I had no idea that PSYCHO-PASS 2 was only going to be 11 episodes long. This last episode could’ve easily been made into two but I guess the holiday season is upon us and with the New Year, will come a new season. There was a lot of information here that I felt could’ve been expanded on or given time to sink in. Akane’s realization that her grandmother was killed by Tougane; Tougane’s descent into madness; or even Mika’s confrontation with Tougane, all these scenes could’ve easily left a greater impact if there was just one more episode. However, I won’t complain because dragging out any scenes with Mika could drive more harm than good.

Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the finale – because contrary to how PSYCHO-PASS 2 has progressed throughout the weeks, I still think it was a worthwhile watch. As a fan of the original series, I don’t think the sequel measured up to the hype and expectations that I had, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t try to create something new for itself. While there were some similarities between Kamui and Makishima, I like how unique of a villain Kamui still is. He took a different spin to try and destroy Sybil and while he died in the process, he still accomplished his mission. He changed the system and now it recognizes collective individuals with a single reading and that’s a huge turning point for Sybil. It can technically scan itself now which I think may be used against it in the future. This was one revelation that I couldn’t guess until now (or last few episodes) but also it’s an area that was never explored in the PSYCHO-PASS 2 universe. I can’t say for certain that I liked this take on Sybil’s flaws or Kamui’s ultimate goals, but it’s an expansion of what we already knew from PSYCHO-PASS. At least it wasn’t the same repetitive type of issues that kept coming up which was what worried me the most at first.

I don’t want to get too in depth into the endings of each of the character, so besides expressing more hate for Mika or love for Akane, I think I’m going to discuss a bit about Tougane. This episode was definitely one that highlighted just how crazy and obsessed he was. It also answered all the questions that I had relating to how he went from criminally asymptomatic to being the highest CC individual out there. I still think his character went from being rather complicated and red-herring-like to being straight up evil. He was almost too straightforward in his motives for me and I thought it was waste of potential there. The way he manipulated everyone around him was interesting and even in the end, Mika never revealed to anyone who helped Tougane kill Aoi. I will say it again (because I never get tired of it), Mika is one character that simply needs to disappear.

Anyway, there’s a ton of other things I could discuss in this post, but without it being too long, I’d like to know how everyone else liked the turn of events. Personally – I thought it could’ve been better but in no way was it unbearable. I appreciate how PSYCHO-PASS was given a sequel at all and I will take what I can get since I love the returning cast. It leads us to an interesting development that will probably be used in the Movie coming up soon and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: So #PsychoPass2 was alright. Admittedly, the first season is better but the second season tried its best to tell a different story too. Still think Mika is a bitch and Akane is awesome, but I’m curious how the #PP_anime movie will be approached. Have to wait and see now…


Final Impressions

I never thought that PSYCHO-PASS needed a sequel when it initially aired 2 years ago. When I finally heard the announcement that it was official, I was skeptical that with all the staff changes, it could compare to the original. Unfortunately, I was right to an extent and I do not think PSYCHO-PASS 2 is as well written and told as its predecessor. However, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good follow-up to the original and it does reach out to expand on new issues, characters and developments. PSYCHO-PASS 2 takes advantage of all the setup that it built in its first season and uses the same characters that everyone loves (or hates) to bring you the aftermath. I like that aspect of the story and it’s probably what drove a lot of my curiosity in the beginning because I kept wanting to hear more about what happened to Akane, Kougami and the rest of Unit One.

PSYCHO-PASS 2 is not without its faults though and it does have its fair share. I think it spends a lot of time developing and building up Kamui as a villain so that his motive and secrets are revealed… it’s just a bombardment of information that the viewer may or may not expect. It leads to more questions than answers and in some cases, people might say there are plot holes. The series is also only 11 episodes long and crams a lot in the back-half to keep progressing the story along. Personally, I think the anime does a fine job at keeping the plot linear after the halfway point and the key is not to think too much into it because the explanations are coming. The ending will not shock or blow your mind, but it’s very fitting for the direction of PSYCHO-PASS 2 and sets it up nicely for the upcoming movie.


  1. I like PSYCHO-PASS 2 but I can’t help but feel a lot of wasted potentials. If they made the series longer – I think the revelations would be handle better.

    A lot of times I felt as if I’m watching a rushed episode and it kinda irk me!

