「森の家」 (Mori no Ie)
“House In the Woods”

While I feel like it’s a huge copout that the show is using the same opening sequence for this next arc, I must admit that returning back to Aincrad felt a lot better than I thought it would.

Welcome Back Asuna!

After taking the backseat ever since Kirito defeated Heathcliff and subsequently logged everyone out of SAO, it’s been quite some time since Asuna got the chance to really strut her stuff. Sure we’ve seen her every now and then but as the series self-proclaimed “main” girl (we can agree that the one dating Kirito has to be considered “main” right?) she really hasn’t played an instrumental part in much. Not to mention that in that time we’ve had characters like Sinon appear who could definitely give her a run for her money.

Luckily though, it seems that she’s about to take her rightful spot back as Kirito’s waifu. Not afraid to unleash some more PDA than usual and revealing a little more about her ojou-sama life back in the real world, I’m really hoping that this Mother Rosario arc is the one that gives one of my favorite girls a chance to remind me just why I think she’s so awesome.

Mysterious Swordsman

While Kirito has never been the best at winning duels since things outside of his control tend to push the odds out of his favor, I couldn’t have been happier when the show finally revealed someone who he couldn’t beat. Even though it remains to be seen whether or not there’s some funny mechanics working in the background, I want to believe that this Zekken person is someone who’s just invested a lot of time into games in general and is using their abilities to break past the established norms.

Looking Forward

After Zekken’s rather long introduction where we didn’t really learn too much about him except that he beat everyone besides Asuna, it looks like our main girl is going to take a stab at beating the unbeatable. While I have no doubts that Asuna will win her upcoming duel with Zekken, I’d like to believe that we’ll get an awesome sequence that involves growing and developing her character. And even though I have no idea how you could do that without it feeling like a cop out, the ending sequence seems to feature a new girl who we haven’t seen yet and lots of crying. Can you imagine if Zekken ended up being that shoujo looking girl? 😮

See you next week!

ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「シルシ」」 (Shirushi) by LiSA


    1. I can see why people would joke about this, but having read the light novel, I would like to ask people to refrain from casually making fun of it.

      The relationship and development of both their characters is the central theme of this arc, and it is quite heart-warming and heart-wrenching. I will not say anything further, but please just watch quietly without judging.

      1. @ above comment

        Says the hypocrite who calls people a fag and douche, and then tells them to shut the f*ck up, but complains how people are not respecting other’s opinion.

        I have not read the light novel, but I’m looking forward to things given how much people praise this arc.

  1. Disappointed by the lack of Sinon but, I thought this was a pretty good episode. It doesn’t feel like their is any real threat or bad guy in the story right now but, I am still enjoying it.

  2. “Mother Theresa”? Or did you mean “Mother’s Rosario”? LOL!

    But seriously, I have so been looking forward to this arc. So far it looks like it’s setting up the story nicely.

  3. Many people from different websites comment on how “Mother’s Rosario is best arc” this or “get ready for some feels” that, but personally, as someone who liked the light novel version of Rosario, I really wish the anime won’t disappoint and therefore I won’t expect much.

    Speaking of expectations, I kinda expected different animation sequences for the OP but… darn, Thor and his kyojin-fiance’ is kinda hard to get rid of.

    Red HeartGold ZX
  4. personally the Sterben arc was amazing, but since the Sterben arc i feel like the story is fading away..
    does it get any better? I mean I think they are right when they mention in this episode that Kirito wont take any other fights as seriously as when his real life is in danger. The whole elephant arc just seems like it came out of nowhere. I guess they wont be going back to GGO?

    1. No, there are no more arcs taking place in GGO.

      If you are looking for the fast-paced action and threat of death of GGO, then you are going to be disappointed. But if you are looking for character development and heart-warming relationships, then this arc definitely delivers.

  5. Kawahara Reki says he wrote Mother’s Rosario as an apology, to readers who disliked how he made Asuna the helpless damsel in the Fairy Dance arc. Rosario was written to recapture the toughness she had in the SAO arc.

    On Fairy Dance, Kawahara said he made Asuna helpless to “increase the sense of urgency…and danger for Kirito’s adventure in the 2nd arc.” He needed to make her unable to help Kirito there since “there was hardly any problem that the two could not overcome (together).”

    Kawahara has since had “some regrets” about caging Asuna.

  6. Kirito’s group needs a Vegeta. It’s just a boring group as constituted. And his relationship with Asuna is completely ridiculous. Who would be satisfied with a predictable drab relationship like that?

    1. Yeah Kirito and Asuna don’t feel like they’re in a relationship at all too me. It would be nice to see them at least kiss.

      Don’t get me wrong the stories are nice and heartwarming. But the romance factor feels poorly done.

      Rick Anime
    1. Also, I chuckled at the usage of “they” in .. umm .. some releases. 😀
      Show Spoiler ▼

  7. A few things…
    -The additions to the girls wardrobe was rather nice (though given the rise in current MMORPGs to have alternate costumes it might not have been a surprise). Don’t know why Liz opt out though…
    -As usual, the OP/ED spoils (again) =.=’
    …caused me to go to sleep early yesterday, and Saturday (for a 2 hour nap)…

    -I never thought A-1 would literally image Asuna’s thoughts of who Zekken like this:
    (is that General Eugene?)
    I actually laughed out loud on her mental image.

    1. -oh yeah, ‘Shinonon’ got mentioned twice here, that was new.
      Bonus (Caption for 2nd image):
      Asuna – ‘Hmm…A hot, tall, and muscular bod frame…with Imp wings and a one-handed sword…’

  8. This story arc is certainly poignant by the end. Moreover, it perfectly sets up the difference between actually living and merely existing. However, I am unsure whether this was the best way to present the arc. Personally, all these mini-arcs tend to lose me, devoid of an overarching plot, and I hope this doesn’t happen with the audience at large (esp since all these mini arcs DO eventually have a payoff).

    I am certainly looking forward to the subsequent arcs, but my only fear is that the show’s following runs out of steam before it gets there. Still, Asuna fans should enjoy this arc, and it’s refreshing to see someone other than Kirito get his/her due.


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