「黒い思惑」 (Kuroi Omowaku)
“Black Agenda”

Black Chaikas. Black Chaikas everywhere.

Warmongers, War Hawks, Selfish Cowards, & the Rare Few Who Don’t Want War

We had them at the end of last season, but the warmongers are coming out of the woodwork even more this time. Precious few seem content to live in a world at peace, and there’s some unfortunate parallels between that and reality. Peace is, in many ways, a habit—to many of us in the developed world today, the idea of a full-scale war is a matter of fiction. The same thing is true of war. Compare this to Madan no Ou to Vanadis, where war is very much a matter of course—it’s not something to moralize over, it’s just something nations do. It’s the accepted way of solving problems. Here we have a world suddenly bereft of war, and a lot of people can’t cope.

It borders on incredulity. It’s hard to imagine why they would lust after battle so much when they could accept peace. But what’s the point in life if you’re not doing the work you’re supposed to be doing? Understand that I’m not condoning war—between the warmongers, the war hawks, the selfish cowards, and those who don’t want war for its own sake, I’m firmly in the fourth camp. Yet I can understand the frustration at not being able to do the thing you want to do, as I’ve struggled with that myself. And war too, is a habit, and here it’s a habit the people have grown used to over the three hundred years of Emperor Gaz’s war.

So I get the warmongers, in a way. At least they seem to want to fight the battles themselves. That marks them as mentally damaged, but at least consistent. The war hawks, the ones who would send other people’s children to die when they could choose a different path, are as lamentable as the selfish cowards who would turn away from a dangerous enemy to protect their own interests alone. Of the four, only those of the Kliemann Organization and like-minded souls like General Fyodor inhabit the final, and only sane, camp. But between the warmongers and the war hawks, it looks like the rapidly approaching finale of Hitsugi no Chaika is going to be an explosive one.

Finding Out What Others Already Knew

This was, largely, an episode of characters finding out what other characters already knew. Between Tooru and Chaika learning about Vivi’s transformation, Vivi and Nikolay learning about the black Chaikas, and the Kliemann Organization learning about the black Chaikas as well, it was mostly time spent getting all the information to all the parties. Which leads me to the biggest question—how far along are we, source material-wise? I remember it being said that they’d have to adapt almost a light novel per episode, but this episode was pretty slow. That + I don’t believe the final light novel has even been released, and I’m filled with trepidation. Adaptation is a tricky thing, and while this episode was overall coherent and well done, it may signal massive source cuts from the final episodes.

I wish I could give you a better idea of how it’s going to end, but I cannot. Instead, I say this—hold onto your butts. Some lowered expectations will make whatever happens easier to swallow, so with good reason to fret, I’d get to lowering them if I were you.

Looking Ahead – More Chaikas? Guh

So the twin Black Chaikas have an onee-sama. Thaaaaat’s not good. Between her plans for a Chaika vs Chaika vs Chaika (with three Chaikas watching … *head spins*) duel to throwing Red Chaika to the Minotaur dungeons or whatever, things aren’t looking good for our heroes! (Or the other heroes, or the friendly-ish antagonists.) I just hope they can fit the rest of the Chaika goodness in the remaining episodes without it all becoming a mess. Earnest hope!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Shin-nii stops the infiltration, so the battle royale goes on, with more Chaikas entering the fray to confuse me all to hell #chaika s2e7

Random thoughts:

  • Those breathing apparatuses do you no good when you’re full submerged, you baka kyoudai.
  • “Even is anii-sama were to become my enemy, I’m prepared to have him lick my feet and beg for his life as I beat him, bind him, and drip candle wax on him.” Akariiiii!!
  • The remains are at the top of the castle. You have a dragoon with you. Fly up and take them?
  • Loli Fredrica is justice, but this isn’t bad either. I missed this form!
  • Snake the sword through the gate, you baka Red Chaika! Just stick it out, wave it, and flay them all alive! I swear, I have to kil—I mean, do everything around here.

