The final fight continues, and it’s all about the ideological clash between the two most powerful ninja left in existence. On one side we have Naruto, leading everyone with the optimistic view that the peace obtained from the defeat of a common enemy will last, and that it is worth the gamble of pursuing. And on the other side, we have Sasuke, who’s of the belief that the only lasting peace can come from the constant presence of a neutral threat that equally enforces all parties. Needless to say, both sides have their merits, and it’s an interesting equation to look at when you consider that Sasuke seems to have the ability to reincarnate himself at will.

Indeed, if there was a major flaw in his plan, it would’ve been the fact that there’s nothing to ensure his ideology carries over after he dies. But, if he is immortal as he claims to be… well, then that ceases to become an issue. In that sense, one could see his method actually working out with a higher degree of success than Naruto’s ideology, which begs the question: is that kind of world worth it? Essentially it’s a world ruled by fear, and one wonders whether or not such enforcement makes living worth it in the first place. In addition, it’s questionable what Sasuke would even consider enforceable in his new world order, and it’s also not a given that his presence will prevent every act of atrocity anytime and anywhere.

It’s questions/decisions abound, and while I still don’t agree with Sasuke’s methods, I must say it’s a very interesting debate considering the lead up to this point. It only helps that the fight’s generally been pretty entertaining to watch as both Sasuke and Naruto are breaking out some ridiculous moves, and here’s looking forward to the next and now, third to last chapter. How time flies!


  1. Loving this fight
    Sasuke really is a genius when it comes to fighting. I honestly never would of thought he would combine the chakra from the tailed beast with his Sasanoo. I thought they would they stay out of the fight but he did it in such a badass way.
    I will say when he made that comment about Naruto’s shadow clone jutsu being a way for him to cope with his loneliness, that right there was kind of a dick move lol

  2. The world sasuke its trying to create is not worth it and sadly Naruto is to idealistic, hatred and war are parts of human nature but still during the 4th war he has managed to change the views of many even Onoki who i thought would have hate him, we saw hi giving hope to the shinobi world and that gives merit that his peace is not out of reach, still who will survive if not both die(though with the movie coming out seems unlikely Naruto will).

    Still the Sasuke in this chapter feels like the sasuke i have read in alot of fanfiction, a brat with god complex, i dont argue he has the power to back it up but still he get everything on a silver plater (Naruto aswell only time i saw him seriously training was with senjutsu and rasenshuriken)

  3. That pretty much sums up the whole debate. Who is right? Well undoubtebly Naruto’s ideology sounds a lot better than Sasuke and is the one that most unjaded people would readily subscribe to. Sasuke makes a great point though, without a common threat, people will not necessarily cooperate. There will be those who feeling secure turn inwards and satisfy their own self interests until it reaches the point that they step on others to sustain their insatiable appetites. In Sasuke’s method there would always be those who would seek the “naruto way” and band together to fight.

    In the end I can’t really say either side is correct. If we knew the answer perhaps there wouldn’t be wars here in our world today. I guess the best is to go somewhere down the middle, a method of interdependence where no one person or state controls everything but rather requires each other to continue.

    An interesting thought indeed but one which ultimately we have no answer to. In this series though, it will likely be Naruto who wins out in the end. This is Shounen afterall and we do want to keep the kids on the more idealistic side.

  4. Basically Naruto dreams too much while Sasuke literally has a chidori stuck up his ass 24/7.
    Neither are wrong, but neither are right.
    But I’d have to side with Naruto on this one sooner than Sasuke.
    While Naruto is all about everyone somehow coming together in love and peace, Sasuke is under the impression that some sort of “kill Sasuke!” witch-hunt is the best idea. All I see in his idea is a plan that literally can only work once. If in any way it gets messed up or morphed, it’s screwed and his plan is eternally flawed.
    With Naruto, at least he can learn from mistakes and adjust to the errors that occur. Sasuke would have to regularly maintain the seeds of fear and distrust in the future for this to work out…and working with fear and paranoia is risky business.

    What I want? I want Sasuke to fly back over to that army of ninjas, kill a whole bunch of them, and make Naruto go so everloving crazy as he realizes he can’t protect everyone that he adjusts his beliefs a tad bit.
    Badabing, badaboom.

