“Disheveled Hair”

「みだれ髪」 (Midaregami)

Jumping straight into where we were left of last week, we find ourselves witnessing the tense battle between Izumi and A! And what an awesome bout it is, showcasing that even with Izumi getting flustered over the prospect of fighting someone else, our main duo are capable of working together quite well to get the job done. We find out that Migi decided to focus entirely on flashy defence, allowing Izumi to take the offence and make the crucial strike. It’s a heavy moment, packed with awesome animation and the continually killer OST pumping in the back. It really does feel like we’re there with Izumi in that moment, to which I have to thank Madhouse for continuing to do a great job here.

I must admit, though, that even I was shocked by how much blood was pouring out of A; but I’m glad it’s not being held back. I’m not usually one to complain too much about censoring, but I’m almost certain Kiseijuu wouldn’t benefit much from it. But before long A manages to stop the bleeding and tries to find Tamiya in order to switch bodies with her, but she already has the upper hand on the father of her child, leaving some oxygen tanks in order to cause a deadly explosion and get away without a warrant on her head.

It goes without saying that I’m really enjoying Tamiya so far. It’s only been two episodes, but I really like what she brings in contrast to Izumi’s own experience. I only hope she sticks around for as long as possible despite her parasite claiming it’s done with being Tamiya Ryouko, after being questioned on her pregnancy situation and being unable to work herself out of it.

It’s interesting to see that even though this Tamiya has weaved into normal society with relative ease, there are still some kinks to work out – as proven by the fact that Tamiya’s mother quickly realises that this is not the daughter that she knows. I don’t know what the old Tamiya was like, and I doubt we’ll ever find out, but I do wonder if we’ll see a shift in personality or approach in order for the parasite to fix its identity problems

But before that we have a brilliant scene where Izumi confronts Tamiya (after thinking he should kill, her despite the likelihood being quite slim) outside school. It’s in this little conversation we learn two very key things. The first of which is that Tamiya feels like she is being given a command of some sort to devour the human race. Is this a command given by some entity, or is it within the genes of the parasites? I just know this is going to be explored as time goes by, and I most definitely await the answer to that one.

The second point we learn from Tamiya is that our dear Izumi is no longer ‘pure’, which doesn’t sound good at all. It’s quite possible that after spending so much time with Migi attached to him, he might be slowly losing his humanity. It doesn’t seem like things are going well for Izumi right now. I do feel sorry for the boy – from this new revelation, to his personal struggle in killing a parasite in a human body, to his troubles at home.

But troubles aside, it was quite nice to have a relatively calm second half to the episode, focusing on the dynamics at home. Izumi’s mother knows something is wrong, and echoes what Tamiya’s mother says in regards to her child is not being the same as they’ve known until now. It’s all quite heartbreaking, really. In another series Izumi might have a happier life, but not this one. He and his family are destined for the worst; the death flags are basically dancing around in anticipation, but that won’t make it any easier when it does happen… especially after seeing that Izumi’s mother got that burn after saving her son from a boiling pot of oil. Damn, this show is playing with my heartstring now. God damn it.

As for next week, well, I predict that things are going to shake up quite a bit, whether it be with two new characters or the return of Izumi’s parents. I’m quite sad by the prospect of something horrible happening to Izumi’s mother… but I’ll shall just have to sit tight and wait for another week to see if my suspicions are confirmed!



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Tamiya enters the scene as the first intelligent parasite who has managed to comfortably merge into human society.
  • But whilst Tamiya has remained fairly peaceful compared to some, there are still others whose primal desires rule their actions, leading to A invading the school in search of Migi.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 8 – 9

Migi Gaining Independence:

  • Whilst Migi may be cute and funny in a weird way, he’s still an evil parasitic alien like all the rest… so seeing him holding a gun and getting more and more agency is a worrying prospect. I just hope something doesn’t split our pair in future, even if it’s ruining Izumi’s little life!

Swapping Bodies:

  • It’s also confirmed that it is indeed possible to swap bodies, as has been hinted before and seen as A’s objective at the beginning of the episode. But now that we know there is a risk in the act that makes it seem much more like a last resort than an easy option for the parasites.



  1. Love the char development of his parents in this ep. It’s very rarely seen in anime, though I would say KyoAni does a good job of it.
    I do wander how that free moving hand gets its blood supply though, with no heart to pump it for those three minutes.

    Petit Orenji
    1. Probably as Skurai lays out, Migi likely survives off the small store of oxygen and nutrients present within Shinichi’s blood when he separated. There’s precedent there too as for example our muscles are more than capable of functioning with oxygen deficit thanks to anaerobic respiration, just not at maximum capacity for very long.

