「未来は誰にもわからない!」 (Mirai wa Darenimo Wakaranai!)
“Nobody Knows What the Future Holds!”

I know that technically there is an episode 13, but episode 12 did such a complete job of resolving loose ends that I’m not sure what the extra episode is going to do. As is usual with Amagi Brilliant Park, I’m not even going to try and guess; I’ll save the final impression for next episode, but I’ll treat everything here as a conclusion, more or less.

252 guests

It’ll take more than my patient, free time and eyesight to count this and check if there really are 252 guests here. I’m just going to give Kyoto Animation the benefit of the doubt.

I actually enjoyed how that all worked out, actually. It wasn’t exactly a surprising solution, with no clever Seiya twist to it, but I think that’s the point. In the end, it does come down to doing whatever you can, even if what you can do seems small and insignificant. Compared to Seiya’s ruthless marketing, it was a message entirely free of cynicism, which just goes to show it ultimately takes a dose of both corporate maneuvering and straightforward earnestness to get there in the end. Appropriately, it involved little but the sacrifice of pride, and Seiya is defined by his pride. For a misanthrope like Seiya, having to rely on his school friends, such as they are, and having to squirm a bit for it, is good character development, as Isuzu knows well. And it’s good that all the earnest efforts of the cast were rewarded by people actually showing up. It shows that the Maplelanders, effectively aliens, have really formed strong bonds with the people of Earth. Building connections is part of social behaviour, and you never know who’ll answer when Gondor calls for aid.

On a related note: all you Sylphy fans out there? KyoAni knows.

Comedy quota

It’s also good to see that, to the end, Amaburi remained true to itself and continued to be funny. Tiramie managed to be both useful and in-character at the same time, and those weren’t concepts I thought could coexist within him. Isuzu’s heroic sacrifice was also a great moment of the episode, and a great way to send off a running gag. Isuzu praying was the height of climatic tension, but the god who answered had a twisted sense of humour and brought it all crashing down again in style. Isuzu is understandably not amused, but I was. It was a reminder to never take Amaburi‘s plot too seriously. It’s not like goofy cast can maintain it for too long. They need to be released and allowed to run wild.

Magical disease magically cured

In contrast, Latifa’s midnight memory wipe was played entirely straight and entirely dramatically. For the most part, I thought it was done well. The visuals were stunning, with very pretty cherry blossom effects to highlight the scene. I genuinely felt sad for Latifa, and felt sad for her friends and family. Seiya hugging Latifa coincided with me also wanting to give her a hug. In fact, it was such a good scene that when Latifa woke up I was actually hoping she wouldn’t remember Seiya, just because I thought it would have been a proper outcome. It was all set up so effectively for tragedy that I was actually disappointed that they ducked it. Maybe I’ve been blogging to much Mushishi, but I think a hint of bittersweetness would have made the overall flavour more poignant. Perhaps there just needed to be more buildup for miraculous memory retention, instead of having it come more or less out of the blue. It was all very sad, but then suddenly we didn’t need to be. I do tend to enjoy happy endings, but this one feels a bit too… neat. I understand what they’re trying to say—that with Seiya and the cast’s hard work, and all the joy they’ve created, that they deserve that joy too—but Latifa dodging the bullet this year felt too much like an author-ex-machina here. In a way, it’s Amaburi trying to have its cake and eat it too, to want to make Latifa’s story really tragic but not wanting to follow it to its tragic conclusion.

Oracles of the future ~ looking ahead

With all that said, it still needs to be borne in mind that this is not the end. There’s still an episode left! There could be a sudden reversal! Anything could happen! I can’t really imagine what episode 13 intends to do, though, since all signs point to the narrative being concluded. The park is saved. Latifa is saved. Seiya learns some humility (though I’m sure he regrets showing it), he decides not to resign to the surprise of only these guys, the ship gets teased, one last reference to the OP, and we’re done. That’s about as clean as it gets. If there was any more to it, I would have thought that it’d be left to a sequel—and there are plenty of sequel hooks here, like spiteful wizard still being at large. What more needs to be done, and can be done, in one episode?

