「巫女の懐胎」 (Miko no Kaitai )
“Conception of the Oracle

PSYCHO-PASS 2 continues where it left off last week with the snowball effect of revealing secrets. Last week, it became clear that Kamui was using holos of the children that died in the plane crash… this week, they take it one step further and explain that their bodies are actually what make up Kamui’s body. Yes – his body is constructed of dead corpses and his brain is actually seven different brains put into his head. This could’ve made for some pretty graphic scenes, but the true takeaway from this is – Kamui is undetectable because Sybil doesn’t recognize him as an actual “person”. That wasn’t a big surprise by any means but it confirms where he came from and why I kept thinking that his personality was so creepy and didn’t follow any logical patterns of a regular human being. In some ways, he reminds me a lot of Sybil itself because the Chief who represents the system is also a jumble of different people’s brains, only on a much larger scale.

What was further expanded on this episode was one of the questions everyone had since the beginning – how does Kamui make people clear? It’s a question that I’ve been theorizing for so long but this episode describes it rather simply and quickly. Youhei says that Kamui’s methods as a mixture of drugs and meditation and he acquired these “skills” by obtaining forbidden medical data. Uh… Well that’s a little disappointing. Up until this point, I thought there was some trick to it rather than just some form of therapy, so I’m not too happy with the way that was revealed. I guess they’re trying to spin it off as something that only Kamui can do, but all these steps seem like logical means to lower one’s own Crime Coefficient, even without Kamui’s help. Predictability is not a bad thing, but in this case, I felt like I wanted more out of it.

Now the biggest surprise to me this week didn’t have much to do with Kamui himself, but rather Mika. Oh, Mika… you just had to butt your nose where it didn’t belong, didn’t you? I applaud her for following her instincts to investigate Tougane (that’s the only thing I give her credit for), but there were so many other steps she could’ve taken afterwards that didn’t lead to her written report. I don’t want to say she deserves it because she’s doing what she thinks is right, but after harboring so much hate for her character – I wouldn’t be honest if I said I wasn’t secretly happy she got what was coming for her. That just makes me sound like a horrible person now though… so let’s just say that digging into this case is going to get you into trouble. Without saying “Oh, it’s so obvious that Tougane’s mother is the Chief“, I think Mika could have done more digging before jumping the gun to face the Chief herself. Mika is so concerned with clouding her PP, but I think that will all change once she actually sees what Sybil is. What are they going to do with her exactly, is the better question because up until this point, I still don’t know what Sybil is planning for Akane and team.

The other revelations this week weren’t too shocking – with Tougane’s mother being the Chief (a lot of people called that out early) and even Kamui’s goal of taking down Sybil and changing the system. However, I found it interesting that the Chief is not actully the mother of Tougane in that sense, because he’s artificially created. And Kamui, also not being a true “person”, the two contrast each other in terms of the influence that they have. I love that it mirrors the first PSYCHO-PASS season in this regard because Kogami was also compared to Makishima a lot. However, this season has two “antagonists” that play these roles and I’m not particularly keen on either one. It makes sense now why Tougane is so obsessed with Akane and why he keeps measuring her Crime Coefficient. Although there’s a bigger plan in play, he’s probably wondering why her CC doesn’t sore with him reporting to her. Tougane even went as far as to talk to Jouji about it; but I never thought Jouji was similar to Tougane at all (in terms of affecting others’ CC). I still think it’s because Akane is special and she’s not just another inspector. Hopefully we’ll see more of Akane in action in future episodes; with Mika gone, she’s the only inspector of Division 1 left.

Another announcement that I’d like to make (thanks to Zephyr) – the movie trailer for the PSYCHO-PASS movie is out! Be warned! Watch it at your own risk… I think there’s a good chunk of spoilers (for season 2) in it but some exciting shots of characters as well.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: I’m a little disappointed that Kamui’s methods to clear someone’s PP is so… Simple =S it wasn’t such a big secret after all. This is what Mika gets for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong >_< Should I feel sorry for her? #pp_anime


    1. The first time Mika acts like a proper investigator, she pays for it. To pity or not to pity. That is the question.


      Also, I just watched the Psycho Pass movie trailer. Not sure if it’s directly linked to the ending of Season 2. If it is, then it has some spoilers.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Damn does Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Poor girl. Just when she was actually using her brain and being a proper detective, she gets this.

