「その手が守ったものは」 (Sono-te ga Mamotta Mono wa)
“The Things Those Hands Protected”

The battle against Bazett ends with a trick & a bang … but it’s not over yet. 2wei Herz confirmed!

Serious Fight, No Deaths

The possibility of death is often used as shorthand for “this is serious”, but it doesn’t fit in every story. Prisma Illya is one where characters falling over dead left and right would feel wrong, whereas in the rest of the Fate universe, it’s assumed. Then they brought out Bazett in, which should have complicated things mightily. What’s impressed me is how Bazett and the others have been going all out without it feeling like a body count was about to start piling up.

Case in point, Fragarach. As Ruby and Rin explained, Fragarach is a countering Noble Phantasm that, when used after the enemy’s strongest attack, rewinds time (and causality) so the enemy’s attack never happened and Fragarach pierces their heart. Save for rare, specialized circumstances, Fragarach is a lethal attack, which means that Miyu should have died. That they got around this by having it be the Rider card that Miyu used, meaning it was her mount Bellerophon’s heart that was pierced, not Miyu’s. That’s a bit convenient, but it worked for me because it kept the tone of the battle serious without sliding into grimdark.

From Bazett’s killer punches to all the damage that was taken, the battle was always serious, but I felt like everything was going to be okay. Or at least, everyone was going to survive. Probably. They towed that line well.

Assassin & Rin’s Curse

Illya’s transformation from powerhouse nuker to tricky tactical fighter has been great. When she started trying to bind Bazett, I didn’t believe for a second that was her goal, nor do I think did Bazett. Then when Bazett hit her, I thought she went for the Berserker card so she could weather the blow, which just shows how unsubtle I am! I didn’t imagine the Assassin card was her goal, but damn if it didn’t work. Barely!

It’s Rin’s curse that really made me smile though. Damn if I don’t like watching a bullshitter work! And it was actually a good idea against someone as straightforward as Bazett, even if they should have used a better curse than the Maleficium. (Though I do appreciate the Chekhov’s Gun. Trope!) Like a little pain would stop a monster like Bazett. But so desperately bluffing against someone so powerful does my heart good, especially since the death part was a total lie. Rin is a proper Fate magus. She has a mind like a corkscrew.

Just be Friends Already, Dammit!

After the battle, Illya was dissatisfied that they only took back three of the cards, but Rin mollified her. Wasn’t it enough that they saved a certain someone. Warm and fuzzies abound as Illya is happy she saved a girl who tried to kill her. They’re really friends now, and have forgiven each other for slights both real and imagined. And they’re bathing together, and sleeping together, d’aaawww!

If only Rin and Luvia could learn from them. I was cracking up during that car scene! All that otome-like blushing, masking a complete lack of trust in each other. I do hope the series ends – whenever it ultimately ends, in 3rei or beyond – with Rin and Luvia truly becoming friends. (Spoiler tags if that’s already happened, people.) I’m pretty sure that’s what Zelretch-sama is after. I’m enjoying their hilarious backstabbing in the meantime though.

Looking Ahead – Protected Their Normal Life

I imagine the last bit was anime original, because it was a nice bookend to what is actually only halfway through the source manga. The happy-happy fun-fun montage of the girls’ normal life threw the danger from earlier in the episode into stark contrast, and better conveyed what it was they were really fighting for – not the cards, like Illya was yakking about last episode, but to defend their loved ones and their happy normal lives. It tied it up quickly without wasting much time, which I really liked. Now, can we see more of said happy normal lives? Beach episodes, beach episode, beach episode, RAR!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The battle against Bazett ends with trickery & a bang. They protected their happy normal lives…until they return in 2015! #prismaillya s2e10 END

Random thoughts:

  • She picked Miyu up by the leg and slammed her into the $#&*in’ ground! Is it bad if Bazett is becoming my favorite? Fate/hollow ataraxia anime please!
  • Loved that dust cloud. I say I’m unsubtle, but that’s what I would have done too. As Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam of Dune said: “You’ve heard of animals chewing off a leg to escape a trap? There’s an animal kind of trick. A human would remain in the trap, endure the pain, feigning death that he might kill the trapper and remove a threat to his kind.” Bazett drew a trap around herself in order to draw the girls in, that she might eliminate them. Now imagine if she was going all out.
  • Another reason Rin’s bluff was so gutsy: the curse transferred Illya’s pain to Bazett, but Bazett was after Kuro. She could have ignored Illya while she was killing Kuro. Good thing Rin had found that eighth card. (No points for guessing who it is, Fate fans. Spoiler tags etc.)
  • Love how everyone is misunderstanding about Illya & Kuro sleeping together, in the best of ways. Considering Kuro’s past actions, it’s understandable. Miyu was so insistent!
  • Blushing Taiga, blushing friends, blushing Miyu as Luvia feeds her, HNG~! That was delicious. I don’t think I can eat another bite.

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Final Impressions

After all the rushed, half-assed, and altogether failed adaptations that litter the anime industry, it’s nice to see a studio that consistently puts out good work. Silver Link does exactly that. (Also, Dogakobo.) Coming from the first season, I had little worry that 2wei would be great, especially since I had read enough of the source material to know that Kuro was on the horizon.

Kuro is great! True, she never apologized for the attempted murder, but that doesn’t bother me – from the appropriately fumbling communication between young girls to the unstated trust that has grown between her and Illya (and Miyu), it’s clear that she would never hurt Illya now. No more than any sister would, that is. And she’s a comedy riot! From her kissing shenanigans, to competing with Illya for their onii-chan, to Saitou Chiwa doing her best loli-Kimi impression, she’s an excellent addition to the cast.

The action this season remained excellent. Silver Link was really showing off with some of the crazy camera pans, and their sparring use of CG avoided breaking immersion (though that’s largely because CG is getting so good). Capturing Kuro and Archer Kuro vs Saber Miyu were great, but the arrival of Bazett (in her first proper action-packed anime appearance) was the cream of the crop. She’s so brutal, and seeing her take on the entire cast of protagonists and still fight them to a draw was awesome! Can you believe the battle against her was only halfway through the source manga? (Remember those spoiler tags, source readers.) Having her lurking around can only make this series better.

Best of all, they didn’t rush. Silver Link took their time and, with ten episodes, decided to tell half the story rather than rush and try to get it all in. That could have left us frustrated, but Prisma Illya 2wei, Part 2: production confirmed! I wish I understood the anime industry better so I could anticipate sequels, but there are too many variables. Just BD/DVD sales aren’t enough. Case in point: Prisma Illya, which has gotten two instant sequels despite decent-to-good DVD/BD sales. Sometimes the goal is to stimulate source material sales (No Game No Life), other times to draw viewers to the station (Log Horizon), and of course there are labors of love (Coming up with a blank here…). Here I think it’s about keeping Type-Moon and the Fate universe on the top of people’s minds, to build up anticipation for their other works. Plus they’re probably not losing money on Prisma Illya if nothing else.

Whatever the case, this season was highly enjoyable, and my only major concern – whether there would be enough episodes to tell the story – has been thoroughly alleviated. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! confirmed for 2015, and I would expect it in Summer again. Until then, we’ll just have to make due with ufotable’s Unlimited Blade Works next season. How will we survive!

End Card


  1. No, Rider’s heart was not pierced; for all intents and purposes, when a card is installed YOU become the heroic spirit it represents. What Fragarach killed was Miyu’s Pegasus, which makes sense because though she was making the Pegasus attack Bazett, the Pegasus was the one actually unleashing the attack, and thus was the one pierced and killed by Fragarach.

  2. Not a bad end to the season at all, goes out with a bang and confirms what probably should have been expected in the sequel not being far away. Personally I found 2wei to be tighter and more streamlined than the previous cour, it stuck to a faithful adaptation and pulled no punches in giving the viewer what they wanted. The faithful adaptation is the key part though and shows how well certain series can be successfully transferred into an animated format when properly handled and not blazed through at near light speeds just to reach the “interesting” bits. For that alone 2wei is deserving of at least a good score (7/10) IMO. Even if not wholly unique, 2wei nevertheless was still a fun and enjoyable ride. Definitely going to be returning for 2wei part two.

