「放課後に踊る」 (Houkago ni Odoru)
“After School Dance”

Boy was that an awesome episode to get the month of November rolling.

Underhanded Tactics

With such a strong emphasis on magic, honor, and duty to do what one believes in, this episode brought up something that’s been on my mind — if you had the ability to use magic, wouldn’t you do anything and everything to push your advantage over others? Sure it may not be morally right to drain others of their life force to power up your Servant but when there are heroic spirits coming after your head, it puts into perspective how the line separating right and wrong gets a little blurred, am I right? But on the other hand, you have people like Rin or Shirou who wear their beliefs on their sleeves and try to do thing within reason — Rin being the prime example of the pocket tsundere that looks cute as she has trouble trying to figure out a way to get thing done without jeopardizing her morals. Either ways, I’m glad to see that the action is finally beginning to pick up again with Shirou being at the center of it all. Finally showing some his backbone, you have to give him props for taking on a Servant head on with a copious amount of blood dripping out of a gaping hole in his arm.

Fatherly Differences

If there was one thing that really caught my eye this episode, it was the last few minutes as Rin started to really open up to Shirou and let out some of the true emotions she tries to keep hidden deep inside of her. If you forgot (or didn’t catch it), Rin’s dad was her family’s representative during the last Holy Grail War and came to a rather untimely demise. Leaving behind only things of value to a mage, it makes you wonder just how tough it must be to live in that kind of household. Something that must run through Rin’s mind with the way she highlighted the fact Kiritsugu decided to prioritize being a father over a mage.

Looking Forward

As I said in the opening, it looks like the story’s about to ramp back up and it couldn’t have happened any sooner. With despicable mages out in the wild terrorizing innocent people, it’s going to feel so good to watch Shirou and Rin team up together to knock some sense into them. See you next week!
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P.S. Sorry for the late post guys! I was in LA for PMX and will have a short post for it later in the week. Talk to you soon!




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2005%20-%2003.jpg




    Am I the only one who’s been hearing people gripe about this? Seriously, a bit of fanservice from a fantastic character who, incidentally, Show Spoiler ▼

    and some people just can’t seem to help themselves, whether by virtue of an inferiority complex or just being an idiot. Maybe both? Who knows?


    But yeah, Rider’s awesome and no amount of halfhearted critique will ever change that.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. no, you can’t do it with Rider in F/SN. She’s not an option. You can only do her in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, and it’s not actually Shirou doing her anyway, it’s Agra Manyuu who thought he was Shirou doing her.

      1. A 100% translation patch for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia has already been released, but it is still a beta version. I’m one of the fans who is waiting for it to get out of beta before reading F/HA.

  2. Shirou and Rin’s chemistry is off the charts. I could literally watch the two of them sit in a room and read a phone book for the duration of each episode. There aren’t enough good things to say about this show, and undoubtedly everything else I could think of would just be key smash. Another!

  3. Glad to see that UBW is finally moving at a quicker pace. It moved through the school events, the “mage duel” (for lack of a better term) the introduction of the new servant and Shirou and Rin establishing the first steps of their partnership. Anything that increases Rin screentime will always the make an episode great. No, I will not get tired of saying that.

    Amusingly enough, the interpretation of this battle was a lot more animated and energetic than I imagined in the VN. Shirou in particular flips and jumps around a lot avoiding Run. It does help him look more credible as the protagonist of this show. They did skip the part where Shirou angers Rin by accidentally seeing under her skirt. Nothing important really important though.

    The last scene was good way to establish the different upbringings of Shirou and Rin. In case it wasn’t established, Nasuverse Mages are arrogant, apathetic and insufferable pricks. This is something Rin tries to live up to because that what’s she’s been taught to do. Except Rin really sucks at it because she’s too nice. Hence all her tsundere antics.

    I think Rin should be nominated for the best GIFable anime character of 2014. Anyone agree?

    1. I haven’t re-read the VN recently but correct me if I’m wrong. The scene when Shirou peeks up her skirt is ACTUALLY IN THE VN? I mean I only remember that scene from Deen’s uhh…”adaptation.” I’ve seen a couple of comments pointing it out as if it was canon. Someone who read the VN recently can clarify this?