    I kinda like Akane not only because of her morality but because she actually made it work. She joins the system just like Suzaku from Code Geass but she differs in terms of success. Because of her Sybil had been struck a major blow and both Kamui and Tougane are dead. Not bad…





    Well done Akane. Looks like Kougami taught you well.


  2. Mika almost confirms the theory that you can go crazy and be clear, haha.

    I have to agree with Cherrie about overall what PP2 was, different than PP1, but it didn’t mess up anything for the upcoming movie either so we get to continue enjoying some PP story 😀

  3. I don’t care what anyone says about Season 2. I really enjoyed it and waiting for that movie is going to feel like forever! I hope Kougami & Akane will officially be a couple in the movie.

  4. I usually try to go along for the ride until I’ve watched and absorbed everything a season has to offer. Finally watching the final episode, however, I found this season to be pretty underwhelming and disappointing.

    Granted, the series still can be entertaining and things are always moving at a brisk pace but I felt the series sacrificed a lot in doing so. The whole season in particular was entertaining at first but the novelty of the twists and violence wore off and at some points was a bit over the top and strange. I somehow found some of them feeling more forced then it should have. I felt Season 1 handled those areas better. 11 episodes indeed wasn’t enough for the series to fully flesh out or pace the plot as it felt messy by the end.

    The first season was able to get me more immersed since it had more episodes to pace itself and better direction. Each case seemed to give a different and bizarre light to the dystopian society that Psycho Pass encompasses and has it’s own unique feel with Makishima tying it altogether. It made me much more eager to discuss the dilemmas the anime put the characters through. It was suspenseful when it counts because of how well it was built up.

    The second season, however, feels more uneven and seems to have more of a desire to shock or keep things moving. The questions it asks can be intriguing but it doesn’t really give us enough time to let it sink in and instead relies on info dumping. Still, the idea of Sibyl being afraid to judge itself and being able to do collective scans was interesting.

    I think my main gripe with the series however were the characters. It’s hard to be invested in the plot and questions the series posed without the personalities and chemistry to draw you in. I realize it’s really hard to fill in the gap that Kougami and Makishima left behind and I expected Kougami wouldn’t appear but I also believed the new and existing characters would be enough to fill it. They weren’t. Even the side characters were more fleshed out in the first season.

    I’ll start off with Mika. I felt she had great potential to be an interesting character because we know what happened to her and her circumstances. I actually looked forward to her the most to see what they would do with her and how her guilt over the loss of her friends would develop her. Throughout this season, I didn’t get the sense that it’s the same character that was introduced in Season 1. I rewatched several scenes of her a few times during her arc in Season 1 and there wasn’t any point where I thought “Hmm, so that’s how she turned out the way she did”. Her actions just didn’t make any sense to me given the context last season gave. It’s almost as if they pulled this obnoxious character out of thin air to act as a Sibyl stooge and an annoying foil for Akane because she needed one. It also did not help that the series did not reinforce or mention her past. I at least expected subtle references in her actions or dialogue. I also can’t see how someone who just joined the force at the end of Season 1 fresh out of a private girls academy (regardless if a year and a half had passed after) can be so disrespectful to her peers without repercussions, especially when she doesn’t seem to have any notable talents or seniority. I have no idea where this character came from.

    As for Akane, it’s good that they showed how mature, calm and professional she can be and how uncompromising she is to her ideal of justice and law. It showed how she grew from the naive girl we knew in Season 1 but it also made her a little bit dull and boring. I can’t fault that since there was a lot of room for her to develop in Season 1 when she was a rookie and Kougami’s absence caused her to feel a bit empty but since the second season revolves around her in particular, I wished she had more personality inbetween the short spurts during the emotional highs. Still, she is better handled then most and watching her deal with a new dilemma not as a greenhorn but as someone who went through a lot was great.

    For the rest of the characters…
    Ginoza, Yayoi, and Shion might as well have as much screentime as Akane’s hallucination of Kougami because I barely noticed they were there. Ginoza also went through a lot to change and he deserved a lot more besides a few lines of dialogue even if this season was Akane-centric. Togane turned out exactly what the series hinted him out to be. The hints were so numerous and in your face that I second-guessed myself and thought he would be a complex and gray character when he turned out to be a cartoonish villain with a mother complex. There was also that insecure red haired guy, I guess the part where he cracked all those Holos was cool.