It’s entirely possible that episode 13 will simply be an epilogue, or even bonus omake stuff that does not need to be anchored in the current chronology. I’m leaning towards the latter, but now that I’ve said that I’m probably going to be wrong. It doesn’t really matter, though. Even if episode 12 was the last episode, I would have left rather satisfied. But getting even more Amaburi is not something I’d ever mind.


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  1. WHAT?? Episode 13 is an extra one? Aww I thought this would get resolved next week on Christmas! 🙁

    Whatever. I can already tell from these stills that this is one of my favorite animes this year.

  2. hotDoge
  3. Thanks for the quick blog post Passerby. You’ve been doing an awesome job taking on Amaburi and I thank you for covering it.

    I think one thing that takes the cake for me is how Amaburi continues to display the trait of being able to switch between moods almost seamlessly, and they get away with it every time simply because…that’s how it is. It’s a grand dish with comedy as it’s main ingredient and drama as its side and character development as a great garnish. The fact they manage to inject comedy in the most frantic moments and keep my entertained more or less speaks for itself. They even managed to find ways to inject more personality too (the four faeries with their Twitter followers and doujin circles 🙂 ). Good stuff.

    It’s peculiar how our main character essentially gets the biggest slice of his character development near the very end of the series, but it works out well when calculated logic and ability loses out to simple sincerity and earnestness. It felt really heartwarming especially when the viewer compares the Maplelanders now and back in the past from the very beginning, and you feel that both the savior and the saved have really grown up and grown close, especially the part where Seiya announced his short-lived resignation.

    While Latifa’s curse seems to be lifted, I actually think that isn’t what really happened (unless they troll me again and confirm it in the last episode). My theory is that

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I actually like that theory more as it serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for Seiya, Moffle and Isuzu to keep bringing guests in so they can help Latifa until they find a way to break the curse, but I’m just speculating. :p

    I agree though, that a bittersweet ending would have created more emotional impact, but Amaburi doesn’t end on heavy notes, I suppose, unless they insert one or two more scenes highlighting a determination to break the curse from everyone. That’s the thing – I knew the happy ending was coming, but I enjoyed it anyway.

    On the whole, a really awesome wrap up of an episode. Before I leave this long-ass post…


    Awesome Isuzu. And the Ship continues to sail. 🙂

    1. Yeah, the hidden Eaters Eggs are the Treasure for old Watchers. Like the Indiana Jones Treasure.

      I love how some Shows build here and there some “Insiders” for us Mature Watchers. As if they say a hidden “Thank you for still watching!” to us/me

  4. There is good asspull and there is bad asspull. This clearly belonged to the former. For a cheerful series like Amagi Brilliant Park, this is the ending it deserved.

    In contrast to the novel (volume 1)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    So I thought this is a change for the better.

    Kyo-Ani obviously learned from the bad asspull in the end of Kyoukai no Kanata, and this time properly placed a foreshadowing for the magic tree back in episode 9. That said, the tree merely delayed the curse and bought Latifah more time, not lift it entirely. So there’s still plenty of room for a season 2. Besides, we’ve barely scratched the surface with Seiya’s child actor past and Isuzu’s military upbringing.

    Plus this just gives me the Hyouka Oreki x Chitanda vibes, with both not being ready to admit their feelings.


    Everyone pat yourselves on the back for correctly guessing that Chris Tucker is the Wizard who placed the curse on Latifah.

    In terms of in-universe popularity:

    1. Sylphie – Manages to draw in dozens of fans from her viral video. Who’s the airhead now? :3

    2. Tiramie – His sacrifice did not end in vain. LOL

    3. Salama – Has her own Twitter followers

    4. Koboli – Never underestimate the connections a BL fangirl can have

    5. Moffle

    6. Macaron

    7. Muse – Most down-to-earth of the faeries.

    8. Seiya – Swallowed his pride and called the girls in episode 8. How he got the redhead’s number is still beyond me, considering that he supposedly has no friends in school.

