“The Blue Bird”

「青い鳥」 (Aoi Tori)

I have a very bad feeling of what’s about to go down…

Literal Princess Kana begins this episode in a field of flowers, until some weird abominations rise from the soil and begin to attack. Thankfully, Shinichi appears on the ugliest horse/unicorn/parasite-combination imaginable and embraces her! Also that glowing armour of his is miraculously gone and his muscles are even more ripped! And then… oh wait, it’s a dream. It’s funny to say, but I’m actually glad that I knew this scene was happening this episode (after accidentally skimming ahead one chapter in the manga) because it’s so unlike everything else in the series that I might have just recoiled at how out there is was – but it was awesome for all those reasons. Oh, Kana. A girl can dream!

Back in reality though, Kana sneaks up and pulls at Shinichi’s hair. His reaction to stop her is instinctive, but nonetheless we do end up learning that this parasite-detection technique doesn’t work on hybrids like Shinichi. Another takeaway from this is just how cautious Migi is of Kana. Shinichi knows that there is something special about her and her sensing abilities, but Migi just does not want anything to do with her.

The short scene with Kana and Murano together in an intriguing one. Obviously the two are battling for their affections, but it’s nice to have a moment where the girls aren’t pitted against each other as enemies. What we do see is just how much more Murano knows Shinichi that than Kana does. That makes sense though, given how late in the game she appeared – Shinichi was more or less undergoing his earlier character development at that point – but it does go to show how both girls see Shinichi’s change in a different perspective.

In an otherwise quiet and relatively calm episode, the most brutal scene has to go to the killings of the 22 Yazuka. Just, wow. Madhouse really brought it for this one. The scene in the manga was good, but when you consider how well framed and animated it was here, it really was a step up in comparison to the original. Heads were rolling, blood was spilling, and nothing was held back. And as the man in question says, it was just a test of his capabilities against humans that do possess weapons. If I were to place my bets right now, I’d say the parasites might just have the upper hand.

There is also the date between Shinichi and Murano. It delivered mixed feelings for me, but that’s just what I’d expect from their relationship. Murano is still being left out of the loop, and no matter how much she tries to go out and spend some normal time with Shinichi – even getting a kiss in the process! – she still knows that this isn’t the boy she knows or loves. It’s quite tragic, actually – as is seeing Kana’s reaction. Don’t be sad, Kana, I believe in you!

All things considered, I found this episode to be really enjoyable, as well as really simple. Whilst there is mystery at the end for what these parasites are up to, for the most part what was shown to us was the continuing relationships of our characters, as well as seeing another example of just how brutal these parasites are. I must also admit that I’m scared for that ending right there – my fingers are crossed for Kana’s safety. And for everyone else, of course… but mainly Kana.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Tachikawa fights back at Shimada, who ends up going on a killing spree through the school.
  • Shinichi takes the initiative and goes in to help Murano as well as taking out Shimada in an epic throw-down. Meanwhile, the authorities are trying to do what they can to tackle this rising parasite issue.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 26 – 28

The Killing in the Beginning:

  • I’m unsure whether the first scene of the episode has much relevance to the underlying plot that is being set up with the parasites.
  • But I’m sure that all will become clear soon. It’s a bit late in the game to still show us parasites killing random humans, right?



      1. Nonstop Im reading on here, you are being too hard on Murano, you are being too hard on Murano, you are being too hard on Murano but never ever somebody thought of being actually too hard on Kana >_>

      2. @gilraen
        No, basically its the ignorant judgmental insensitive behavior and idiotic unnecessary insensible hate towards a good character from some people on here, other than that she embodies a human being which has feelings and can feel affection, which clearly every human has the right to have them and to do so, without being totally unreasonably picked on.

      3. Oh, wow big words put together, which are so vague the message doesn’t mean anything in the end. I can only quote: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”.

        Nowhere, here or elsewhere, I’ve seen excessive hate towards Kana as a character, quite opposite. That somebody said she shouldn’t flirt with a taken man is a excessive hate now? Vs. messages towards Murano every week, she should just die and be eaten by a parasyte, because she can’t accept Shinichi’s changed and she’s worried. And how dares she not wanting to hop on his dick without a protest, just like Kana wants to?!
        And making fun of her stalker-ish tendencies? They are rather dismissive of the problem than condemning her behaviour. Because females’ stalker are rather seen as non-threatening, and if a girl/woman is cute enough, even as desirable. Much more people should be put off or creeped out by the stalker-ish behaviours, no matter how hot piece of ass somebody else is, man or woman.