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  1. Stilts: Those breathing apparatuses do you no good when you’re full submerged, you baka kyoudai.

    I thought it was weird, perhaps there’s magic involved… This isn’t the first show where diving tools seem to have air supply that we can’t see.

    1. I don’t think they’re using those breathing apparatuses at all. They do surface every now and then. And they had to go Iron Blood to give them a boost when they didn’t know how long the last passage was.

      1. Speaking of Iron Blood, did they ever say what the cost is to use it? I cannot recall…

        I always wondered why they don’t go Iron Blood in every engagement. Sometimes, even when they’re in a pinch, they still don’t transform. Furthermore, other than the visual effects, I don’t recall much improvement when they use Iron Blood; There isn’t any definitive traits to Iron Blood other than the visuals on their faces and hair, to what I can see.

        Which begs the question: If it actually helps in combat, why don’t they activate Iron Blood in every engagement?

      2. @flCer

        They sort of explained it early on in the series, but I had forgotten about it, and only remembered once I looked it up. I’ll spoiler tag just in case.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. I thought they were snorkel like devices that would be useful to remain just under the surface waiting for the best moment to do a sneak attack, more or less like ninjas.
        That may be called having too much imagination though eheh, as in this case they just emerged full force every time.

    2. Actually that extra length of the tube helps with when you need to get rid of carbon dioxide you breathe out, IRL at least, if you attempt to push air out of your mouth underwater without it theres is a high chance (also depends on your experience) water will sneak into your mouth before you close it, with tube it gives you additional room for mistake, I did some diver training in high school.

  2. I bet the writer of this series has tons of fun writing Akari’s line. Hitsugi No Chaika is set in the pseudo-medieval era, there is no doubt a lot of people are soldiers and mercenaries who can only make the living by participating in the war. By look of the setting, there are quite a few people barely making the pennies, clearly not happy with the nobles. While the war for its own sake is bad indeed, still I can see why they want it.

    1. It´s the same as in Maoyuu Mao Yuusha, the war has been going for so long that the whole world adapted around it making impossible to end without causing more harm than good. And this is the result, as you can see it´s not pretty.

  3. A similar situation happened in Japan at the end of Sengoku era when Tokugawa’s suddenly enforced the peace after almost 200 yers of clan warfare and literally thousands of ronin, masterless samurai whose profession was killing roamed the country seeking their new place in life(not much unlike Tooru and Akari…) And after the WW1 the rise of the fascist movements was often facilitated by SOME veterans glorifying the war…

    “This is getting out of hand! Now there is two THREE of them!”
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD_ag67tH3I to paraphrase certain Star Wars character…
    The Black Chaikas grow in numbers, and it seems the King himself doesn’t know of the third one…
    I wonder now who is manipulating whom, the Sith Black Chaikas might be actually the real threat behind the veil of separatists mad king? And what is their relation to that sneaky bastard Guy?

    Speaking of Guy, I do get a feeling he is some kind of… IDK, apparition? servant? left behind by the dead Emperor to watch over his Master Plan (trope!) unfolding… It also seems that Emperor did some kind of experiment, namely to see which Chaika will gather most (or all) remains… For what end? To see which motivation for them is best? To see which one is worthy of becoming his vessel (assuming he is planning to return from beyond)? And what was the purpose of his flotilla of flying castles that came ahead of its times? Just creating the island base/laboratory, or maybe they are waiting somewhere for the start of the new war and Emperor taking command again?

    Last but not least I can not overlook White Chaika getting actually quite competent in combat, she was making a very nice team with Tooru!

    1. It seems to me that Guy cannot do anything himself and always acts through other people. Even when he saved Cavaleer dood he didn’t teleport him away .. he just made other people leap on him to protect him. I suspect Guy has no physical presence at all.