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    2. Nasuverse Mages are arrogant, apathetic and insufferable pricks.

      I think it’s more like those who stick to tradition, especially those who think themselves as aristocrats, are as what you have described. The unconventional ones (or outcasts), like the Aozaki sisters and Kiritsugu , are a lot more likeable (or a lot less annoying depending on your PoV XD).

      Random Comment
    3. Spoiler-ed just in case =3
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      Random Comment
  4. That blindfolded chick doesn’t seem to pack lots of punch and there was just no flashiness in every single moves of hers. I had almost thought that she was Assasin (since said class was pretty lame in F/Z) if it weren’t for peeps casually spoiling her class.

    1. She was pulling her punches. It was a test.

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    2. Not only was she holding back at first, but there are reasons why she is weakened compared to the other Servants, that will be explained if not in this series, then in the Heaven’s Feel movie(s? personally i hope they don’t cram the longest route into a single movie.) So yeah, there are reasons…

    3. Classes like Rider, Caster and Archer will never be as impressive as the Saber, Lancer and Berserker classes up close and personal. But they don’t primarily rely on such a fighting style in the first place.

    4. One of the reasons Rider seems weak, is because Ufotable animation has overpowered the majority of Servants. The VN never really portrayed servants to be that mighty and powerful.

      It makes me wonder how Ufotable will justify the UBW battle when [spoiler1] faces off against [spoiler2], and also the final battle where [spoiler1] faces off against [spoiler3].

      1. If you actually READ the VN, you’ll know there’s plenty of narration involving the unholy and massive strength of the servants. Shirou in particular loves fawning over their badassery. You feel they OP’d them because ufotable knows how to do things right and not Deen’s POS adaptation.
        And if you read the WHOLE VN, you’d know why Rider seems weak, so…

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      2. Sigh, I have read the whole VN. Yes, Shirou has an obsession with over-describing the fights he sees. But no, the servants were not that terrifyingly powerful in the VN. You don’t read Tohsaka describing the earth shattering when Archer is sonic-jumping around Lancer.

      3. Because Rin is expecting this. Remember that rank E is “ten times as normal human”. Now check stats of Saber, Berserker, Lancer Gilgamesh – those are characters able to move at subsonic speed or bench-pressing monster trucks.
        DEEN adaptation makes Servants a little more than powerful humans, while ufotable works on premise of demigods.

      4. Again, people keep mentioning the DEEN adaptation. I never got through that crap so it never had an influence on my opinion. The VN does make the servants much more powerful than humans. But ufotable animated them to an even higher level. I know people love the action scenes. I do too. It’s visuals porn. But it doesn’t change the fact, that ufotable opted for fanservice rather than toning down the action.

  5. I’m a bit puzzled by Rin’s actions thorough this episode; at first she seems really determined to end Shirou, and then suddenly worried that Shirou’s arm is injured. Which one is it; does she want to kill him or not? o_O

    Lone Wanderer
    1. She doesnt know what she wants. Her duty as a Tohsaka should be to defeat him, and she just told Archer last episode that she would. However she likes him, so thats why she was going easy on him. I mean if she’d really wanted to kill Shirou she would have suceeded. She could have simply detonated that room he hid in like a bomb instead of forcing him out. If she really wanted to kill him she wouldnt have given him a chance to surrender his command spells or the whole three seconds bit. Even in the VN, if you get the bad end of losing to Rin in this battle, she doesnt kill Shirou, but just takes his command spells and wipes his memory of all holy grail war and magic related stuff, so he goes back to a normal life.

      1. So Rin is someone that do not take Life that easy if there is another solution? I wonder if she think the same about the Master of Beserker. She even gone for a sneak attack

        No, Rin is not a White Knight, she is a Gray Fighter but with a Mercy heart

      2. ..and that it is while i missing in this alternative universe of Fate/Stay night. Not really much about Rin’s background. Why she has mercy with him? and why she cannot sense other Masters? For both of them a 3rd Master in School was news. She should have sense him/her long ago with her Magic

        No, what i criticize is that this alternative Universe is still relying much on the Boy MC and Saber, but do not give Rin enough Screentime. i think it would be her Route?