    As for when we can expect 2wei part two it will probably be either spring or summer next year and likely depends on whether FSN:UBW will be split cour or not as the rumours flying about are stating. Personally I’m guessing spring as it would line up nicely with the show already in production, but anything is possible at this point 😛

  3. Bazett was a Great “OP Villain”. Even she had some weak points, and that was that she only has 2 Arms and 2 Legs :). Well they build Bazett with a weak point.

    The Fight with her, was really the Grand Finale, worthy for this Anime. I think i will try the 2nd Season again

  4. NOOOO! My Mizugi episode… got to wait X months now 🙁
    Rin and Luvia are best frenemies ever, backstabbing each other gleefully when not saving each others lives… and all in most comical fashion!
    Bazette’s weapon is so OP, I guess she would had to be sniped from afar without being aware of attack… Where is Kiritsug when his daughter(s) need him?

    1. @ewok40k

      With Bazett’s reflexes, I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow avoided that … though since Kotomine took her out, maybe not. She’s vulnerable to sneak attacks and trickery, after all.

  5. And that’s why Bazette is my favorite TM girl next to Rin and Rider.
    Also, Rin and Luvia should just make out already.
    I like Miyu’s heavy emphasis on sincerely wishing that the only one Illya kisses for fun is her in the preview and her interrogation on how it felt to sleep with Illya.
    At this pace, maybe I’ll get to see the scenes I want in 3 more seasons.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Giorno Giovanna
  6. Heh, I actually wouldn’t mind getting another season of this show every year till the source material runs out.

    Because honestly, this franchise is only getting better with every iteration. While it has niggling little flaws in places, this season wás better constructed than the first one. It was more coherent, the pacing was a wee bit better and the overall story more interesting. Kuro was a great addition to the cast and it yet again gave us some absolutely awesome fight scenes. I can certainly appreciate that they didn’t rush this either, as that was my single biggest worry coming into this season. Luckily the people behind this knew what they were doing.

    This franchise is a true alternative take on the Fate universe instead of some gimmicky aside, and it’s certainly working for me.

    Also, regarding your comment about labours of love, wouldn’t stuff like Space Dandy count? Unless you count that as drawing viewers to an American station or something (though even so, I think it would still qualify).

    1. Space Dandy could be a labor of love, though it’s a better example of a new (rare, and so far, exclusive to Dandy) tactic of drawing revenue from American TV’s different business model rather than Japanese BD/DVD sales.

    1. It might be a pun on Herz (Heart) and Hertz (the unit of frequency; it has the same name in German).
      2 hertz would be 2 heartbeats per second, so 120bpm, a hightened heart rate.

      It might also be referring to the onomatopoeic word “dokidoki” which consists of two “heartbeats” and also signifies a fast beating heart.

    1. I’ve said it a lot of times and I’ll say it again. It’s a good time to be a Fate fan.
      With this just ending, UBW 1st cour next season, its 2nd cour in Spring and 2wei Herz most likely in Summer again, that’s practically a whole year of Fate related stuff even with a season break.
      So good.