    2. ^ This.
      I also think the King’s being manipulated by this Black Chaika. Every problem with war reignition has been orchestrated by some Chaika, after all.
      Also the guy who said Twin Chaikas were corrupted looks he hit the nail too. Do you think Black Chaika wants to turn Red and White black and made them her minions too?

  4. “Peace is, in many ways, a habit—to many of us in the developed world today, the idea of a full-scale war is a matter of fiction.”

    LOL, this is so wrong. Reason why we in developed world live in peace is because of one thing – nukes. All major powers had them ( USA, EU, China, Russia ) and all are afraid to start another large scale war because it would be the last one Mankind will ever fought ( Think Fallout games ). Take nukes from everyone and see how world goes into war again forming 2 or maybe even 4 blocks. ‘Peace trough superior firepower’ is such true for modern post WW2 world. Peace only achieved by weapons of mass destruction in large quantities that nobody us crazy enough to use.

    “The war hawks, the ones who would send other people’s children to die when they could choose a different path, are as lamentable as the selfish cowards who would turn away from a dangerous enemy to protect their own interests alone.”

    Not actually true, the ‘war hawks’ are doing what is called “preventive measure” while “the selfish cowards” are just trying their best to safeguard the fragile peace they fought so hard to achieve. Good example of that is late 1930’s Allies, Churchill would be “war hawk” while Neville Chamberlain would be “the selfish coward”. Churchill was pressing France and Great Britain to stomp Germany after he saw how strong are they becoming ( this was right in thew middle of Czechoslovakia crisis ) while Neville was for more peaceful solution. If everyone have listened Churchill WW2 might never had happened ( true, they would lose several thousand troops but much better than several millions everyone lost in the war ) – same thing in Chaika. the ‘war hawks’ are for preemptive strike before enemy grows too powerful to became real threat. It will only cost them more lives if they wait – just like it costed Allies for not acting when they have should.

    In short – the Allied Nations Council is as incompetent as UN is today when it comes to solving world problems. It rest upon individual nations to get the job done.

    “So I get the warmongers, in a way. At least they seem to want to fight the battles themselves.”

    In this case they are trying to prevent the war before another one happens that will damage them like the last 300 years one. So they are actually fighting to try to protect the peace they have, unlike others who want to let things flow and hope for the best ( in case of Chaika – bad idea ).

    For all other stances about the war I agree. Aldo soldiers today still have jobs because there are tons of local wars happening all around the world. Not to mention tensions between many powerful countries that forces them having large military force stationed all around world. Soldiers in Chaika had that misfortune that the states abandoned them and focused on other things. Many of those soldiers probably had PTSD that nobody cared about helping them with. Only few who actual had some heart for soldiers offered them some alternative ( like Claudia did ), the rest literally pissed on them like they are garbage ( nobility is especially noted for this ).

    As for episode itself… it was epic. Aldo I am also concerned about them wrapping the story to the good end. 3 episodes until lend and 3 more LN to cover ( including last one ). Hope they will do it.

    Brother Coa
    1. 1.) Agreed. It’s not so much that people are tired of the fighting so much as it is they’re just too afraid to start any other large-scale fighting. The whole Cold War and present is only as “quiet” as it is due to the many nuclear deterrents countries have. Even smaller countries with a smaller number of nuclear weapons can cause tremendous damage to larger ones while smaller ones that are hit will be wiped off the map.

      That’s the big reason behind the many “proxy wars” throughout the Cold War – Korea, Vietnam, Israel and the Arab States, Afghanistan, etc.; a way for the US or the Soviet Union and their military forces to flex their muscle and brag to the other about their “superiority” without actually coming into (publicly known) direct contact with each other.

      As Albert Einstein said, “I do not know how World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

      2.) Only reason I disagree a bit is that, in terms of the US anyway, many of the war hawks here that have voices are politicians or just noise makers who have never actually served in the military at all (or at least not in any major capacity, much less seeing combat). Only a couple politicians I can think of that actually did serve in Vietnam while the others claim to want war, but are the types who would send everyone else and their children to fight the war they advocated for while doing everything they can to get themselves and their own family out of it (while still claiming that war is the right move). Sure there are soldiers who wish for more war, but they’re voices people hardly ever seem to hear.