      3. “No, what i criticize is that this alternative Universe is still relying much on the Boy MC and Saber, but do not give Rin enough Screentime. i think it would be her Route?”

        Rin is not the “main” character of Unlimited Blade Works.

        Shirou is and always has been the main character of all three routes – Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel. The main difference, besides obvious plot differences as it continues, is which girl his attention is more focused on. In Fate, it’s Saber. In Unlimited Blade Works, it’s Rin. And in Heaven’s Feel, it’s Sakura.

    2. I think she didnt really intend to kill shirou. She went through great length to save him after all. Probably all she was trying to do was to pound some senses into shirou and make him realize that this is war and he could die. Who wouldnt pissed anyway if one had tried time and time again the seriousness of the situation yet he kept taking it lightly. He had died once literally for goodness sake

    3. …Maybe, just maybe, Rin is trying to act like a normal human being. Because, you know “killing” another human being is mentally difficult and not easy, not to mention, the guy she wanted to be dead have not done anything bad to her but save her life.

    4. Know your typical tsundere’s line of thought: “I’m killing him 4 real! I-it’s not like I want him out of this s*it definitely now, so I’m beatimg him till he piss his pants and leave for good. Yes, I’m killing him because I don’t like him at all”

    5. Which one is it; does she want to kill him or not?

      The short answer is no. She didn’t want to kill him nor would she have done so despite what she says. As someone above mentioned, the “Bad Ending” for this part in the VN is Rin wiping Shirou’s memories and takes his Command Spells.

      Rin is raised as a mage of a very traditional mage family. If you you watch Fate/Zero you would know that traditional mages are proud arrogant, elitist dicks and Rin tries to emulate this upbringing. Emphasis on try because she suffers from one thing: She’s too compassionate.

      Remember back in episdoe 00/01 where Rin saves Shirou’s life? It cost her the pendant, her most valuable gemstone. That gemstone would take decades to prepare and could be used for very powerful magic and yet Rin used it up to save (as far as she knew) an irrelevant casualty of the War. Most mages would never do what she did.

      That’s why Rin is tsundere. It’s the conflict between her traditional mage pride and her compassion for others.

    6. Show Spoiler ▼

      Giorno Giovanna
      1. Maybe at start Rin could have saved Shiro for someone else sake, but not anymore at this point. Rin isn’t so nice to save anyone like that without a reason. But now it’s clear she has feelings for Shiro.

  6. Also yeah seriously guys, new viewers don’t know what class the new Servant is. This episode didn’t reveal it. Don’t ruin the experience for new viewers please, speculating about Servant classes and identities are part of the fun.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2024.jpg
    Rider: I shall give you a merciful death.
    *Shirou successfully blocks a few blows from her*

    Shirou:…Compared to the other servants, you’re not very impressive. You don’t pack any punch.
    Rider: …No,this is the end for you. You were at my mercy all along.
    *She pulls her chained dagger that was embedded in Shirou’s arm, Shirou ends up hanging from a tree*

    Rider: Now, then…what was that amusing thing you were saying? Something about my being inferior to other Servants?
    That won’t do at all.

    *Her hand reaches for Shirou’s face*

    Rider: I’ll start by plucking out those eyes that were so dearly mistaken.
    Shirou monologue: Shimataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Seriously now, a self-acknowledged novice mage provoking a Servant?
    Shirou really must have a death wish…
    *compares the scene to the corresponding one in UBW movie done by Studio Deen*
    Wait…..is the provocation scene straight from the VN, or did Ufotable put in some anime-original things again?

    1. The scene in the woods plays out exactly as in the Visual Novel. Practically the same as in the Fate route, even.

      Shirou’s so surprised he’s not dead yet that he blurts stupid things out.

  8. Shirou’s actions puzzled me this episode.
    > Gets attacked by a servant. Having your hand pierced through apparently doesn’t hurt very much.
    > Decides to run towards the servant alone (????? – seems like a great idea)
    > Can die at any given moment. He should be well aware how powerful servants are but decides to spout “you’re not very impressive” like an arrogant little bitch and decides not to summon Saber with a command seal. Because you know, IF he survives after running TOWARDS the enemy servant and survives, he’ll have an extra command seal right?