    Kamui was more interesting then the rest which is to be expected. He’s the focal point besides Akane and a direct catalyst to the change in the structure of Sibyl and an existence itself that brings a paradox Sibyl did not want to address. The concept was interesting but even then I didn’t find him as memorable and nuanced as Makishima.

    At the end, I don’t think it was as bad as I read from some other people but it sure was disappointing. It just kind of felt like a forgettable spin-off rather then a full fledged sequel and the length wasn’t the only reason. Even though it didn’t have enough episodes to work with, I still think it could have done with better direction and writing. I really hope I feel a lot more satisfied with the movie.

    I enjoy the more optimistic and less scathing impressions of this series and am glad some fans are able to get some enjoyment nonetheless. I apologize for the embarrassingly long post -_-.

    1. Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I for one, enjoyed Season 2.

      The problem is that people came into this show with high expectations and had violent reactions when they were not met. And let’s not forget that S2 had to make do with only 11 eps to work with as opposed to 22 eps of S1 .

      1. Are people not allowed to have expectations?
        Christ, if you think something is mediocre, by all means say so!
        I’m so sick of how easily anime viewers let certain flaws in shows go. Why can’t we hold anime to a higher standard? Isn’t that what moves the industry forward? I feel like this is the reason we have so many garbage shows nowadays with shallow content and full of pandering.

      2. I’m already aware it’s 11 episodes and I addressed this. I realize it’s not a lot to work with but I still believe it could have turned out a lot better then it did. I don’t agree with the violent reactions to how this season turned out but I also don’t fault them for having high expectations because Psycho Pass was a great anime.

        Psycho Pass 2 didn’t have to be exactly like the first season but it still could have been memorable in it’s own way. I’m fine with other people enjoying this season, I honestly expected my opinion would be divisive but I don’t think I’m wrong to feel disappointed and think it was flawed.

      3. @James

        I agree with you on this. Sometimes though, I don’t wanna come off as snobbish or a stickler and hope whatever I expressed hasn’t offended any fans who did enjoyed this. It’s hard to criticize a series without seemingly insulting people who watch them.

      4. @James its because blogs like this basically get their money from the viewers so they really can’t say what they REALLY think. The anime community as a whole is full of the “everyone gets a trophy” millineals that get pissy when others don’t like what they like, so to appease the masses, and keep the site running, the writers pretty much HAVE to sugar coat everything to keep the site running. The anime community just likes to circle jerk onto every show unless its just literally a steaming pile of shit, and even then those shows have its hardest defenders, Hell look what happen to what’s her name(Kaira? I forgot) when she dropped “Your lie in April” because of the constant abuse and bullying against the main character that was played for laughs, EVERYBODY pretty much jumped on her, so yeah you’re most likely not going to get any “Actual” valid criticisms of anime in the community, which is a shame because valid criticism is what allows a medium to be taken seriously, and I can tell you, anime is NOT taken seriously. It’s just seen as “weird Japanese cartoons” by most people. There’s a reason why there’s a stigma towards anime and the people who watch it. When the community changes, so will the stigma and hopefully the quality of anime that gets greenlit, but. . .dont hold your breath.

        Anyway MY opinion is that this show was extremely bad.

        Kamui: first the dude was this caricature of a villain, a super super genius hacker, game designer and coder, AND surgeon? not to mention super charismatic and for some reason “knew” what the problem, to Sybil was. . .yeah that’s just way too out there, its like he’s the gary stu of villains – or the avatar of the new director

        Shock value for shock value’s sake: The scene where they blew up the hostages. that was just retarded, and stunk of amateurish dirtying.

        Trying too hard: Mika I swear from episode two on I was like “OK I GET IT YOU WANT US TO HATE HERE GOOD, I HATER HERE CAN YOU STOP SHOVING THIS DOWN MY THROAT?!?!
        She wasn’t character, but a mere plot device I dont remember anything about her character, her motivations, her wants, dreams, nothing, just a cardboard drawing of a character, she didnt even grow as a character! She just got caught and “went crazy”(plot device)with wanna be “catharsis” for her being a ” Im the director and I’m going to jump the shark with this character” character. . . wtf was that?

