Have received a fair amount of positive remarks in regards to my question a few weeks back, I have taken pictures of and uploaded a variety of pictures from the ALDNOAH.ZERO ARCHIVEZ. It is undecided at this point if I want to continue this as a new column/type of post centering around figures/goods/media, but depending on your comments/impressions below, I’d be open to making more posts of this nature once every month or so (and more often where possible). So let me know in the comments what you think and we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a bunch of other storyboards/artbooks handy, along with some of the more popular figures and some CD’s while I’m at it, so there’s a lot more where this comes from.

After compression and saving it at a lower quality, they’re not as large as they used to be, but please note that the pictures below will be larger than typical episodic screenshots (about 4-5x as much) and will take longer to load.

Product Details:

The ALDNOAH.ZERO ARCHIVEZ were sold as a limited and exclusive item (¥4,500) at the Aniplex Booth at Comiket 86 earlier in August. Those that purchased it at the booth also received limited edition stickers. Alternatively, it was available for pre-order from 8/15 to 8/31 on the Aniplex+ JP Web Store, with delivery starting in September. The ARCHIVEZ are a set of three books.


  • The first of the set, this book covers character/series design images and interviews with the cast/crew.

  • The second of the set, this book goes over elements of the series plot and story line.

  • The third and last book of the set, this book contains a copy of the scenario and storyboards used for ALDNOAH.ZERO’s first episode.
  • Bonus Pictures

  • Additional pictures of book exteriors and the A/Z + aLIEz ED Single w/ First Press Double-Sided B2 Poster.
  • Related Products:

    1) A/Z | aLIEz ED Single w/ Limited Release Poster (¥ 1250 Regular, ¥ 1500 Limited)
    3) ALDNOAH.ZERO KG-6 Sleipnir and KG-7 Areion CANVAS Art (¥ 8000 / $79.98 excluding tax/shipping)


    1. Awesome share Zephyr. Thanks for the great pics. Though I’d really like to request some translations from book 2 that goes over the elements of the series plot and story line. I’m really interested about the background and current situation of the Vers Empire, which the anime has only lightly touched on, besides a more detailed insight on what and how the Aldnoah power really works. If you could spare the time that is.

    2. History
      This blog was originally started by Omni in late 2004 on Blogger in hopes of having a place to write about what he watched

      It is undecided at this point if I want to continue this as a new column/type of post centering around figures/goods/media, but depending on your comments/impressions below, I’d be open to making more posts of this nature once every month or so (and more often where possible).

      Well let’s see, there have been quite a number of other-than-anime posts,
      and those were quite interesting to read as well.
      1) reviews on manga
      2) reviews on visual novels
      3) reviews on OVAs / anime movies
      4) occasional highlight of Anime-Cosplay/Comics-Games (ACG) event

      From what I gather, all of those are associated with the genre of Japanese entertainment,
      and while RC is mostly about anime reviews, the Random Curiosity name itself does not impose any restrictions on what the nature of its contents should be, so yeah,

      5) reviews on figures/goods/media

      sounds interesting and wouldn’t be too off topic.

      If one of the RC writers has the free time and the interest,
      maybe other topics could be discussed as well, such as:
      – Light Novels? (particularly those without anime adaptations yet)
      – Anime industry stuff (eg Hayao Miyazaki & Ghibli issues, or Kazuma Kamachi’s 10th Anniversary Announcements, etc etc)

      —Off topic stuff—Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I agree with Techim. This is a blog, more content that the writers likes to post is better. Anyone who dislikes a certain topic can just skip reading that post, I do so lots of times and I am sure others do to. With the varity of writers so are you bound to like or agree with someone posting here and as sure to have at lest someone you do not agree with or like the same stuff as. But disagreeing with someone on the internet is not the end of the world.

      2. If we want more stuff on then we need follow things:

        1) More Server space + bandwidth billings

        2) More writers for the new Stuff, remember their doing here all on their free time and good will. They are not get paid to write here

      1. Remnants of a past age they are.

        And well, photos go only so far if you’re trying to get posts out in a timely manner and make them size manageable for people to load them with. Obviously it’d be better if I had an actual proper set up for this stuff, but that costs money and time, neither of which are of plentiful supply at the moment.

        In any case, they’re just meant to preview what the goods are and show what’s out there. They’re not meant to replace them in any sense of the word. If you don’t feel they showcase what’s nice about it, that’s fine, but I feel there’s definitely those out there that feel like it does.

      1. If I’m reading/matching the numbers correctly, yes. The last picture in Book 2 lists it as 007, which is locked on the webpage. Seems to be the case for a few others like 002 + 003 too. I’m not sure if they’re comprehensive, but there’s definitely locked stuff within.

        I did see actual physical file folders with the reports that people managed to get in Japan, so those exist as well. I don’t know how they’re acquired (the site seems to say in order to decode you need to visit a specific store) or much else about them however.

        1. Thanks for the confirmation.

          Anyway I think the Decode keys are published on stuff like leaflets, posters, visual sheets etc.
          Thats what I get from the first sentence of point 4, section 2 of the Hints web page.

          Theres also 5 information categories represented by a 2 letter prefix (point 2, section 2):
          visual, text, website released info, video, sound

          The hints page for those interested:

    3. I think having a preview of anime merchandise is very useful. Importing items from Japan is not cheap, and I know when I’m head-over-heels in love with a series it’s very tempting to spend a large amount of cash on merchandise. If I know what’s actually inside the packaging and can assess for myself if it’s worth buying (which for me usually means character designs and other unpublished art work), then that’ll help me make a more informed decision and save my wallet from depletion.

    4. Thanks for the post! *A*
      That’s a gorgeous way of dealing with posters.
      I’d love to know more about the contents–a translation would be too much to ask for but a short summary or the contents list and highlights of interesting points would be nice.

      I’d love to see more posts like this. Preferably in monthly compilations for smaller items of lesser interest worth checking out (a list of what you’re planning to buy would be interesting too.) and soon after it is released for items of greater interest like this Archivez files.

    5. I appreciate you sharing the contents of the Aldnoah Zero Archivez 🙂 I also learnt (from your comments) on how to “properly” pin up posters 😀 Would have loved a translation, but yeah, language barrier problems and time >< As much as RC blogs mainly anime reviews, the introduction of manga reviews (and the drama review of Ouran), music posts and events review is much appreciated as it covers the scope of Japan media instead of just focusing on one. So I think having posts like these are great to have on RC! ;P

      1. It’s a mixture of text and images, with a slight emphasis on one or the other depending on which book you’re looking at. For instance, Book 1 (44 pages) has a lot more images due to its nature as a character design book, Book 2 (36 pages) has an even mixture of both, Book 3’s definitely more image heavy with the storyboard (140 pages), but it does have a copy of the scenario used for Ep 1, which is a lot of text on a few pages.

    6. karice
        1. Apologies for a really late reply! I ended up translating/summarising more than I thought I would (^_^;;; ), but I’ve finally gotten through the history from the Guidebook.

          To me, the most interesting part was about the peerage system of Vers, though with episode 14, I think we’re starting to get a clearer idea of it in the show itself. Other than that, what the guidebook says about the Aldnoah activation rights seems to suggests that there are still a few mysteries there…


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