「プールが危ない!」 (Pūru ga Abunai!)
“The Pool Is Unsafe!”

This week, Amagi Brilliant Park gets invaded by pirates.

That’s it. What else is there to say? I should just end this post right here. Go home, guys and girls. We’re done.

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  1. *Views Masahiko Tanaka’s MAL page*

    I knew it! Ironbeard was Gauron! Well-played casting gag, KyoAni.

    And that be fine booty right tharr, mateys!

    “Though I’m sure at least one person was disappointed that Isuzu didn’t get her turn in the tentacle pit.”

    That’s the reason why Rule 34 exists. Go on Danbooru and you’ll find… Yeah.

    (Though I could find a good use for that tentacle pit… Muahahahaha.)

    1. Nice detail regarding the Gauron seiyuu.
      Wouldn’t surprise me if “matey” was just an addition by the fansub translators/editors, so I wouldn’t use it as characterization of him.

    2. I didn’t recognize him watching the episode, but as soon as I saw his name on this post, I was all, “Holy crap, it’s Gauron!”

      So, by that logic, apparently Gauron is now deathly afraid of Kurz. Isn’t that a little ironic?

      1. According to tvtropes, she just needs to touch any exposed skin to pull it out. So technically, Isuzu is at her dealiest in the shower/the bath, and her weakest the more she gets covered up.

      2. Going by that logic, if she covered everything but her face and hands, the very basic thing she could do is have one hand pull the gun out from the other hand?

        There is also pulling out the gun from her face, but that already sounds ridiculous and even more ridiculous to animate…

  2. As much as my guy side would’ve liked Isuzu to have a turn in the pit, my logical side is glad she didn’t end up in it. It keeps her character consistent rather than dumbing her down for nothing more than attempted ecchi fan-service (a mistake SAO made with Asuna during ALO).


    Just seeing Isuzu in such outfits is enough for me. <3


    I'd love to be part of and/or plunder this crew.


    And nice to finally see Latifa again (and rocking that swimsuit), even if it wasn't doing much.

  3. KF
  4. Pirate Captain Isuzu is <3. I'd be her First Mate anytime, I tell ya.

    And I share the same sentiments with Passerby. I was taken off-guard with how the episode progressed, and you would think viewers like us are desensitized to the insanity that is Amaburi by now after 6 episodes, but I was proven very wrong (at least for myself).

    Not much of plot progression in the episode, but good old-fashioned wackiness is involved. I love how they keep bringing up new cast without causing viewers to question who the main characters are, yet keep the side characters interesting. Jaw's characteristics were pretty hilarious in his bozoku accent, earnest attitude and the very fact that he transforms in appearance from a cute shark mascot into a menacing, horrific man-eating Jaws.

    Then you have Ironbeard, apparently a terrifying pirate who ruled the seas at MapleLand, but together with his crew are scared sh**less of sharks. The three stooges are awesome as always, and KyoAni even affords to slip in characteristics for our side characters.

    Of course, the one scene that really made my day was the first appearance of Isuzu in her pirate cosplay and Seiya's reaction. As a SeiyaIsuzu shipper, I'm glad to see the ship sailing just fine.

    I'm as clueless as the next viewer now, of course, considering I've only read up to volume 2 of the light novels, but I must say the anime is doing an extremely good job of entertaining the audience. While I'm still anticipating the drama that might unfold in the future, I'm also loving how Amaburi is playing out with the humor and teasers at the end of each episode.

    This show's been a real gem this season.

      1. Don’t think I can say much with regards to that since that would mean putting in spoilers. What I can say is that the anime has hardly covered any of the more serious, or rather, urgent parts of both volumes, other than pulling material from both volumes to make this one heck of a show. They did drop quite a few hints along the way though, with the latest being

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Those aren’t all that spoilerific anyway (I hope), since speculation would have come up about what Seiya would do with regards to these. I still like the way KyoAni does it though – throw in plenty of comedy, fun, heartwarming moments…Then lob in a bomb of a drama scenario.

        At least that’s what I hope they are planning to do. :p

  5. Would have been nice if it was the oh so gorgeous pirate captain Isuzu that punished that turncoat Tiramie. Some nakama he is. It doesn’t look fair too that Macaron and Moffle also fell into those yellow tentacle thingies with him. They were just paying back Tiramie for what he did. And Ironbeard and his goons deserve their hard labor punishment for mistreating Latifah, and throwing poor Bandou-san into the pool.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2017.jpg
    Jabba the Hutt + Princess Leia in chains reference?
    Immediately got me attentive for any other references.

    Sarlacc pitt?

    Jaws, definitely Jaws.

    Not sure if there were any Pirates of the Caribbean reference though…didn’t see any unconventional pirate around.

    I like how KyoAni included tentacles in this but not a single girl was affected by them.

  7. I have to admit that the first shark hint I missed (Wind chick with the shark puppets… I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t swarming her during the initial attack), but when the seal pirate freaked out at her bringing over the snacks with them still on her hands, I had the ‘Aha!’ moment. I love those little details that KyoAni is throwing in that keep my eyes peeled on the screen every episode.

    Also, the fact that the little sister (Bandou) who’d been stabbed for trying to work at Amagi ends up covered in “blood” again is hilarious… and then she’s complaining about strawberry syrup!! Girl, you survived being stabbed in the side, don’t be weak over liquid sugar!!

      1. I don’t want KyoAni to animate FMP. They really shouldn’t be trusted to finish off the series, FMP gets really grim right after TSR. Looking at the state of (what remains of) Gonzo and KyoAni neither studio should be allowed to handle the finale. If IG, Bones or even Sunrise gave it a shot I think it would be good.

  8. This was probably the lightest episode yet. We pretty much never got any quiet, profound scene that developed the characters, but apparently the writers know what they’re trying to do with pacing, so I’ll see how the rest of the show does.

      1. I speculate in the name of my Master, that the MC is also a People of the Magic realm. But, the Princess is somehow keep him alive in sharing her Mana, so that he can live a life a normal Human being, growing old. Because they are young forever?

      2. The Park is also only there for producing Mana, where she is the Catalyst. So in the end, he is saving the Park for his own surviving, that would explain somehow the picture in the OP or was it ED, where she is captured in Thrones.

  9. Btw, the Film Music that began to start playing in this leaking Flood Gate, was good. Looks like the Symbiosis of Eyes and Ears are working together. What Eyes can not see, the Ears must hear it for them. (Emotions works perfect. Like suddenly Raining for sad emotions rule). Please keep on working and holding on this Eye and Ear Symbiosis.

  10. After finally catching up with anime this series and Akatsuki no Yona are my favorites this season. This episode had me rolling with the pirates, and drooling over Isuzu’s outfit 😀 Still wondering what the whole story is with Latifa and those flashbacks Kanie has of her are all about.


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