「チームワークが生まれない!」 (Chīmuwāku ga Umarenai!)
“Can’t Foster Teamwork!”

Another week, another strange episode of Amagi Brilliant Park. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but it does seem that Amaburi has no regard for what genre it’s supposed to be as long as it can make people laugh. Some weeks it even decides to mix and match to create a show that swings between moods in bipolar fashion, making you sit back and question exactly what you just watched.

Despite the strangeness—keeping in mind, as always, that this is supposed to be a show about saving a theme park—the story was built out of very familiar tropes. Let’s have a show of hands—when the big red button appeared, who wasn’t expecting it to be pushed? If Latifa hadn’t strictly warned everyone not to push the button I’m sure nobody would actually have bothered with it. There’s just something about forbidden fruit. And one doesn’t just introduce a juicy Chekhov’s Gun like a big red button and leave it un-pushed. It was so blatant, in fact, that part of me suspected that it was a bit of reverse psychology on Latifa’s part, but she’s too much of an honest girl for that (or is she?). I’m glad that the button was pushed, though, because fairy-tale Maple Castle transforming into steampunk Colditz Castle was awesome. Apparently, king of Maple Land was Dr Doom. The sheer over-the-top nature of the transformation and subsequent siege had me chuckling heartily just from imagining all of it going on in suburban Tokyo. My heart went out, though, for General Moffle, who still can’t catch a break. Even breaking out a Noble Phantasm was not enough to earn him any dignity. Thus the old war adage: cannonballs do not respect rank.

Unfortunately, the ad hoc war was not the main focus of the episode (I could have watched more of that), but rather about the Elementario girls, and not even about them having to sabotage the castle from the inside, commando style. Their plot was one from an older, cheesier time, when party members had to take turns displaying their unique capabilities in completely contrived scenarios (though, ironically, none of their capabilities have anything to do with their elemental affinities). They gave some flimsy excuse for why karaoke and DDR are part of the security system, but what does typing speed have to do with entertainment? It would almost been a parody if only they didn’t play its resolution so straight. Needless to say, we aren’t supposed to take this segment too seriously, and the important part is the Power of Friendship getting them through their Prisoner’s Dilemma. It does seem, though, that none of them really overcame their weakness, and it was more of one member overcoming for the others. I’m not sure that’s how ensemble performances actually work. Really, if you can’t sing or can’t dance, then maybe this isn’t the career path for you.

Oracles of the future ~ looking ahead

And so Latifa slowly but surely claws her way back into the narrative, even if this week she mostly just served as part of the Greek chorus (but still being cute). As the princess of the castle it was suspicious how little she actually knew about it, and one wonders how long she’s actually been in this monarch job. What does Latifa hide? That’s probably going to be the big plot climax for this anime.

Notably, this week is the first in a while where we weren’t given a real hook for the next episode. All we had was Latifa and Isuzu being pensive about the secret that they apparently share. They’re keeping something from Seiya, and secrets are always a plot wild card. Is it something that will make Seiya feel betrayed? Make him question his work ethic? Send him into a traumatic coma? I suspect we’ll find out soon. Next episode may be the start of the final stretch of the plot (like, whats this tree?), but this is Amagi Brilliant Park, so I’m not taking any conclusive guesses. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me all season, shame on me.

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This week’s bonus: is this code? Cryptographers of the internet, unite in fruitless effort!




    1. Perhaps the Ariel Assualt was meant as an extra reference, with whatever the castle was, but anyway
      Behold, the ultimate possibility if “Saber” was born a man, as well as Bonta-kun’s ancestor, along with how if “Saber” would have been instead summoned as the Rider Class, riding the ultimate creature, or Lancer Class.

      Previously, on episode 8,
      we recalled how Moffle mentioned “The women I loved for 10 years had later married the guy I hate the most.” Was wondering what that guy was like but now we know Latifah’s dad was the one that made that castle -_- ……at least we know he might be actually caring, unlike another certain parent I had in mind.

  1. I’m still really enjoying the show, but 9 episodes in and I still don’t know where this is going. Maybe I should just not care and just stick around and see where it takes me. I actually thought that Latifa set up the whole thing, or at least some of it. But who knows.