        Speaking of jumping the shark…

        Really? Kamui is not only a super genius evil gary stu, he’s also a mix of 1434342343 bodies sewn together. . .

        this was just beyond stupid and I physically facepalmed when they brought that “revelation” out, I twas so stupid I closed down my CR browser right then and there and stop watching for a few weeks until the finale.

        Togane + the mother being “eevviill”: yeah that was just silly, I mean you could tell the dude was evil from the OPENING SEQUENCE OF THE FIRST EPISODE. It wasn’t a surprise, and the plot points with togane and the mother seemed like something a struggling writing student would come up with!

        The mother/chief/whatever yeah they ruined her character… .then replaced her at the end with the same face again…that’s dumb.

        Characters: Ginoza made a 100% about face in the wrong direction, no continuity to his character at all, that and he was reduced to saying stupid one liners:
        “akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass””akane be careful” “akane watch your psycho pass”

        the doctor dude was only there as exposition.

        Oh and yeah


        Show! Don’t! Tell!

        This is basic basic basic shit! I swear Japan needs to hire some Hollywood/British writers to help get their shit together.

        The only good shows were Garo, Bahamut, and Mushishi (best of the season imo)

        but yeah, in conclusion, this show sucked, and the anime community as a whole sucks,

        if anyone doesn’t like THAT viewpoint, well, you can all sniff coke off of my erect cock for all I care.

      5. Even without any special expectations I have to admit I found the show a bit underwhelming compare to S1 in the end (started losing some steam for me starting w/ ep 8 where they revealed Kamui’s motive & stuff) This season would have REALLY benefited having at least a few extra eps.

        That said I think those most disappointed did walked into the show with very specific expectations…like Cherrie I liked that S2 try to tell a totally diff story within the same establish universe but I honestly feel many just wanted a redux of S1…

  5. Well.. Hope chapman has some valid points. I do not see how someone’s psycho pass is above 300 when they were supposedly CA. and Tougane is CA and his PP spikes. Ok. Yes there were a few rules that got bent or rewritten while making this season. That doesn’t mean I didnt enjoy it as a stand alone season 2. Let’s see where the movie goes from here 🙂 Aw come on. Sybil has to go. I wanted the whole thing gone >.>

    1. I agree it was disappointing, but most disappointing of the year is too far. It was still at least an average show IMO. To be most disappointing of the year, it’d have to have bombed much harder.

  6. I cant believe PP2 ended everything like this. Sigh…well, cant help it since its just one cour. I feel like almost all of the series have abrupt endings which is kinda sad 🙁

    Am i the only one who feel Mika is kinda dangerous? Hopeless as she may be, but to be able to stay unconciously clear and insane at the same time is dangerous…i wont be surprise if she goes around backstab people and claiming “in the name of justice, we must protect!” just like that certain character lol…

    Huhu, my most loved anime has finally ending…:/ Kougami in the end didnt even showed up, only in Akane’s mind. Akane is the protector of the society, equalizing Sibyl’s law while ensuring safety among the public…

    Really hopeful the movie is gonna be promising. Looking forward for it!

    onion warrior
  7. Eh, I feel like Mika being a poor character was kind of the point. She’s the exemplar of Sybil’s society. As the audience, being led to hate the epitome of something is really close to hating the thing itself. I would actually assume that she’s intentionally framed as terrible/useless because the writing needed some balance against Sybil.

    But that’s just me. I actually kind of liked how she worked out, a useless character whose sole existence is devoted to showing how poorly the system which produced her functions.

    1. I don’t think your analysis is wrong, but given the enormous amount of depth we were spoiled with in season one I think we were all a little put off by how straightforward some of these characters were. Mika especially was fairly shallow. For someone who was part of the actual society, like Tsunemori’s friends in season one, Mika’s character actually makes sense. However, when you are dealing with someone who is part of the main cast, your Akane’s, your Ginoza’s, your Kougami’s… ect… When you’re dealing with the inspectors and the enforcers, there’s a lot more complexity behind what makes these characters tick.

  8. You’re not alone Cherrie, after seeing that anticlimatic ending I cannot shake the thought that this season was superfluous. I like Psycho Pass and this season had a good number of interesting ideas to rival the first, but few ever received the time necessary to be properly fleshed out. The reason the first season worked so well was because it had two cours to work with, time allowing for the buildup of suspense and characterization. Makishima for example was a good villain because we had time to digest his intricacies, time lacking with Kamui even though he had the potential to be an even more complex character.

