「戦意の在処(ありか)」 (Seni no Arika (Arika))
“The Will to Fight”

Unlike the episode that featured Kotomine and his somewhat long and dry explanation about the Holy Grail War, I thought that this episode was a much better example of how you’re supposed to tell a story without making it feel like your bombarding us with dialogue.

Master-Servant Contract

Among the handful of things that put Saber on equal footing as Rin for Best Girl, one of my favorites has to be her relationship with Shirou and how she handles herself around her. No matter what route you’re watching (sans Heaven’s Feel since I don’t remember too much), it’s clear that the two’s covenant is far from the norm. Instead of a general barking out orders to his subordinate, you get the feeling that they’re two individuals who have a mutual understanding for each other. Instead of fighting over their shortcomings, they use them to create unique ways of tackling their problems by working together. And finally and probably most importantly, Shirou actually empowers Saber to make her own decisions meaning she can be more autonomous in her actions. All of which when you add together I think makes for a pretty impressive duo.

Also, that look of bewilderment Saber had after Shirou clearly explained why he went out of his way to protect her was too cute.

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Side Characters and Scary Teachers

Another thing that I really appreciate from ufotable is the way they’ve managed to give all the supporting characters their own unique and memorable personalities. From the three girls who accidentally accused Shirou of being Shinji to Mitsuzuri bringing out some different emotions from Shirou, they’ve all managed to bring something to the table. On the other hand, you have Kuzuki-sensei who just seems a little creepy. Toss in that rather dark sounding music that started playing when he was staring straight at Saber and you have to wonder why someone of his caliber isn’t doing something more useful with his skills.

Decisions, Decisions & Looking Ahead

With trouble brewing, it seems inevitable that another battle is waiting for us over the horizon. While it remains to be seen if Illya will have anything to do with this one, you have to wonder if Rin’s decisions to find and defeat Caster is the correct one. Because just like Archer said, not only are they already at a tactical disadvantage for revealing their trump card but in terms of being efficient, why wouldn’t you go and take out the easiest target?

Anyways, see you next week! Also, keep spoilers in spoiler tags please!




    1. Does she really?

      Show Spoiler ▼

      I think Sakura’s just surprised because saber looks beautiful.

      1. not going to spoil anything, but just putting things into perspective.

        matou’s line of magecraft ended with shinji’s father. sakura was taken into matou’s house for her capable magecraft potentials. now logic it out.

    2. Her beloved senpai just showed up with a beautiful blonde gaijin only a day or so after Sakura told him she wouldn’t be able to make dinner for him for a while. That’s all the reason we need for her reaction…

  1. So wait… (Spoiler Warning)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Love how Shirou learns more about Rin through Saber’s new clothes. Shirou is completely oblivious regarding to Sakura’s feelings. Good Job Fuji-Sensei!

    1. @Flappy: Regarding your question, I’m putting this in a spoiler to be safe though I really don’t think there’s any spoilers. Show Spoiler ▼

  2. @Takaii: “Among the handful of things that put Saber on equal footing as Rin for Best Girl…”

    I’ve always liked Saber the best of the three though I like Rin as well. Have to agree that Ufotable did a good job with Saber’s facial expressions. Like everything else, they just look better than in FSN anime (*sigh* Deen…). I also agree about her and Shirou’s relationship as “master-servant”. It’s really a partnership – one of equals, and unique among those involved in the Grail War.

    On the other hand, you have Kuzuki-sensei who just seems a little creepy.

    I question how Ufotable handled Kuzuki meeting Saber. Putting this in spoiler tags to be safe. Show Spoiler ▼

    One thing I really wonder about has to do with one of Illya’s maids comments about Berserker. Again, using a spoiler to be safe. Show Spoiler ▼

    “Unlike the episode that featured Kotomine and his somewhat long and dry explanation about the Holy Grail War, I thought that this episode was a much better example of how you’re supposed to tell a story without making it feel like your bombarding us with dialogue.”

    Sure Kotomine’s “long dry explanation” is old news for those who have played the VN and/or watched FSN or the UBW movie, but to be fair, I think a lot of that exposition was necessary for those watching UBW as their introduction to the FSN franchise. Sometimes you need to explain stuff. That being said, I agree that this episode had better overall flow.

    1. Re: God’s Hand. From that wiki you referenced
      Show Spoiler ▼

      So what the maid said was not incorrect.

      1. @Scruffy: Regarding your spoiler – I stand corrected. My comment in the second spoiler in my above post is retracted. Thanks for clarifying, and good to know that UBW is sticking with the material.