  7. Pictures Battle:

    Hey!, Kuro!. You are cheating again. Your stealing Onii-san from me again…
    Say Ahhhh!!!. Oh no Master, you doing dirty things with me!!!
    Ha!, Do not make Illya angry little Master!
    So, Onii-san is not only after you Kuro, he also likes Miyu!!, unforgivable
    Hahaha, he felled for my Tanned Skin, and not for you Flat White Sister!!
    Okay, thats Enough!. I challenge you to a Duel, winner gets Onii-san for 1 Day
    1-1-1-1111 Day, you say?
    Rock ON!! Sister, feel my Blades!!
    I warn you, i will not go easy on You!
    Ha!, first Strike!!
    STOP!, dont fight you Girls!. I am here to stop you and beat some sense into you…
    First Punch!, first Hit!!.
    2nd Punch, next Hit!!
    Mommy!!!, that’s hurt!!
    Do you both want more? There is more where it came from!!, you want to be nice girls now?
    Okay, that Punch of yours is inhuman. Did Mommy send you here?
    I-i accept your conditions, and let it slide for today…
    There, you are a good Girl. Now shake hands like Sisters!
    Oh my, what happed with you both?
    Uhh, we both tripped and fell down, thats because we are Dirty…
    Kuro: Next Time Illya, i get Onii-sama for sure!!!… Illya: Dream on, Kuro!!
    Should we come to an agreement, that our real Enemy is not Flat Chest Illya. No it is Tanned Skin Kuro!
    Dam, that Girl!. I will rip her Hair to Shreds!!!
    I will capture here and put her in my Iron Maiden with Pink Ribbons!!

  8. They did make a fairly notable change to the post-battle scene where the Illya siblings go back to their house, but honestly I think it may be better this way. The way they did it here reinforces the sisterly bond between the two, rather than pushing more awkward selfcestuous embarrassment into their relationship and maintaining unnecessary mild-antagonism between the two (which is how the manga played it). Not that it’s necessarily bad to have Kuro blush when she looks at Illya’s face close up (and the ensuing response was amusing), but… well… their relationship just feels better here.

    The change also fit in nicely with the anime-original slice-of-life scenes that came afterwards.

    I would saa this adaptation is doing a fine job: wielding the tools of altering scenes, anime-riginal-content, and/or cut content with a very deft hand. The worst thing I can think of that they did this season was the unnecessary recap and filler scenes at the beginning of episode 9, where it felt obvious that they were padding the episode to make it end at a climactic point. Beyond that… I really can’t think of much to complain about, adaptation-wise.

    1. Agreed. I always despair when people demand totally faithful adaptations, because judicious cuts/changes often make for a better story. They ought to make changes to adapt to the new medium or tell a slightly different story! It worked well here, more often than not.

  9. Thoughts: Well my impressions on the show this season overall were kind of worsened. First season was somewhat mediocre but was still a fun little show to watch. Second season had many additions to it that i really didn’t like including Kuro, even more loli fanservice and a lame ending to a final boss battle (even if it was smarter for her to leave it’s just so anticlimactic when a boss just goes “Ah well I’ll try to kill you later!”).

    I was interested in Miyu’s backstory but apparently that’s still being put on hold until next season…………again. Speaking of which it’s a shame they focused on Kuro and Illya’s relationship instead of Miyu and Illya. Kuro had to come in and ruin all that eh? Oh did I mention I hate Kuro? Just gotta make sure ;). My mood is just soured by mentioning her. Anyways!

    Comedy wise I think there are a couple “trying to hard to be funny” parts but it did genuinely get a laugh out of me at times. I still think the humor can be the best thing about the show at times. It’s just a shame the more serious moments come off as a elementary school soap opera. There are far to many times where I feel the developments are just so predictably bland and straightforward that they aren’t even worth the effort of getting invested into. We all knew Kuro was going to become a friend, we all know no body is going to die, we all know that the final boss will be defeated regardless of overwhelming strength etc.

    I realize this isn’t specially story focused. But if you are going to tell a tale it might as well be intriguing. Not barebones. There is foreshadowing of future events but anyone not familiar with the source material isn’t likely to pick up on it.

    I’ve enjoyed spinoffs much more than the original series they are based off of before. THE UNLIMITED may have been much shorter than it’s original series but I got much more of a kick out of it because of how well it told it’s story in such a short time. But this is somehow getting more episodes than even Fate/Zero…………….(why logic why?). Oh well 3rd time is the charm right? 😛

    As for the reason the series is being split up allow a quote from the ever so wise CM clear things up.

    “To start off with, there’s this thing called a production budget and with just a single episode on average costing 2-300K dollars a pop, they may not have all the funds already and are waiting on sales acquisitions from their other series disc sales currently underway.