    1. HAHAHAHA, I just have to say, it’s the very fact that he DID NOT use a command seal that he is still alive. He would be long dead if he even tried to call Saber. It’s part of his personality to be like that. Shirou isn’t Shirou if he isn’t a self-righteous hero who charges head into the enemy’s base just because he wants to protect other people. He is willing to die in order to save others (hence the reason he have no hesitation at all).

      It’s really ironic how his actions here actually saved his life. The moment he was pierced by that Servant’s “nail”, there was no chance of escape already. Had he stayed there, she would pull him in and kill him before Rin even has a chance to react (because she would be saving the girl). Also, him not using a command seal actually allow for that Servant to take a liking to him (since he has the courage to run straight in, as well as not use a command seal). That servant proceeds to “mercifully kill” him, allowing him to have the ability to actually fight back. Shirou actually CANNOT keep up with that servant at all, so dragging the battle any longer would kill him.

      His final arrogant speech saved him as that Servant pulls him up the tree, allowing for more time to be wasted. Had she attack him directly, he might not be able to block that last blow and be killed instantly. So as stupid as his actions are, they all saved him from death.

      1. This is even more of a problem during the Fate route (the older series) as Saber and Shirou are too alike and both compete with being the one taking the risks. I uam sually no fan of tsundere, but Rin and Shirou being so diffrent makes them more entertaining to watch.

  9. THAT expression of exasperation from Rin steals the whole show, second-ed only by her tsundere expression close to the end of the episode. That’s all. Nothing else matters. You don’t believe me, then go rewatch the episode and jump to that part. Watch that until you get it why I am right. — EVIL LAUGH —

      1. jhacks, do you have a source for nasu calling one of his own characters a prostitute or are you just continuing to talk out of your ass because you’re upset i called you out on calling a rape victim a prostitute? i mean the answer is already obvious but please, do go ahead and dig yourself deeper.

  10. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2024.jpg
    “Prepare to be ridden”

    “Those beebs… They’re so round and bouncy…”

    “Meet the rod of justice servant!”

    Frankly speaking, ever since I laid eyes on her in Deen’s series, she’s the top favourite and by far the hottest.

  11. How to get the attention of the boy you like – By Tohsaka Rin

    1. Heal him
    Note: Required the boy to be at the brink of death; if not, retreat and tried to put him on the brink of death somehow (e.g. letting another dude hunt him down and trust his pole into the boy will do)

    2. Suggest him to join this uber-awesome party with 12 other members including yourself, his sidekick and another sidekick of yours.
    Note: If his sidekick is a girl, just say ‘a girl is fine too’ and ask her to do some ‘magic restoration’ with her later.

    3. Keep telling him to stay away from you after you got him to join.

    4. Wait until he starts talking to you then start shooting him.

    5. He will run, chase and keep shooting him.

    6. Keep shooting him to his death but don’t kill him.

    7. Wait until a girl screamed due to some unfortunate event (for example, getting her soul sucked out) then wait till he runs to chase after him. If he doesn’t run, shoot him to make him run and repeat step 4-6.

    8. Offer to heal his wound and bring him to your house after trying to kill him a while ago.

    9. If he starts talking about his life, congratulations you did it!
    Note: He he didn’t do that repeat step 4-6 again.

  12. Rin: I saved you, b-but from now on we’re enemies.
    *next morning*
    Shirou: Yo, Tohsaka! ^-^
    Rin: https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20stay%20night/Fate%20stay%20night%20ubw%20-%2005%20-%2003.jpg


    Also, anyone else noticed how Show Spoiler ▼

    And one more question to all you UBW fans .. anyone knows if the UBW anime will follow the good or the true ending?

    1. @ReylandAZ: “And one more question to all you UBW fans .. anyone knows if the UBW anime will follow the good or the true ending?”

      I think either one is possible, but if I had to bet, my money’s on the “true” ending. Wouldn’t be surprised if we got a “good ending” BD extra or something.