      2. I’m fairly certain that that was added after the episode itself.
        However apparently any and all extra scenes were consulted about with Nasu beforehand, and he made most of them, so this does not go against canon, but rather elaborates on ti.

      3. @belatkuro: Thanks for the reply and good catch! Gah! Didn’t think to check and see if that last part in the Wiki entry was added after this episode. I thought I read the Wiki listing carefully, but after Scruffy’s post figured that I must have missed that last part since it was late when doing so. So it seems my original comment in the 2nd spoiler was right after all.

        IF that’s the case (i.e. that last part was added from this episode), then I retract my retraction! LOL. My point is don’t muck with the story/characters/etc. unnecessarily. Berserker’s hax/OP already – why is Ufotable amping up things? There’s NO need to do so IMO, and I don’t see how this enhances anything (a pet peeve of mine). Do not like. Stick the source material please – it’s plenty good as is.


        @Anonymousperson: “However apparently any and all extra scenes were consulted about with Nasu beforehand, and he made most of them, so this does not go against canon, but rather elaborates on ti.”

        Sorry, but I disagree here. It’s not elaboration (as in explaining in detail) but rather adding something new. I’d say exaggerate rather than elaborate. Completely different IMO. Again, it’s not like Berserker isn’t hax/OP as is. Maybe Nasu was consulted on that, maybe not – we don’t know for sure. Regardless, that still raises the question for me of why Ufotable deemed such a change was necessary & beneficial in the first place.


        @GoXDS: Regarding your question in your spoiler:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      4. @daikama: I can’t vouch for the VN or its accompanying materials, but the mention that Illya’s massive mana capabilities allow God Hand to replenish lost lives was in the wiki before the series aired. I can’t find the reference though. Looks like the maintenance of that wiki has lapsed a bit, with all the extra people pawing at it.

      5. @Daikama, in the Fate route, after Show Spoiler ▼

      6. @quigonkenny/Anonymousperson/et.al.

        Fair enough. As previously noted, I played the VN years ago (around when UBW movie came out) so I don’t remember all the details. That being said, I did spend time repeatedly checking out each servant’s various stats & abilities when I played the VN (all three routes). I would think I would remember something like that. I remember different noble phantasm rankings and other stats.

        I’m not saying either one of you are wrong – I honestly don’t know in this case. IMO the issue still seems unsettled for lack of a definitive source material cite. All I can at this point is that for this particular issue, the bottom line for me is simply:

        IF this is per the VN/source material, then fine. Glad to know the show is staying faithful to said source material.

        IF this is an anime-only change/addition, then I do not like it for all the reasons given above.

        That’s it.

      1. she also does it in FZ. in the first major battle, she takes off her armor and switches from an offense defense balance to total offense, knowing it wouldn’t help her against his phantasm (i don’t think that’s a spoiler, is it?)

  3. I find it interesting that they are really stretching the source material. The events that take place here such are all pretty minor in the VN such as Sabers exposition dump or the school tour. The rest just expand to more anime original territory. Normally, I would have complained about pacing but I’m not. Its difficult to explain but it really feels like UFOTABLE really know how they want to do this adaptation, and I’m eager to see how they expand from the VN they are adapting. Its gives even the old fans a sense of excitement for the each upcoming episode.

    Tsundere Rin will always be the best Rin. As mush as she wants to antagonize Shirou she really sucks at being apathetic and objective. She’s much too kind to be the stereotypical Nasuverse Mage prick. Speaking of which I’ve only noticed now how buff Shirou is for a teenager. In hindsight it makes tons of sense given his lifestyle. Its just that I’ve never considered that fact because most of his art before show him as a scrawny teenager.

    You can already see how vastly different UBW Shirou is from his incarnation on the Fate Route. Mainly the fact the Shirou treats Saber like an equal. Shirou doesn’t coddle Saber here, he defers to her and allows her to make her own decisions. Saber for her part doesn’t have to reduce herself to a bland waifu bait and instead show her own independent spirit. UBW does wonders for both characters with just this minor change.

    The best scene this episode for me though comes from Ayako surprisingly enough. I love that very small part where Shirou gives a traumatized face when Ayako mentions he doesn’t laugh. It very subtly gives a nod for the old fans who understand how Shirou ticks and it allows new fans to make interpretation of how Shirou thinks. The anime has been doing a great job of “Show don’t tell”. If this was the VN this scene would have been a whole page of text.

    On an unrelated note, there are some wonderful detailed shots of Shirou cooking and not one screenshot? Why Takaii?!?

    My only minor gripe this episode: Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Totally agree that Shiro here is much more likeable then when he was in Fate route. Instead of “you’re a girl” bullshit he pulled there, here he’s more “we’re partners, let’s do this together”.

