「石を擲つ人々」 (Ishi wo Nageutsu Hitobito)
“Those Who Cast Stones”

Hands down, there’s no one else that makes me feel as uncomfortable as Kamui does. He has this creepy aura around him that’s not similar to the charisma that Makishima had but it’s cynical and dangerous. Makishima felt like a true adversary for Kogami, and his actions – although wrong – still came with a high purpose. One of the reasons I think Makishima was well received was because he had clear ideals that could be seen by others and hence why he had a large following. On the other hand, I feel as though Kamui almost forces himself into the minds of others. He sounds delusional and wicked and if given the chance, I think he could kill many more citizens to prove his point. The way he’s so calm while committing crime is something that never settles well with me. Then he manipulates people into following his orders because he makes them “clear”, like what is this? A cult following? Once again, I ask myself, how does he do it?! It just makes my skin crawl watching Shisui obey him and treat him like a God… she gave up an EYE for him and continues to kill innocent people. But why?! This is not making someone clear, this is clearing someone of their conscience. No matter how far down the rabbit hole I go, I couldn’t imagine justifying killing someone.

Chaos ensued at the end of this episode because I don’t know how anyone could keep a clear hue after that display. A bold move by the police force because I can’t imagine having to clean up after that mess; although still the right decision in my opinion. These kids and their addictions to games is crazy (although, I too, am one of those kids so what do I know?) and they’re not going to stop until they see what’s really going on behind the chicken. In fact, the longer this fight went on, the more unlikely this situation seemed in my mind. I couldn’t take it seriously anymore after half the episode was done because there is no way that the police could’ve created all these drones and NOT put any sort of protection into their software. Is it that easy to create a proxy server and redirect users to link up with the police’s network and control drones? And then it’s just as difficult apparently to trace back to these users and block off their controls? It just made Sybil and the government seem so fragile that anyone with the skills to use holograms and hacks could’ve thought of it. Anyway, with all this planning that Kamui has put into his master plan, I doubt this will be the last that we see him killing innocent people for his cause. What I hate is still not knowing what he’s planning and how he plans to achieve his goal. We know that the Dominators react to the “eye” and not the person that’s holding the gun, but why is Kamui collecting them? Who is going to end up using them?

Mika… oh Mika… even when you try and do the right thing, I still take it the wrong way. While I appreciate her proactiveness in digging into Tougane, she hasn’t come out with anything groundbreaking. On top of that, she reminds me of my group members from school that would just reject everything but have no good solutions of their own. I understand that Mika doesn’t want everyone’s Crime Coefficient to shoot up, but does she have a better idea? What is she doing to save the lives of Division 1 (and 3) by standing around? She is, in fact, doing nothing and I’m glad that Jouji finally said what everyone else wasn’t. This girl needs to wake up and make some tough choices. Jouji has become my hero this episode. Then there’s Tougane who, I swear, is not Kogami! There is no way that he would point a Dominator at Akane like that; he should know that she’s special. I stick by what I said last week – that he is evil and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s strange that there are so similarities between him and Kogami, but the two are definitely not one and the same! I refuse to believe it!

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: I still refuse to believe that Tougane and Kogami are one and the same >_< They must be like old friends or something... #PsychoPass


  1. The server they hacked was a government one, and it’s likely Kamui has a ton of followers, all of whom are likely disguised as other people so doing such a thing is possible. This drug he uses allows them to keep their peace of mind even when murdering or doing things they know is wrong, which usually causes a persons hue to rise. The idea that they can remain clear while doing things Sibyl treats as wrong would easily lead people to want the freedom Kamui offers.

    Kamui’s goal is very clear, find the flaws of the Sibyl system and likely destroy it since that’s most likely his idea of justice. He’s experimenting to find all the holes in Sibyl for that mission, along with his other experiments like testing the Dominators. Though I do think they should emphasize a bit if its his followers doing a lot of what’s shown. At most I see him as a master of Holos and a Chemist.

    1. Only problem for Kamui is that he thinks Sybil is a machine you can trick, which it is not, it’s a collection of brains linked together, and I’m starting to think that Sybil purposely doesn’t show Kamui to them because they don’t want to lose Kamui’s brain like they lost Shogo’s.