    I wouldn’t call this season disappointing, but it was certainly underwhelming. Given another cour to work with and many of the faults present here would have been eliminated, specifically in character development. Mika and Kougami for example both felt flat and two dimensional, with Mika especially lacking a unique feature to make her more than just a plot driver. Kougami really needed additional time to develop as his second face just sort of appeared and lacked the intensity needed for such a “shock”. The first season didn’t have great development either, but compared to here it was more consistent and gradual.

    Hopefully the movie can make up for what was for me at least a lackluster performance. Overall lots of interesting pieces, but lacking in the structure needed to bind them together into a well paced and suspenseful story. 6.5/10 IMO.

  9. Where is Togane’s corpse? I won’t rest easy till I see that corpse… seriously Mika is off her rocker, who knows wtf she might have done with Togane. Still sad Kogami didn’t do any sort of cameo at the end, was hoping to see ‘im.

    1. That’s crazy people for you, besides .. he did go super spastic when he killed his mom and they locked him in a cage like an animal as we saw in the flashbacks, surely that’s what turned his hue so black .. it’s actually a miracle he was able to “pretend” to be normal again … i suppose deep down inside he was always that spoiled crazy brat who takes joy in slaughtering cute puppies and blackening people’s hues, and those are the most dangerous people .. crazy ones who can hide their craziness and pretend to be normal to fit in .. that’s where most of serial killers and dangerous criminals come from.

  10. Aside from the cheap way of schocking the viewers through exaggerated gore (I felt more chills watching Makishima slither throat with a razor than seeing Kamui burn down a mansion with people still inside), the other thing that bugged me is how they used the characters.
    Tougane is the most obvious example: you could tell he is evil right from the damn opening. Mika, let’s just not talk about her. But Kamui also bugs me. I mean, he is more or less portrayed as a positive figure in this last episode, but can we really forget that he caused the massacre of god knows how many people early in the series? Frankly, even compared to a psycho like Tougane, I don’t think he’s much better.

  11. Hmm… hard to say how I feel about this season…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Ok, I know that the series got novels to back it up. However, if it’s an anime series, then I feel like every single important detail should be explained in it, not in novels. Why? Because the canon elements might be questioned, not to mention that the novels might not interest everyone who followed the series.

    I actually liked this Season, but it felt too short and again… some characters didn’t get the backstory they deserved.

  12. It’s funny. When PP2 was announced, all I good think off is wth could a second season even add.
    Now, after the final episode, that’s basically the one thing it did well.

    The season itself wasn’t that great, writing was a bit meh, felt rushed where it shouldn’t have been rushed and just was just plain lacking in development. Yet, it ultimately did add to the world season 1 had set up.

    Now to patiently wait for the movie….is it up yet?

    1. As annoying as Mika is from this show, I can get over it by simply viewing her as a really minor, insignificant side character who’s role is to show us how Akane has truly grown from a naive newbie inspector to this cool, smart, and logical detective one.

      Slaine from Aldnoah Zero still has that crown of being THE WORST ANIME CHARACTER OF 2014, and perhaps even in history as he was equally as annoying and worthless character as Mika who cant decide which side they should be at, but unlike Mika, Slaine decided to do something about just being a minor character and we all know how that turned up.

  13. I am stiil a Psycho Pass Fan even after this season full of missteps. One thing that caused a lot of confusion is the lack pf explanation about Tech / the Rules and the Sybil System!

    I blame the production staff for that. Howeber a lot of reviewers and fans didnt understand about The Dominator and how it works / The Sybil System itself.

    I myself have to a lot of research and I watched S1/ Reedit/ S1 dubbed /S2 sub and dubs!
    Ther could have 2 minutes after each episode to explain the tech IMO as some other animes are doing with their stories.

    As far as the cast goes Akane was top notch however Saiga emerged as the mentor of Akane after Kogami, He also was very smart thinking outside the box and analyzing the facts and interviewong Suspects.

    Also in the background who helped a lot was Shion and Sho Hinakawa!