    2. btw Madhouse did the animation and not kyoAni but I totally agree with you saying that the character development of izumi’s parents were great in this ep! (two thumbs up)

    1. I’m a believer that sometimes the previews can become spoilers, and so I try to avoid those that fall under that category. Just be careful that you don’t spoil any particular details on what’s coming in future, even if they seem obvious.

      1. i don’t know whats coming in the future, I’m judging by the preview which everyone who watched saw. If you believe previews are spoilers then don’t post them at all. Hiding one part and showing the other won’t make it go away.

      2. @dwarg, you should also know that because previews can be spoilers there are a lot of people who do not watch them.

        Having read the manga a long time ago I’m quite happy with the way they are handling the anime so far.

        Still wondering though how they are going to wrap it all up in the amount of episodes planned. Or perhaps a second season.

    1. I think the episode’s main theme is Motherly Instincts.

      1. Izumi’s mom burns herself in order to save him.
      2. Tamiya’s mother realizes that it was not her daughter despite the identical looks.
      3. There are hints that Tamiya might start to care for her baby.

  2. So the episode emphasized the “a mother knows her child better than anyone” saying.

    We see it with both Izumi and Ryoko’s mothers in being able to easily tell something was wrong with their children because of being different in some way and not merely physically or how they’re acting.

    I also get the feeling that Ryoko may end up more curious after giving birth and perhaps develop her own maternal instinctual feelings for the child she gives birth to whether she realizes it or not.

    And given how Ryoko’s parasite just seemed to suddenly gain a “command” or something to devour humans, it sounds like there may be a larger hive mind behind all the smaller parasites. That or it’s just plain instinct. Wouldn’t that be a twist? That there is no “bigger power” behind them and that the parasites are just animals following instinct?

    1. It’s a strange case when I won’t be bothered about the show being obvious with its direction. (I mean, you have to be blind to not realize what is going to happen to his mom.) They succesfully make very nice characters, and even though it’s only 4 eps, we feel like we know them for a long time.

    1. I can just see the author’s thinking at work here…

      “Now let’s see, let’s have his parents actually be normal, caring and important characters – as opposed to the usual anime parents, who are either non-characters or dead. Let’s have them have lots of scenes together, tell us a bit about their history, make them be funny, tug at heartstrings with his mother’s worries and get the audience attached to them!

      And then kill them off, muahahaha!”

      I mean, I hope I’m wrong because I genuinely like them, but it’s not looking good…

      1. *places cheap lightweight folding table in front of helloki”

        Don’t want you injuring yourself trying to flip a table that’s too heavy. (It’s too obvious at least something will happen to the parents.)

  3. Well, clearly, the anime is developing a sense of foreboding with regards to Izumi’s mother.

    She will either die or get taken over by a parasyte, me guess. She is also featured in the OP along with her younger self which means she definitely has a larger role in the story.

    I agree with an above comment regarding the them of this episode. Definitely a huge motherly feel was going on.

    I do wonder if any of the parasytes, including Migi, will develop affection for others. Migi is only interested in self-preservation and survival but will it realise that one key to survival is coexistence – not just with Izumi but with everyone else too…

  4. smuhhh
    1. In defense of Samu, I think his caps were fairly okay. Seeing your suggestions however, I do think that the two on the far right could be exchanged with your
      the reason being ‘more interesting’ temptation for non-viewers 🙂
      Great post Samu, by the way ^^

  5. This episode really showed the difference between Japan and the West. If you asked someone those questions about their pregnancy at work you would be lucky just getting fired and not having sexual harassment charges brought up against you.

    Still, I enjoyed this episode and the anime.

    1. While that may be true as well you have to remember that this is based off of a fairly old manga and the same may have happened in a different country.

      I think that just goes to show how well the adaption for this is,even little things like the dad’s tablet give the show a modern feel that you wouldn’t expect the dated source material.

      1. I personally feel that Izumi mother look younger in those scenes as compare to the manga. Humm wonder why they make Izumi wear a glass through?

        I just hope they don’t take too much creative liberties with the show through as that may create some conflicts with the canon of the actual manga like this scene below which hasn’t happen in the manga.

  6. It’s nothing short of a miracle just how parental his parents feel. It reminds me of my family, and it’s nice to see since most highschool parents are either caricatures or nonexistent.

  7. You caught all of the highlights for me, Samu. The battle was blunt and incorporated strategy. Shinichi’s lack of purity is probably foreshadowing of some sort. And the theme of motherhood was explored excellently.

    Why can’t more anime parents be given this sort of development? ._.

  8. Dont know if someone’s brought this up yet but they’re making a live action Parasyte movie.


    Looks pretty good (especially the parasyte cgi), aside from the fact that Migi is now voiced by a man. Wouldn’t be that much of a deal but I can’t help it, I just love Aya doing Migi’s voice. The contradiction between cute sounding at times but utterly terrifying when Migi says something totally blunt and inhuman is so great.


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