      Of course, there are also different types of war hawks. Like you said, there are those who do wish to stop something before it gets out of control like Churchill when it came to Nazi Germany. Another type are those who simply wish for more war simply for the sake of being able to fight and use all the fancy “toys” they have, and another are those who simply wish for it as a way to make money by playing every side (defense contractors and such).

    2. @Brother Coa: You seem to forget that WW2 happened directly because the war hawks caused WW1, an utterly pointless, horrible war that left Europe in ruins and pushed the loser (Germany) so far into oblivion that the country became a monster instead. Yeah, that worked out great.

      Context is everything, in this case. While history has vindicated Churchill, there are plenty of cases where being a warmonger only gives rise to bigger problems. You take out one evil and cause the next. And given the current circumstances in the world right now, it seems to be as true as ever.

      And going back to Chaika, that seems to be happening here too. Killing Gaz was not the end everyone hoped for. It just gave rise to new factions that cause trouble – and in this case, ironically the guy who ended the previous war to begin with.

      1. Actually WW1 happened because late united Germany, AustroHungary and Italy wanted colonies and Britain and France said ‘Hell no’. In their case it was inevitable as warmongers were worst than in WW2.

        Brother Coa
    3. @Brother Coa

      Whatever the reason for the habit of peace, my point was that it has become a habit, and the idea of a war where society as a whole has to sacrifice much of anything (as opposed to the volunteer armies that actually do the fighting) in the developed world today isn’t likely. I do think you give humanity too little credit—even if nuclear proliferation and mutually assured destruction kicked off the peace habit, we’ve learned too much the value of peace and the interconnectedness of the world for most countries to be spoiling for stupid fights, with a few notable exceptions. But that’s another conversation entirely, and one I won’t be taking any further.

      Also, I wouldn’t necessarily say that either the war hawks or the selfish cowards are wrong, or always wrong. Sometimes martial conflicts can be just, and looking after one’s own interests is understandable. It depends on the situation. In this case, the war hawks might even be the more correct of the two … Hartgen is in fact spoiling for a war, and he’s dangerous. I imagine they’re going to play into his hand by attacking, mind you, but that doesn’t meant they’re wrong about confronting the danger in some way, even if I think they’re a bit too quick to jump to “massive armed conflict” when politics, subterfuge, or sabotage (probably not politics anymore, but it can be a useful smokescreen if nothing else). Or blockade and lay siege to the whole country, if it’s not self-sufficient and that’s viable.

      My ultimate point was that war is hell, y’all, and it shouldn’t be joined lightly. Keep it on the table, sure, for sometimes it’s just, but I would be hesitant about extinguishing the lives of soldiers if there are less costly avenues available. I have this problem where I can’t get the image of crying mothers out of my head. Makes it hard to go spoiling for a real fight.

      1. Well peace is habit – but only for some countries ( like US or Canada that has no border enemies at all ).
        Majority of them wants to return to war state but can’t because of de-facto peace we have today with major powers. Yeah, peace we have is becoming a habit but the spirit of war will never leave and as soon as one power weakens we will have more and more major conflicts. But I will leave that to rest as well.

        My point is that war is hell but war is necessity for Humans. It has been with us since we came out from caves and formed first tribes and it is still today. It is what makes us what are today, we are dominant race on the planet because we are best in killing other things – and we have only became better in time ( scientific fact and also a trope ). And a note that I am speaking from the perspective of entire race, not individuals as war is different for everyone ( in some societies mothers cry when their sons die in war, in some they are ashamed if you don’t die ). I am not saying that war is ok, but there will always be people who want to harm either you or your society/nation and as long there is that there will be wars.

