There comes a time when words can only do so much, and this was one of those cases. Given the scenario, it can be said that Naruto and Sasuke did ultimately understand each other better than anyone else. But, the fact remains that understanding does not beget acceptance, and there are times where actually fighting does a lot more good. In this sense, it’s only fitting that this fight ended up with a lot less talk-no-jitsu than almost any previous fight, and it only helps that the fight itself mirrors their previous fight from many years prior. Say what you will about how it got to this point, but this was a great way to end the battle we’ve all been waiting for, and words cannot express how satisfying it was to see both of them essentially punch each other to death. It was as if every punch resonated with added significance—as if they were venting out not only their feelings but those of the viewers—and there’s much to be said about how much their bromance has grown and how the loss of both their dominant hands may play a key role in future developments.

The thing is, everything’s still up in the air in terms of those developments, and it’ll be interesting to see how next week’s final (I can’t believe I’m typing that word right now) chapter culminates everything. Because regardless of Naruto’s acceptance of Sasuke and the latter’s reciprocation of such an offer, it doesn’t mean that everyone else would be as welcoming. It’s going to take a lot more than pretty words to persuade some members of the other villages—even if Sasuke ends up having played a role in freeing them from the Infinite Tsukuyomi—and one has to wonder how much skill/strength either of them have given the loss of their dominant hands and the fact that Naruto exhausted the Nine-Tails chakra for what should be a significant amount of time. That said, I can see this ending with a happily ever after situation where Sasuke does gain acceptance, but even then, it’s a toss up who ends up being the next Hokage. Is it going to be a dual Hokage-broship between Sasuke and Naruto? Or is Kakashi going to keep the seat warm until they get a little older?

Needless to say, there’s a lot of questions left, and unless the finale chapter has extra pages, they don’t exactly have that much time to culminate things without leaving too much to the imagination. I do suppose that Kishimoto’s shown himself to be more than capable of turning various situations around however—this last battle was pretty nice considering its brevity compared to other fights—and honestly, I can’t believe it’s almost over. Time just comes and goes before you know it, and you know you’re starting to get older when you look and realize that quite a few long-running series have either recent ended or will end their run soon. The fact is, it’s going to be hard getting used to a part of your routine no longer being present, and it’s even more significant for me because it marks the first time since I joined RC that I won’t be doing any weekly post.

And so, here we go. One more chapter to go and one extra image before we do. This, my fellow viewers, is a scene that speaks volumes.

P.S. Apologies for not posting last week, I found myself quite busier than expected, and ultimately felt it should be paired with this one.


  1. So I found out the next upcoming movie is actually CANON. It’ll take place directly after the manga ends. And it’ll wrap up various questions too apparently. Even if the manga ends – We still have a canon movie to look forward to. Still hoping for a proper ending to this. We fans deserve that after so many years. :C

  2. too much flashback from the other fights ¬¬ and the the last image in other sites somebody have put a heart shape in his blood…soo gay T_T i have hope for a better fight and less too close faced talk no jutsu

    1. Really? It looks more like they’re doing that conciliation thing for ninjas with the two fingers, except with blood, which may also symbolize that they might as well be blood brothers.

  3. The final chapter will be two chapters 699 and 700, total 44 pages, with the latter fully colored, according to the news I’ve read @ ANN.

    That aside, I couldn’t help but to feel some fanfic vibes in the latest chapter. However, the final page was really strong.

  4. This chapter pretty much dragged me back into reality.
    Naruto is ending…oh man…
    I’ve gone through so much love and hate with this series…
    And this chapter just made my inner child curl into the fetal position.

    I’m not prepared for this.

  5. Really intense chapter emotionally wise!

    We had to wait for almost 700 chapters to finally get a glimpse of what Sasuke thought and truly felt, his feelings were ‘expected’ so it’s not like it was some huge surprise, but I think the fact we actually saw it and read it means a LOT more than just guessing them.

    Do I need to say I was left speechless by the last page? It’s been a long time since a series left me breathless and at a loss; indeed, as Zephyr said, there comes a time when words can only do so much…

    I am not a crazy rabid fan of Naruto, but I have been following it weekly for ten years, and I join all the people out there who are now having a feeling of loss and pain with this upcoming end to a grand epic series.