    9. Isuzu – Due to her stoic personality, she seems to be the only one who didn’t have any friends on earth to rely upon (unless you count Seiya’s schoolmates). Still, being sexually harrassed by thse 3 pre-school kids finally paid grand dividends. XD

    1. and until now this Wizard was doing nothing, that could change in a possible 2nd Season. But can his Magic Tricks be countered? The Balance here is very important, then our MC do not have Magic (only his Mind read, that do not work on him)

      So, if they want to reuse the Wizard, then they must fight Fair and Square with Human powers… On the other hand, of course they are free to use underhand tactics, but should be countered with the right tactic of the Light…

      But then we slip into Light vs Darkness

    2. Still, being sexually harrassed by thse 3 pre-school kids finally paid grand dividends

      That moment when you realize that those 3 kids literally saved Amaburi.
      Kanie should probably give them VIP Guests privilege (to Sento’s horror).:p

    3. If he pulls an Oreki x Chitanda again, i may not know where he is but i swear i’ll find him and make him do right with Seya x Sento this time. God damn it man, it almost seems that you’ve got some kind of trauma with people expressing their love :v

  5. That was so tense about how they gonna pulled in people for filled the counter! and I burst out laugh’ed when I saw that three kids even before they literally burst themselves into the park to fill the count and attack Isuzu XD

    Tiramie is beyond compare, his sacrifice are way beyond imagination. LOL

    Can’t really imagine that Chris Tucker is actually the dark wizard, well anyways, I strongly encourage Moffle-san to pursue him and send him back to hell.

    Amagi Brilliant Park are absolutely brilliant, with all the jokes they pulled out, it always made my day.

    Waiting for the last episode, I’m gonna miss Tiramie…XD well of course, all of them! =D

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park/Amagi%20Brilliant%20Park%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2037.jpg

    SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY! Kyoani, you’re going to pull a Hyouka again?! I swear to god half your viewers were screaming JUST MAKEOUT ALREADY at the screen when this happened. Seiya, pull that stick out of your ass and smooch that girl already!

    Ahem. That aside:

    I KNEW that blonde arse was fishy from the start! I just didn’t expect him to be THE spiteful wizard -or at least, not until 2 episodes ago- thereby proving that Blonde Guys Really Are Evil (trope!). Maybe the sequel will devote itself to finding ways to CRUSH him for making Latifa cry, because we gotta have our cake and eat it too.

    Or you know what? Make S2 a school romcom where we get to see Seiya and Isuzu trying to deal with their budding feelings, have them get cockblocked by literally everyone, Latifa finally getting to grow up and attending high school (with an overprotective Moffle watching from the shadows) and more Elementario because Sylphy is a national treasure. The commute is possible- make it happen, Kyoani!

    1. I’m totally down with a season 2 school romcom of Amaburi just like how there is FMP Fumoffu to the FMP series. That being said, most of the park casts will have really limited screen time because most of them are too old. Maybe the 4 fairies can go to school or something.

      The Story You Don't Know
  7. Edit: I still pretty much laughed myself to death at the kid’s comment of ‘mom, is this what you call airing your dirty laundry in public?’ WIN. SO. MUCH. WIN. Tiramie, pervert extraordinaire you might be, but for this episode, you’ve earned my respect. Salute!

    1. Yes, this 3 Stooges was Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. When Kids was not around, they where all Mature. And their Jokes was right on the Point. More of them please, this Trio need to play together. Even if Moffle is the calmer one of them…

  8. Ah that was an exciting and fun ride to say the least.

    Also :
    – Tiramie was heroic.
    – “Its a girl!” They were so many others around. Clearly, it’s more like: “It’s Dat girl!”
    – Where were your balls Seiya?!

  9. I think this has to be my favourite episode. Embarrassed Isuzu and Kanie is always a good thing. I too did hope that Latifa wouldn’t remember, but while I think it would be better than way I didn’t hate how she retained her memories.
    I actually thought this was the last episode with how everything ended, until someone told me it wasn’t. I’m glad I can still enjoy this for one more week! 😛

  10. KyoAni, you magnificent bastards, you did it! Ya really went and did it! Kudos, indeed!!


    But really, even though we’re not at the actual final episode yet, a much well received conclusion to one of the unexpected highlights of the season.

    True, true, the whole magical tree saving Latifa at the end – sweet as it was – was an obvious asspull. As others have said, a good asspull, but an asspull nonetheless. Still, that that psychopathic wizard whom I’d VERY much like to see Moffle go postal on is still around does leave an opening for future developments and a potential second season, so I’m not complaining.



    If only Seiya could man up and get himself some delicious Isuzu-chan, all would be settled and my world would be complete…

    Also ALSO!