  2. I think the apparent lack of direction seems to throw plenty of people off for Amaburi, but when you watch it 4 episodes in and KyoAni makes it clear they don’t give a whit about ‘normal’ progression, just enjoy the ride, people. Oh, and apparently KyoAni has no qualms about beating up their moe characters a little bit just for humor’s sake. Kudos. :p

    And the hints they are dropping for plot are getting more and more obvious, with this one being that Latifa doesn’t know about the hidden passageway, but

    Show Spoiler ▼

    That all said, I continue to love the brand of insanity they always manage to deliver. For Heaven’s sake, you Maplelanders…Put some of that money you use to maintain those ridiculously overpowered defenses to your REAL livelihood! XD Latifa even joins in the madness by telling the fairies NOT to push it (which Muse tried not to, but did anyway), and what was meant to be moments of tension for the trials turned into some kind of variety show for the Three Stooges, Latifah, Seiya and Isuzu.

    And I swear…I SWEAR the producers are having loads of fun pulling out those F/S N references with Noble Phantasms and stuff like that just because that’s Kawasumi Ayako there.

    Despite the cheesiness of the trial scenario, the message on friendship, trust and teamwork is pretty simple but effective. The scenario is overused, but the characters aren’t and it is unexpectedly heartwarming to see the girls looking out for one another despite the differences they have.

    Plotwise, I’m satisfied but a little apprehensive how KyoAni will turn the remaining few episodes into something really cohesive and make full use of all the subtle hints they drop. We should expect a possible drop in the level of humor for the next few episodes, I think, and hope they wrap things up really nicely. Kurisu should make an appearance too, seeing as how every story needs an antagonist somewhere.

    Sidenote: 9 episodes in, and I still can’t help but chuckle at the video montage in the OP where Isuzu blasts the crap out of people. Rock on Amaburi!

  3. I enjoyed the Episode, even if it became to reek of a set up Trap from the Princess, when she leaved the Room…

    I bet the Sakura tree alike, has it’s secret. or they would not give hit some Screen time

    Perhaps it has something to do with the increased Visitors = Mana
    and the last Seconds, to build up the Tension for the Secret. Thats explain also the sad face of her in Last Episode at the end. It must have to do with this untold Secret

      1. No, Yggdrasil gives off a different idea, more like a connection between worlds, which I doubt it is.
        I just mean that as much as Amagi Park employees are mainly fairies and spirits, their boss could be well a spirit herself, and given how there’s a big and beautiful Sakura Tree growing in the middle of her garden…
        The problem with Sakura Trees, and their meaning in Japanese culture is something regarding transient beauty, which worries me a bit.

  4. Water Elemental

    The Karaoke singing = Water goes with the Flow. She can sing with a good Flow
    The Dancing = Wind is Speed, as you can see she catch up fast and complete it with 99%
    The Typing = Fire of courage, she typed that fast and her “Hell Yeah!” Emotion. That explains her Flame

    But sadly we do not saw a equivalent of the Earth Fairy. ok the Last test was about Self-sacrifice for the good of the Many. But this had nothing to do with Earth. Perhaps a distance hint, in how Mother Nature provides us with Food and such, and we exploit her…

    Anyway, like i said last time. From the start this Anime keep me entertainment and got no boring feelings so far. Keep the Spirit!!

    1. you forgotten the Mole workers of the Dragon Lair attraction. They can build everything. I Bet they also modified the Basement to her liking. I really think, this was a set up Trap for the Elementariness to learn Team-play

  5. I just loved the over-the-top way Latifa warned them about the button. Clearly it was Stupid Bait, so it got a big laugh out of me. I also love how the defense system activation caused everyone to act like they’re in a war drama for a few seconds!

    And copied and pasted from elsewhere is something that perfectly expressed my view on the following: “At first I disliked how Muse was even considering KILLING Salama! It was just over a routine they had to perfect. …then I remembered these aren’t normal park employees. Getting the job done right isn’t just an inconvenience, it determines their entire existence! They’re magical beings. This puts their situation in a way we can’t even begin to understand, which is why I suppose we may never get a glimpse of Maple Land at all. It also explains why Koloki was bad at dancing yet was still hired as one of the performers, and why the castle’s defense system had to be shut down the way it was!”