    Thanks to the fans above for the news about next week’s chapters, it’s great to know we are getting twice the pages and hitting the 700 after all + full color.

  6. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s actually ending… I am happy that the ending to this fight felt really satisfying, however. I thought something was weird in the movie sketches of Naruto as they all show his right hand in bandages—kick-ass prosthetic maybe? I doubt Kurama can just grow that arm back for him.

  7. It’s sad. So many of the Manga I grew up with have or are ending. This year along it will be nearly 8 of them. Stuff I’ve been following since I was a teenager. This and Bleach have been two of the longest. There will definitely be some feels upon reading the final chapter.

  8. It’s a bit not fair that many answer we can get in movie, for which international fans might even wait for a whole year. Yes, even if we will get to know some infos from japanese fans, we still have to wait for dvd release to watch movie 🙁
    I wonder if in next chapter we will get open ending or maybe at least one pairing will be confirmed? ( although it would be tough to beat sasunaru feelings from this chapter XD )

  9. I don’t like the idea to see after story only in movie. Kishimoto-sensei’s drawing ability is very high. Scenes (by it I mean combination of movements, events) by itself are very picturesque, artistic.

    Characters look totally different in manga and anime. In anime scenes are horrible, vapid. Even a change of a director won’t help. It will be another story, something different than manga. It really makes me sad. Look at poster and compare to Kishimoto’s design of characters. I want to see a sequel under the pen of Kishimoto-sensei. His drawing style, imagination, may be heart creates the atmosphere of this story.

    I can honestly say that I’ve already been missing it.

  10. Since one of the posters above said that the manga will be ending in the movie 7, the last, I went and read the summary…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Came back when I heard the manga was ending and caught up with the help of a very large bottle of scotch. This was definitely a very strong end to the Naruto/Sasuke conflict, and it was extremely cathartic to watch them beat the ever-loving hell out of each other after all this time. The resolution of the fight was never in doubt; Naruto would not kill Sasuke as that was Hashirama and Madara’s story, and Sasuke could not kill Naruto because it’s Naruto’s story. No, in the end this is the story about Naruto trying to save his friend from darkness and bring him back to his “family.” This chapter was pretty much the perfect conclusion to that.

    Now if only the last few hundred chapters didn’t (mostly) stink.

    1. *Sigh* And that’s why I just can’t really get into it nearly as much as readers are probably expected to be.

      Just like with other conclusive-style chapters (Obito moving on and such), this chapter isn’t too bad by itself. However, the result just doesn’t have the impact it should for me simply because most of the stuff leading up to it was just…yeah…not that great.

      1. If I had continued to read it weekly I’d probably not have as good an opinion about it either. Quit about a year ago around when Naruto and Sasuke “died” because I figured it’d only get more ridiculous from there, and boy was I right. Reading it in painful dribbles a week at a time only reinforces in your mind how bad it is. For this reason I’ve pretty much completely stopped reading weekly manga as they come out; it’s much more enjoyable to be able to consume it in large chunks at a time.

        Of course the scotch might have helped raise my opinion a bit. Amazing stuff that.

  12. Did anyone notice that Naruto didn’t need his Kage Bunshin to create the Rasengan of that final clash! xD OMG Naruto has grown alot, to learn to do it himself finally :’)

    1. I actually believe it’s because of Naruto being given the rest of Kurama’s chakra. Naruto also made it with one hand at the end of the first battle with Sasuke at the valley; Naruto providing the chakra inside while Kurama’s chakra formed the shell.

  13. “The fact is, it’s going to be hard getting used to a part of your routine no longer being present”

    so true…It will be a weird feeling the week after it ends and I don’t have naruto to read..for more than 10 years, one of the first things I do wednesday/thursday morning is read naruto…man its going to be weird.

