OP Sequence

OP: 「漆黒を塗りつぶせ」 (Shikkoku wo Nuritsubuse) by Nomizu Iori

「遺体あつめる皇女」 (Itai Atsumeru Koujo)
“The Princess Who Gathers the Remains”

Lucky break! Chaika back. Grateful, good! Jump right in. Action now!

Right Back Into the Action

There are two things I like about Hitsugi no Chaika. (Two things I’m going to mention right now. There are a lot of things.) First, it feels like an old school D&D campaign, and while that doesn’t scream innovation to some, I think the old epic-fantasy-adventure formula works for a reason, and its familiarity is comforting. Plus Order of the Stick long ago proved to me that you can tell a badass D&D-style story even without letting people play.

Second, they’ve never been shy about advancing the plot and having Chaika Trabant (Anzai Chika) actually collect some remains. Where other shows would drag these out, Hitsugi no Chaika gets on with it. It reminds me of watching Mirai Nikki, where I often found myself saying “Whoa, another diary holder already?” That’s a good thing, because it keeps us from getting bored.

With that in mind, they wasted no time putting Team White Chaika in front of another hero. That plus the glimpse of Emperor Gaz, along with strong indication that his death was planned, my-death-is-just-the-beginning style (trope!), made for a quick start full of questions I want the answers to.

A Kind Hero

I have a soft sport for kind antagonists. Remember that though “antagonist” and “bad guy” often point toward the same people, that’s not always the case; the antagonist is merely opposed to the protagonist, whatever their alignment. The Gillette Squad are antagonists even though they’re good people. So it is with Lady Claudia as well. Which I like because—well, they were heroes! Not that all of them have been paragons of humanity in the past—the first guy was rough, Frederica (Saito Chiwa) is excused since she’s a dragoon, and that one old dude in the fog was as nutty as an explosion in a peanut butter factory—but I like seeing one that’s really hero-like. Oh, and well-adjusted—it’s not easy to come back from a war and reintegrate back into peace-time society, but not only did she do that, she created jobs for her fellow soldiers. And they involve booze! If she turns out to be crazy evil, I’m going to be pissed.

It does make me wonder why she’s willing to be so kind to Chaika and co. Does she see the honest innocence in our Chaika? Maybe, though since two-episode arcs are pretty much the rule in this series, we’ll probably find out next week.

Vivi is a Chaika After All

The biggest thing I was curious about after the end of the first cour was what was going on with Vivi Holopainen (Nomizu Iori) suddenly going full Chaika. And once again, many stories would have dragged this out, but not this one—Guy (Murase Ayumu) showed up and confirmed it outright. In a way I’m disappointed because more intrigue would have been nice there, and also because I missed orange-haired Vivi. The rest of me is pleased because this opens up even more avenues for intrigue.

Looking Ahead – Za Rematch!

Hitsuki no Chaika is one of the gem which I wish we would have blogged during the first cour. I’m considering rectifying this situation for Avenging Battle. I haven’t made a decision yet though, because Stilts-oniichan has a lot on his plate. You can expect me to blog at least one more episode though, and I’ll see from there.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Lucky break! Chaika & co dive right into a battle with another hero, as the truth about Vivi is partially confirmed #chaika s2e1

Random thoughts:

  • They have no problems showing blood in this show. After Terra Formars, I appreciate not making such a big deal about it.
  • They used a good, simple way to show the effects of the Iron-Blood Transformation. Tooru (Majima Junji) and Akari (Hara Yuuko) powered up, and then started running muuuuuch faster. That got it across in a single instant.
  • I can’t tell if Chaika didn’t drink that glass of wine, or if they just painted the realistic effects of having a single glass of wine. Probably the former, given Japanese laws on media depicting minors drinking or smoking (even though they can show them killing, which is far more illegal. It’s a crazy world we live in), but I like to think they just didn’t overdo it for the easy comedy.
  • Akari is on the attack! I missed this show.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「ワタシハオマエノナカニイル」 (Watashi wa Omae no Naka ni Iru) by Anzai Chika, Zougou Saeko, Nomizu Iori



  1. that weird/cute way of talking… yup… Chaika has truly made her triumphant return!