    While second and most importantly, times are tight. The economy sucks round the world. If you haven’t noticed, they’re splitting up 2 cour or multi cour series a lot more nowadays. The reason for this is, fuckin anime is expensive as hell in Japan. Just 2 episodes cost between 80 and 120 dollars to buy on disc. What happens is that, they noticed that series that had like 22-26 eps would have fantastic sales at the beginning, but by the end the sales would drop significantly or just outright suck ass. Now, putting aside horribly bad endings like with Guilty Crown which destroy sales and get orders cancelled left & right, they discovered that the sales would remain much more consistent if they split 2 cour (22-26 ep) series into 2 separate seasons, with a 3-6 month pr longer break between them. This is just simple business sense, cuz people tend not to like having only part of the series on disc, but they are actually given the time to save up between seasons. Now before you say something like, why not save up and buy later, besides the wanting of limited/special edition or first print, some series don’t go into multiprinings and once the first or whatever printings are done, that’s it, the only other place you’ll find it is on auctions and a lot if not most of the time, they become even more expensive there, especially if they are rare or popular series. Plus also keep in mind, that there’s ALWAYS new shit coming out that people will want so it’s hard to save and buy later, when that later there will be something else to buy. “

    1. first. and foremost there is no such thing as a spin -off in the nasuverse. all things that you may try to rationalize as a “spin-off” is actually an canon alternate universe supported and endorsed by nasu (every ending of each of the visual novels type moon has put out is a seperate universe…yes even the dead ends). the intriguing tale you want is in the story its just that the 3 arcs are mirrors of the 3 routes of the stay night visual novel…. 3rei is really dark tone wise. if you really want your answers to miyu you can always go read the manga because you know that exists you dont have to wait the year if you dont want to.

    2. The reason why Bazett feels is anti-climatic is because she is NOT the final boss. As been constantly pointed out, we are only done with 16 out of 27 chapters of a story. We literally stopped at Act 2. In the manga, once the Bazett arc ends, it immediately jumps to the next arc, rather than the Anime original second half here. Why do you think they’ve been building up the Birthday Beach party when it doesn’t happen this season? If anything, my biggest criticism of the 2wei anime is the decision to make it only 10 episodes when there is much more material that the first Prisma Illya.

      P.S. Prisma Illya gets more episodes than Fate/Zero because it has more material to adapt. See? LOGIC!

      1. But they fought her for 3…….straight episodes! I realize this isn’t the final boss of the series but for this season she totally is. Yet after all this fighting madness everyone just walks their separate paths as if the fight never happened. In that sense it could have been much more condensed than it was. All the chaos that was going on lead up to very little being resolved. Just doesn’t feel like it was worth all that budget xP.

      2. And they fought her for three straight chapters.

        Besides, if you count from the moment she sets off the alarms on Luvia’s house, to the moment she leaves the screen after declaring the truce; what with being able to discount the first half of episode 8, the second half of episode 10, the first five minutes and seven seconds of episode 9 which was made up of recapped scenes and filler scenes, everything before the opening of episode 10 which was pure recap, and the OP and EDs themselves; there was actually less than two episodes worth of content for her. They simply finagled things to try to end this cour with a big fight.

    3. @leatherhead333

      I’ll only comment on the sales part, since we clearly disagree on the rest.

      That’s a good (and interesting—I hadn’t heard it) point on BD/DVD sales staying more consistent for split-cour shows. That’s not what I was getting at, though. When Prisma Illya is drawing decent (but not exceptional) BD/DVD sales, and yet keeps getting insta-announced sequels, I assume something else is at work here, above and beyond operating capital requirements. I opined on what that might be, but the truth is I don’t know. It’s a bit peculiar, if not unheard of. Might be something like with Hitsugi no Chaika, where it’s the publisher driving the sequel(s) more than sales.

      1. -Clearly nobody agrees with me but that’s fine. Truth be told I know I can a little too brutally honest sometimes but it seems people take me for a troll with all the downvotes x(.