  14. So it ends with a draw…I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to see a time skip of the epilogue for sure. At least more Hokage faces made on the side of the Konoha mountain. Maybe the movie will show the ninja world becoming a normal world like ours with chakara being gone forever…no? I wouldn’t want that actually, but just a thought. A good ending can’t be good without a good laugh/smile from the hero(es) of the story. [^_^]~

    random viewer
      1. To be honest, this has to be the most memorable scene to end the last fight in naruto, if we exclude the incomming movie.

        Now we finally see how Naruto “brings back” Sasuke, a very touching scene where their blood reconect their bonds. Now the only question is if they can get their hands back. Bleach readers would say “Orihime is not in this manga,” so it would be questions if they can undo the Moon Eye Jutsu if they can’t weave hand signs.

        Other questions invovle how Orochimaru shall now decide his path. To be frank, I won’t be shocked if he is the “final boss” of the upcomming movie. I mean, there isn’t anyone else that should stand against Team 7 now.

  15. Compare this ending to History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’s, where the battle just randomly ends in a draw and all the bad guys just walk off untouched, not a single plot thread resolved that was set up in the past —

    Kensei Ma’s brother still part of Yami, family still hasn’t reconciled.

    Shigure Kosaka’s brother still part of Yami, family still hasn’t reconciled.

    The original disciple of Ryuuzanpaku, Isshinsai Ogata, is still a member of Yami and still
    hasn’t reconciled with his former masters.

    Apachai and Sakaki have best friends who are still in Yami, and still haven’t reconciled.

    Natsu Tanimoto has never had a decisive fight with his rival Kenichi, is still a part of Yomi.

    It does show that Miu and Kenichi marry and have children and live happily ever after, but the moment of confession and acceptance is never seen, so we have no idea how that situation came to be, the ‘money moment’ is missing. Nor do we see the moment Kenichi really takes his place among the lineup of masters and can stand toe to toe with them.

    Meanwhile, Naruto takes out every single enemy decisively, giving each in turn their time in the spotlight. Everyone left is reconciled and all old grudges have now been dispelled by the power of light and love. There is peace on Earth and good will towards men between all ninja-kind. The romances will be solved next chapter, and in this case we’ll actually get to see the actual moment of confession and acceptance, not just some dumb time skip. Naruto will achieve his dream and become Hokage (or be sure to become Hokage next election cycle when he’s older with Kakashi on the throne for now). Sasuke has gotten over his family’s death and is ready to let himself join a new loving family, the team 7 he once pushed away.

    Every single loose tie is tied up like a ribbon. Everything is resolved, all questions answered, all aspirations fulfilled. This is what a good author who keeps track of his material and keeps things consistent and tightly on-course can do. Kishimoto has proven himself to be THE standard for what manga-ka should aspire to be and mimic for the rest of history. This is how you end series, folks. This is what a good manga looks like.

  16. Wow can you believe it? Naruto’s been with us for 15 years! That’s almost half my life! And truly once it ends it’ll feel pretty strange. It also makes me wonder what series will take its place to become one of the “big three” now that it is ending.

    1. For me Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) is a very strong contender for replacing Naruto’s spot (both Manga and TV show), there is also One Punch Man but it still didn’t get an anime.

    1. Well, he always does his Chidori and the Kagutsuchi techniques with his left. Though iirc he has used his right to throw kunai and such. All things considered I’d think the dominant hand would be for the more important/finishing techniques so eh. He’s definitely not as ambidextrous with his moves as Itachi was.

  17. Wow this post sure brought out the lurkers! I see a lot of nostagic usernames.

    Ahhhh everyone is making it so emotional. I’m not personally that attached to Naruto, since I’ve been reading it for years casually, but Zephr’s post and everyone’s comments are making it hit hard for me.

    I thought this chapter was really well drawn and delicate. I liked the detailing on their expressions that was simple, but really emotive. It’s hard to describe. Like Sasuke’s sad, happy faces or the way his eye turned. Also, it feels like a long time to me since I’ve seen his normal eye.

    Everyone pretty much summed it all already. I didn’t expect them to lose their hands. I didn’t like Sasuke for years, but Kishi turned that around in one chapter and made him likeable/relateable/somewhat-forgivable, which is really amazing. It was just really well done and had an unexpected feeling to it. Definitely surpassed my expectations of how it would not turn out, but how exactly it would play out. I hope the final!!chapter lives up to this quality.

    ps. “But, the fact remains that understanding does not beget acceptance, and there are times where actually fighting does a lot more good. […]Say what you will about how it got to this point, but this was a great way to end the battle we’ve all been waiting for, and words cannot express how satisfying it was to see both of them essentially punch each other to death.”

