「これでもう心配ない!」 (Kore de Mō Shinpainai!)
“Nothing more to worry about!”

Yes, I’m going to spend the rest of this post calling that sport where you manipulate a ball with your foot, ‘football’. We’re not going to argue about this.

So, football: didn’t see that coming. The stadium was pretty much a given, but football was not the first sport that came to mind for it. Sure, it’s pretty much the most popular anything in the world, but I thought that the Japanese tended to play more baseball than football. That said, I know nothing about the football scene in Japan and maybe that’s what draws in the crowds these days. Someone can tell me.

Still better than FIFA

I’m glad that Seiya still had to put in a little more work in to make the stadium work, though there was no question that the generic corporate chumps would yield to Seiya’s superior negotiation skills (not to mention his hax mind powers). It does seem he conceded a bit too much though, considering that he held all the cards. Hosting a football match is an expensive affair, or so Qatar tells me. I guess pushing the hard sell is simply Seiya’s thing, and he wanted to close the deal as soon as possible. If that was his strategy, though, why did he let his poor sales manager roast for so long before bailing him? He’s just showing off.

Character development

Most of the rest of the episode does what was done last episode: demonstrating how far Seiya and the park has grown. Doesn’t it warm the heart to see Muse and co putting on a great show, instead of their sad state in episode 01? Doesn’t Isuzu gaining enough skills to be able to show people around properly make you want to pat her on the back? And compared with episode 02, Seiya’s address to the cast this time was much better received, thanks in no small part to having won over many supporters (including, notably, the obstinate Moffle). And look how big the cast is now! Props to Kyoto Animation for drawing all these weird and wonderful Maplelanders and more; I still think they’re awesome. I can’t find the onigiri-head though. I hope he didn’t get eaten or anything. Bring him back, KyoAni!

Falling short

So the thing that Seiya had been looking for all this time was a buyer for Amagi Brilliant Park’s spare land. I had been pondering, as early as episode 05, what he was going to do with all this spare real property if he wasn’t selling it, and it turns it, he was selling it. It makes sense; Seiya does need some way to fuel all his expensive schemes, and a mundane solution like this is the neatest (though uncharacteristically straightforward for Amaburi). It’s also makes sense that in the end even that was not enough. It would have been too easy if Seiya could just throw money at the problem until it goes away (or else he’d just hire people to do nothing but visit the park). Our hero must always work for his happy ending. And in any good story the first hand is always a bluff; there needs to be another card up somebody’s sleeve before it’s all over.

Oracles of the future ~ looking ahead

The plot is at peak seriousness now. Latifa’s conveniently tragic magical disease continues to occupy centre stage, the antagonist is showing up to taunt our hero, and Seiya seems to have played out his hand. There are still sufficient gags and much of the atmosphere was kept light, but there’s a definite feeling that the plot is marching inexorably towards a conclusion. Such is my attachment to Amaburi at this point that I’m emotionally rooting earnestly for Seiya to succeed, even if logically I don’t think this is the kind of anime where he’d fail. I honestly don’t want see everybody, even the recalcitrant Tiramie, work so hard yet win nothing from it. Amaburi is an optimistic show, though, and I think it’ll give us a happy ending, even if I don’t dare guess how. Seiya will find a way, and even if he doesn’t, things will work out somehow. Clap your hands if you believe.


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  1. Ginobi47
    1. Japanese suck at soccer, BUT soccer is still huge there. More people go to stadiums to watch soccer games on Japan than they go here in Brazil (yep, Japanese people are more interested in soccer than Brazilians).

      Well, in Brazil we have hooligans, so maybe that’s why people here don’t wanna go stadiums.

  2. >Clap your hands if you believe.
    I do that three times everytime I watch the OP. You can guess when.

    The best thing is that all this content is from the LN volume one (except from a few bits taken from latest ones), so a second season in the near future is possible. Let’s hope the Japs buy some dozens of thousands of Amaburi BDs/DVDs and that KyoAni don’t pull the Haruhi/FMP stunt of leaving us eternally craving for more.

    1. Exukvera: “The best thing is that all this content is from the LN volume one (except from a few bits taken from latest ones), so a second season in the near future is possible.”

      Good to know. I’m all for a second season of Amagi Also would like to read the LNs if they ever get translated.

  3. Don’t worry Kanie there’s always those last few stragglers that always show up late to a soccer game, because they either have a bit to eat before, get lost, miss the bus, or waited on their damn girlfriends to get ready!

    1. i know a possible way to get 252 extra visitors.

      Leak through the Internet that our MC will do a special Performance in the Half-time. In Short he bet on his Fanclub of his young days…

      or our Bad boy, will send some of his Employers to see the Football game.. Some kind of “Well, we are fans of this Club, too”

  4. I question Seiya’s idea for a football game. … there is no REAL guarantee that every single one of the remaining visitors and football fans will actually come to the game (the change in a venue with no prior sporting experience may turn some off). You cannot judge how well a sporting event will do by simply counting the amount of seats! The idea of running in and out of the turn styles at the gate seems like a better option. 252 people does appear to be AROUND the amount of Maplelanders we seen anyway.

