“A Dark Night’s Passing”

「暗夜行路」 (An’ya Koro)

As was obvious, the parasite body at the end of last week’s episode was not Shinichi’s mother, but in fact a man with the same partial-parasite as Shinichi. Uda Mamoru (Takuma Suzuki) seems a jolly guy who wears his heart on his sleeve (which could, given what happened in this episode, be biologically correct as well) but has a certain pang of tragedy to him. There’s also his imaginatively named parasite – Parasite – who resides in Uda’s mouth, chin, and chest area.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see a hybrid like Shinichi this soon, but I’m glad, as it allowed for our depressed main character to actually develop a nice sort of friendship with Uda, since there are two people in the same very rare situation. The comparisons between the speech and behavioural patterns of Migi and Parasite also get brought up, showcasing the difference in their developments due to Migi reading books and Parasite watching movies – I suppose it says just as much about their hosts as it does about themselves.

Before the confrontation last episode, Migi was about to explain something to Shinichi – but now is the time that it is being brought up again and properly addressed. Simply put, Migi is growing more and more independent, even if there are limits to him separating, which is tied to that fact that Migi is only 70% of what he originally was due to inserting himself into the hole in Shinichi’s heart. Therefore, Shinichi is now 70% Shinichi and 30% Migi. These percentages give Shinichi a fright, and they should; he may have been slowly changing as a person due to the events he found himself caught up in, but to have a significant portion of himself be replaced by that of a seemingly emotionless parasitic alien… it really does beg the question whether Shinichi is really a human anymore?

Like Migi points out, he can now run at the speed of an athlete, and can jump to tremendous heights. Plus, as noted last week his sight and hearing have improved to the point where it seems like he is beyond that of an ordinary person. While these traits are awesome and make for an improvement in what Shinichi can do by himself, it is still introduced as a worrisome development – as it should be.

Then we have the obvious talking point of the episode: the final fight with the parasite within Shinichi’s mother. It was set up wonderfully, the tension was ripe in the air, and Migi just so happened to pick the worst time to go to sleep (at least he upgraded Shinichi’s right hand to a neat-looking sickle blade in the process). Connecting back to Uda almost committing suicide off of a cliff, we are brought back to a similar location for the battle to take place. Everything about it was awesome. The animation was fluid and on-point, and the music was pumping in the background – if only it lasted a little longer.

But what we saw was important. I, for one, was worried that Shinichi would lose himself after having to kill his own mother. He showed hesitation when reminded of the scar that he caused, but overall I’d say he was pretty much prepared for the worst. Thankfully though, Uda and Parasite came to the rescue, avoiding death themselves and then dealing the finishing blow. Shinichi may have been saved just there, but my suspicions tell me the chances of Shinichi going down a dark path down the line are only increasing by the episode. So we’re not out of the woods yet, not by any stretch of the imagination.

For now, this little revenge story has been wrapped up, and the scene on the cliff with Shinichi and his father was a brilliant way to finish it all off. They both know what happened, even if neither has to say it aloud. And I’m sure Shinichi would cry if he could, just like his father. It would hurt to lose your wife in a way like that, but at least what’s done is done… even if tomorrow will bring new – and almost certainly – worse things.

So, with Makiko out of the harem despite her considering nature, Uda still alive after the battle, and Kana and Murano sensing Shinichi at the end, I’m interested to see where our cast goes from here. Kana is a mystery, but an interesting one. Murano is the final connection between the Shinichi of the past. And our protagonist himself… well, his transformation is finally complete, and I think many will be quite pleased with the result.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • After being mortally wounded by his mother, Migi inserted himself into the hole in Shinichi’s heart, which saves, but also changes him.
  • Shinichi ends up going to the island where his injured father is being kept, as well as to get revenge on the parasite who killed his mother.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 14 p.32 – 17 p.4

Shinichi Losing His Humanity:

  • After Parasite points out that crying is most certainly a human trait, it highlights the fact that Shinichi is finding himself unable to do so.
  • The change in his character and his person has been gradual, but with the fusion with Migi, I doubt he will ever be the same person again.

Makiko Didn’t Die:

  • I’d say Makiki surviving while this all goes on is the most surprising that happened in this episode. I could feel the death flags waving her off…

Just Who/What is Kana?:

  • That is the question I’m left with. She’s a strange one, and I have no idea what to make of her. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts – but please, don’t spoil anything, even if it seems obvious.