      1. @nyanlol: That’s certainly a possibility and a valid reason for doing so (i.e. not doing the same thing as in the movie). TBH, I don’t know if I have a preference between the two versions. The reason I think (guess really) we get a “true ending” is because to me that seems to be the more “realistic and serious” one which fits this adaptation’s overall tone better.

  13. Theories time gentlemen!

    Theory #1: Issei is Caster’s master

    1.Issei surname is Ryuudo
    2.The temple name is Ryuudo temple
    3.Rin/archer said there’s a witch at the temple
    4.Witch = Caster

    Conclusion: Ryuudo Issei is Caster’s master.

    Theory #2: Shinji is blind lady’s master

    1.Shinji is (probably) an asshole.
    2.Hot lady use underhand method (drain qt student manas)
    3.Asshole will most likely use underhand method
    4.He’s male student, we saw sexy onee-san’s master a male student.

    Conclusion: Shinji is boobys monster’s master.

  14. It is amazing how Shirou and his “straight shooter” persona contrast with secretive and underhanded methods of mages.
    I must admit I like Rin more and more as she despite mage-style upbringing strives to do the right thing – e.g. protect innocent bystanders.
    Still the faces bot Rin and Saber make at some of the more “heroic stupid” actions/words of Shiro make the series comedic gold. “100 faces of tsundere – Rin”
    And now we can assume the school is actually a vortex of clashing Magi, Shiro and Rin aside there are at least 2 other Masters active , one controlling Lancer and another controlling Rider…
    Way to go with evaluating danger, Shirou… “school is perfectly safe, stay at home, Saber!”
    Last but not least I hope Ayako will be alright, i took much liking to her…

  15. THat Rin face was priceless haha, I actually bursted out laughing at that scene.

    And funny how this adaptation conveniently skipped the part where Shirou saw Rin’s upskirt while she was up the stairs jumping down, which proceeded in Rin getting angry and being the other reason she tried to kill Shirou, heh.

  16. livid
    1. It’s higher quality then the Fate version, but the fight was a bit too high speed for it to be easy to see that quality. It’s worth watching the Rider action scene in slow motion to see what is actually going on.

  17. Shirou just has an amazing ability to piss people off nonchalantly and effortlessly that gets him into situations like this:


    and this:

    See how quickly he made Rider change her mind from mercy-killing to slowly taking his eyeballs and his limbs piece by piece. It impresses me.

    1. @kondee: I agree 50% – specifically the second one. He got cocky with Rider which was stupid.

      OTOH, as for Rin, probably good for her that he doesn’t take her advice and consider her an enemy since well…


      Besides, what do you want the guy to do? Ambush her at school? Push her down the stairs and break her neck? Hide at home? Bring Saber everyday (like that will go will go over well with the school staff)?

      Frankly, after Shirou said “Are you crazy? We’re at school! If we make a scene, someone might come!” and Rin replies “I’ll worry about that when it happens.” My first thought was: Umm… didn’t you try that approach before when doing this…


      which resulted in this…


      and then of course then this…


      O.o… Seems to me that since Shirou is by far the least of her worries when it comes to the other masters/servants and Rin generally wants to avoid innocent casualties, she might just wanna pick a more isolated spot for a battle rather than getting all worked over really nothing.

      Also, what happened to her comment in EP 02 (around 11:40 mark) “Hold on. We don’t have to kill each other, Emiya-kun… there’s no rule stating you have to kill the other masters.”? This looks pretty damn lethal to me. O.o

      I like Rin just fine, but I’d rather she not be so inconsistent.

      1. In all honesty, I support Shirou acting like Shirou because there’s something entertaining about watching him naturally strike the wrong nerves like he was born to do so and getting himself into hairy situations.

        As for Rin, that’s a tsundere for you :P. I guess her inconsistency is part of the package though I’m sure there will be more development later on that explains why she acts like the way she does. Her upbringing and background, however, does help fill up some of the pieces.

      2. I don’t think Shiro quite grasps how dangerous the Grail War is even after dealing with Lancer and Berserker. Obviously didn’t grasp Rin’s threats were serious.