    Kasei-Misako / Sakuya / and Kamui were great at being bad. 2 wrongs dont make a right!
    BTW people forgwet Kasei is interchangable why Sybil didnt do that was confusing!She ans Sybil could have revoked the Dominator usage but had other misdirected goals

    Oh and Sybil is just so one minded so much it;s bad

    To one of the biggest messes Mika, Now I feel bad what happened to her friends in S1. But why all the hate on Akane. Not once Akane did anything bad to her except Akane gave her tasks deemed Neccesary! She has good investidating skills however case and street wise she has a long way to go!Her caving in to Kasei/ Sakuya and possibly her invovlement With Akane;s grand mother no matter what level is criminal and should be punished.How much does she know Sybil that was never shown Unlike Akane who seems to hold some power over Sybil. That showdown at the end when Yayoi tells Mika she will get even with whoever gave the infro on Aoi’s grandmother!

    Now to Akane her skills and determination has grown. Some said she wasnt aggresive enough. But that is how she kept her Pass clean and able to digest a lot of information.I think she kept her cards close as to avoid leals. She knew more about everybody than she ler on. Yes The PSB was a mess at the begining but as facts became apparent she became even more street smart.

    So in ending Psycho Pass had great action, great reveals , great story . It’s too bad the production staff couldnt put it together right!

    This season never was boring unlikre some animes and maybe a big fault they packed a lot into each episode!

    THE DUB is so much better you get things explained so much better. I think this one anime at least for Western viewers the Dub exceeds the Sub IMO

  14. Was it Mika who helped Tougane find the information about Akane’s grandmother? I think the lady enforcer has her figured out as she told her that she wont forgive the person who did that to Akane, yet Mika simply smiled and said that she herself feels that way. What a bitch. I echo your sentiment Cherrie that Mika should’ve had a bad end, where IMO her psycho pass gets clouded or because of Sibyl’s updated psycho pass will make her become a target for enforcement, as it’s clear that Siby’s judgment is far from being perfect even if it kills of the brains that causes it’s psycho pass to increase.

    For example, doesnt Mika make her an accessory for the crime committed by Tougane? I mean she was made into an accomplice and she herself realizes that what she’s doing is wrong, so it would be really a befitting end where both she and Tougane took each other out at the same time or Akane’s enforcers sees her psycho pass getting clouded to the point that she needs enforcement making her into either a latent criminal or an enforcer. In any case, everyone has a resolution with Tougane and his mom, Sibyl, Kamui and Akane, except Mika she’s still the same annoying, stubborn, and unchanging character this whole series.

  15. Ah, the worlds that have people with good intentions but went and acted on it the wrong way…

    This sequel has Kamui and Sybil both somewhat rationally positive of what they want to achieve but too “headstrong” to see some other solutions right beside them (IMO). In the end, having Akane convincing Sybil to recognize the omnipotence paradox and “gently pushed” the group to face it head on – by group I meant the group of brains are still individuals of their own right and emotions (and chances of their own pshyco-pass going above 100) – Sybil ended up being a bit nicer to the inspector, and Kamui somewhat satisfied with the result.

    Mika, having her character direction written like this is rather bad; because as of now she’s like a ticking time bomb, with her having known of Sybil’s true identity and forced to follow Tougane’s orders for the past few weeks. I won’t be surprised if she ends up being a latent criminal later on.

    Tougane…whatever insanity he has caused, I have to question of him bleeding out is the proper way to die (and not being administered justice at all).

    And then there’s that collective pshyco-pass, with the warning that the society as a whole can be black even through the individuals within it are clear, should probably be THE cause for the movie, right?

    Overall, I think this sequel is passable if the two seasons were watched together, but it would never be able to stand up on it’s own above other shows in this cour.

  16. my take is either Sybil intentionally kept the judgement of Tougane clear as their petty lap dog (a role apparently now given to Mika), or his Mother’s influence in the system was distorting the judgement.
    Aternatively, he went into classic “villainous BSOD” (trope!) following both his mother’s death AND Akane being impervious to his attempts at clouding her hue.
    Mika pulled off a little Karma Houdini here, but I dont envy her – she becampe slave more than she would be in prison.
    Sybil itself survived encounter with Kamui, but I can’t shake feeling that eventually Akane will be the one to deliver judgement to them!

  17. To me Psycho Pass 2 is very similar to GiTS 2nd Gig that both felt underwhelming compared to the first season and both involved an antagonist that was a victim/survivor of an airplane crash.