      4. None of what you mentioned applies to me, I am not a hater, I actually like Murano but whatever….

        As for your way of talking, it might be taken offensively by some people, cuz you do seem to think quite highly of yourself, good old wannabe big shots ahhhh funny. Back off please, not even gonna bother 😉

      5. @yato; Well, then we should stay friends because we’re so similar! Only difference you even don’t try be funny, my only regret.
        Because I actually can read and sometimes I even understand what it means I can tell you called some people here insensitive and judgemental ignorants only because they don’t like some fictional character or they don’t like her with the same intensity like you. And it seems you think of yourself highly too, because, of course, you understand her true value.
        And you think everything is about you too. Because I wrote about a general count of negative comments towards Kana vs. negative comments towards Murano and in my opinion there’s more of the second ones. Therefore using a statement like “excessive hate towards Kana only because she’s human being with feelings” in the context looks like bit too much. Nothing was about you – except a first paragraph, and even then I didn’t make psychoanalysis of your whole personality like you did for me.
        That you used big words and no vulgarism doesn’t mean your comment was less rude. But don’t fret about others, I’m like this only to you, darling!

      6. @gilraen
        Your reply made me lol. You do have an interesting view on things and I liked a few things you said, as well as your controversial behavior heheh.
        Lets be friends, you are right~

    1. anju
  1. Based on the experiment, one parasyte can kill at least 22 armed yakuza, what more if there are 8 of them, they can kill the population of a certain area easily.
    Gotta wait for the next episode.

    1. I think that specific parasyte was different to the rest. It survived a sword strike to the head which isn’t possible for a normal parasyte. Not to mention, the entire body seemed to repair and morph and not just one part. It’s arm spat out that blade. And the head went back together after getting cut.

      1. Actually it doesn’t depend on the abilities itself I mean just look at the last episode where an injured parasyte with a normal ability killed a tons of students and the police couldn’t stop it. What I’m trying to say is that even a normal parasyte can also cause more casualties even worse if they’re working together and the fact that they can transfer to a single body to another body just like what happened at this episode.

      2. The sword strike to the head would be survivable for a normal parasite. If it were morphed into an attack form, it might get a tentacle(?) cut off, which would have to rejoin in a short amount of time, but it would otherwise be unharmed.

      3. No it didn’t seem to be a special parasyte. The main way to cripple the parasyte so far seems to be doing internal damage to the host body and nerve damage to the parasyte itself. The athlete parasyte only took minimal superficial damage (minus the head stab of course) that even a normal human could keep fighting through with willpower. Pretty sure if he was stabbed through the back in the heart it would have ended the experiment. Then again it might be smart like Migi and repair the heart by dividing itself.

    1. Madhouse has done an awesome job adapting this manga. Cant say the same for Ter*cough*ra*cough*form*cough*ers.

      This scene begs the question of what Shinichi can do in comparison? I would assume Shinichi to be me more vulnerable than a parasyte in taking bullets or knife wounds. I always though that a damage to the head would be rather fatal to a parasyte, I guess you need to cut off the head to kill them.

      1. He can’t. His face is now change into a stone-cold mo- Oh, wait. Parasytes don’t have mothers. Oh, wait. We don’t know anything about them. Lemme just enjoy seeing this happy murderer then.

    2. He says it was a test, an experiment. I will not say anything more, except that he aint like normal parasytes. He certainly fights differently then the previous parasyte that got killed at school (forgot his name already <.<)

      1. Roughly translated it means:

        “If I can make my way to the other side of sorrow
        Then I don’t need warmth or tomorrow anymore”

        it’s about sadness and disapointment, it’s the theme of Scholl Days, the Bad End.

  2. I am pretty sure that Murano should be aware that Shinichi’s mother passed away with the hints of attacks Shinichi endure or least know that something drastic occurred during his trip. Could not she have just comforted him instead of always questioned where he is Shinichi or not?? What are your thoughts regarding this guys?

    Kana is soo cute! Much better fit for Shinichi in comparison to Murano. (Hate me I dont care, Kana best girl)


    1. You’re being too hard on Murano. Kana’s only known him since Migi came along, so obviously she fell for the current Shinichi while Murano knew him from before and can see the drastic change in his personality. And everytime Murano brings up the subject of his trip/Mom/Dad, he changes the topic or walks out. Just like what happened at the cafe.

      1. I see, well it is just that I feel Murano is kinda insensitive regarding Shinichi’s situation. Instead of asking what is wrong, she just ask “are you Shinichi” though I think this episode indicates that she has doubts whether she still loves the current Shinichi as the old Shinichi never came back from the trip (figuratively). Having lost someone recently, I would be kinda pissed off if all people ask me whether I am myself…

    2. What?! How she should be aware his mother is dead, when he’s not telling anyone? She knows something is wrong but when she wanted to ask about his journey and his father’s accident he brushed her off.
      Do you have this kind of power recognising somebody’s mother is dead? Wow, colour me impressed!