      1. Actually Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Just to comment on the looking scrawny with Shirou. If you take a look at his collar and his shirt when he sits across from Saber, you’ll notice two things. The collar is larger than it should be and the shirt seems quite baggy for a guy who’s that buff. I’m betting he probably wears stuff that hides his muscles and makes him seem like an ordinary slim guy. After all, to get as buff as he is, he’d need to do some serious training and I don’t think he does any of it while anyone can notice.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I believe that Saber keeping quiet about Shiro’s dad is part of her strategy of keeping her identity hidden from Shiro. I’m pretty sure Saber knows of one former master that can identify her (Kotomine), and anything linking Kiritsugu to the 4th grail war would bring Shiro back to Kotomine.

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. She doesn’t Show Spoiler ▼

  4. There is nothing I dislike about this series. I am so unbelievably biased with this show it’s disgusting. Shirou and Archer are my husbands and Saber and Rin are my wives. The four of them as a team really make this route for me.

  5. After watching Fate Kaleid, it’s such a huge contrast of seeing Ilya and her maids displaying open hostility towards Emiya. Just by having them appear in the beginning, it set the tone to moody and dark anime. As soon as Taiga shows up, the whole atmosphere turns back to good old harem atmosphere.

    1. You mean set the tone to serious anime?
      Watching FZ and FSN -UBW- so far, I noticed there hasn’t been much comedy or chibi moments compared to other anime..

      Shirou: Emotional flab? Are you saying that you’re fat?
      Rin: ….You’re such a funny boy. *followed by big smile and eyebrow twitching*
      Shirou is flabbergasted when he realizes the huge faux pas he just committed.
      –immediate pan to outside scenery–

      Normally in those kind of situations once the camera goes outside,
      we’d hear a sound of violence followed by Shirou’s scream…

      Best example itself would be in Prisma Ilya BD specials..
      Leysritt Oh, Shirou, welcome back.
      Shirou: Geh? What are you wearing??? (sees both Seyla & Leysritt in bikini maid outfits and gets flustered)
      Irisviel: Isn’t it cute? I’m having them working in these outfits today.
      Shirou: What?
      Irisviel: Hey, do that thing I just told you?
      Sella: …..We-welcome home, yo-young master.
      Leysritt: What do you want first? Dinner, a bath, or…….Sella?
      Shirou: (5-second awkwardness) Then…..dinner, please.
      Sella: !!! You good-for-nothing!!!!
      Camera immediately goes outside, followed by a sound of violence..
      Shirou: What did I doooooooooooo??????? (You can tell its a scream from pain)

      1. Yeah I was really surprised that that scene didn’t result in Shirou sustaining grave injury for comedic effect. I even rewinded a couple times to make sure they didn’t fall into the cliche hole, and they didn’t. I’m pretty sure this is a good thing, but it’s still very jarring to see such a typical situation play itself out in such an atypical way.

        Of course, if this scene did go this way in the original VN, then it’s not to ufotable’s credit, but still.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2004%20-%20Large%20Preview%2003.jpg
    These metaphoric previews always puzzle me..
    Aside from snippets of dialogue from next episode, what can you interpret from that picture?

    (Try imagining what Ufotable is trying to imply)
    –Note that the pawn and King (or is it Queen?) are of different colors–
    -A master / servant struggling to win against the others?
    -One aiming for a difficult, but possible and rewarding position?
    -The strong looking down on the weak?

    1. Hardly metaphors but rather they’re pieces representing the characters themselves and a glimpse of their actions for the next episode. Check the last episode preview.

      This part is Sakura and probably Taiga.
      This part is Rin and Archer talking on the roof.
      And obviously this one is Saber.

      Should be easy to know who the piece from the last picture is suppose to be. And you’ve lined up the pictures already so imagine what that looks like.

    1. I don’t understand how they can show this kind of image…

      It’s not about the age, it’s a pedo-pic. I know that Ilya is older than Shirou but it’s not because she is older that she looks mature.
      Everyone can draw a nude teenage girl about 13 year old, and say: “she’ s 23 year old in my reality”. So what? It’s not pedo for this reason?

      This image of a little girl naked like that is really disturbing. I really don’t understand Japan sometimes.

      1. You know what? Why don’t you NOT bathe your own toddler daughter when you have one? Because clearly if you so much as touch her you are a pedo, nevermind that she’s your own flesh and blood.

      2. How horrible it must be for petite, small-chested women, or short, skinny, baby-faced men, when people like you can only see them as looking like children and unfit for love, no matter their age…

        And don’t let Prisma!Illya’s depiction color your perception of UBW!Illya. It’s most obvious in this scene especially before the part shown in the referenced screenshot, but even in the previous episode, it’s clear that this Illya is more mature.