    1. from a wimp with glasses and a vibe that screamed “i’m a virgin!”
      to a bad boy that you want to gently stroke the hair on top of your head.

      if i didn’t already know the story, and was shown only the before and after shots,
      i may have assumed the boy got laid or something.

      Calorie Mate
      1. “Overall, America’s total fertility rate fell to just 1.86 births per woman, the lowest since 1986 and a 1 percent decrease from 2012. That figure puts the U.S. on the same course with many Western European nations and Japan, where the birth rate has fallen below what demographers call the “replacement rate,” usually around 2.1 births per woman, needed to keep a country’s population from falling. The U.S. last had a total fertility rate of 2.1 births in 2007.”

        Yep. Our extinction will not be of nuclear fallout, but of anime-driven celibacy and passively kept virginhood.

        Calorie Mate
    1. From what I understood :
      Migi split up into pieces to repair shinnichi’s heart. He must have sent a directive to all his sub divisions : Go and fix/strengthen shinnichi’s body. Since the heart pumps blood all the time, some of his subdivisions must have spread all over his body. Leaving only a portion around the heart which he ordered to come back and join him. Now they (30 % that is all around his body) are probably just following the initial directive which is fix his body / strengthen it.

    2. My understanding is that to repair his heart, Migi had to split itself into small enough pieces to perform the repair. Considering how small the individual blood vessels are, migi would have had to split itself into the size that couldn’t think.

      Although not explicitly mentioned, he might be able to only give out 1 directive. The directive is to repair the countless capillaries/veins/arteries that have been broken. Since the small pieces are incapable of thought, after completing the directive, they’ve gone on standby.

      So, the countless “Migi” in his bloodstream is somehow radiating energy giving him increased output.

      That’s what I made out of it.

      1. I don’t think it a “radiation” but a case of wolverine. Logan doesn’t have superstrenght though his power but can and did train beyond human limits with the healing. So, my theory, the minimigis didn’t go on standby but continue to repair his body and bring it to the limit and beyond. At least if the directive had to be so simple that it didn’t even have a location or condition for ending.

  1. I certainly didn’t expect another hybrid either, but it’s a nice development. Cause, well, Mamoru’s interesting and he opens the door for more hybrids in the future. Especially considering the way Shinichi’s changing and the terrible secrets he carries, it’d be nice if he could find a group of people like him – for the sake of both his physical and mental health. Maybe that way they can also fight back in some fashion. And Mamoru survived his first death flag already, so hey. And Makiko survived hers too! I suppose killing the husk of his mom is enough tragedy for Shinichi in one day.

    I wonder about Kana though. She sure as hell isn’t normal, that’s for sure. Being able to sense Shinichi without seeing him has been established as a parasite’s ability so far, but she’s still human (otherwise Migi would’ve noticed). I wonder if she’s a hybrid of sorts herself, though without a living parasite inside her. Hmm. The plot is thickening.

    And as short as that fight was, it was still pretty awesome. Just like everything else in this show, really.

      1. Noo! You should have waited. That way you’ll get to experience the story for the 1st time along w/the great animation & wonderful OST. Madhouse is doing a great job at this, you know.

      2. I will still follow it!!! The manga has some nice features though! I read from this episode’s story onwards, and I found there was roughly 20% more material in the manga that contributed to this story’s arc. Enjoyed the extra content!

  2. Mamoru wins best friend of the year award, and he’s only in one episode so far.

    The guy only knows Shinichi for a day, yet just from the idea that he is not alone with his “condition”, he goes so far to assist Shinichi to the point of even sparing him the burden of killing his “mother” with his own hands, even though they both knew it wasn’t really her.

      1. I wonder what’s in Uda’s wife mind when she left him… This guy’s kindhearted nature could definitely offset “easy-going” (huh? is that a major turn off to women?) and “indecisiveness” (I’m willing to bet this type of guy is overthinking things for the sake of other, hence he can’t decide what’s good for himself)… And again the scene when he DECIDE to help Shinichi even though he’s basically a stranger he just met for one day shows he got the guts to do something when it really matters.