    1. Also @Juan…

      This just reinforces what I was saying the last few chapters on Naruto and Sasuke merely being opposite extremes that can’t really work on their own (and that’s really the purpose, Naruto being “the light” and Sasuke being “the darkness” similar to Hiruzen and Danzo and whatnot). One of them either must obtain the balance between light and darkness themselves OR they must learn to put aside such differences and be the one to balance out the other like Hiruzen and Danzo did more or less.

      Hiruzen was the kind, peace-loving grandfatherly figure who stood out in the light and that the villagers loved while he most likely knew that Danzo remained in the shadows behind the scenes, staining his hands in who-knows-how-much blood in the real world to maintain the peace those people currently enjoyed. Hiruzen may not have personally liked it, but he was also realistic and knew that it was a necessary evil.

      Sasuke is basically planning on taking Danzo’s methods to the extreme. Sasuke’s view may be more “realistic” when compared to the real world, but it also relies on him being the one and only “villain” in the picture, but as we saw with the likes of Orochimaru, Akatsuki, Obito and Madara, there will always be more than one with their own agendas that could end up throwing wrenches in plans and end up dividing that unity meant to target Sasuke and others can and would try to take advantage of that discord.

      Same with Naruto on Hiruzen’s stance in being peace-loving and such, but without having any sort of “darkness” involved. The problem with Naruto’s method is that it relies so heavily on believing people, including himself, being/remaining “good/kind/understanding/etc.” and if not, that they can be “saved” and only in the most extreme cases (Madara levels) would he resort to killing. Even now, he’s suddenly saying he won’t kill Sasuke despite saying long ago that they would fight and both die. Such naive idealism can easily be corrupted (as we saw with Naruto foil enemies like Nagato and Obito) or taken advantage of by less savory characters, twisted into something else entirely while still believing it’s what they want.

      After all, Nagato wanted to use the Biju as a massive weapon to give to villages to use against each other until so much life was lost because of attempting to fight a war that they would fear going to war ever again, the whole time Nagato believing it would bring about “true peace”.

      In a way, Naruto is much like Shiro Emiya from Fate/stay Night. Shiro wanted to be a “hero of justice” who wanted to save everyone no matter the cost to himself, but…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      …so maybe not exactly the same, but similar in that, again, they could be easily corrupted and/or taken advantage of.

      As mentioned, both Naruto and Sasuke are both right AND wrong in their beliefs.

      The problem is that both of them are stubborn to no end in believing their way is the (only) right way without acknowledging the inherit problems that come with their beliefs, and are clearly not considering many possibilities or long-term results their goals would entail. That also shows their mental immaturity and lack of real leadership capability at the moment and why neither of them make even good Chunin material much less Kage material. (And they would both absolutely suck at the politics involved in being a Kage; Sasuke would have the “my way or the highway” attitude while Naruto could easily be browbeaten into getting bad ends of deals most likely if he’s convinced it would help people. There’s also the fact that there’s much more than just fighting/the military, but also economic and social issues and such.)

      Not to say that they need to look at/expect nearly every single possible path/result/possibility/etc. like a genius like Shikamaru could do, but they need to at least acknowledge the pros AND cons of their beliefs and goals and consider at least some other possibilities and whatnot. This is why someone like Kakashi or even Shikamaru would make much better Kage material than Naruto or Sasuke at the moment.

    2. Funny because I was on Rorschach’s side in Watchmen and disapproved the use of a neutral threat to force a peace on the world powers, but here I’m supporting Sasuke.

      Unlike Watchmen, there’s no lies and cover ups involved towards the public but rather actively knowing there’s a neutral enforcer. If anyone can hold a claim to having been through the worst as a result of ninja politics, it would definitely be Sasuke.

      From his standpoint, I would think he very well has the potential to make sure noone goes through what he has.

      Yet still, there will probably be an idealistic cop-out because that’s just how this would have to play out to end this on a happy note.

      Giorno Giovanna
  5. Wow Sasuke really needs a slap right now. Yes I suppose it makes sense in a way when you think of preserving peace by becoming the single threat to unify the world but he’s obviously lost his screws man. He calls Naruto’s shadow clones the symbol of his loneliness and yet Sasuke himself is the one who is left with nothing. Naruto has a place to return to and people who accept him, there is no loneliness left for him, and he worked hard to achieve that. Sasuke shunned everyone, never trying to understand other people’s point of view and now is trying to enforce his own by killing the only person in the world who still thinks of him as a friend. I want this to happen in the following chapters: For Naruto to cripple Sasuke and Sasuke having to resort to restoring himself by sacrificing one eye, and it would happen again with Sasuke ultimately ending up powerless and blind. I think something like that is the only thing that can bring him back down to Earth from his God complex. Though I guess I can’t see that happening in just 3 chapters. I think for a final fight this may be a bit too short.