        If she gets saved, ideally by Ginoza or Kunizuka, ironically the Latent Criminals that she so despises, she might also end up as an Enforcer as her Psycho Pass will get muddied from knowing the truth.

        The series has largely portrayed the Latent Criminal characters as being more human than the ordinary folks, who are forced to suppress their emotions in order to stay “clean” and stress-free. So the ultimate irony would be that Shimotsuki, if she survives, may actually enjoy her life as an Enforcer than having to constantly worry about her Psycho Pass getting muddied. Just look at Ginoza as an example.

      3. She’s shown she’s a good investigator but in the end she did it for her own purpose (to take down Akane). Like she has this single focus to take her down no matter what that she fails to be the effective investigator she claims to be. It’s almost like a tragic hero theme…I feel no pity for her …Wished it was kamui that made her go through this mental breakdown..but i’ll take this side as well.

    1. I’m convinced that the writers purposefully made Mika’s character so unlikeable JUST so this scene is not so horrible. Imagine (it’ll be hard) if Mika was a likeable character like if Shion or Yayoi was subjected to Togane’s mind rape.

      All I could do was grin at the end of the episode to see the useless, jealous, pessimistic teacher’s pet get her just desserts. Maybe only a small part of me felt any remorse for her.

      1. Maybe it’s just because I’ve found people on tumblr who don’t hate her, but I kind of feel bad for her. All those screen caps that are getting passed around? They make her look like a little girl. And she is. She isn’t Akane. She’s young and a bad coworker. She doesn’t listen to advice, she always questions her orders, but she’s still just a scared kid. Being trapped, cornered, and scared out of her mind? Come on, she doesn’t deserve that.

        However, if it changes her character for the better, than it may be the best thing for her.

      2. @CTT. Had a lot of mixed emotions about this episode, but I totally agree with you. Mika is one of those characters I just love to hate, but she wasn’t really evil. I mean, at the end of the day, she was just immature/childish. Kind of wanted her to redeem her character somehow (though that’s still a possibility).

      3. Good points, but I ultimately disagree. Mika is not evil yes, but she is definitely not good. As the Chief said, Mika is a perfect “citizen”, and in this series, that is not a compliment. A perfect citizen here implies sheep that allowed the Sybil system to gain this unprecedented power over this dystopian society.

        Mika is the culmination of everything wrong and complacent about the Psycho Pass society. She sticks to the rules and outright rejects the positive actions of Akane/Saiga/protagonists that threaten their f-ed up society.

        As for her being a “kid”, I thought she already worked for the agency for a year or so? She should technically be a year more mature than Akane from Psycho Pass 1.

    1. I think there is more to Tougane too… I’d hate to think every clue seen through Akane’s eyes was just a red herring designed to lead us away from how crazy as hell Tougane is.

      If that’s the case, I think Akane might to have to recheck her ‘detective’s intuition’.

  1. Okay, so Kamui had some sort of therapy to clear everyone’s psycho-pass, that was already so clear to us it ain’t a surprise. Him being undetectable because he had so many organs from so many people was called last episode… But what I don’t buy?
    HOW CAN HE HAVE 24 LIFES. They found 24 of his holos still “alive and kicking” for the society, so how did he manage to be at all those places at the same time?? I can barely manage to keep up real life with online life lol
    I know he had those aliens working for him, but they were already impersonating big shots. Did he have more aliens wear the holos? And he informed the alien beforehand when he was about to wear his/her holo so they wouldn’t bump into each other? Gah, I don’t buy it.

    And about Mika… will she be the next Division 1’s enforcer? 😀 I’m gonna LOVE to see her as an Enforcer. HA, TAKE IT, YOU’RE GONNA BE THE THING YOU HATE THE MOST, HAAA!!
    … ahem. Or maybe she’ll remain Inspector by Tougane’s close watch. >_> (please, no)

    And I still think the Chief IS tougane’s mother. Didn’t they change the brain at the begining to the Scientist so she could be the one to judge Kamui? I think she used her own baby to experiment on assymptomatic (?) brains. If they could be produced and all. Failed miserably with Tougane, tried again with Kamui, but by implementing other people’s brain into his and… made him invisible as a result.