        Though I sort of get what you mean I’d say it was just already planned. Fate/Illya despite being a spinoff is still a Fate series related show. The producers had to know it was still going to generate positive sales. Things being instant announced when a single sale hasn’t been made is a HUGE indication it was already set in motion long ago. The first volume doesn’t go on sale until two weeks which is the exact same time frame the first series was sold (two weeks after it finished airing). Unless it’s shounen disc sales are usually the only thing that matters. So for them to plan out the series like this they easily could have guessed the series would get a decent amount of sales to warrant all these sequels before it even began. These are smart business people we are talking about here (though this is certainly unusual to me as well).

      2. Rather than everyone disagreeing with you because of your brutal honesty, I think the factor is actually your stupidity which they can’t handle.

        Your complaint of how Fate/Zero had less episodes than Prism Illya is completely unfounded because it is a 1:1 conversion of source material. Fate/Zero had successfully adapted the story with two seasons whereas Prism Illya has more to cover, therefore is getting more run time. Fate/Zero already had added in filler that some people disagreed with in the form of a Rin centric episode in Season 1, and I don’t think padding it any further with original material would have added to the story. You overlapping the size of the budget with your disapproval of the fight ending without any death doesn’t help your case either.

        If you thought making negotiations and confronting brawn with brains makes for an anti-climatic end, you clearly don’t know the target audience which TYPEMOON caters to; the type that are cordial to reading huge amounts of info dumps and plot exposition to explain why things went the way they did. You can easily grasp this having seen Fate/Zero where strategy takes center stage over brute force.

        I never thought it to be possible, but it seems people like you, who disagree with the use of fanservice with loli, would still continue to watch this series while complaining. Spoiler for the future, the emphasis on this front won’t change no matter how long this series goes, and you’ll even see a moe scene with a girl pissing herself and needing help if and when the 5th season comes out.

        “I was interested in Miyu’s backstory but apparently that’s still being put on hold until next season…………again. Speaking of which it’s a shame they focused on Kuro and Illya’s relationship instead of Miyu and Illya. Kuro had to come in and ruin all that eh? Oh did I mention I hate Kuro? Just gotta make sure ;). My mood is just soured by mentioning her. Anyways!”

        This was not due to any decisions made of the adaptation, the author had decided to focus on the Einzbern family for Zwei and the anime staff just faithfully adapted the story. I’m pretty sure the people that disagreed with you didn’t feel like engaging with a person so set in forcing his opinions onto others that of his unreasonable hatred of a primary character. The only solution I can see that you would approve of is Kuro writing herself out of the show, but sorry to say, Kuro doesn’t leave the show at your convenience for the foreseeable future.

        “There is foreshadowing of future events but anyone not familiar with the source material isn’t likely to pick up on it.”

        Welcome to the Nasuverse, enjoy your stay.

        P.S. If you’re prattling on and on about your own personal bias and needing to reinforce the fact that you hate Kuro that much while using 😉 emoticons without any justifiable reason, it’s only natural that people won’t give you time of day.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Giorno Giovanna
      3. @Giorno

        If stupidity is a difference in opinion I guess I’m stupid. Who knew?

        Yes I admit I was wrong about the series length thing but the rest of what you’ve attempted to call me out on is simply a difference of a opinion which i have already explained COUNTLESS times why I didn’t like being factored in. Since you probably haven’t read those comments though I suppose I have to go through the trouble of enlightening you in spite of your overly derogatory comments (let’s have some class here when dressing each other shall we?).

        Brain over brawn- As I already said this is the final boss for this season. They have been fighting her for 3 episodes. She has made many attempts to kill them. Yet after all this fighting madness she simply puts back on her coat and leaves as if nothing happened. So in the end NOTHING was accomplished. They just fought such a powerful villain for almost absouletly no reason. All they did was manage to drive her off for now. But she’s going to be back regardless. That’s my issue here. I have not read the source material. I am basing my opinion on what was shown on the screen in front of me. And for a season finale it was extremely weak. If she was shown in the middle or beginning of the series I wouldn’t have minded. But ending the series like this is just an extremely anticlimactic way to end it for me. I don’t care who the target audience is. I’m speaking as someone who has only watched this particular spinoff of the Fate series. So whether it works for me or not shouldn’t be thrown through your arbitrary notions of what can be deemed worthy of a complaint.