    Who’s the buyer who bought the other half of the park? Maybe Seiya can use them to lure in more customers?

    That said, the story of this has been among one of the tightest Kyoto Animation has ever animated to! By this point, I would really want to visit the park to help them get the rest of their 252 visitors!

    1. That wouldn’t be much of a problem, actually. Football is a really big deal in Japan. Now the real problem would be the seating plan as most event tickets are probably sold ahead of time.

    2. @starss: …”there is no REAL guarantee that every single one of the remaining visitors and football fans will actually come to the game… You cannot judge how well a sporting event will do by simply counting the amount of seats! “

      Well, you can’t guarantee the exact attendance number, but you can make an educated guess based off of past attendance. Besides, there’s no guarantee of specific attendance numbers for any event though, of course, some events are more likely to sell out than others. A change in venue may or may not be a negative factor for fans. Depends upon location, the particular venue, and individual fan preferences. I’ve had tickets to concerts that changed venue at the last minute and still attended even though the second venue location was less desirable for me (i.e. further away) because I wanted to see that particular band. I could have easily sold my tickets without loss.

      “The idea of running in and out of the turn styles at the gate seems like a better option.”

      I would think that’s fraudulent and a violation of the terms of the contract (pretty crappy contract drafting if not). If that was permissible, they could have just run back and forth between the turnstiles long ago to inflate attendance numbers to meet the required attendance number.

      1. I’m following that same line. Show Spoiler ▼

        I guess we’ll see. I can’t wait. Things should come to a resolution this next time, since we need to then resolve Latifa’s memory situation as well.

    1. Yes these 3 look like they can not Harm anyone. But when the Kids are gone they surprise us how Mature they are to us 🙂
      Even this dirty little Jokey they done, had someone of us surly in mind 🙂 Well Played

  5. At the risk of gushing and being accused of fanboyism, I honestly think this was yet another great episode.

    The transitions from serious to comedic were very well done, and it was definitely heartwarming to see the Maplelanders slog so hard to save the park. Kudos to Passerby for putting things into perspective by usng comparison -Amaburi and its denizens have certainly come a very long way, with positive changes all around and generally a cheerful air that has been prevalent but even more so now.

    Seiya the Negotiator. This guy knows his stuff, and picks the crucial moment for a mind reading as well. You don’t get too many MCs like these nowadays.

    The comedy is great as usual. For all the logic in the negotiations, the reliance on Sukebe Stooge Tiramie was pleasantly surprising and funny. The Three Stooges are never ever spared it seems, and all the better for us viewers. :p

    I’m still waiting to see if I had self-trolled regarding the spoiler I posted in the previous episode about Moffle and Seiya. The anicipated drama it seems is taking an awesome turn with the reappearance of Kurisu, the grim reminder of the inevitability of Latifa’s reset and fallng short despite pulling out all the stops should male for a very exciting finale. So near yet so far…or is it? Nicely played KyoAni.

    It seems that most of us are expecting a happy ending (though bittersweet should be more accurate considering Latifa’s situation), which must rightfully happen. The fun part is watching how that unfolds and awaiting the celebrations that are to come.

    Rock on, Amaburi. Can’t wait for the next episode. It’s been really one awesome ride throughout. 🙂

  6. I’m having the same feelings as you, Passerby. While I logically know they’ll make it through anyhow (this is not the type of show that goes for a bad end), it still keeps me in tension and fervently rooting for Seiya to find a way to get those last few visitors. It gets me invested to the point where the cynical part of my brain just shuts off and the mood of the show completely pulls me in. Quite an achievement.

    This episode really was one of the better ones in the series so far, especially because it served as such a good mirror against the start of the show. Mapleland was a mess back then, filled with uncaring, incompetent workers that fought all the time. Now, it’s well-oiled machine with everyone working in conjunction. Hell, even Moffle seems to have found some kind of middle-ground with Seiya. Even the less story-heavy of episodes generally had some kind of part to play in this overall result, and it’s nice to see everything come together. Not to mention that the football match was actually a pretty smart idea – smart move on Seiya’s part. Looking forward to the two final episodes – the show’s already on track to become Kyoani’s best show this year, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2018.jpg
      Sylphy: Sometimes we need to lose the battle in order to win the war.
      Scene transition to a smiling Latifa, the kind of smile that has the “accepted her fate” vibe.

      I might be overthinking things, but with the flow of the situation, I ended up thinking a certain scenario…
      I never read the LNs, but in case what I imagined might spoil any viewers’ mood, I’ll just spoiler tag it.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I think Sylphy looking at her youtube video with over a million views from last episode was some sort of red herring. If not, Kanie can always make his comeback as actor -or something similar- to draw in those last visitors.