      1. the science behind it is not ludicrous but the amount of body parts is; im assuming ubakata wants us as the audience to make believe of a future where transplanting that many body parts actually becomes possible

      2. Well a patch of skin is considered an organ based on definition. So 184 might include a lot different skin grafting from different individuals. Though this is just speculation, though what I think should of interest to most is that Kamui’s brain is made up of another individuals. We have all heard of different types of transplants carried out by modern medicine but the transplant of the brain is one that has never been attempted except on a dog. I wonder how does the brain process new sets of nervous directives given by parts of the brain with distinctive memories and personalities?

        Kinda scary when you think about it O_O

      3. @flappy

        I actually thought about the skin being mostly the parts that comprised Kamui; that’s pretty much what made me sort of buy the whole transplant thing; it wasnt a deal breaker for me personally as i can see how this could be possible without being too entirely ludicrous. it seems that it’s others who are having more trouble swallowing this pill which i can only think that it’s not that big a deal honestly…but that’s just me. Is it a bit too much> yes, but given the context of the world i can see what ubakata is trying to do, and while i think he should have approached it a tad bit better (as he should this entire season…i was down really down with the first 3 eps) this is still an effective turn of events

  2. I don’t understand mika at all. I would’ve liked to know the secrets of the world I’m living in. She’s such a pussy. We are all going to die anyway. Just be happy you’re going out knowing something cool. She was being told secrets of the world. Not being raped. Why was she screaming like that. God I hate those people. Like a teenager going Nooo I don’t want to know how babies are made nooo ! That’s so disgusting nooo !

    1. at first thought they would harvest her brain….but considering the movie trailer…..Yeah, she really needs to calm the F’down. Did she just totally kill her high school personality or what? Asides the name and face there’s nothing really tying past Mika to current Mika.

    2. You’re just taking it out of context from the storyline didn’t you? First off, the situation is that she’s reporting “Tougane is dangerous” to the chief and then he suddenly come pointing his dominator at her while discussing how to dispose of her with the chief. Anybody would be freaked out if the one they deem dangerous turns out to be behind your back all along. And the from there they discussed to expose the secret to her which is obviously the type of “usually if you know this you will be killed for knowing it” but they will let her live for experiment.

      I know I disliked her and I secretly thought that it served her right, but your judgement on the situation is biased by the hate for her.

      1. What I meant was, If I was in that situation, I would have known that I have gone way over the line (Freaking out now coz, omg im gonna die shiiiiiiii*) . I’m gonna die anyway. It looks like they changed their mind. I get to live for the time being (relief). What ? They are going to tell me the secrets of this world ? (Excited. Heart rate still high considering initial shock but Now I feel this is better than dying not knowing why I was killed.) -> I suppose this is how a normal person would act in my opinion

      2. You said it yourself, “normal person” would like to think that way, but do you think Mika is “normal person”? She isn’t, she’s living sample of Sybil System’s citizen, an abnormally faithful and obsessed one. It’s like after eating some delicious meat she loves the one serving serving it just casually tell her “You know what is this delicious meat from? It’s from your parent’s corpse. Fufu, it’s not the worst yet, wouldn’t you want to know how I cook them?” She wouldn’t want to hear it, it’s goddamn awfull.

      3. Hmmm…I think it’s arguable how a normal person would react in a situation like Mika’s. I think there are many who would be content to live in “ignorant bliss” if it means keeping the life they know and like. Mika may not be getting killed but she likely knows as much as we do that her whole world is about to shattered and for her that may as well be like getting killed.

  3. Just when i was about to say ” Gee, pigs be flying, Mika is actually doing some DETECTIVE work”, she then proceed to write a sht report about Akane. Each week she reaches a new low. That ending was priceless though, i just couldn’t stop laughing maniacally HAHAHAHA.
    Curiosity indeed killed the cat.

  4. The problem with PsychoPass 2 is that every ‘twist’ just introduces new plot holes. Take for instance the Kamui reveal. So he’s not really a person and so is not recognized by the dominators. Well … there have been plenty of cases where the dominators have dealt with non-person hazards. They simply go into destructor mode. If he is a non living or non human entity then that is how the dominator should deal with a risk like him. Or is PP2 saying that the dominator could not deal with an animal hazard such as an attacking dog?