  6. Sasuke immortal…………a bit disturbing when you hear Orochimaru’s pupil now saying he wants immortality. I did find it coinicidental that Madara was immortal many chapters ago. Anyway, I now suppose Sasuke will later say “Naruto, I will now take over your body!” as his way of killing Naruto.

    Note to mention, -_- Deja vu. First Obito, then Madara, now Sasuke is making use of the Biju’s powers. If this ends, I don’t suppose Sasuke may do what Obito was planned to do, before Madara interupted him, and use the rinne tensei jutsu.

    Anyway, so Naruto is now being declared to end in November. That is my biggest shock for 2014. I wonder if there was anything that has yet to be unsolved. Did anyone recalled how when we saw the Hebi being formed? I don’t know if they already disclosed the fact on what Suigetsu was going to say, about what occured between Sasuke and Karin, before he was then punched. Aside from that, the other minor mysteries is Kakashi’s real face. Not to mention, as we recalled the Gold and Silver brother incident, it is questionble if two ninjas are alive as they were likely still trapped in that gourd. Don’t know what else I am missing.

  7. This whole Naruto v. Sasuke fight is seriously a waste of time and a bad way to end the manga series. Congrats guys! you got your fight… oh wait, nothing’s happening much.

    Kishimoto seriously has a raging boner for Sasuke. In all honesty even Tenten is a better best friend for Naruto than Sasuke is the whole 15 years the series has existed and they barely even interact!

  8. Well they say that manga will end on 699 chapter and i say thank you god, its just going down and down, ending will be just some pityfull talk no justu anyway. If not for all those years I watched it I wouldnt even care now, that manga fallen so low
    PS; its not hate, just saying my opinion, dont want to start any hate wars now

    1. With the Naruto manga ending, I can’t see the anime sticking around for years. I can imagine it’ll be over by late 2015 at the latest. It still does pull respectable ratings on TV in Japan

  9. Makes me wonder how they’ll end this in 3 chapters….. inb4 Naruto ends up alone, no waifu. They’ll never be able to cover Naruto possibly becoming Hokage either in those chapters. Unless they release a special chapter that contains 40-60 pages instead of the usual 20.

  10. What are the logistics of Sasuke’s plan really? He wants to unite the world in their hatred of himself. How does that work exactly? Does he just periodically show up and wreck shit in the various villages? Kill world leaders? I’m just not sure how it works. With that in mind it’s easy to see that Naruto is obviously in the right here as his way doesn’t require some asinine plan of perpetually keeping the world hating a single person.

  11. I was wondering when Naruto would do a clone of the Kyuubi form; well the thought did cross my mind. Awesome double wind/shadow shuriken rasengan attack (is what I’ll call it).

    random viewer
  12. All Naruto needs is a TIME Portal that leads to Modern Day Tokyo opened by the Sennin Chakra and Juubi Chakra combining to form a MASSIVE BLACKHOLE SPACE SUCK to re-incarnate both Sasuke and Naruto as Class-5 Students about to take an IMPORTANT EXAM that will place them in an Elite Class of Elite Students or a DUMB Class of DUMB Students. And due to their Amnesia and TIME PORTAL travel they write down their names wrong, and END UP IN THE WRONG CLASS.

    Anyone calls for a Reboot in Modern times of two Feuding Gangs joined by Young easily impressionable youth from the 5th-Grade local school. Two of whom will become the Top Boss Yakuza with Fightin’ skills Y’all.

    Or a Space Opera, where our two protagonists end up in TWO DIFFERENT PLANETS 1. Planet Namek 2. Planet Saiyajin. Using Chikara to fight all over the Universe ! So either Picolo vs NarutoGoku … or BOTH of them end up getting adopted as BABIES on Planet Saiyajin … Sasuke gets named Vegita … Naruto gets Son Goku.

    At the very least they get married to the correct ladies ? Am i Right ? NaruHina / SasuSaku Fans ????


    === The End ===

    Goodbye Cruel Manga World of Kishi

    === Really The End ===


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