  6. “Their plot was one from an older, cheesier time, when party members had to take turns displaying their unique capabilities in completely contrived scenarios…

    That pretty much sums up my take on this episode. I like the Elementario girls and had hoped this would provide some background/character depth etc. for them. Instead, IMO we got a very generic, dare I say cliche, Power of Friendship idol-esque episode complete with singing, dancing and… speed typing. Okaaaayy… The result of course was that all their differences were resolved because they bonded while overcoming some set of contrived challenges which then some how translated into improving their dance routine.

    Sorry to be negative, but this felt “phoned in” from a story perspective. Amagi does a good job of presenting the unexpected, but unexpected doesn’t always mean good. For the most part, I think the show has been good. Overall, I’ve enjoyed watching the show, including the “wacky” moments (e.g. Ep. 07), but the last couple of episodes for me were comparatively lackluster and mediocre. With only 4 episodes remaining, I’m hope the show can regain it’s footing.

    1. The show hasn’t really tried to move the plot forward in the last couple of episodes. Once the princess said “Whatever you do, don’t press the red button” I knew it what was (generically) going to happen so I just went along for the ride. I actually found it to be rather funny, certainly more than some of the pirate episode. Latifa certainly knew about the passage and I’m sure set the whole thing up with the trials being designed for the four of them given that they were intended to showcase their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, it was a show centered around four of the cutest girls in the show.

    2. @Bear: “Latifa certainly knew about the passage and I’m sure set the whole thing up with the trials being designed for the four of them given that they were intended to showcase their strengths and weaknesses.”

      Without question – conspicuously so I’d say. Even taking that into consideration, I found this episode pretty “meh” with a noticeable scripted feeling. I didn’t find it all that that funny or creative which the series has been at times. To borrow your phrase, I went along for the ride, but didn’t find the ride all that enjoyable (i.e. “meh”).

      — “I actually found it to be rather funny, certainly more than some of the pirate episode.”

      Fair enough. Humor is highly (if not entirely) subjective after all. Personally, I liked Jaw-san a lot, and Eiko was (IMO) great in Ep. 07. I liked Ep. 07 as much as every other episode so far.

      — “Besides, it was a show centered around four of the cutest girls in the show.”

      Agree. Again, I like the elementario girls – have from the beginning. That being said, I found this episode a let down in terms of expectations from last week’s preview. We learned nothing about the elementario girls other than “they had differences, but it’s all good now.” Meh.

    3. @Daikama: I guess you’d better like full buildup episodes for any of the elementario girls, am I right? I don’t think they had enough time for that, but who knows unless they make a second serie?

      @Bear: Don’t press that button under any circumstances Everybody would just go and press it XD It’s human… erhm… fairy nature!

  7. I recently marathoned the series and I’ve got to say episode 9………kind of disappointed me. Kyoani is known for having great dancing and singing animations yet during that Karaoke scene there was so much screen panning over reused shots and items like the disco ball that I was kind of surprised. It’s not like them to half ass such a scenario. It was even like that during the dancing scene. Most of the time we were just looking at the scoreboard not the girls dancing. Budget issues?

    That final trial was a bit on the dark side huh? I know the princess planned for them to go through the trial but did she know what exactly the trials were or not? If she did……….that’s a bit harsh of her. Not to mention it just threw the comedic tone of the episode out the door.

    Seeing them hilariously fail at different events? Funny and cute.
    Suddenly seeing them thrown into a life or death situation for no reason? Not funny and confusing. You could say it made their success more heartwarming but it simply didn’t do anything for me.

    That aside watching Amagi has really been a rather interesting ride for me. At first it really feels like this anime takes itself…………a little TOO seriously at times. Especially in the first two episodes. When you have a premise as stupid as this it’s just kind of awkward trying to make the tone all moody and dark.