      Anyway it isn’t her fault but a scenario and people behind it that she isn’t even a full character, who sounds at this point as a broken record and can’t say: “Look Shinichi, I know something is wrong. I understand, if you don’t want to tell but I’m here for you.”. They don’t want to or can’t make her a better character. She’s basically a love interest of main character, that’s it. She doesn’t have outside Shinichi any life, she exist as a satellite to his realm.
      Actually both girls fall in this pitfall. But one is a trope of Betty and second of Veronica. They both could be named “Nevermind”and “Whatever” and it would change nothing.

    1. Yes, and the duty of taken men (yes, yes women’s too, I say it before somebody will shout “misandry!”) is said so clearly they’re currently with somebody else. There won’t be so many misunderstanding but it seems like Shinichi enjoys Kana’s attention.

    2. Wrong, Murano + Shinichi was never official, just in this very episode Kana said, Maybe I still have a chance, did actually indicate she didnt know of their situation and all she knew was, what brought her to the conclusion of trying to win him for herself. There was no inappropriate behavior.

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    1. ”If I’m elected Major, …. Our City shall be free from the corruption of The Yakuza.”

      SOLUTION: By eating the yakuzas.

      ”My 2-step Plan shall give way to the Homeless ….”

      SOLUTION: By eating the homeless.

  4. kittyraider
  5. I assume that the whole killing scene in the beginning was to establish just how dangerous this whole hair-plucking fad actually is. People look at it as some cute thing to discover (“if your friend is actually your friend or not”) but to actually discover that the person next to you is a parasite means that you’re pretty much dead

    1. Well, I guess the government isn’t to caring about an average Yamada but rather they’re psyched of an infiltration on highest social levels and positions.
      And they want to pressure parasytes to actually organize themselves and go to open about it. They thinks if will be easier to swoop in one go bunch of parasytes, when they’ll know for sure the group are aliens than searching them one by one, when you don’t know even where to start.

    1. He could kiss all of his harem girls now honestly, he’s just too much of a gentleman :))
      Shinichi has already estabilished his own harem now: Kana, Murano, ponytail girl, that other girl near the hospital, and of course best girl Migi.

  6. I feel like I like Kana more after this episode. Somehow she became more than just a girl in Shinichi’s harem(?) to me. I really liked this episode for the LOLWTH in the first part, the Kana-Murano talk which made me like the characters more, and the date (poor Kana though). The fighting was one of my favourite parts this episode, and I think the fact that the one smashing those people’s faces in was a bulky smiley man/parasite made it even better. Too bad he adopted a new look that gave him a boring mean look.

  7. LaughingMan
  8. Am I the only one who found the “yakuza killer”s arms strange? A parasite who took over the head has superstrength and superspeed only when using the head, and doesn’t bleed from the head either. The rest of the body is supposed to be like a normal human’s. Thats why shinji is supposed to be special. This guy however, had these qualities in his arm too. He didn’t bleed when cut in the arm, and he slashed through an entire person with his bare hands… Is he some special parasite who took over the whole body or sth?

    1. Don’t forget that parasytes generally replace a body part, as opposed to taking over it. I’m starting to think smiley man either spread itself into little bits throughout the body like Migi (unlikely, as it’s not an obvious method, or it’s a collection of parasytes in the same body (similar to what was suggested in episode 2).

      1. You know what’s REALLY interesting? The smiley man (officially credited as Tanktop Man) has the same voice actor as the parasyte in episode 2.

        Hmm… Is it possible the parayste in episode 2 survived? We saw his head sag inwards a bit, but it didn’t completely dry and crinkle up like other parasytes we’ve seen. Or maybe his head was somehow revived? Maybe another parasyte came along who didn’t have control of the head, but maybe the chest or something, and then cut off his human host’s head and then put on the dead head, so he could feed it nutrients and revive it or something?

        Is it possible that they would use such a villainy voice actor for a random parasyte that just dies at the very beginning?

  9. Brak stałej pracy, zadłużenie czy kiepska płaca nie są kłopotem dla chcących uzyskać kredyt gotówkowy – no przynajmniej mówimy tutaj o naszych czytelnikach. Prawda jest taka, że umieściliśmy na stronie przydatne porady, które powodują, iż natrafienie na kredyt bez zaświadczeń, oczywiście nisko oprocentowany, nie jest problemem. Jednak serwis nie posiada tylko i wyłącznie czysto informacyjnego charakteru – także można najzwyczajniej w świecie załatwić sobie na nim kredyt bez bik.

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