    1. Probably it’s better to think that the Dominator reads too much of Kamui’s biological pattern, since he is a person with a lot of people’s biological pattern; it’s just like a zip file and you don’t have the program to unzip it. And remember that Kamui never acts directly hostile toward MPWB, he never points his guns, swinging bat, punching or anything, he just stand there doing nothing, somebody else’s doing his order. This neutral stance probably demanded non-hazards by Dominator’s sistems.

    2. I think the thing behind the Decomposer is the Inspector’s will + non-human hostile. Pointing the Dominator at Kamui is like pointing it at a crowd – it won’t recognize just one person unless you point it somewhere specific. And no one had the brilliant idea to use decomposer on him, at least not yet (but he’s not being hostile himself… well, not face to face)

    1. I don’t think they’re suggesting she’s criminally asymptomatic rather it seems sybil’s intention is to reveal itself to the ppl of Japan and instead of deposing Mika they want to use her to see how the citizens will react if/when they reveal themselves. Being the model citizen she is she’ll likely give a good idea of how most others will react if they proceed with their plan…that’s what how I interpreted the scene anyway

    2. What I got from that scene was Tougane was surprised at Mika’s phyco-pass being low still while she is visibly shocked. Then Sybil decides to use Mika as a guinea pig for when she/they reveal the true nature of the system to the common folk.

  5. I don’t think anyone should feel bad for Mika. She was about to be somewhat redeemed by actually doing her job, but her outright jealousy of Akane put her in that spot. She literally blamed Akane for the deaths of civilians and inspectors and tried to usurp her position. Get out of here with that mess.

    1. She had the audacity to blame Akane for civilian and inspector/enforcer deaths after she literally stood by while that massacre took place because she was too concerned about breaking protocol. AND she’s too busy writing a vindictive jealous report rather than helping take down Kamui the main threat. Maybe she should write a report about how negligent she’s being. But again, thank the writers for her over the top behavior.

      Impel Down Hippo
  6. The “Frankenstein” Kamui was really, really bad. It just created too many plot holes, was needlessly gore and made the villain feels just so plain when compared to Makishima’s ambitions.

    1. I think a kid no one would miss after a plane crash would be the perfect guinea pig for some experiments. The problem is how did the other 284 kids still HAD organs to donate to him after a plane crash. They should’ve burned to death.

      1. Whoops, I meant 184*
        Well, he WAS listed as being inside the plane when it crashed, so he maybe barely survived it and Tougane’s mom wanted to experiment on him. If she already knew of Sibyl, I’m betting she wanted to test if assymptomatic brains could be forged (man-made), and not only a small percentage of birth (I’m also betting she experimented on Tougane before he was born for that purpose)

  7. I know it’s naive of me, but I keep hoping that Akane somehow “saves” Mika, causing her to turn around and view Akane in a different light. Given the trend of this anime I doubt it, but I’m still hoping Mika gets redeemed somehow. Although she still is a good foil/representative of the sheep-like society governed by Sybil.

  8. -I think they also mentioned that Kamui is brainwashing people too while the drugs clear their psychopass.
    -I have high anticipation for the movie now.
    -AA should stand for Absolutely Awesome!
    -You’re psychopass is so getting clouded girl.
    -The report sounded fine until she mentions Akane’s suspension as an inspector, so I won’t feel sorry for what’s coming for her much now.
    -I’m still trying to make sense of what I watched…but Akane blushing takes the cake.
    -A personal maiden wheelchair robot?! This is really the year 2104.
    The resemblance is strong. The evil smile is a dead give away.

    random viewer
  9. Hello, Mika…
    That’s what you get for backstabbing fellow officer…
    And Sybil is all too sure of herself.
    Kamui is someone she can’t find/track, and he has army of followers, plus quite a few dominators to use.
    BTW, I wonder how long will take him to reverse-engineer one and set all others for lethal action by default?
    Then turn the hunters into hunted…

  10. To me its slowly starting to look like Akane is going to join Kamui’s side at some point from now on. Just not as drastical, like killing innocent people.

    Since the Sibyl System just keeps becoming more and more the actual villain of the whole story and Kamui being right, not in the wrong, due to all we witnessed in this episode.

    Expect the unexpected.

