「かえってきてうりしか」 (Kaette Kite Urishika)
“Glad You’re Back”

I’ve tried writing this intro sentence about a hundred times now and I can’t seem to find the right combination of words to create a accurate enough sentence describe my feelings about this final episode. All I can say for sure though, is that this finale was absolutely fantastic.

True Parental Guidance

While Naru will always be best girl in my heart, it’s hard to deny that Handa’s mom is just as awesome. Her love for Handa knows no bounds and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime mom break from the mold in such an incredible way. She’ll beat the crap out of anyone, guilt trip you into agreeing with her, and when push comes to shove she’ll go as far as making cutesy a 😡 face to really make you feel bad. But among all the silliness, there’s no denying that Handa’s mom truly cares about her son. There’s no reason for her to act so brash if she really wasn’t concerned with his well being and when you think about just how much love it takes to get a mom to break so far from the mold, you’re entering a scale that’s immeasurable.

But let’s not forget the other person who was in-charge of bringing up Handa! While he may be just as awkward as the son he brought up, Handa’s dad in collaboration with the Village Elder and Museum Director managed to open Handa’s eyes to the world around him. Putting him in just enough danger to mature without risking his life or profession, I can’t help but be in awe when I think about just how consideration Handa’s dad put in to helping him mature.

So yeah, the true stars of this final episode ended up being the two characters we’ve seen the least of. Go figure!

An Ending for the Ages

I think I’ve come to realize that Barakamon isn’t a show that’s trying to depress us. It hints at the sadness that could lie in the shadows of a small village on an island but never risks getting within 15 feet of it — and I’m totally okay with this. But for the show to take my emotions and lead me to believe that we’re in for a sad ending only to give me such a heartwarming one is totally unfair! I don’t know about you but I couldn’t help but start tearing up when we finally got a chance to see what Handa wrote last week. A literal embodiment of what makes the village such a happy place for him, the tears just kept falling as the camera zoomed closer and closer. Because if there’s anything we’ve learned together with Handa, it’s that the people around you who make each and every day a little more fun are some of the most important in the world.

Final Impressions

It’s been an absolute pleasure blogging this show. With each episode taking the time to show us how important having a little fun is while hiding little life lessons among it all, Barakamon has turned into one of my favorite shows. Sure it may not have the crazy action scenes or cutesy romances but who needs stuff like that when you have a crazy cast of characters like Naru, Handa, and the rest of the gang primed and ready to have some legit fun (Naru for Best Girl 2014!)?

Besides that, I don’t really have too much to say. I’ve blabbed a lot on most of the posts where I felt a real personal connection with Handa and the lessons he’s learned so you can go through the archives to read that. But if I had to say something about the show, I have to give it props for the almost chilling way it lets anyone who watches it find their own meaning from the story it’s trying to tell.

Anyways, thanks so much for keeping up with the posts! I’ve loved reading all the comments (and thank you so much for the positive ones when I was feeling down) and discovering all the different ways you can view the show. While this show may not make it as AOTY (Anime of the Year), I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this show to anyone. Because no matter who you are, there are times in life where you’ll lose your way and sometimes the only way to really realize what you’re missing is to have the Naru in your life take you on an adventure. ‘Till next time!


  1. Definitely, Naru is best girl. Nothing can keep her down, no matter how much tragedy she’s been through in her few years on the planet. She’s definitely the strongest girl, too.

    Handa’s mom is a close second. A little crazy and overprotective as hell, but she’s a lot of fun.

    It’d be cool for them to come back in a few years, and maybe have the high school version of Naru start getting serious. Not that the manga is anywhere even close to that, but it’d be kind of cool nonetheless.

    Definitely one of the best shows of the season, and one of the best of the year IMO. THE best? Dunno about that. But definitely up there!

  2. I wonder though if I can let it go.. I have grown to love the charecters so deeply that I don’t want it to end. I will definately miss Seishu and Naru’s relationship, and everyone else. Barakamon to me has been a show of realizing everything around me to the tinitest of details, those simple relations with people.. they matter.

    Thank you Takaii for blogging this, I loved your posts for each episode and reviews as they depicted exactly what someone who loves this series would feel.


  3. An incredibly cathartic breath of fresh air is what Barakamon is. Sundays just won’t be the same anymore.

    I chuckled at the short skit of Hina helping Naru practice her Sensei-tackle, only for Hina to end up crying again. Really, is she having fun or…?

    Then there’s Handa’s mom… lordy, I wish a second season comes quickly so we could see what will happen when best girl Naru meets the runner up! Handa’s dad is totally awesome as well. Who would have guessed that he also stayed in the island? And yeah, his reason for sending Handa there makes a lot of sense, retrospectively

  4. I guess I’m in the minority here… but I found the series to be a bit mediocre. I don’t think it did the manga justice.

    Overall, I felt like it was a poor man’s Yotsubato. I might have enjoyed this show more if the main character were more likeable. He was mostly a normal (albeit hotheaded) guy at the start of the series… and gradually we became more and more acquainted with his annoyingly impulsive (throwing the tea at the calligraphy? really?), deeply insecure and extremely neurotic personality.

    The guy was only able to get back onto his feet because he was *just* different enough to interest the locals *and* because they all kind enough to bend over backwards for him in every way. It’s kind of sad that the guy could only reconfirm his confidence by hanging out with kids who, in his mind, could never threaten the self-made bubble that he retreated into following his breakdown at the start of the series.

    Anyhoo, I’ll miss Hina’s hilarious crying at the very least.