    Since i dont read the source material, I am excited at the things to come.

    By the way, I think the Red Chaika is the smexiest Chaika, followed by Vivi.

    1. I always referred to it as “The Adventures of Doge-chan” and more recently I’ve grown fond of the title “Hitsugi no Doge”. I do like the antagonist they’re currently facing. It’s nice to see someone apposing the main characters without excessive mustache twirling and general douchery. Can’t wait to see how the rest of this season goes!

      The Walker
  2. https://randomc.net/image/Hitsugi%20no%20Chaika/Hitsugi%20no%20Chaika%20Avenging%20Battle%20-%20OP%20-%20Large%2001.jpg

    I’d like to think this image depicts the Chaika group in a nutshell. Tooru’s super serious, Akari’s looking boss despite clearly looking at and Tooru wondering what would be the best way to have him stuffed, Frederica doesn’t give a f*** and Chaika looking kawaii as all get out.

    I still find it impressive how they manage to keep this 2 episode per volume pace and not make it feel rushed to the point of making it unwatchable. I’ve seen Oregairu do pretty much the same thing, but that was mostly because it cut off majority of the side fluff and focused on the main storyline.

    And you should totally cover this Stilts. Chaika really wants you to.


    You’d have to be a special kind of evil to want to turn that smile filled with hope into a look of sadness. 😛

  3. Vivi… 🙁 Don’t let him brainwash you, girl! No matter what he says, you’re still Vivi!

    Guy, I don’t care what you are, you keep your hands (and any other form of influence) off my Vivi, or I’ll find a way to force-feed you your own intestines! >:(

  4. This show certainly doesn’t waste any time. Another season, another hero to fight right off the bat. Another hero antagonist, in this case, and I like how she basically made a sport/test out of it. Though that was quite a cliffhanger they left us on, gah. I was really going ‘oh come on!’ when the episode ended. Which is a good thing in some ways, I suppose.

    I also wonder if Gilette’s really dead. The opening still kinda shows him, and I haven’t heard of a body being found. Makes you wonder where he’d have been for a month though. Hope it’s not some kind of memory loss bullhockey.

    Anywway, even though the first season wasn’t flawless, this still was one of the shows I was looking forward to the most this season. For some reason I’ve got an innate fondness for this author’s works and the world and characters portrayed within (man, I miss Outbreak Company). This is particular is as classic as fantasy gets, and I love it for it (execution > originality here). Too bad it only has ten episodes, if I believe MAL.

    That also means I’d certainly like to see it get blogged, was always sad the first season didn’t get that honour.

    1. Personally, I doubt Gillette is dead, if only for the lack of a body, and because it would be way more interesting if he reappeared. If we’re really running off D&D logic, that almost assures he’s still alive. They didn’t mine it for the full drama his death would entail. That’s all a guess though.

      1. I remember from the last season of chaika, Gillette was shown right before the blast hit with 2 “Guy” behind him. It was mentioned in the blog post too, either by author or comments.

        It was hidden quite well, there was literally only a couple of frames where you could have caught that. I’d expect to see him back soon.

  5. This is one of those shows that isn’t overly unique or fantastic, but amidst all the complaints and nitpicking remains consistently entertaining and fun. Although the problem of source chopping always remains, Chaika is never fragmented or fast, it gets right on with the plot, stays with the plot, and never once grows confusing. IMO Chaika is one of the better adaptations to have come out recently, it shows how to (if not perfectly) adapt written material into visual form without all the nagging issues often encountered. Plus it gives a good dose of fantasy adventure that’s always welcome in the current incessant sea of moe 😛

    TL;DR? Chaika is love, Chaika is life. You can never have enough Chaika.

    1. You know, that man is right 😀

      Especially about how Chaika is love, one does not simply hate Chaika, and she’s so adorable and innocent, makes me want to protect and help her too! 🙂

      Trap Masters
    2. I agree with this completely. This is just a very competent, enjoyable show. It was never the show that I waited desperately for each week, but whenever it did come out I would always enjoy myself watching it.