        I think Rin just lost it, since Shiro was either acting like an idiot or insulting her by ignoring her warnings. If he’d come with Saber or stayed away she would have rationalized that she could take him out whenever she wanted. His command seals would have been a great prize if she could have gotten them away from him though.

        Yeah, Shiro wouldn’t be Shiro if he didn’t just rush into things.

      3. @Kondee: IDK. Seems more yandere than tsundere with those lethal “gandr” (gander?) shots. She wasn’t holding back. Regardless, she’s still inconsistent in terms of how willing she is to risk innocent lives. She goes out of her way to help the “gas attack” victims, etc. yet is like “Meh, whatever” when it comes to battling at school even after what happened the first time around at a much later point in the day.


        @Bear: I just don’t think you can pin all of it on Shirou here. Rather than an “idiot” I’d say that at least in terms of minimizing innocent casualty risk, it’s Rin who’s being the “idiot” here rather than Shirou. As I pointed out above, Rin already tried the “I’ll worry about it when it happens” idea, and we know how well that turned out. In fact, there was at least one other uninvolved person at the school. What if someone comes back for a forgotten text book or something, turns the corner and… BAM! Rin’s concrete busting gandr shot blows the person’s head off. How’s she going to “deal with it when it happens” then, or is she suddenly flip-flopping on her stance against involving innocent people in the war?

        That’s my problem with this whole scenario, and why I struggle to understand why people want to put all (key!) the blame on Shirou in this instance, especially when Rin is: “I’ll help you; We’re enemies; I’ll help you; We’re enemies; You don’t have to kill masters; Fires off very lethal, concrete busting gandr shots without a second thought; Thinks it’s despicable to involve innocent people; and “Eh, if someone’s still at school I’ll worry about it after they show up.” Huh? It’s just a “tad” inconsistent IMO, and if Shirou’s confused about his relationship with her, well, no wonder. I’ll be honest, rather than Shirou being “stupid” when it came to their school battle, given all the stuff that went on and was said, I was more WTF when Rin opened fire than anything else when playing the VN. Didn’t think much of it then and still don’t.

        “If he’d come with Saber or stayed away she would have rationalized that she could take him out whenever she wanted.”

        I’m not following you here. If I’m supposed believe Rin and Archer that Shirou is nothing more than “easy prey” that can be taken at any time, then what’s the big deal about waiting to do so OUTSIDE of school? Any time is any time. If she needs to rationalize her actions, I think that just supports my inconsistency argument. No need to rationalize if you’re consistent. Frankly, to me the whole thing seems to boil down to Rin’s pride as much as anything else – and that’s Rin’s own responsibility.

        All that being said, I do agree with you on some points. Extra Command Seals are a great prize for sure. Can’t get enough of those. Give me a pack of 50. I agree that Shirou at this point most likely does not fully appreciate and/or simply does not want to accept the fact he’s in a small scale war. Furthermore, I agree that Shirou has issues – that’s made clear in the VN and the anime adaptations (yes, even Deen’s FSN adaptation :P). Meh, not wanting to get into spoilers (FSN/UBW/F-Z or otherwise) so I’ll leave it at that. However, I don’t think one can reasonably blame Shriou for everything that happens in every instance including the actions of others. Here, I think Rin’s at fault as well for the aforementioned reasons.

      4. @daikama

        I agree that Rin is inconsistent. She’s caught between the rules of the game and her normal morality and feelings. Think of it as a soldier in a war. Taught and believes killing is wrong outside of the war, but is told to kill, and must, to survive and win in war. An analogy would be shooting an unarmed enemy as he’s running away. Your instinct from civilian life might be to let him go. As a soldier you kill him, because he most certainly will kill you or a comrade if you don’t. Rin can’t bring herself to do it and rationalizes her decision. Shiro showing up at school without Saber is the equivalent of the unarmed soldier continually exposing himself even after having a warning shot fired at him. Rin finally got fed up and let her anger get the better of her. She did wait till everyone was gone (supposedly) and probably thought that Shiro would be quickly taken down. His survival abilities were just better than she expected. Even then, she gave him an out instead of just killing him (but only after calming down a bit).