  8. I liked this episode. While I had been thinking along the lines of a pop/idol/rock concert, the soccer match idea works fine for me. Could have done without the work montage, but meh, nothing uncommon with anime & montages. Overall, I thought the show did what it needed to do at this point in the season without an overly rushed pace feeling. We’re definitely set up for the “grand finale” with not one, but two episodes left. Plenty of time to wrap things up and even give some sort of epilogue.

    Although this was one of the more “serious” episodes, for me there still were some funny, if perhaps somewhat subtle (subtle for Amagi anyway) moments. LOL’d a few times. I also liked the fact that some of the side characters haven’t been completely forgotten (e.g. Ruby, Eiko, etc.). Good attention to detail there IMO.

    As for the cliff-hanger, being a couple hundred visitors or so short also worked for me. The deficit is large enough to create some sort of tension in terms of “will they make it” (though I’d be surprised if they didn’t given that this is not a grim/dark series) without the deficit so large as to unduly strain credibility.

    Amagi’s been a nice surprise for me this season, and I’m definitely looking forward to watching how all this plays out.

      1. Americans, Canadians and Australians call the sport soccer. So it means quite a lot of native English speakers in the world call it that way.
        Oh, and for whatever reason the Japanese call it that way too.

      2. I always thought ‘soccer’ was the English word for this sport and that football was for the other sport with odd shaped ball. This was what my old teacher told me at school back then anyway.

        In my country they call it ‘kick’ (calcio)

  9. A great episode. I like how they depicted the busy schedule. Nailed it like how they did with Hyouka(on a proportional level of budget though).

    So finally the financial problem has an answer now. While it does seem to be overly risky gamble, it is indeed a great way to display the potential value of the south area. Looking at the map in ep 5, it is huge a part of Amagi. Selling it off in their dire situation is a wise decision since they’re in the red with nothing operational on the land but the stadium. One may wonder “Why not keep the stadium?” Well, stadiums are notoriously expensive to maintain considering the capacity they just mentioned. So if they do indeed sell it off with the south area, I’d say its a very wise decision.

    So with probable one time use of the stadium and them nailing a 54k visitor count, they still lacked 250+ more. I read a lot of people say that they should just fake it. Well… They can’t…

    -Takaya has a guy watching over the counter
    -The staff is busy has their hands full with how huge the crowd they’re handling now.

    Well with that said and 2 episodes left. Will the resolution come in the next episode? If so, I wonder what we’re getting for Christmas.

    1. Downrep me for being dumb but after doing so plz explain the hunching over joke. Is it all about seeing the cleavage of the girls? But then why dos he also use it in situations where there aren’t any girls around? I must be missing something.

  10. random viewer
    1. These three are just something else…

      Every little group in this anime should be rewarded with their own spin off already. These three crazies and elementarios being the first one served.

  11. I felt bad for Tricen while he was trying so hard to convince him, and for Kanie when he noticed the visitor count. I’m glad that finally solved the financial problem since I had been wondering how they were going to earn back all the money they used from.
    How does Latifa remember to make croquettes anyway? Does that mean she remembers all the new flavors she makes that year?
    One of my favorite episodes for the different expressions the characters made this week.

  12. Wow, quite some noticeable differences from the novel ending in how this ends. Gatoh Shouji has upped the ante for the climax from his novel.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. A brilliant episode building up to the climax at the end!

    What I don’t quite get is why would their agreement be based off the number of people who enter the park. Certainly this would be prone to fraud, getting the same person to go in and out and in and out…

    1. If you’re a corrupted political party with shitloads of money to burn, then yes, it might be possible.

      But this is an amusement park at the brink of going down, Seiya, despite all his talents, can’t simply manipulate that many people to reach the visitor objective. The park has at best a few hundred employees, but surely that would be too obvious. Chris Tucker even sent a guy to keep watch.

      And no, the Lala Patch won’t do the trick. While it may disguise the mascots in human form, the novel states that that form is FIXED.

      For example, Moffle:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I’m sure Chris Tucker’s consortium would have photo data (in human form) of all employees, magic or human.

      1. The staff are probably not allowed out during work hours. Even if the patch would not work, couldn’t they just dress up the staff with those body costumes a few eps ago? Pretty sure that would have been included in a clause as same method can be abused in real life.

      2. You’re all thinking it too narrowly! They could offer discounts for customers to go in and out a few times. Heck, they could get family/friends/classmates/anyone passing by to do it.

        And the guy who kept watch was only there at the end. Either way, the only condition is as to numbers. There is no limit as to identity – e.g. a family could frequent the place every week.

  14. After all these years (playing Winning Eleven, visiting Japan) this is the first time I noticed Japan uses the term soccer to refer to football. Somehow, it felt weird hearing Seiya say it, had to google j-league just to confirm.

    About the end of the episode, is it just me or did some football fans find another entrance besides the front gate? Could’ve sworn I saw them run in another direction. Really doubt they’d cancel their ticket after getting to the front gate.


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