    You three little vicious beasts have been a constant pain in my ass from start to finish, I just want you to know that. Thanks for saving the park though! ;D

    Ryan Ashfyre
  11. I had a good feeling about KyoAni’s going to give Amaburi a second season (≧▽≦)

    Im gonna buy the soundtrack and the Bluray, it is definitely a nice piece to collect. Somehow I just fell in love with the catchy background music.=)

    Im shipping SeiyaxIsuzu, hope that in future plots that our narccists bastard got the guts and confess his feelings towards the ‘one of the finest female character this season to date’. =)

  12. I always want the happy ending, even if the heroes are totally screwed, even if the world is ending, even if …bla bla bla. I’ve been hurt too much by animes that have sad/depressing endings and Amagi Brilliant Park with it’s themes of fun and comedy, you don’t want bad ends for such good characters. The drama and the “real fictional people in real fictional danger” makes you care more about them and you want them to succeed in the end, and they did in every way possible.

    One of my favorite shows this year. 🙂

    1. It has the feel of a Disney film! Bright, humorous, lively, with tiny bits of dark stuff, and an audience-pleasing ending! …which figures considering it IS about a theme park! 😉

  13. I must admit I was a little surprised by this episode. Not so much by the events that occurred, but by the approach taken. As Passerby noted, this was a “final” episode in all but name. Not only were all the major loose ends tied up, but we even had a sufficiently open end for a second season (which I would like). A lot of ground was covered (e.g. park saved, Latifa kind of sort of saved, Seiya decides to stay on as manager (no surprise there)) in one episode when two were available. Arguably a bit too much ground IMO as there were times the pacing felt too fast/rushed. To be clear, I did enjoy this episode. However, I also wonder whether spreading things out over two episodes would have been better.

    One thing I liked a lot was how the 252 visitor deficit was handled. Plausible enough so that there were no credibility issues (at least not for me), but also right in line with Amagi’s style of comedy. Tirami’s contribution was simply hilarious mii! I literally couldn’t help but LOL at that. The whole thing coming down to Isuzu and her three natural enemies (predators?) was a very fitting resolution. Again, Amagi continues to do a good job IMO in handling it’s large cast of characters. While I like the main cast, I also like a lot of the side characters as well (some even minor), and Amagi never seems to forget them.

    Where I thought things stumbled a bit was Latifa’s “miraculous” recovery. That, unlike the park being saved, I did not expect. I like happy endings and all, but keeping her memories felt a bit too forced/deus ex author/etc. Not terribly so since there was a plausible, if brief, reason given. Still, that scene is right on the edge of pushing things too far for my tastes. Better setup/exposition on the curse, etc. would have helped. As it was presented, I’m assuming that Latifa keeping her memories this year does not mean that the curse is weakened or altered. Rather, they just had enough “mana”/happiness/feelings (forgot the correct term of art XD) this time around. I’m curious as to whether the anime deviated from the source material (LN) here or not (I do know that they toned down Latifa’s curse in the anime).

    1. Sometimes you don’t need an unexpected resolution to make a good ending and I think this one fits that description. No real “trick” ending (except maybe the kids :P), just a never say die attitude by the cast. Quite satisfying in that regard. The humor fit in perfectly with each of the character’s providing guests based on their personalities and outside relationships. Both Tirame and Isuzu “taking one” for the Park had me LMAO. Especially, Seiya and Moffie grabbing her as she was about to bolt.

      I especially agree with you about the cast. Juggling that many characters and making so many of them unique and interesting is a definite triumph of the animators. I also commend them for the way the relationships changed over time in a gradual fashion. Even Lafita’s goodbye was done in a fashion that was not overwrought. AYS, while her “recovery” may have been pushing things, it does leave a opening for another season where she is not cured but only in remission so they have to ramp up to gather even more animus to keep her from relapsing. Frankly, I’m sort of glad there was a happy ending this time around. Possibly, that supposition will be the basis for the 13th episode.

      I have to rank this one as the surprise of the season for me.

      1. @Bear: “Sometimes you don’t need an unexpected resolution to make a good ending and I think this one fits that description.”