      3. I only see the bath of an obviously villainous character. It’s stereotype meant to show her boldness and lack of human emotion. I mean, just hear her speech while diving in the water. Also just notice how Rin and even Saber, who’s not human anymore, show far more emotion and humanity than Illya. And… goddamn if that’s not Kuro!

  7. there is hardly anything that I can say that it hasn’t been said, however I like the show a lot and my favorite is saber she explain everything so good so compose so beautiful.
    I can wait to die and become an epic hero.

    1. The good thing for me, in Heaven’s Feel route, is that you really know Illya’s story in it’s full glory… Wich is pretty nice, because she’s really sweet and all in all the previous routes, but you don’t know much about her true objectives and the Einzbern family…
      And yeah Rin’s sidekick persona is aso well developed in HF!

      Jim Dean
  8. As Kaede Makidera said, Rin is scary when she smiles. The face of Shiro when he figured out he has dug his own grave was priceless 😀
    (too bad there’s no screen caps of it)

  9. wow this part its nice, it great to see they added more about ayako, and its great to see more saber in a different outfit 😀 not much of rin this week but its OK, seeing more saber and less makes me think Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Uwaah! so many great feels this episode…
    Ilya – still can’t get over her being so different from her “Kaleid Prisma Ilya” self!
    Rin – “it’s not like i can’t bring myself to atatck Shiro!” 100% tsundere, accept no substitutes!
    Saber – shocked by her new Master treating her as a real partner…
    Ayako – Y IS SHE SO CUTE DAMMIT? as if the setting had not enough great girls already…
    Fuji-nee and Sakura – totally WHATEVERISGOINGON-blockers
    “it’s not like we are suspicious of sexual activities between you and that blonde, but we’re going to live with you as long as hse does!”

    1. Illya know’s about Kiritsugu, Show Spoiler ▼

      Jim Dean
  11. I can’t tell who is best girl this episode.

    I don’t mind this episode as a breather from episode 3, ufotable obviously knows what they are doing and they have my complete trust. I sure hope Ayako has some major role later on. Being relatively new to Fate and coming from watching F/Z, I don’t know much about her character other than she is my type personality wise.

    1. That’s just a visual glitch. I actually doubt it would flip like that when released. I used to be in college varsity for archery and usually we let the bow move forward and fall off when we release the arrow to have a good follow-through and to enhance consistent arrow trajectory. I haven’t used the same bow as he’s using but a bow flipping sideways like that would disrupt the trajectory of the arrow.

      1. From what I have read online, and just from an understanding of physics, the rotation of the bow in Japanese style archery is understandable. The first reason is in the method of holding the bow, in which the gripped position undergoes rotation as the bow is drawn back. When released, the bow will then of course rotate back in the opposite direction of its previous rotation. The second and more obvious reason is simple rotational physics. The bow is held with the left hand, drawn back with the right, and the arrow is held to the right side of the bow. When released, the momentum of the string itself will then naturally cause a counter-clockwise (when viewed from above) rotational force to be imparted onto the bow.

        Now, that said, it is my understanding that that rotation is more ceremonial than practical, as it allows the bow to return to a presentation position. On the battlefield, such rotation would be detrimental, as one would wish to be able to immediately reload.

      1. Yeah, that’s the screencap I was referring to. Thanks everyone for the explanation. Being a recurve archer, this was a completely foreign concept for me. Seeing the Japanese Yumi design and construction, I can see it now.

  12. Imagine if “Blue” ever became a master. Auto win right there.

    Imagine if they could cross over series. “Blue” + “Shiki” as a team. Vs. Tsukihime + “Giggles” (Ea). Something like that.

  13. I have a question concerning the scene below for those of you who have already play the visual novel game.


    Did what they(Sella and Leysritt) were talking (not the Kiritsugu talk but about the Berserker’s ability) in those even happened in the game?

    Note: I mainly mean the talk about Berserker noble phantasm ability which supposedly “reset itself” every 3 days?

    1. My understanding is that this means that every three days, Berserker gets back at least one life. This was explained in the side material that came out after the game. A good many scenes from this episode did not actually happen in the VN, but could have been implied to have happened. I think that this is where Natsu or the director is adding to the content of the VN to make it more complete in this adaptation.

    2. My understanding is that it is due to the immense power that Illya has as a magus (because reasons), and that if someone else were Berserker’s master, the lives might not replenish.

  14. I do have to say that I like just how much more expressive Saber is here as opposed to being so stoic/scowling/frowning most of the time like in F/sn. It goes to show how things can be said through your facial expressions without actually needing to be voiced.


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