“Each One’s Determination”

「それぞれの決意」 (Sorezore no Ketsui)

Karawaria & Yuma and Yugo’s Death

I mentioned it last week, but I feel like pointing out again that I’m getting some serious Shingeki no Kyojin vibes from the Neighbour nation of Karawaria. Anyone else? After visiting it near the end of last week’s episode, we spend most of our time this week following Yuma and his father as they continue to deal with the ‘Spintales’ that are invading the fortress. It turns out someone with a Black Trigger attacks the guards, and Yuma is told by his father to stay out of the ongoing raid. But as you’d expect with Yuma, he is confident enough in his own ability and decides to help out on the front lines – little does he realise the consequences of his actions…

We see a floating black skeletal robot-looking creature appear behind Yuma as he prepares to attack, and in an instant he’s knocked out. When found by his father after the battle is over, Yuma is missing chunks from his body, not far from his deathbed. As it turns out, this is where his father dies – sacrificing himself and giving Yuma a Trion body to replace his real, damaged one. That also explains his change in hair colour, in case any of you were wondering about that last week.

Even in his death, Yugo remains a mystery. His face was never properly shown to us, and when it was he was already turned to dust. If there is one thing I’ve learned from anime, it’s that if a characters’ face is hidden from the audience, then there’s a reason behind it. Will we see him again in the future? Will we recognise him? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Everyone’s Goals – Setup for the Future

I think it’s fair to say that World Trigger has been in setup mode for most of its run so far; you might even consider it a prologue to the story that is to come, but I think we’re past that point at the very least. This was probably the most setup-heavy episode thus far – in a good way. It feels like now we’re tying the knot on the groundwork that’s been laid out these past few months, before launching our characters into their own journeys that lie ahead.

Chika is the first to be vocal of her goal. It’s been known that her friend and brother were taken by Neighbours because they were attracted by her massive Trion. Since then there have been hints that they might still be alive, and now Chika knows the method to know for sure: becoming a Border agent. To be more specific, an A-Class Border agent, as they are the only ones who get to go on expeditions to the Neighbour Worlds. With that, her goal is made clear, and she has no intention of holding back.

Osamu’s goals seem to rely more on the needs of others, and so decides to assist Chika to help her find her friend and brother. Yuma, on the other hand, is left without a reason to stay after his plan to find his father’s friend proved fruitless, and so he is prepared to leave Mikado City and return home. Replica knows that Yuma isn’t in a good place right now, and asks for Osamu to give Yuma something to strive for.

A Team is Born!

This gives Osamu the wild idea to form a team with Yuma and Chika. Despite refusing not too long before, Yuma warms to the idea of sticking around – but only if Osamu is the leader. It’s a cute little scene, as Chika also chimes in by saying that Osamu should be in charge. All he can do is blush and accept, as the trio sign their papers – already laid out thanks to Jin’s side effect – and officially join the Tamakoma Branch!

Overview — What’s Next?

I’m happy that we’ve finally reached this point. In many a show, the forming of the team would have happened in the first few episodes, but oh no, not in World Trigger. It’s been a slow ride getting here, and I don’t think it’ll be speeding up any time soon. You may have already heard, but World Trigger has been confirmed for 50 episodes, a lengthy amount in this climate of seasonal anime. It’s not a surprise for Toei Animation, but I have to admit that I’m worried. I really do hope the pacing doesn’t get any slower than it already is. I’m not so confident on that one though. Either way, next week will have some well-appreciated exposition on the inner workings of Border, whilst also introducing the A-rank agents of the Tamakoma Branch. Look forward to it!



Information Digest:


  • Four and a half years ago, a gate to another world appeared in Mikado City. From the gate the Neighbours appeared to wreck havoc.
  • But the mysterious Border defence agency arrived to fight back against the alien invaders, allowing the city’s residents to live their lives normally again.


  • Our trio is introduced to the Tamakoma Branch upon Jin’s request for Yuma to join Border.
  • But Yuma refuses the offer, as light is shed on his history with his father during their travels through the warring Neighbour nations.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 20 – 21

Making of Black Triggers:

  • As we saw last week with Mogami Soichi being Jin’s Black Trigger, it turns out that Yugo is Yuma’s Black Trigger.
  • It seems like the creation of a Black Trigger may have something to do with a high-trion individual sacrificing themselves.


  • It’s hard what to make of the creature that attacked and effectively killed Yuma. Potential final villain, perhaps?
  • Yuma is on Borrowed Time:

  • It turns out the real Yuma is still within his Black Trigger, but his Trion body won’t last forever.
  • Once this situation becomes urgent, I suspect we may see a quest to return Yuma to his original self, which would be very awesome indeed.




  1. This episode was an important one. It was the first time I’ve been interested about the broader world these characters inhabit. With 50 episodes planned I assume they will be going anime original at some point did since there are only 84 chapters of the manga so far.

    1. At the current pace (2 chapters per episode, sometimes slightly less) there will be over 100 chapters out by the time we reach 50 episodes. But as you said, there’s likely to be some anime original content as well if they have to pad it at certain points, similar to last week.

      I agree that this was an important episode. The Neighbour worlds have always been what I’m most looking forward to exploring more of, so seeing Kawawaria in Yuma’s flashback was awesome.

  2. Best episode so far. It looks like Ashihara Daisuke is really involved in the anime. Karawaria, Spintales, these are currently nameless on the manga. Just wait until Kitora vs “that thing”, it will be like Kitora’s using a 3d maneuver gear while fighting!

  3. World Trigger volume 4 sypnosis:

    “Border headquarters wants Yuma’s powerful Black Trigger—and they want it desperately enough to send their top three squads to steal it. The Tamakoma branch is one step ahead, having already safeguarded Yuma, Osamu and Chika by recruiting them to their group of eccentric and talented agents. And Jin’s precognition powers put him two steps ahead: he ambushes the thieves en route!”


  4. Gosh, this episode had a lot of punch in it. I had hoped that Yuuma would go back to his world so that Osamu and Chika have to chase after him and explore his world, but that was wishful thinking on my part. And, I sure hope the manga artist has a remedy to Yuuma’s problem, if not, I hope this is a plot device that he forgets about, because I don’t want Yuuma to die. On a positive note, there is a lot of potential for World Trigger to develop, because there are so many unanswered questions. I have high hopes for this manga/anime.

    1. I think if anything, a time will come when Yuma’s real body starts to get closer to death, which would mean they’d have to go into the Neighbour World to try and find a cure. That’s just my guess anyway.

    1. If I could hazard a guess, triggers originated from Yuuma’s world and Yuuma’s father was a founding member of Border. Maybe the Border organization was named by Yugo. As for where the Border name and logo originated from is beyond my knowledge. I also checked the corresponding chapter in the manga and Yuuma does wear the exact same uniform in trigger mode.

      1. I had to double check as well and you’re right, it’s the same in the manga. Since Yugo is a founding member of Border who went off to do his own thing in the Neighbour World, it would make sense why he would have a Border Trigger/uniform. As for Yuma, I suppose you could say he has the same origin of powers as his dad.

  5. 50 episodes?
    Well, it took a while, but I’m finally thoroughly interested in the series.
    Now Im debating whether to read the manga and watch how the anime turns out, or just sit through the anime and fix any holes with the manga…I’ll probably do the former


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