      1. That’s a really interesting thought, but Sybil is situationally and personally blind at whom the dominator and other scanners are pointed at and if they could identify Kamui and (or Shogo), they could just set his PP to between 100-300 to knock him out and recover later.

    2. Yeah, but the whole plot is bullshit, because people who watched PP1 already know that hue scanners use computers and can’t measure psycho pass. And it’s the psycho pass scanners that link up with Sybil that are the main security of that society. Or were… in season 1. Things are obviously different now. :<

  2. I really don’t understand why Akane didn’t shoot Kamui at the end of the episode, it doesn’t make any sense, you had the criminal that’s behind countless deaths and destruction, one that can hack your systems and turn them against you .. and you just let him walk away after killing a dozen of civilians, enforcers and Inspectors and walk away with five dominators .. WTH Akane .. you better have a pretty damn good reason for this stupid choice or it would feel like you regressed back to season one amateur and naive Akane who still believed in Sybil and couldn’t shoot Shogo even though she had a loaded rifle aimed at him .. she could have ended it all right there and stop this madness … for me (and without explaining why she didn’t shoot) every single person killed by Kamui after this episode Akane will be also responsible for his/her death … didn’t she learn to “shoot first and ask questions later” .. who care why a crazy terrorist is running around hacking drones and blowing up people .. what difference would it make if you can’t stop him .. sigh .. i’m disappointed Akane .. so disappointed.

    And i did mention last time that the writers are trying to elude at how sinister drone wars can be (maybe that was part of Kamui’s “point” too), the Japanese government actually added a hologram that changes the display of the drone user so when they use the drone to kill enemies they don’t really see what’s going on but they see CG overlayed on the scene … that makes killing so much easier (and doesn’t get their PP clouded), it’s not something Kamui made himself .. he is just using it against them … i feel like this system somehow caused the death of someone dear to Kamui (possibly the plane accident).

    Also, Akane now has two handsome (but kinda creepy) guys ogling her for her clear psycho pass .. who knew a clear psycho pass could be such an asset XD

    1. You’re referring to when she stopped Togane right? The Dominator didn’t work on Kamui since his Crime Coefficient was low due to him being criminally asymptomatic like Makishima. Though I don’t understand why she stopped Togane from shooting him with the rifle that he got.

      1. But Akane had the rifle and she could have shot Kamui with it, yet all she did was asking him why he is doing what he is doing (are you secretly happy Akane that someone is trying to bring down Sybil even if it means thousands will die !!!), and then Togane took the rifle from her and was going to shoot yet AGAIN she stopped him .. that’s twice .. she wasted two chances to shoot Kamui and end his mad campaign against Sybil … i’m starting to feel that Akane actually might be interested in what Kamui is doing and will flip sides later on (fact is Sybil is a threat to her as much as Kamui is).

      2. Actually, the Dominator didn’t even recognize Kamui as a shooting target. It was like she was poiting the gun at a wall. “To think that even the dominator doesn’t recognize him” < or something, that's what she said.

    2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I got the feeling that Akane *would* indeed shoot, but before she got ready to it, Tougane got the rifle. Considerating his similarities to Kougami (maybe is it acting in order to affect her Psycho-Pass?), the flashback made Akane remember what she sees as her failure towards Kougami, and by instinct prevent Tougane of shooting (remember *only* Dominators are accepted). That she would fall, Akane would accept, bring anyone down together with her, no.

      And if we consider that Tougane want to manipulate Akane to cloud her Psycho-Pass, maybe he used the “dirty work” phrase in order to trigger such reaction from her?

    3. same reason why akane didnt shot skougo when he had a knife to one of her best friend’s throats….she is too idealistic, and believes in the proper channels of the justice system; she refuses to take a life (even if the situation arguably justifies it, like saving your best friend from an albino psychopath just seconds away from murder). Plus she refused to have tougane shoot kamui because as we saw, he reminds her of kougami, and one of Akane’s biggest regrets i feel, is her not being able to stop Kougami from killing shougo and turning himself into a criminal. If she can stop tougane from making that turn as well, it will give her some comfort in knowing that she can prevent her staff from going down a presumably dark path.

      1. I agree, my point was that Akane didnt go against her character or do something we havent seen before. Rather, the writing artificially creates a scenario where kamui gets to escape in what is suppose to be a dramatic face-off between protagonist and antagonist. And while it did occur to me that Akane could have shot the boat, i assumed that it would have been pointless…im not sure those bullets could have caused it to sink….not sure what kind of material the boat is made of.