    Just lol :D;

    Random hopes for the finale:
    -closure of the love square (but since there is a movie… maybe later)
    -Kakashi’s face?? (probably left forever a mystery)

  18. Im still confuse if its ending in chapter 699 or 700. Mostly because if its 699 theres not much space because its just 17 pages.

    Still most fans are waiting more for who will the blond end with Hinata or Sakura if they even adress that

  19. Wow,it’s really ending next week and I can’t say I’ll be missing it,since Naruto’s that manga that feel’s like I have to see it through no matter how much I stop caring about it. I felt that everything went completely to hell after Kagura & the Sage of the 6 paths’ introduction,including this apparently “must-have” Naruto vs Sasuke last battle instead of doing something more interesting. Then again,it IS a shounen manga so I shouldn’t be surprised at all.

    I just want this to be over with so I can at least remember this series for what I though were it’s good parts where it reached it’s peak,which in Shippuden,revolve around Akatsuki. But more on that next week.

  20. Ok, i’m guessing that this would en in 700, Hopefull Naruto Jesus is not going to go back and bring all who from the dead. The end of the fight was obvious since 300 episodes back. hand thin is something i didnt see, weird that after so many ninjka duels, realit

  21. OK here you guys: based from reliable one of staffs making the Naruto publisher.

    This what happens next : I’ll make it short

    Old Rikuduo take Sasuke since he’s dying. Only way to save him is to transform
    himself to transcendence to continue his will even without his body.

    Naruto’s right arm was from Sasuke.

    i might lose my job if i say more !

    1. @Leakproof

      If it’s true, you really made me sad learning that after all this we are still loosing Sasuke in the end D:
      You should have used a spoiler tag!

      The other thing is Show Spoiler ▼

  22. 699. Sakura will used her life force or something and fully recover both Naruto and Sasuke’s arms. Sage of Six Paths will disappear and feeling please that the brothers reincarnate finally reconcile. Orochimaru feels satisfied left the five country and on a journey.

    700. Epilogue will take place several years later, and both of them have artificial arms and hand by hand with Sasuke married with Sakura and Naruto married with Hinata. As their sons fight 1 on 1 on Genin Tournament – The End –

    1. I don’t think there will be a sequel. I think this is it. The end of an era. That said I’m sure the author will do another series, he’s only 39 and I can’t see him retiring.

  23. Damn… After the entire fan base gave up on Sasuke, Naruto did not! I am glad to see his friend there.

    I can’t believe I started reading this the first time it came out in 97, and now I have kids!

    Not sure how to go about my Wednesdays now without a new chapter 🙁

  24. With this chapter, the reality that the ending is coming is finally sinking in for me. Wow..I’ve been following this manga since I was a middle-schooler, and for me this chapter was nostalgic in the sense that it brought back what I liked about Naruto. While it hasn’t really washed away all the disappointment I felt towards the plot in the whole Kaguya and Madara arc, it was a good reminder of the good times I had reading this manga in the early days.

  25. I thought it was going until the Nov 10th?
    so Chapter 700?

    It doesn’t matter– like many of us, having spent a decade or so(scary how time flies ) with Naruto and – I have to say I am going to miss this series- the good and the bad. These last couple chapters reminded me of how much I have really enjoyed reading( and watching ) this series through the years. This fight ended up being exactly what I wanted. I don’t feel let down in regard to Naruto and Sasuk… I keep remember what the old sage frog said to Naruto(the foreboding warning ). To that end I hope they don’t die and are are both deemed “Hokage”, being each others missing hand..

    None the less let’s see what the end has in store.

  26. Almost close, except didn’t expect Sasuke has no damn son just a daughter named Sarada(Sakura’s daughter) who is infatuated with Bolt (Naruto and Hinata’s son), still hopeful he did Karin and make a son.


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