        That’s a good way to put it. It’s not just a “good ending”, but the “right ending” (IMO). An ending which feels natural to the reader/viewer and fits the story well. Consider if instead of what happened, the park failed to reach the 500k visitor quota. Definitely a surprise ending (at least for me), but also a jarring one as well. As you note, it wouldn’t fit the description (meet viewer/reader expectations).

        “…while her “recovery” may have been pushing things, it does leave a opening for another season where she is not cured but only in remission so they have to ramp up to gather even more animus to keep her from relapsing.”

        Well, nothing is solved permanently really – both in terms of the park and saving Latifa. While the park is in much, much better shape then before, they still have to maintain momentum plus actually capitalize on the real estate deal. I didn’t mention this, but I liked how the anime showed the visitor counter resetting back to 500k. Nice attention to detail there with an unobtrusive, but effective, reminder that the situation is far from completely resolved.

        As for Latifa in particular, not losing her memories isn’t that big of a deal for me, but I still think it’s a bit… sudden/unexpected. But yes, as you suggest, the overall situation (her curse included) is far from settled so there’s plenty of material for the anime to address going forward.

        “I especially agree with you about the cast. Juggling that many characters and making so many of them unique and interesting is a definite triumph of the animators. I also commend them for the way the relationships changed over time in a gradual fashion.”


        As for the last episode, total guess on my part, but I’m expecting it to be something like a fun-filled, OVA type of episode similar to the last episode of first season of Kore wa Zombie Desuka.

  14. It seems that I was right about the horcruxes, so the wizard did survive. Now the only question is if he is pissed knowing his cursed is shattered; I would like to see Kanae laugh and mock the wizard soon.

  15. I think KyoAni did a great job with this series and wrapped it up (even if there is another episode) quite nicely. The whole wizard issue thing is still left hanging and could have been threshed out a little bit more.

    My only complaint this episode was Latifa’s memory retention. Although the explanation seemed ok on the surface it also seemed rather forced. They could have set up the tree thing a bit more so that it might not have come out from left field too much. Basically I just feel that her retaining her memories seemed to reek too much of deus ex machina.

    1. Well one could argue that this WHOLE ENDING was forced. It was played not only completely straight, but used every single happy ending trope in fiction for this kind of story! Right now to the beats. It doesn’t destroy my love for this episode at all. Latifa’s curse suddenly being lifted would’ve been better accepted, had we known about the tree’s power more clearly episodes beforehand.

  16. I get a felling, that the Erasing and Reset Bullet is out of the Gun and still Flying. This Tree with his Flowers in full Bloom is some kind of Shield from that.

    I think as long the Tree is on bloom, the Erasing and Reset on the Princess is overpowered or hold outside of the Park. a bubble of Protection if you want a picture in your Mind, where outside on his borders these Reset Sharks are looking for their Prey.

    Or this Magic is repeating every year, and the Tree must every year defend the Princess

    If there is a 2nd Season, do they travel to the Magic land? Or is on the Human world the Wizard now sabotage the Park? How knows

  17. Damnit… I looked at the first post on the website and I saw Bonta-Kun so I thought this was a new episode of Full Metal Panic!. Now I will go stay in a corner and cry tears of disappointment.

    Anyone know if this anime is done by the same writer?

  18. I take back calling those three kids gremlins. Thank you Isuzu’s tormentors for saving Amaburi! And I couldn’t tell if Isuzu was crying or laughing when Seiya apologized the staff, but either way she was prettier than ever.

  19. BTW, for those who read the novel, how does the story continue. I hear the story goes on AFTER the park is saved. And also I think the Princess being saved from the curse is also probably an anime filler. (Or else there’s no more plot to go on the story) Just wondering.

  20. Even though it receives a number of criticisms, KyoAni is still a very impressive studio till the end. From Tamako Market to Free to Kyoukai no Kanata (which are all shows which got criticized a lot and had their own ups&downs), KyoAni still brings something that is unique to KyoAni alone. Great end, don’t mind even if ’tis the last episode.

    Red HeartGold ZX
  21. Poor poor Isuzu…KyoAni just love to tease her to no end. Stoic->awkward->huge tits->heart sleeve->3 kids harassments…hahahaa^^ my best KyoAni’s girl ever!