      5. @Bear: I understand your point, but this is not a standard, national type war. This is a private, secret war between a handful of people aiming for a hax power grab, and Rin is NOT a suddenly conscripted soldier. Rin is a very willing participant who has been preparing for this specific war for years. She knew exactly what she was getting into, unlike Shirou, and made every effort to participate in said war. I do not see any sudden conflict of “normal civilian morality” for her given such preparation and willingness to participate.

        “As a soldier you kill him, because he most certainly will kill you or a comrade if you don’t.

        Sorry, but that is a completely inapplicable analogy here. In fact, it’s the exact opposite situation in this case. If there’s one thing clear here, it’s that Shirou is NOT “certainly” going to kill ANYONE. There’s a bunch of dialog exactly on that point in a previous episode. It is utterly clear that Shirou is no threat to Rin if she does not attack him first. In fact, he’s said numerous times that he does not want to fight Rin and acted consistently in that manner – including wasting a command seal to prevent Saber from killing Rin. ALL of the aggression is on Rin’s part, and thus all the blame on her for any innocent casualties.

        Now I fully agree that Rin is not an evil person who doesn’t give a damn (“all is fair in war” mentality). I also agree that Rin currently has conflicted feelings – no question about that given her inconsistency. However, I still see no reason whatsoever for Rin not to have simply recalled what happened the last time she went down that road (battling at school and assuming no one else was around), and simply reply “Your right, it’s not worth the risk. We can make the school off limits for battles as long as you don’t abuse it, but keep in mind that we still are enemies in general”. What’s ironic about all of is this is that shortly thereafter, Rin herself actually proposes a truce at school. O.o… Now what was so hard about that?

        As I said before, I simply cannot pin the blame all on Shirou here or consider Shirou “stupid” for trying to avoid battle at school given the innocent casualty risks involved. After all, he was “killed” BEFORE he was involved in this war due to Rin deciding to battle at school the first time. Furthermore, if this is a true war as people keep mentioning, then shouldn’t Shirou go on the offensive and attack/ambush Rin, possibly killing her even if unintentionally? After all, for him she is a very potentially lethal threat. Isn’t that the “smart” move here since this “is war”?

        Again, I like Rin (still like Saber more), but the more I think about this, the more it all comes down to one thing – Rin’s pride. She felt insulted and started firing concrete-busting Gandr shots (nice visually, but just a bit OTT (“over-the-top”) Ufotable) without care. That’s really all there is to it IMO, and I don’t find that a valid reason for Rin’s actions given the casualty risk (not to mention more inconsistent behavior).

  18. “if you had the ability to use magic, wouldn’t you do anything and everything to push your advantage over others? Sure it may not be morally right to drain others of their life force to power up your Servant but when there are heroic spirits coming after your head, it puts into perspective how the line separating right and wrong gets a little blurred, am I right?”

    All I know is if the new Servant introduced in this episode was my Servant, yes, I would certainly take advantage of that.

  19. This part of the story was a big reason why I always adored Rin as her compassionate side shines brightly through, especially since by comparison Akiha Tohno would have killed Shirou (or Sakura for that matter) without any hesitation.

  20. It has been about 5 or 6 years since I last watched the original anime TV series. I kind of remembered Shirou being a useless idiot who would just stand on the sidelines spewing out lines about morality etc while Saber risks her life protecting him.

    But this version of Shirou I can get behind. Not many people would dare go head to head with a servant the way he did! Guess there is more to him than fixing broken appliances and cooking >:)

  21. Spoiler request… I’ve been wondering what this last sentence in the review means:
    Also, that surprise Servant change is going to be so awesome to watch I can barely contain myself.

    Is there a change from the VN UBW route coming up? It doesn’t seem that different…

    Monkey Brains
  22. Oh yeah, for future “Berserker” in Fate/Stay they really should consider using Guts from Berserk. As a character class it would be perfect.

    They should consider crossovers between different mangas, and not just in the Fate/Stay universe. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a fight between servant Guts (Berserker) vs. servant Kenshin (Saber)?


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