    4. That Kamui technically does not exist even now lol , dominator just IGNORE the guy so basically on that boat there is just only one person , shisui, and you are wrong about akane not wanting to shoot kamui, she clearly for the first times (the one time against makishima, she panick and sacred) she ditched her dominator and hold that Rifle with both her hand and fully aim toward that boat, until Tougane come in and pull out that line , “we should be the one doing that dirty job for you” and believe it or not it’s the exactly same line that Kougami told her when they first met(not first ep but he did say it), and akane , Alone and despair , she have to shoulder sybil secret with a fear of her life , her teammate’s life and her family,deep inside she is lonely, 90% of people hate (2 evils person obsess with her)her, kougami is gone and seeing this one dude acting like her former love interest sweep her of her feet and acting “rational” as per usual sybil is flawed and stupid and still refuse to recognize themself as a failure, Obey or die horribly is still their motto. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2025.jpg
      Mikishima browsing his ipad from hell “Tsunemori akana kanshikan, you start to shine as a person , I for one want to witness the splendour of your soul that bloom and blossom , I want to see you manifest your fear and you anger , O you my lovely white angel , fallen deep in to the abyss that await for I shall welcome you and greet you with my love and caring smile” https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2035.jpg

  3. There is something seriously wrong with Mika. Wishing for Akane to have her Hue clouded? That’s messed up. What exactly does she do beside complaining about Akane every moves? I really don’t recall her actually doing her job as an inspector.I’m glad that doc put her to her place though. Everyone around her was doing something to solve the problem at end while she stood there like a puppet. Her incompetence is just baffling.
    About that ending, i was like what the hell? She could have incapacitated him or give the order to Togane to do so. But She decided to let him go. It’s not like there was an hostage between him and her. That dude is responsible for creating that mess and is planning to instigate more mayhem and getting more people killed. Yet, she let him go scot-free “ridding in the sun”. I’m not talking about killing him there. It’s not like she was using a dominator, she could have shoot them both in the legs or something(or even destroy the boat). She clearly had the upper hand here. If kogami was there, he would have pulled the trigger regardless of what Akane had to say.

      1. @Rick
        Interesting theory. That’s something I’d like to see. Not bec I want her to suffer but bec I’d like to see the character development/changes she’ll go through and what she’ll do with it.

      2. @Silke13

        Apparently Kamui wants that Akane stays with a clear Hue… but what if her Hue gets clouded *by artificial means*? Maybe Togane or Kamui would administer a drug that make that happen? (In Kamui’s case, it would be so he could clear it and bring Akane to his side, I think).

        Personally, if it happens I would love to see Akane clear her Hue by herself and in turn cloud Kamui’s…

      3. I believe that Akane is special, she is basically what the Chief and Sibyl system wants, someone who is like Shoujo Makishima, who can perfectly control their Psycho pass but better yet she works for the system, knows the whole truth, and still continues to work for them. That’s why the chief lets her do whatever she wants.

        Also to add into the list, it’s not just Tougane, Kamui and Mika who wants to cloud Akane’s hue, but also the chief herself seeing as last episode she was curious to see how this situation would all affect her.

        Do I think Akane will be affected? Impossible, why? One of the most brutal scene already happened in front of Akane’s eyes last season, if you guys forgot, it was when Shougo Makishima slit the throat of her best friend in front of her as she was helpless to do anything about it cuz Shougo wasnt a target to be enforced. Even at that scene, Akane’s hue never went far enough to be considered as a concern.

  4. For all Kamui’s talk about bringing Sibyl down, he sure is obssessed about being clear. Doesn’t that mean he trusts’s Sibyl’s judgement? o.O Kamui almost seems like opposite of Akane who doesn’t like the psycho pass numbers but still upholds sibyl system.

    And we finally get to know Tougane’s intentions though to be honest he’ll probably fail considering the story.

    Hinakawa mentioned he had to help his big sis… who’s his big sis?!?!? Did I miss something?

    Also, we’re down to the final inspectors of division 1 lol, if Shisui doesn’t count. Man, almost everyone is dead.