  5. Really enjoyed this series! Thanks for blogging it 😀
    The characters really grew on me and I had a lot of fun and laughs while watching this. I’m sure to miss this series 🙁 Still have no idea about Naru’s parents, but it doesn’t really bug me so much.

  6. It’s obvious the series only showed the highlights of his interactions with the tight
    community on the island, and the boring day-to-day stuff was omitted from the story.
    You know he had to spend quality teaching time with the girls’ calligraphy and
    they took his instruction seriously to place as well as they did in their competition.

    The thing that made their relationship special was their willingness to accept no more
    than he was able to give, and his willingness to give no more than he was able, even if
    it didn’t appear to be that much. The islanders identified with that sincerity, which is
    why they accepted. Naru represented the ultimate acceptance without judgement, IMHO.

    That foundation allowed both sides to learn and grow from each other and the rough
    edges in each of their interactions made for the great and heart-warming story which
    was portrayed and that I enjoyed (e.g., his fear of bugs).

    Only regret about the series, and this episode, is that no mention of Naru’s parents
    is made. I thought we’d hear something when his father was reminiscing about his
    time on the island; that maybe he knew Naru’s parents.

    Handa’s mom :: a loving mother in every definition of the word!

    But who knows, another season down the road…?

  7. Ah a great show comes to and end. It saddens me, what made Barakamon great was the fact that it had nothing fancy, there were no explosions, no magic, nothing supernatural or suspense for that matter. It just took in a few simple materials and delivered them on a golden platter in spectacular fashion. It’s the little things that count. Personally now I’m left wondering what would happen if that riot of a mom there visited the island. Somehow I just doubt we’ll have any anime of the same genre that can deliver like this for quite some time. This anime even had room to go down the sour road, yet it curved ever so smartly around that and still managed to make a lasting impression. Thanks for covering this great series!

  8. God, I was just one pile of mushy feels after another with this episode. When they were cleaning and all saying ‘For Sensei!’ I was tearing up. Then he came back and Naru tackled him I was outright crying. And by the time they showed his entry with all their names, I was just smiling and crying at the same time. I dont think any anime has made me smile and cry so hard at the same time.
    Naru definitely 100% gets my vote of best girl 2014. And though I was a bit curious to see what did happen to her parents, I’m satisfied with not knowing now. She’s just such a little ball of happiness. I actually wrote ‘Naru’ on my hand today before I went to work to remind me that no matter how hard work gets, I need to appreciate the little things in life.
    A GIANT thank you to Barakamon for lifting my spirits this year!

  9. Why nobody talking about Handa’s father? He was the angry type. He looked like he wanted to punch the chief, a baby and a photographer.

    I guess I’m in minority about Handa’s mother. Neither she’s that great mother (violent, passive-aggressive, manipulative, overprotective) nor is her type in anime such original. Her scene punching guys was funny to me only because she looked like form Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cast.
    But If you think about it her behaviour and over protectiveness contributed greatly to Handa’s neurotic personality. Both of parents shielding him from reality made him irresponsible, clumsy & helpless in the mundane life and robbed him form a normal childhood and friends. He has become so childish on the island at the age of 23 because only now he experiences how to be a child and that’s why he hit so good with all the children and teenagers.

  10. I think the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the fact that Handa is 23 and his parents, more specifically his mother, feel they can order him to stay home in Tokyo even if that isn’t what he wants. Last I checked an adult doesn’t have to follow anyone’s path but their own. Then again, this is probably a cultural thing.

    Either way, I enjoyed this show immensely, up in the top 3 of this season for me with Nozaki-kun and Space Dandy2. If this gets brought over to the US I will buy it. If this gets a sequel I will watch it. If I see merch I will purchase it. A show like this needs to be rewarded.

  11. Daaaamn, gonna miss this series, especially the kids’ cute voices T^T
    Probably my favorite show of the summer season. Which overall was a great season, I’m eager to see how fall season fares.

  12. Awesome finale <3 I really loved the OP especially w/ beautiful lyrics that matched this anime.
    Will miss Barakamon and would definitely recommend too!All the characters were unique~those kids voice <3

    thank you Takaii for the posts!!

  13. His mother is hilarious. That’s how mother is suppose to be like. If your looking through the son’s perspective there is always a sense of security with a mother like that than a highly work oriented mother especially if something happens.

  14. If Random Curiosity had a “Best Anime Mom and Dad of 2014” Category in their awards, I’d say they’re both in this anime. First time I saw Handa Emi, I thought she was maybe Seishuu’s older sister. And while I hope this would get a second season, it had such a satisfying closure that it could do without one. A second season would still be amazing though.

  15. Think you nailed the spirit of the show Takaii. Reminds me about what the ending of hunter x hunter was trying to get across as well. Have fun on the journey and the ones you meet and spend time with are important to how you see the world. I haven’t laughed out loud for an anime so often for a long time. Was really refreshing. And yes…i teared up at a few moments. man tears mind you :-).

    Good job blogging and looking forward to your next effort.

  16. Solid coverage Takaii!
    Thanks for taking us along this wonderful journey.
    I hope this isn’t the last we see of this series too.
    So many more painful experiences we must seeeee!
    another series to wait on a sequel for D:

  17. My fave anime of 2014, period. I looked forward to the anime, since I enjoyed the manga so much, but the anime was even BETTER. The voice actors: amazing. Whoever cast the voice of Naru should get an award just for that choice.

    I am so sad it’s over. I want MORE MORE MOOOORE. I want to pack up and move there. Sniff.

  18. I can’t believe I almost missed this show. It was very refreshing, a great slice-of-life. Would have ended better if he actually won but I guess it’s good that he didn’t because it showed us that he has much to learn and improve while staying on the island.

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