of interest.
    It was a dangerous bet for P.A Work because we expected so much better. Now the show can be their worst production or their masterpiece, depend of the remaining episodes.

    Maybe this total mess is on purpose. A fragmented scenario like these fragments of future.
    Actually, I love Kakeru so much because he is a total weirdo. He troubles Touko, the pillar of the group so hard that the whole show become unstable. As if we were on Touko eyes sometimes ?…

    I hope that Kakeru X touko resonance about fragments will not deceive me. It is the only salavation if I may.

    Let’s rendez-vous for the final and see if Glasslip was worthy or if it was just a complete joke.

    (Kakeru x Toko FTW ! or Kakeru Yanagi ?)

  7. Now this is just a theory ive been having with the past couple eps. and i could be completely wrong, but the whole future-seeing plotline isnt really about seeing the future. Touka and Kakeru were two troubled individuals (the hints are subtle and sprinkled throughout the series, which is one of glasslips many strengths). Touka wants to be an artist, but she is most likely conflicted with her responsibilities as a glass artisan as well. kakeru has to deal with his mom not always being around as well as having to come to terms with his off-putting personality. This comes down to why Touka and Kakeru can see the future. Maybe this is some sort of supernatural event that happens to a select few people, but what these select few people (i.e touka and Kakeru) seem to have in common is an uncertainty of what each other wants. With this ep and the last, we see that Kakeru can no longer hear the sounds of the future, and i think the reason has to do with the fact that has found something he is certain of; something that makes him feel complete, and that is touka (which is why those “other Kakeru’s” mentioned not being needed anymore..perhaps they were embodiments of his uncetainties; of the fragments he hears).

    The only problem is that Touka doesnt necessarily know how to deal with her new blossoming feelings. The idea of being more intimate still makes her anxious; the fact that she doesnt quite know what’s going on within her group of friends anymore also concerns her (as illustrated in this ep) and as a result, her visions have become more abstract, terrifying, and difficult to discern. Before, what she was seeing where possible futures based on her thoughts and concerns, not necessarily a future that was bound to happen. When Touka comes to terms with everything that is on her mind such as her future as an artist, her friends drama, and how to deal with her blossoming feelings, the visions will die down. Right now, the main catalyst to her visions is her uncertainty as to how to proceed with her feelings for kakeru.

  8. what was the point of teasing hiro x sachi in the trailer if they weren’t going to be together? that basically means his character was just there for drama and nothing more. the whole yuri thing was dumb anyway. touko doesn’t swing that way and from the next preview it look like she rejects sachi.

  9. Glasslip takes me back to my years before entering college. This anime is a story about the end of adolescence, the road to maturity.

    Teens change. Their relationships in their group of friends change. The changes, their sentiments and the things that they want to confuse them. Decide to take actions that cause more changes and more confusion. Nothing is clear, nothing happens as planned or desired.

    The solution I found was: meditate on the type of person I wanted to be. Define the things I wanted and things I did not want. Eject my fears. Take action to find what I wanted. Accept the possibility that things do not always happen as I wanted, but never give up. Leave behind what you can not change or recover. Accept that changes always exist, for better or for worse. Always have hope for something better. I also never forget that God is always with me and that he has faith that I can find the right path.

  10. I don’t understand all the hate towards Sacchan. Even though doing that in front of Hiro was cruel I still see her character as nice and innocent.

    The only ship I’m shipping right now is Yanagi x Yuki. I want Yanagi happy in the end. It has to be either her and Yuki or her coming out of this very strong like she is doing now.

    1. Nice and innocent???? She uses the guy who she announces to her mother is her boyfriend to try and break up a date between her yuri crush and a guy, and then after Hiro rightfully ignores her, uses him to explain her love confession to Touko???? While he watches?? Without apologizing for using him??? There is absolutely nothing nice about that girl.

    2. I don’t understand all the hate towards Sacchan. Even though doing that in front of Hiro was cruel I still see her character as nice and innocent.

      I think you forgot your ‘/sarcasm’ tag. At least I hope you did.

    3. How can you not understand the hate towards Sacchan? From the very first ep she was an annoying stalker lesbian. Not that there’s anything wrong with the lesbian part, but to just randomly hate anyone who talks to the girl you like (who will never be a lesbian) is annoying. All subsequent actions stemming from that issue made her more and more detestable. To top it off “confessing” by forcing a kiss on your friend in front of your “boyfriend” is just a classless move. If it was a male character forcing a kiss on a female character as a way of confessing his feelings it would be a much bigger deal to people. But bc she is a sickly girl it’s ok to force yourself on someone who clearly never even considered a possibility where you two would date? Nope, she’s the absolute worst in a show full of characters lacking in endearing qualities. Hiro is by far the least annoying and it was telegraphed from the jump that he was going to be the guy who gets shit on the whole time (this season’s Kaname).

  11. I think this show is like a car ride with hiro’s sister, more often shaky, rarely stable and your constantly waiting for the safe arrival or to just crash and burn :p

  12. To me anime nowadays is walking the fine line between “being awesome again” to “how many fetishes can we put in one show”. All because otaku want their “waifu” to remain a robot with no emotional depth or complexity to there characters. Take black bullet for example En ju was despite being a kid interesting and had a back story but the more the plot (if you can call it that) progressed she became less of a character and more of someone there just to make Rentaro look good.

  13. Episode 9 and Touko still hasn’t cut her hair. It’ll be amazing if they managed to unite all these fragments into something good. Broken glass rarely becomes as good as the original, even if you have all the pieces together.

  14. Can’t wait for a sudden nice boat ending!

    Seriously with how this show is, it’s like it’s not scared to pull out some WTF’s. Soon enough we’ll get a murder out of nowhere. I said this before, the show knows it’s a train wreck but it won’t stop going until the end. I’m extremely interested in how they finish this lol

    Jason Isenberg

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