  5. Division 1 and 3 lost their Enforcers – at least six, according to the Dominators Kamui collected.

    As for the children (and older adults) getting their CC clouded after playing a “game”, isn’t that what people declare playing violent video games do to players today? De-sensitize them?

    Why didn’t Akane shoot the boat? Even with Decomposer, it would have been easy to shoot the engine, or the hull. Prevent the boat from getting away.

    Anybody see the large scar on Kamui’s neck? That might not be his original face.

    Who’s the politician under that fake face?

    As for textbook-only Inspectors like Mika, they are the first ones to panic when non-textbook situations happen.

    Excellent episode.

  6. The possibility that the stolen Dominators will work after this makes me wonder if *Sybil* itself isn’t pulling the strings behind Kamui (without his knowledge)? Maybe a ploy to make the population scared and give it more powers and at the same time test if Akane actually is criminally asymptomatic?

  7. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%202%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2036.jpg
    It’s fine if Akane is not gonna kill the villain,but doesn’t she have the common sense to at least try to incapacitate the boat to prevent their escape.
    What’s even more frustrating is that if you remembered the last episode of Psycho Pass 1, she managed to prevent Makishima from escaping in a truck by shooting the tyres. It’s like common sense just disappeared in the last 30 seconds of the episode

  8. Okay, 3 things which were not understandable.

    1. Why were all Enforcers CC over 300?!? Not every latent criminal goes over 300, so that was sorta far fetched and just seemed almost too convenient. Collecting all those Dominators without a problem leads to my next point.

    2. So to use a Dominator, its already enough to just have an eye of someone who has the right to use it, which also seemed way too easy, like really, this easy and there I always thought you obviously needed the whole body of an inspector for example. And as side note, Sibyl is connected to the Dominators, why would they even let Kamui do these things, which are clearly against the system, so I feel a little screwed over by that.

    3. There was no justified reason for Akane to stop Togane/Kogami appearance from shooting Kamui’s boat to stop him, even as she knows Kogami, doing that is totally the opposite of what he and his ways of being an Enforcer/personailty, always stood for. Catching the criminal, no matter how, no matter what. Regardless of her personal feelings, that made no sense, he would have done what was right, and by her doing so, it basically means she did not follow her duty as an inspector either, especially as Kamui is a very dangerous man.

    Overall a solid episode, still hyped for whats to come!

    1. 1. I think from PP1 it has been established that your CC may start at 200+ but it may escalate to 300+ and beyond given that stress and situation that you are in.

      2. I had the same impression from you as well since PP1. That set it up such that it made me think that it’s based on the Inspector’s biometric data and not some sort retinal identification. Surprisingly Kamui’s body is not rejecting Shishui’s eye.

      3. I got no idea why. I think it like war’s stated in Cherie’s post

      1. 1. Id rather say, that is vaild only for exceptional circumstances, for example, if an Enforcer was in a scenario where his best friend would get executed right in front of their eyes and they could not do anything, referring to Akane seeing her friend executed by Shogo in PP1. Your explanation for this drone shooting does not count, as most of them are/were experienced Enforcers and they are trained to not get their CC affected this easily. Many of them were way beyond 300, so nope, still too convenient for Kamui.

        2. I agree with you on the body identification. As for Shisui’s eye, I believe he chose her, because they have the same blood group, so the likability of his body rejecting her eye is minimized.

        3. I expect a damn good reasoning from Akane in the next episode, why she stopped Togane from shooting his boat is all at this point, since we dont understand her action at all.

  9. One thing for sure is that I’ll be very careful if I choose to play FPS games on my mobile devices… You won’t know it it’s a candy coated affair as such.

    The carnage here is not surprising since this has been one of the fears as well as a potential drawback of having integrated systems. It’s quite surprising that Kamui’s legions of hackers and officials alike managed to achieve this. Looking at this, the society seems like it would be diving headlong into a potentially violent and brutal revolution but looking at how Sybil managed to defend itself in PP1, that may not be the case.

    I have suspect that the collective brains behind Sybil would evolve and develop ways to maintain their relevance even if it means that it regresses back into a far more worse autocratic technological dictatorship than what it is right now.

  10. Honestly Kamui doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Sibyl does. It feels like we are wasting our time focusing on the wrong guy here. This guy needs to be stopped, no doubt about it. But Sibyl is what needs to be brought down here and the focus should be on doing something about this.