        Well this mirrored real life world though, some women just want good looking asshole and complaining non-stop than normal looking kind guy who treat them carefully.

      2. @cryarc

        There are girls that prefer super nice guys instead of the exciting jock type guys.
        They aren’t the majority, but they do exist.

        Look for really quiet girls at your place of daily activity and you’re likely to find one.

        Calorie Mate
    1. hey we will get to see the pregnat parasite host next episode .i wonder what will happen, will she still be a person that only thinks of her own survival or will she somehow develop a maternal instinct that she herself find misterious. man i cant wait to seewhat will happen.

    1. Sounds kinda like how i used to be very anti-anime back in 2010,
      but then, one evening in 2011, it suddenly hit me that i had become a otaku.

      That’s where the similarities end. There was no harem.

      Calorie Mate
  3. Finally a cool looking main character in an anime which is such a rare treat. Most anime that take place in high school has the usual super-dorky main character that is terrified of girls. Which is great for that audience but I can take that anymore myself

    Such a good series and a breath of fresh air. This season is actually packed with so many good shows I have to work hard to keep up with RandomC

    Great blog. Good points were made

    “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see a hybrid like Shinichi this soon”

    Not sure if I expected to see another one at all. I’m glad Shinichi has another human he can confide in

    Rick Anime
  4. I’d like to comment on the nature of the proportions of Migi to Shinichi in Shinichi’s body after he was injured. Since Migi inserted 30% of himself into Shinichi, there should technically be 3/13=23.1% of himself in Shinichi and 10/13=76.9% of the original Shinichi remaining. Shinichi’s ‘proportion of body’ was not changed (assuming that the new heart has negligible difference compared to the old heart) and should therefore be fully accounted for when comparing the proportions. It shouldn’t just be 70% automatically. :3

    P/S: I’m fun at parties.

  5. Just a personal note, I like this show more than Tokyo Ghoul because that show had just too many emo elements and apathetic/psychopathic douches and a torture sequence that became a torture for the viewer too. It may be edgy but it didn’t feel like it has human body temperature, and left a bitter aftertaste.

    My life is already going crazy, I don’t want my TV shows to go crazy too.
    I want to see something stable/fair/dignifying/humane, which will hopefully have the effect of restoring a little bit of my faith in humanity when the show is done.

    Kiseijuu shows how a human/alien hybrid can be more human than a human.
    Shinichi is like the most sane/trustworthy character (considering his crazy circumstances) on any show this season.

    Calorie Mate
    1. Well if you like this show better – I cant argue with that. For me its too different to compare those two. And I agree the anime wasnt really that good. Too short, too much original content. But the manga is great!!! That is by far the best story I have ever! read in manga/anime (and I read a lot in the last 10 years). So I completely disagree with it being too emo – touching psychological issues is not “emo” btw, Thomas Mann touches these subjetcs too or Dürrenmatts The Physicists or Sartres Huit Clos etc. pp. Those are all great stories. I studied literature so I can at least say that in the name of the scientific discourse. And even though the anime didnt come close to the manga and it wasnt a good adaptation, the topics remain the same and those are far from unbearable.

  6. > Migi is only 70% of what he originally was due to inserting himself into the hole in Shinichi’s heart. Therefore, Shinichi is now 70% Shinichi and 30% Migi.

    Doesn’t work that way. Migi is what – 3, 4 kg? 30% of that is 1 Kg at most, compared to 60-70kg for Shinichi.

  7. He started out weak, got f–ed up, slowly grew up and finally became insanely cool. All that while dealing with problems and learning how to let go. And all of that in only 7 episodes!

    1. Shinichi’s turning cool, just scared if the change is due to side effects from the 30% of Migi inside him affecting his personality rather than just him growing as a person in his own right.

  8. I like this adaptation very much… I read the manga like 5 years ago and after finished it… my first thought was this manga should be animated… The opening and ending music is great… The opening is a bit aggressive-type music while the ending is soothing-type music… balancing the emotion of each episode

    Now I waiting for Bio Meat: Nectar to be animated… (I think there is no adaptation for this horror and gore manga yet)

  9. cruiser2710
  10. What an episode! The climax was excellent. Happy Shinichi didn’t have to axe his own mum but the resolve was hair raising! Great new characters and an evolved protagonist. Brilliant show!


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