    I was really surprised when the show suddenly dashed to finish everything in one go, but im glad they put up episode 13. Latifa did made me teary for awhile there, and the mission accomplished scene where everyone celebrate hard is the best part of all Amaburi. Lucky Seiya got hugged, woot woot! The UST between Seiya and Isuzu is fucking killinggg! Just.Kiss.Her.Already!

    Anyway, im gonna missed this anime soon…huhuu

    onion warrior
    1. “huge tits”

      Don’t forget that ass! LOL

      Anyway, it’s nice–in a strange way–that KyoAni didn’t faithfully follow the LN regarding Latifa’s annual memory loss, and to a lesser extent, the whole “how to get 252 more visitors before the deadline” thing. Lots of Chekhov’s gunmen (trope!) in this one.

      Yes, the magic tree is but a temporary solution for Latifa’s curse. I just hope that the next season(s?) will focus on Seiya and the other Maple Landers finding a way to lift Latifa’s curse permanently (should KyoAni and Shouji Gatoh go with that route). But I wouldn’t mind a side-story season focusing on the AmaBuri mascots and Elementario fairies (plus the whole shipping angle between Seiya and Isuzu–or heck, the whole Seiya-Isuzu-Latifa love triangle) a-la FMP? Fumoffu.

      1. Haha…how can i forgot that arse! Adding her bathing scenes, Isuzu is literally KyoAni’s walking fanservice lol XD

        Yea, im hoping they’ll get a second season. Lifting Latifa’s curse and defeating the wizard sounds like a good plot ^^

        onion warrior
  22. Amagi is so god damn good with how unpredictable things will go. I mean I couldn’t have predicted how the 500k guest count could’ve been achieved. Those 3 WELL BLENDED AND SEEMINGLY NORMAL rascals just caught me by surprise. That was just pure genius.

    Even with less crude humor and blantant fanservice, the anime is already miles better than the novel IMO. This is what could’ve been with Vol.1 had it been blessed with getting the characters this fleshed out. The changes made flows so much better for the story. Not to mention the author’s regrets reflects here which in turn changed the some aspects in a positive manner. In the end, it turned out to be much more meaningful with a clearer message than what it originally had.

    Props to Gatoh, Shimo and Takemoto for making this such a fun ride. Now the next episode brings more fun to the table. Will it be just a wind down episode or will it be a proper set-up for S2? Who am I kidding. This won’t get an S2 just because Kadokawa and the rest of the production committee had little faith in this project.

  23. Definitely one of, if not the best anime of the season for me (out of the ones I’ve seen anyway).

    It would be nice to have a second season (or at least some OVAs) that deal with the wizard once and for all (the way he goes out here really gives a whole “I’ll be back and get my revenge!” feeling) and go into more detail about Kanie’s past. After all, they mention him being a former child star and, of course, the flashbacks of him having met Latifa as a kid too, yet they never really dive into that like we thought they might for this episode (Kanie drawing in the last bunch of customers with his former stardom).

  24. The episode certainly look like a good ending. And i hope the extra one episode make us clear who the hell is that wizard. Seriously, i need some explanation about him.

    If this episode is really the ending episode i will pick this show as the top three best anime of the year apart from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Kiseijuu . 😀

  25. If say 84 staffs can call in 3 visitors per person, that will fulfill the remaining visitor count quite fast. Since some did call in more than the 3 visitors per person average, some might need to call in only 1 or 2.

  26. Although I found it a bit anticlimatic at first when Latifa didn’t actually lose her memories, I think KyoAni made a good decision here to have her keep her memories (at least for now). I feel it keeps the tone of the final episode optimistic and more light hearted, since there seems to be good endings everywhere. It’s harder to feel like everything had a conclusive feel if Latifa didn’t have her memories, and everyone else was happy while she would be left out of the loop. As far as I can understand, her memory rentention is only temporary, it’s not like her curse has disappeared, so I think we can expect a season 2 😀

    Also, Tiramie and Isuzu’s sacrifices, oh god I could not stop laughing. I almost expected it but that did not change how funny it was. Really loved this season, I hope the next ep will feature some more Isuzu X Kanie moments, and some hints towards a second season.

  27. I think the miraculous ending where Latifa kept her memories was actually very fitting. AmaBuri makes no qualms about using classic fairytale elements, and it might as well be one. This kind of ending only seemed right, as a fairytale ending.


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