    Akane really needs to make some decisions here. Letting Kamui get away, still bothering to enforce Sibyl’s rules….a nice character, but it doesn’t seem like she’s getting much done.

  11. While I appreciate the way the writers are developing the storyline with so much tension. I really just want to punch this Kamui guy in the face. Man… such righteousness.

    Also: is someone at the helm of the boat whilst they escape? I don’t know how shooting the boat would displace it.

  12. Kamui comes off as a hyprocrite to me. As someone who says he wants to “clear” everyone, he does things contrary to it. I mean, just look at all the things he did. Causing a lot of area stress and all these madman slaughter. That’s why I don’t like him at all. His ideals and his actions doesn’t really add up.
    Can we just revive Makishima for a brief moment just to mock Kamui with brilliant lines from Shakespeare? That would be perfect.

    Anyways. Sybil could just revoke the access to the dominators or they could just shut down the program on the dominators that was stolen by Kamui.
    By the way, they made a faulty user access. Should’ve created it as 1:1. Multiple access should be forbidden. The quality of writing is a bit of a disappointment.

    Random: Hinakawa calling Akane “onee-chan” was the cutest thing. Protect Hinakawa at all cost!

  13. One thing I am confused on is how is Sybil allowing inspector Shisui to continue being active? If she has become a turncoat how is she still in the system? That’s basically confirming that if inspectors go rogue they can still “pass judgement” and do as they please with their dominators until caught. Something doesn’t add up unless I missed a few details.

  14. …it’s probably a bad sign for a show like this when your rate of random side character death is starting to approach Akame ga Kill, and your main villain and his cultists are beginning to feel like Seryu Ubiquitous. Seriously, at this point whatever is going on with Tougane is multitudes more interesting than Kamui Kirito. I’m beginning to think the name ‘Kirito’ is just cursed as far as writing goes.

    At least Kamui is more intelligent than Seryu… oh, wait. That’s probably more because half of everyone else appears to have been rendered idiots to make him appear intelligent, most egregiously Mika and Sibyl. The thing about Makishima was that, by and large, and up until the helmet thing, he never did anything that required too much suspension of disbelief, and even aforementioned helmet thing was more just giving malcontents the means and letting them off the leash. As a result, him versus the Bureau and Sibyl felt like a match of wits. In contrast, every second thing Kamui does feels like the villainous version of the heroic asspull. Even if he is some kind of computer genius, like is being very obviously implied, this episode especially felt on the level of Hollywood hacking. Between this and the narrative going out of its way to neuter Sibyl, events feel very much like they’re proceeding only by unsubtle authorial fiat. (And let’s not forget little details like how Enforcers really shouldn’t be 300+ by default, else Akane would have killed Kougami in episode 1 of season 1.)

    …I’m probably being a bit unfair. On it’s own, PP2 isn’t really objectively bad, just more forgettable thriller than memorable thought-provoker. Compared to PP1, though, it’s quite failing to measure up so far.

  15. This episode was just frustrating to watch. Once again, I feel like my intelligence is being insulted by the plot resorting to cheap blood and gore to evoke an emotion. The death of Division 3 was so obvious because they’re devoid of any likable characteristics are incredibly smug, and have been established as incompetent at handling a crisis. Might as well have had them wear Red Shirts because who actually cares that they died? I certainly don’t.

    Also did the writers forget that to SYBIL can just restrict Shishui’s use of a Domnsitor? Don’t even get me started with Akane letting Kamui go. So many scenarios that could have been written on his getaway and the one they went with “Akane let him go just because”. Nice one Akane, from this point on anyone who has died a horrible death from Kamui will be on you.

    The intent of the story is obvious, to present the flaws of the Sybil system and how it can be exploited. The problem its so over-the-top that it comes across that only Akane and Kamui are the only competent people. And the latter is already straddling the line of a Villain Sue. The only way to put these two in a higher pedestal to make everyone lobotomized retards. The MWPSB is not supposed to be stupid, they did after all dealt with a city scale riot last season with few deaths back in season 1? Here this has already broken my willing suspension of disbelief.

    Halfway through the series and I’m close to declaring PP2 as jumping the shark. Maybe it can redeem itself in the next few episodes. Hopefully the writers have blown off the wad on their violence boner and actually go back to the police procedural part of the show. You know, the one that actually makes Psycho-pass interesting to watch.