    And I’d rather the MC just wanted to help out from the beginning instead of going through the cycle of him running so many situations that are just a hand fisted way to get him to join them sooner. Generic douchebag business man, dramatic meeting about the parks closure, “we’ll die unless you help us!, “the prophecy” (which is a rather annoying cliche in my opinion). I just don’t think the show needed any of that melodramatic crap. It was fine just being random and silly.

    Or so I thought……..

    Episode 3-4 were actually surprisingly pleasant. While the opening episodes weren’t the best I did like the subtle character developments going on with the main leads. The other folks in the park are pretty likeable though that punchy bear……..cat…….thing took some getting used to (even if it was easy to see where he was coming from). I like that Kanei is a narcissist as it’s a character type you don’t see in male leads very often.

    Though it helps I recently started Watching “Dark Wing Duck” 😛

    But of course as is the issue with Kyoani at times they sort of throw all that good writing out the door and focus on silly antics………..which is all I originally wanted out of the show. I guess being teased that the show can be good when it wants to be threw me off. If the show as just random fun I wouldn’t care.
    If it was focused on plot and character developments I’d probably hate it at first but warm up to it like I did when the show as ACTUALLY focusing on it. As it is now I’m just disappointed they couldn’t just pick a tone and stick with it. The premise is sadly perfect for filler.

    1. The issue with the filler statement is whether they actually wrote that out in the source material. AFAIK, there were a couple of episodes that look supposedly like filler and were actually part of the original source.

      I’m not too sure about whether this DOES happen in the LN itself though, but considering the half wacky nature of the LN itself, it’s hard to say if it’s just filler. In any case, if you want something a little more serious and maybe slightly a little more boring, pick up the LNs.

    2. Relax dude, Kyoanus did far worse stuff than this. They are actually pulling it right this time, if you ask me…

      And, I bet what you want nobody was gonna die also if some element fairy was going to betray…

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    Seriously what’s up with this castle with a built in security system and to think there’s a challenge needed to override the castle’s fortress system or whatever and the fact that you need at least four people to join,but still if the no. of people inside is 3 or less, they can just wait for 24 hours for the system to override.But still building these kinds of challenges like DDR,Karaoke,typing,and especially the “trust challenge thingy” with built in traps in every single challenge just for the sake of matching the theme of an amusement park is kinda dangerous indeed and the fact that it’s too expensive to enter this castle just because of these kinds of things.Well nevermind about this, this episode is awesome giving the fact that the elementarios have a full screentime in this episode, never give up on the challenges that pursue yourself and trusting each other is the lesson that we learned in this episode.Can’t wait for the cliffhanger about Latifa woohoo.
    Random thoughts:
    Team Koboli here :3

  9. I wonder how Salama’s dress stays on. the top is not secured in any manner. No straps or anything. Don’t get me wrong it, it is very aesthetically appealing but seems physically impossible

  10. random viewer
  11. So no one’s going to comment on Sylphy’s brief serious moment when she was looking at the tree?

    Surely not everyone here’s dense enough to call her an adorable airhead despite that moment, right?

  12. https://randomc.net/image/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park%20-%2009%20-%2023.jpg
    I laughed how Seiya says “Whoa, you can see their bone”.

    Muse is bad at typing but pro at singing and good at dancing. Koboli is bad at dancing but good at typing and singing . Salama is bad at singing but pro at typing and good at dancing. Sylphy is pro at dancing, good at singing and average at typing. No one is perfect but teamwork is what still important.

    Setsuna Henry
  13. I thought that it was obvious that Latifa was doing this all on purpose. Her expressions and reactions really gave away her intentions, and these trials were especially designed for those four girls.

  14. Is this really Kyoani’s? I really lost hope in Kyoani since ‘Tamako Market’ and ‘Kyoanus no Kanata’ (what was this title again, I forgot, LOL). but, holy s*it, they got me hard this time… marathon-ed until episode 8 last night and I was like <3_<3

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  16. I personally thought it was quite obvious that Latifa knew about the security system and how it was set up. Her bad excuses for leaving and pointing out the button and all that. Plus leave a floating answer to Seiya regarding her knowledge. She set it up so they got some teamwork training IMHO.


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