  11. Am i the only one who pray for Mika’s safety?

    God, my ultimate fear has finally come true. I know Mika is annoying and all, but without her, we’ll never know who is this Togane and freaky Sibyl. Mika symbolises a true Sibyl’s citizen and its only right for her to fear Sibyl’s law and practice. And lol, i got attached to her when i realize how human she is afterall;and i find her attitude somehow reasonable for a normal citizen. We can hate her because we were there during PP1 (lol) while she’s not. And Akane dont even bother about disciplining her haahh…so i dont think Mika deserves strong hates…

    I wont be rooting on Togane…and referring to the OP, there’s one part where Akane got blindfolded with her right eyes bleeding. Its either Kamui or Togane gonna pull that stunts(but theres the trailer, so hmm)… I hope Akane take some pause to check her surrounding, there are a LOT of things slipping through her attention while shes busy investigating Kamui (lol i just wanted someone to save Mika, she has hardcore evident!)

    Ahh im sooo freaked out this week…Mika please be safe! Someone has to destroy Sibyl fast, and im on Kamui’s side for this one!

    onion warrior
  12. I haven’t watched the trailer, but I think what’s likely going to happen to Mika is she finds out all about how the world. Because Sybil believes Mika to be like Akane. Yet her PP drops so that she becomes one of the people she hates so much. We then get a Mika redemption sub plot for the movie and eventually she comes to terms with everything. Though, I wouldn’t think she gets back to being an investigator until Season 3. Which Sybil can also use as some sort of plan to showcase how people can indeed get better. Or something.

    Now, I’m going to watch the trailer for the movie and be entirely wrong on my guess.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        like i said its just a theory

  13. I am sorry for Mika indeed.

    First time she did a really good job as inspector (except the suggestion of Akane’s suspension) and she probably will have to go through living hell for that now.

    If she just at least sent another copy of her investigative report to Akane….. (without the suspension and Tougane influence part ofc)

    Wondering if I am the only one feeling this way here

  14. I was expecting to be disappointed when Kamui was fully revealed. He was almost a villain sue so he couldn’t possibly live up to the hype the series was building up him up as an antagonist. But this? He’s revealed to be a Zombie Frankenstein that was created FOR SCIENCE!! It just sounds stupid but what else am I supposed to say? That’s exactly what he is! Its just so implausible even for a setting like this.

    And apparently he just happens to be REALLY good with drugs and therapy. Because that’s all you need to turn a Law Enforcement Agent into a murderous psychopath. Way to ruin the creepy elements of SYBIL writers. So I guess all the murderers needed to do was to do the same thing psychiatrists have been doing for years. Makishima had to come up when some high tech helmet to bypass SYBIL when all he really needed to do was cook up some anti-SYBIL tranquilizers.

    As for Mika she finally show her talent as a detective… only for that hack writing to remind us that she is not Akane and thus must fail utterly. Because she’s apparently a cop who has worked for more than a year and then proves it by never shooting anyone, complains about her job, disrespects her peers and cries the moment she gets into danger. Why exactly was she ever given a gun? It just frustrating to watch.

    She is really microcosm of what’s wrong with Season’s 2 MWPSB characters: All wasted potential because they all exist only to make Akane look good. Thinks about it: Mika is a survivor from a serial killer and carries guilt for the death of her best friend and then becomes a cop. You could make a great character arc out of this whether shes turns bad or not. Instead this aspect of her is NEVER ADDRESSED, so she is just pointless filler for Season 2’s unintended theme of “Anyone who isn’t Akane, is a danger to themselves and others.”

    1. I’m feeling almost the same, tbh. I think it’s not even the characters’s fault that the anime is going to where it is, it’s the writers’s trying to make some impossible things possible… and ruining it completely.

  15. Wow, what surprise about Sybil and Tougane(not) (Though I tried not to say anything)


    Okay, We know Mika’s current predicaments was telegraphed a few weeks back, but it still surprised me on Sybil’s action as Jury, Judge, and executioner in that scene. (and I probably misquoted that ( =3=) )

    OTOH, Kamui’s existence is (ironicly) thanks to Tougane Medical (ie. Sybil/Chief)

    ps. looking forward to what Kamui has done next week (he was missing this week)

  16. I thought Mika was gonna get rape there…but good think it doesn’t happen. You know, girls you hate so much WILL come back at you the way you will not expect it once they learn their lessons. Seriously. Mika is built to be the next MC. For now, let’s hope that they don’t kill Akane off by the end of the movie….