  16. Welcome to the dark side Ms Shisui. I would like you to know that what you are experiencing is not love. In the medical profession the term that would accurately describe your condition is called stockholm syndrome.




    Please know that you are not alone and there are prescribe medications and treatment for it.

  17. Anyone here watches Person of Interest ? I couldn’t help but compare these 2 shows.

    Couldn’t latent criminals just commit crimes in areas that don’t have cameras ? and try not to stress out so much while/after committing the crime ? (I may not fully understand how sibyl identifies latent criminals though. Right now it looks like it identifies stress and if someone like kamui is happy killing people then sibyl shouldn’t have been able to identify all the psychopaths in the world. Because they are so happy and do not feel guilt. Wonder what that medication is all about. >_<" I need answers lol.

  18. I think the reason why the security for Sybil system is so lax is because this is based on the assumption that no one can actually commit crime similar to what happened this episode, as they’ll detect that person’s PP raise and they can stop him/her before they accomplish what happened this episode, but Kamui since he isn’t recognized by Sybil, he was able to plan these things, just like season 1, and this really emphasize the weakness of Sybil system.

    Trap Masters
  19. …I was thinking of waiting until Psycho-Pass 2 finished to marathon it, but by the reviews it’s been getting and the way the plot seems to be rolling, I think I’m not even going to watch it.

  20. When i rewatched PP1 and relates the episode with this one, i’d say: Akane, your prayer has been answered. Here is Kamui.

    Remember when Akane said to Sibyl that one day there will be someone who will turn off the Sibyl power and never to underestimate human; ironicly, this is what happening right now. And as for Akane, though i totally pissed with her for not shooting them when they are running away, i somehow a bit proud of her in someway. Yes, kill Kamui and the mystery will never be solved. Akane wants reasons behind all of this.

    Mika, why are you continuing raising your hate toll again? Lol….but we did learnt something from her. Togane is definite the Sibyl’s virus, they want to poison Akane’s psychopass since she could be the only person after Makishima that cannot be judge by their system. Twisted as it seems, i find Mika cursing Akane is quite intriguing 😛

    Anyway, im glad Shion has some spotlight in this episode ^^ how i miss her~ everybody is working together cracking and hacking inside the lab…what a sight to see XDD

    Shinya, come back already! Creep out Mika is funny lol…And boys, please dont treat Akane like she’s so fragile! That girl can kickass if she’s desperate XDD

    onion warrior
  21. While getting the Dominators from the dead Enforcers is useless (if he wants his other followers to use them), it’s possible that Kamui will try to disassemble it, study it, and experiment. Also, am I wrong to say that that one Enforcer was shot in the leg so that Kamui can get his eyes?? Others died due to Drones, so he could extract the eyes. With the time it took to stop the drones…

    The high CCs may be due to great stress. They were being targeted and executed after all.

    Now that only Division 1 remains whole (Is Ginoza all right???!!!), Sibyl lacks lackeys now. Will Chief Kasei(?) hire more people now? Or will she deploy cyborgs instead? It will be interesting to see Kamui hack the AIs and turn them over against Sibyl. Also, it must be noted that since Tougane and Akane saw Kirito, his face can be sketched and then looked up by Shion. Also, now that they know Shisui has gone rogue instead of being held captive somewhere, they could probably disable her use. It’s important to note that prior to this visual confirmation of Shisui’s conversion, everyone under Sibyl thought she’s still a proper inspector doing her role. She did do her role as an inspector here, but for the sake of someone against Sibyl. And Tougane got a clear view of that.

    I still think Tougane is a cyborg. It’s just that his eyes reddening twice is not natural. Some of you might not like him being so, but it is not a really far-fetch conclusion.

    On the other hand, I now have a different theory about Kamui. I had thought he didn’t have plastic surgery, but then, it’s not impossible for him in his knowledge. Moreover, Kamui may look young, but he could be truly older than he looks—where plastic surgery comes in handy. If he’s supposed to be older, it makes sense if he knows more stuff 1:1 of person to profession.

    Also, looking back to the plane crash, it makes me wonder why it crashed in the first place. The thing is, there was something about Sibyl not wanting to have migrants(?) in the society in PP1 because they won’t have data—control—over these people, and the plane that crashed may have been planned to be crashed because: 1) if they’re going out of the country, Sibyl’s secrets or features may be leaked; or 2) if they were migrants, even if most of them were just returning to Japan—they were probably people/descendants of people who came out of the country pre-Sibyl times.