    1. Personally, I liked GiTS:SAC 2nd Gig just as much as I did the first season. The second season had some pretty great stuff – the one about Motoko’s childhood in hospital still ranks as one of the most powerful anime episodes I’ve ever seen.

  18. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%202%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    I hope he said, “You’ll see Kogami soon.”
    Did Akane even get to shoot her Dominator? If not, then she did at least kick some @$$.
    If you think of it in another way, Mika’s “punishment” is worse than death itself. 1. She’ll never have a clear conscience nor have a chance at being forgiven. 2. She’s already been exposed to the solid truth that she won’t ever be forgiven, and she heard it from Yayoi no less. 3. She’s proven herself to be the worst inspector (yes, even worse than the one who was a traitor) and her colleagues will always think lower of her. 4. She doesn’t deserve any respect or sympathy, that was she has so many haters of her that there would be a club named “Mika is worse than the villain of the story” or b*tch for short (no abbreviation intended). She can cry herself to sleep for all I care. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%202%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2032.jpg
    5. It’s most likely that everyone who watches this episode/anime will think so too. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%202%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2031.jpg But every time you think she will be of use she greatly disappoints or agitates you. 6. I think someone will probably make a video about everything that is bad about Mika and post it on the net, but let me warn you that that would be a waste of your time to make and watch. 7. I’m getting tired of writing about her but I think you get the point.
    If nothing else, this scene perfectly describes how I felt at the end of the show. The ending is something I could casually walk away from.

    random viewer
  19. I think a reason Mika is clear is because as mentioned in a previous episode, she’s a model citizen for the future, aware of Sibyl, how it works, but still places trust and faith in it because it’s a better system than whatever they had before. In a way, she’s sorta like Akane, knows ins and outs, knows the truth, but accepts Sibyl, not try to change or throw it out like Makashima or Kamui. They differ in how they respond to truth, Mika accepts it while Akane is trying to stay w/in the rules and her morals and change the system slowly.

    Let’s remember, Mika gave info to Togane (right?). But she’s thinking about her own life, she was coerced by Togane. She started acting like a proper investigator but got tricked up by some words and while trying to actually do her job (when we’re all sorta rooting for her cause it finally seems like she improved) she gets raped by Togane and enslaved by his mommy and threatened basically to do their bidding. And even w/Misako and Togane gone, Sibyl still there so she acts crazy saying she loves Sibyl, I don’t know anything, i didn’t see/hear anything i love sibyl presumbably cause the gun is sibyl and she is saying please don’t kill me i don’t want to be blown to bits like all the other people who got blown to bits because of my incompetence! She’s afraid because she cannot keep her psycho pass as clear as Akane who is so confident about her psycho pass she can almost do anything with impunity. Mika knows once her psycho pass is gone, she’s screwed and she doesn’t want that, many citizens don’t. TBH, if i was Mika, i’d do the same, i’d be scared shitless because it doesn’t seem to take too much after going through what mika went through to get lethally eliminated. i’d tread carefully too and confess not to hear/see anything i’ll totally do what you say just don’t eliminate me please!

  20. I can imagine that this is something the Urobutcher would have done if he was in command of season two, but as far as execution of everything goes, PP2 pales in comparison to the first season. I didn’t hate it at all, but I thought a little extra time would have helped things to come together a lot more cleaner than it ultimately ended up being. The important thing to me is that this was still Psycho-Pass from season one to season two.

  21. Well, just watched this over the last 3 days, and i felt the end was sorta meh. The season overall was pretty exploitative at times (hello Mika!), and it felt inconsistent, especially compared to season 1, but the short 11 episode run probably had a lot to do with it. Seemed like it had a lot of potential to use in terms of the material it covered.

    Impel Down Hippo
  22. A bit underwhelming in the end but still very enjoyable for me. A pity they couldn’t spare it a second cour tho….alas with the movie slated for release next month it couldn’t be helped I guess (They rly couldn’t push the movie release back long enough to give the show another 10-11 eps?)

  23. Admittedly, the first season is better but the second season “tried” its best to tell a different story too.

    Exactly it tried and failed miserably. New director has horrible timing and post progression, and especially pacing. Half way through I was still like what the fuck if going on and isn’t this pretty much the same plot in season 1. Anyway ito psycho pass so I liked it but like code glass season 2 can be better than season 1. I mean it should right? You’ve already set up the characters and back story. All you have to do is tell the story….


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