      And despite it’s overall functional fantasy story, it’s actually got a nicely different setting and its characters are all a little different than the standard in fun ways. Chaika is of course adorable, but she carries a massive gun which is fun. Tooru I like because unlike most anime male leads he is utterly level-headed, responsible, and confident, and his fighting style with the dual wire-knives is cool. And his sister is great fun, being the standard bro-con sister, but utterly upfront and emotionless about it is pretty great. Plus she uses a spiked warhammer, which I may have never seen ever.

  6. Man another series I’ve looked forward to return, along with Log Horizon!

    Although the plot isn’t anywhere near original, it’s still a nicely orchestrated story that’s fairly smooth and gives the audience some of the most balanced main characters in these shorter, non-shouen jump action series, where the MC is strong and dependable, so they’re not completely useless until when it counts but not entirely over powered so that it makes it a breeze to collect the remains. Really loved the op and I definitely missed the way Chaika talked, I don’t know why but I just find it so cute XD!

    Overall really pumped to see where second season is going to take us, having already gotten us back into the swing of things!

    Trap Masters
  7. This was a pretty good first episode to start the next season. Their was a part where Fredrika was talking about making a pact with Toru to become a Dragoon Cavalier again. I wonder if we will see it happen this season it seems interesting.

    1. That’s a sore spot for me. I don’t like it when characters have an easy way to power up just sitting around, and they don’t take it for reasons. It makes me think that they’re holding off on the Frederica power up until it’s plot necessary, but if it happens I’ll be sitting there going “Why didn’t you do this 15 episodes ago Tooru? Would have made everything much easier.”

      There are ways to make a denied power up work. If there’s some cost to be paid that the character in question doesn’t want to pay, that makes sense. Here I’m not seeing that. About the only cost Tooru would seem to incur would not being able to get rid of Frederica, and since he’s already used to dealing with the doggedly determined Akari, I think he can handle that fine.

      Edit: Actually, I read up on it, and Tooru would have to Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I get the vibe that it is a personality conflict more than anything. Not that Tooru dislikes Frederica, but it goes against his values and core beliefs to partake.

        Just like Chaika is pretty innocent, and wouldn’t want to play underhandedly if she can avoid it.

        Not taking obvious power-ups annoy me too, but it seems genuinely within character this time. They’ve got a good host and they wouldn’t want to spoil that relationship, nor their own feelings of self-worth.

  8. The first season really did grow on me. There are so many good things one can see bout this show. Good story, characters, etc. Yeah it may not be as flash as a few other shows but it’s very solid and consistent. Looking forward to finishing up this season

    Rick Anime
  9. The way Guy spoke is a bit confusing. Is Vivi simply A Chaika – just another clone or something with her own unique circumstances like all of them so far, or was Guy implying that she is THE Chaika, the original? And then there’s the mystery on her only “half awakening” and just what his own goals are as I doubt any of us really buy the “just an informant” angle.

    And yeah, nice to see a hero who is able to (still) show why they were a “hero” whereas the others thus far were mere shadows of their former selves (or dead/fake, in Frederica’s case). She even uses the remains as more of a motivating factor for the main cast than anything, claiming not to care about them.

    Anyway, so glad the series is finally continuing, and more red Chaika next!

    1. @HalfDemonInuyasha

      Guy did seem to be implying that Vivi was THE Chaika when he was talking … but then again, I don’t remember how (or if) he spoke of the other Chaikas. I have a feeling that he speaks to all of them like they’re the one true Chaika, in order to spur them on to collect the remains.

      1. Yes this is what my interpretation of it is. Perhaps after all the pieces have been gathered all the different Chalkas will be compelled to bring them all together.

        Thus, it may not matter which Chalka acquires a piece.

        anyway that is just a rough guess. Hopefully I am totally wrong because I love surprises 😀

        Rick Anime
  10. I don’t consider Hitsugi no Chaika a great show but it definitely knows how to play up it’s strengths making it a very good one nonetheless. Good thing they wasted no time and jumped straight into the action, as I find the action scenes to be one of the most enjoyable part of the series since they’re so detailed,especially when it comes to body movements. Another aspect I really like when it comes to the battles is how our 3 main characters often work together in order to defeat their foes,which are more-often-than-not quite strong. Skilled but far from overpowered protagonists put up against equal or stronger foes is something that I find way more enjoyable than this.