        In Chaika case it seems that war is bound to happen with or without Emperor Gaz as Alliance is not fully united as it seems. The only thing that can effectively save them is unification under some 3’rd power. Anything less will only bring more conflicts in the future.

        Brother Coa
      2. That´s the problem of warhawks Stilts-san, they put their forces in the table like they are playing chess and forget or don´t care at all that this are not pieces, they are PEOPLE. The war aftermath was handle wrong, as you said Cosa-san the soldier of our world have jobs, a motive to drive them foward, here they have nothing, no money, no hope so they turn to a criminal life or worst case scenario they come to mad man like Hartgen; in a way I uderstand why Tooru and Akari wanto to help Chaika, no matter how many times Tooru says it, he does not want war, he wants purpose, a reason to keep living and Chaika is the same, she has no need of the remains but she wants to see and know the meaning behind her transformation and remains are they key to that.

        In the end it doesn´t matter who wins or gets the remains, there is no unification or tust among the Aliance of the Six Nations, as stated in Aldnoah Zero: War is coming, any excuse to ignited it will do, war is coming because there is people who desire war; I´ll say it again, WAR IS COMING.

    4. I fail to see what this whole discussion has to do with Chaika at all, especially given how the King could be manipulated by Black Chaika. That is to say war is being restarted fow late emperor’s Gaz will itself. And everybody in this story is just a pawn dancing in his palm.

      That scene at the council showed (another time) how little accord they have between themselves. Everybody kust care of their own petty affairs. That federation (or whatever it is) is just doomed to fall, unless for Chaika’s machination, by some allied force none the less.
      That’s unlike the world situation just before any of the great world wars.

  5. The remains are at the top of the castle. You have a dragoon with you. Fly up and take them?

    Sure, because that’s worked out so well for them in the past :P. Nothing like taking a ballista bolt to the face to complete your morning.

    But another Chaika? It’s freaking raining them. And looking at the fancy getup and evil throne, I can’t help but imagine she’s the real person pulling the strings here. Also, given that they’re bringing up the big flying castles again, I wonder if Heartgen’s doom fortress can actually fly? Would make quite a spectacle if it did.

    Watching Chaika fight so well along Tooru was a joy to watch too, and it shows how far she’s come. They make a good team. And more grown-up Frederica, yay. She looks pretty badass like that.

    Well, anyway, there’s three episodes left so pacing could be iffy, but they are setting up some grand stage for the finale, at least. After all, the blue Chaika arc wasn’t that long either, and I found that satisfying to close the first season out on.

    1. Chaika shield spells + Tooru & Akari indulging in some sabotage could get them to the top in no time … but yes, granted, that should be more of a last resort, because when they play that card, their cover is blown. They can always try that later on if their other plans go awry.

  6. “how far along are we, source material-wise?”

    LN readers say the anime is currently covering vols 8-9, the deathmatch arc.
    Word is Vols 10-11 will be the final arc. Vol 11 will be released in December after the anime ends.

    Vol 12 will be released in March 2015. It comes with 2 bonus OVAs, one is a swimsuit episode.
    (LN readers think the OVAs are for recapturing the erotic fanservice present in the source LNs, but removed for anime plot progression).

      1. Lol! Yeah never heard of fan service been taking out?! I am very cool with that though. Tend to avoid shows that focus on fan service myself. I just want to watch a good show with story/action/humor in it primarily.

        Rick Anime
  7. Re Toru and Akari’s relationship:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yes, the anime mentioned that, and I haven’t forgotten. Show Spoiler ▼

  8. I always want to bash Tooru over the head for him always rejecting Frederikas offer of becomming a Dragoon Knight… it could help so much!
    What’s his reason for refusing anyway? Even fueled by regeneration magic he could still go all ninja like he always does.

    1. I think it’s more ‘waiting for the right moment’.
      Do not worry, he will take the deal before the end.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Stilts edit: Please use spoiler tags.

      Brother Coa

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