        Fanservice- The reason I was complaining about it was because they raised the bar so much from last season. In the first season it was tame most of the time. It never really bothered me enough to worry about it. But them adding more ecchi fanservice to me shows they are just pandering in order to boost sales. It has no contextual value in my opinion. This is part of the reason I hated Kuro. She was a despicable fanservice machine with all of her early antics. And on top of that she was a highly unsympathetic character. She complains so much about Illya not understanding her but never made any attempts to deserve sympathy from anyone. She was nothing more than a selfish prick who made many attempts to kill Illya with no explanation until her corny redemption episode. I’m sorry but I simply think she is badly written character since there were NO attempts to make the audience feel bad for her until they finally decide to explain her past. At that point I lost the ability to care about her situation because she had annoyed me for so long. In hindsight I don’t think Kuro is bad character. It’s just they should have made her selfish attitude more understandable early on and toned down on her forced yuri kissing antics. But I suppose I don’t have the right to complain about that sort of stuff because I’m a baka right? 😉

        By the way I use emoticons to show that I’m not entirely serious in my comments but I guess a sense of humor isn’t something a high and mighty fellow like you can comprehend right?

        If people disagree with me that’s fine but I’ve always actively stated why I dislike certain factors in this anime backing up my reasoning. Folks like you not agreeing with that isn’t of my concern. Just because someone isn’t jolly on your happy train doesn’t mean you have to throw them off. If you wish to be childish about it go ahead. But I continue to watch things that interest me in some way meaning I still was able to enjoy Fate/Illya to a certain degree. I wouldn’t complain about it so much had it met my expectations. Did i set them to high? Perhaps I did. But I judge everything I watch within my own criteria of it’s genre. So my enjoyment not lining up yours is simply my honest opinion. You can complain about it all you want, that’s just how it is bro =P

  10. For a moment there I thought: “How nice! Rin and Luvia really get along” then the illusion was shttered just as quickly, let´s be honest guys, those hate each so much that I can´t understand how they can be in same planet but if one of them is gone they wouldn´t what to do because they would lost the sole target of their hatred. XD

  11. My impressions for Prisma Illya Zwei

    1. Kuro has one fine piece of chocolate loli buttocks.
    2. Bazet was, is and always will be F*CKING AWESOME!
    3. Gotta love the mutual hate relationship between Luvia and Rin. Ill never get sick of it.
    4. The Zwei season has been one of the finest anime production i have ever seen. Hell, Im pretty damn sure that its makeing the cash cow of the season (SAO2) a run for its money. I met Zwei’s end with a standing ovation.
    5. ZWEI HERZ! FOR THE M*THERF*CKING WIN! HELL YEAH! The hype is already on baby!

  12. So ends the Bazett arc. Not so much a victory, but more like our magical girls are thankful that they got to live another day. I’ve heard some comments saying it ended abruptly, but realize this is not supposed to be the end of 2wei. If anything this serves more of character establishment for Bazett in Prisma-verse.

    The latter half though is anime original. Though I’m fine with it, since its used to establish Illya and Kuro’s relationship even further. And it does provide a nice moment for a jelly Miyu.
    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Miyu was ready to rag on Kuro for sharing a bed with her waifu.

    As for the Eight card, its pretty much an open secret for who they will be fighting. Unless the viewer is unfamiliar with the Fate franchise most fans already know who the “Eight Servant” is. All I’m going to say is this: Remember how broken Card Saber and Card Berserker were? Remember how AWESOME those battles were? Now add the fact that Show Spoiler ▼

    ARE YOU HYPED YET? 2015 can’t come soon enough.

  13. Honestly I thought the eight card will be Show Spoiler ▼


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