    Of course, action is definitely not all Hitsugi no Chaika has to offer,with the story of several Chaikas seeking their father’s(assuming he actually is their father) remains,each of them having a different reason for doing so and the mysteries surrounding him & them.

    The characters are are likeable enough and make the journey all the better. Though, I still wish Tooru & Akari would’ve gotten more characterization in the previous season, as well as Gillette. Frederica’s not bad either and that’s more than I could ask for since I initially expected her to be an annoying moeblob that steamroll’s our protagonists’ opponents,thus ruining the intense battles I so very much like.

    It goes without saying that I’ll be following this and I hope that someone will pick it up for coverage if possible.

  11. Damn. After watching this episode I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten much I love this show. Very happy to see the team again.

    If there’s one thing I couldn’t praise enough about this show is how amazing are the action sequences. Nice to see that the action sequences here are as good (if not better than) as the previous season.

    Regarding the Chaikas, and this is merely a guessworks and speculation since I didn’t read the source material, But I’m gonna put spoiler tag anyway just in case.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. If japanese laws are supposed to make sure that minors are not seen smoking or drinking, could we consider the child version of kiritsugu (fate zero) be the exception to that since he was still a kid when he began smoking on screen?

    1. I’m not super familiar with Japanese law on the matter. I know there are some laws to that effect since so many characters get drunk off .01% alcohol candies or “juice” (Love you, Minami-ke!), but I don’t know the details, like if they can ignore them in certain situations, on certain channels/time slots, or if some shows can just ignore the laws and nobody calls them on it.

      So maybe, but without knowing the details I can’t say if they slid that past the radar or what.

    2. @damrod

      Don’t really know how old Kiritsugu was when that scene occurred. UFOtable didn’t really bring attention to his age at that point so they might have felt they could get away with it if he was underage.

      Now JoJo though… it had some hilarious smoking censorship. When Jotaro started smoking in the Dark Blue Moon episode, they completely blacked out the bottom portion of his face. All you could see were his eyes. Got a good laugh out of that.

  13. It’s good to see Chaika back again, the first season was quite enjoyable. If I had one gripe it’d be that the episode felt rather slow; they didn’t even finish the fight with Claudia. Still, now that I recall that’s more the pace that S1 ran at, I guess they just decided to continue on without trying to reboot with a bang.

  14. Getting right into the action is something you don’t see too often, and they certainly didn’t waste any time.

    I really like how clean they were with following up from last season’s events. (Was pretty pleased they remembered to make mention of the dragoon cavalier to refresh memories too) The most important parts were covered and after that we get right into the thick of things. Highly recommended for first timers to watch season one first though.

    Glad to see familiar characters being the same old ones with the same quirks. This is a definite follow for anyone who watched and enjoyed the 1st season. 🙂

  15. I’ve always wondered what Iron Blood transformation did, since the name makes me think it’s some sort of armor buff, but the anime makes it seem like they focus more like going into Seed mode. Now I finally know that it’s a speed and power buff.

    Flayvor Of Evil
    1. Yeah, that’s been one of the minor downsides of the series to me – not much explanation into Taro and Akari’s backgrounds and what the Iron Blood Transformation is and whatnot (most likely something they learned from whatever training they did when they were kids, as shown last season). Hopefully we’ll get more info on it later given the explanation behind magic fuel and spellcasting and such we got this episode.

    2. It’s a combat ability buff. Definitely speed and power, though I’m not sure about durability. I don’t remember if the former was specifically noted last season (though I think it was … or I just assumed correctly), but they definitely showed it more effectively here.

      1. I haven’t read the LNs (yet!) so I’m not sure if it’s been explained why Touru and Akari do not just immediately do their transformations every time they are to do some fighting.

        It brings me back to Vivi’s comment in Season 1 Ep 3 about how Saboteurs are cheaters. This was in reference to the fight between Touru and Nikolay in Ep 2. Why didn’t Touru use his transformation during that fight? Is there some kind of time limit? Does it involve sacrificing how long they can live?


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