    Just these many people possibly wreaking havoc on the current society due to a cultural shock.

  22. Hey guys I’m back! I’ve been gone for a while, but I don’t if anyone would remember me on the threads.

    Anyway as a person like me that works with network security and databases, there is a possibility of a major plot hole. The reason is technically this whole debacle about Kamui taking Dominators can be solved by removing Shisui’s permissions/privileges from the Sibyl Network (user database) and all the rest of the inspectors and enforcers that died in this episode. In order for an individual to use resources on a network they need to have permissions, which is done by an administrator adding users into a database and giving them the specific privileges they are allowed to do on a network and having the user log-in to identify and authenticate (ex. Shisui’s ability to use a Dominator using biometric identification). In other words Shisui or Kamui would be denied use (AAA server) to the Dominators and their eyes would be useless.

  23. Akane shooting kamui here wouldn’t give a good end, Kamui himself knew that Akane wouldn’t shoot him not just because the dominators couldn’t but he also knew that Akane wouldn’t shoot him even after seeing her having a real gun, although it means that Akane didn’t really learn from what happened in season 1 it also means that she stick to her own justice
    well let’s expect a good reason for Akane taking that action

    About Sibyl not taking much action regarding kamui’s action might be the same reason for S1, they didn’t give interest regarding the killing but would rather like to know about Kamui’s action, maybe would like to take his brain into Sibyl too

    Like this episode, mostly seeing the people getting stressed for what they have done as I’m sick of seeing people took lightly of what they consider a normal action but actually could cause a disaster towards other people and anything else, please get more stressed, zama miro

  24. I’m sure that in time we will learn more about Kamui but as of right now I am pretty frustrated with the guy. The idea that people can some how affect their psycho pass no matter what they do is interesting and I am certain will be explored. What bugs me is how Kamui seems to be able to make basically anyone become his devoted follower. It’s like you spend a day with him and all the sudden you are drinking the kool aid. Makishima may have been a sociopath but he at least made sense in who followed him and why. Kamui seems to be trying to change the world but he seems to be able to make people forget who they were. It’s like they made a Japanese version of Tao. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tao_(comics)

  25. Do the Denominators have to be so gruesome? Couldn’t help but think they were actually unnecessarily cruel this episode. That one girl had time to feel her body expand and panic before her entire upper body blew up. Plus, why make the denominators kill things in such a way that they raise the psycho pass of whoever uses them and/or sees them in use? Just shooting people would probably be healthier.

    With all that said, Akane’s been an inspector for a while. Has she really never shot anyone or ordered her enforcers to shoot someone this whole time? Would using a Denominator damage her psycho pass? I’d really like to know these things, since she looks ready to use a gun in the movie and I’m hoping this season shows how she got to that point.

  26. While this series skimps a lot of details on how things happen unlike season 1, i really enjoy the emotions it tries to evoke in its viewers. The episodes of all the civilians blown up, Mika being a total douchebag, the emotions this series evokes as well as the questions it keeps leaving the viewers and drawing us in for the next episode make it more enjoyable in the raw sense. I do miss Makashima’s philosophical monologues and musings though.

  27. is it possible that even though the Sybil system has the ability to restrict the use of Shishui’s dominator, let’s all remember that the Sybil system is ultimately made of brains from people like Kamui and Makishima. And that the reason why they let Akane live in PP1 was to observe her actions so as to include more information within their ‘database’. Perhaps, Sybil plans to watch Kamui push Akane over the top and see how her hue gets affected before stepping in to save their pawn. I don’t get why she didn’t shoot the boat though…

    i just don’t get that emotional kick i used to get in every episode from PP1, it’s starting to feel like a case-by-case kind of typical crime drama now… hope things take a turn for the better!

  28. Cherrie thank you for pointing out the obvious. Kamui does have this creepy aura around him. Its just bizarre. And not knowing his true intentions is just unnerving. And when others follow him blindly it feels like he is a cult leader. So wrong, so wrong.

    I liked where you focused on this episode review. And agree so much. I cannot believe Togane is Kogami. Togane is just seeming evil any way you look at it.

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