  17. I don’t know why people are saying the 184 organs put together is a stretch. Given what we found out about the Togane Foundation and Panopticon and what we know about the Sybil System it makes sense. They were experiementing with this technology and probably have been for a while. They didn’t make a body from so many different people because they had to save a single life, they did it because they were testing out a new technology for the “sake” of the sybil system. And really do you think 184 kindergardeners needed to take a plane trip in a small island country that has closed its doors completely to foreigners and foreign policy? They probably set up the crash, and hand picked organs from a group of children “who may have not been as mangled as we think” and experimented multiple times until they got thier desired results. Yes the technology seems off, but compared to other things…like the sybil system it’s not farfetched. The sybil system is made up of 200 or so different disembodied brains working as one unit to monitor society. Its most likely a very similar technology. Also Sybil wants Kamui dead, they knew about him from the start…maybe the 184 organ experiment wasn’t suppose to create a human that would actually last more than a few years…who knows?

    Also for the first season we have Makishima as a villian who is asymptomatic, and is challenging the limits and loopholes of a system. The first season took more time to show the capturing of different criminals that we being manipulated and assassinated(in a way) by Makishima, this makes him feel much more ominous and imposing. He’s cunning phylispophical but at the same time he knows nothing about sybil, he is, in a way learning about “the system” along with the viewer. The first season is engaging because we’re thrown in a world we don’t know and are slowly shown how it works and how things functions. That being said they spent more time building up the setting and charecters.

    This season however everyone should already be familliar with the enviroment, what inforcers do, and the Sybil System. So now we have a villian whose actions are not based on testing the human soul and satisfying his intellectual curiosity but a villain who continues to shed light into the history of the system. Kamui already knows something about sybil and the conspiracies behind it. His purpose is not nessisarily anarchy and in a way lacks the allure of a complex villian who creates chaos based on an intelligent stance. Kamui has a clear focus and acts on a concrete motive. He’s not as interesting because we see him frequently, he is known to be involved with various situations and he doesn’t need to be linked to a crime as often as Makishima so there’s less mystery in his involvement. But shouldn’t it be that way? The mystery now isn’t “‘who is the person commiting these crimes” and “are they connected,” but rather why he does what he does, and how does he get away with it. I think its a great developement, we don’t need another season one with a passionate villain who acts based on the surface of society. We meed someone who is more intertwined this questionable system that was revealed at the end of season 1. We have Kamui as a villian and the Toganes who may turn out to be the greatest villians this season. We’re delving deeper into the fabric and corruption of this world rather staying on the surface where another villian like Makishima might keep up. People might complain that he’s just not as engaging but in most cases people who use violence to achieve a possibly positive goal just aren’t as ominous as someone “conducts murders pretty randomly” with only his only self satisfaction in mind. So cheers to a “great villain, Makishima”and a” great plot device, Kamui”.

  18. I don’t know if it’s been brought up before, but is it not a possibility that Akane is criminally asymptotic herself? She is just not inclined to criminal acts, whether due to her upbringing, environment, or whatever? I would think that being criminally aymptotic doesn’t make one become a criminal.

    In any case, I’m with you in not really feeling bad about Mika. Not to say I’m unsympathetic, but she was biting off a bit more than she could chew I felt like. I’m interested in how she’s going to react after finding out about Sibyl’s secret though.

    1. Akane being criminally asymptomatic is a common theory. And yea, I don’t think being one automatically makes you a criminal. The show emphasizes free will & choice so she could have simply chosen to be good. The anime hasn’t denied or confirmed this though. Not yet, anyway.

  19. A bit random, but I couldn’t help but think about how the stuff about piecing organs together from people seems eerily similar parts from “Unwind” (a sci-fi novel from Neal Shusterman from back in 07′). There probably isn’t an actual relationship between the two, but given the context, it does make things seem a tad bit more possible in terms of future tech enabling such a thing.

  20. The thing I liked the most about this episode is just how many reveals were hinted in the OP.

    A shadowy figure emerging from a plane – obviously Kirito, even though everyone kinda assumed it to be Akane.
    Chief Kasei wielding a Dominator and transforming into Kougane – the connection between them ended up even closer than we expected.

    I’m sure there are more things to find out there, so I’d pay very close attention to it.

  21. I have a question. I haven’t tried watching this series yet but I’m planning to. Although I don’t know which one I should watch, the original run of the 1st season or the Extended Edition. Which is better?


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