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World Trigger – 13

「ボーダートップチーム」 (Bouda Toppu Chimu)
“Border’s Top Teams”

World Trigger is destined for a long, slow adaptation – one that it doesn’t deserve.

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World Trigger – 12

「玉狛のA級隊員」 (Tamakoma no A kyuu Taiin )
“A-Rank Agents of Tamakoma”

Osamu may be the main character, and Yuma might be the most likeable, but Chika is secretly the star of the show.

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World Trigger – 11

「それぞれの決意」 (Sorezore no Ketsui)
“Each One’s Determination”

Lots of setup this week, as our trio take their first steps in their new journey together.

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World Trigger – 10

「玉狛支部」 (Tamakoma Shibu)
“Tamakoma Branch”

I wish World Trigger looked this good every week.

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World Trigger – 09

「ボーダーという組織」 (Bouda Toyuu Soshiki)
“The Organisation Known as Border”

Everything is coming together nicely in World Trigger, and even if its production quality is not on the same level as other anime airing right now, it certainly deserves more attention than it’s getting.

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World Trigger – 08

「ブラックトリガー」 (Burakku Toriga)
“The Black Trigger”

With the official introduction to the series finally coming to a close, we make way for the Black Trigger Retrieval Arc.

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World Trigger – 07

「三輪隊の強襲」 (San Rin Tai no Kyoushuu)
“Miwa’s Squad Assault”

And so we get to the moment that propelled the initial popularity of World Trigger, allowing it to find its audience.

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World Trigger – 06

「雨取千佳のサイドエフェクト」(Ame to Chika no Saido Efekuto)
“Amatori Chika’s Side Effect”

I feel like every third episode of World Trigger is going to annoy me. The pattern is certainly emerging, but I do hope I’m proven wrong next time around.

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World Trigger – 05

「実力派エリート・迅悠一」(Jitsuryoku ha Erito・Jin Yuuichi)
“Power Elite・Jin Yuuichi”

This felt like the World Trigger that I love so much. I think I’d have to put that down to two things. One is us meeting the top dogs of the Border agency, and the other is that we’re finally moving into the direction that the series will take from here on out.

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World Trigger – 04

「A級5位・嵐山隊の木虎藍」(A Kyuu 5 Arashiyama Tai no Kitora Ai)
“Kitora Ai, A-Rank No.5 Agent”

World Trigger returns from a break last week to what is without a doubt its best episode yet, focusing on the A-Rank Border Agent, Kitora Ai.

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World Trigger – 03

「三雲修の実力」 (Mikumo Osamu no Jitsuryoku)
“Mikumo Osamu’s Ability”

Ah, Toei Animation. Where to begin…

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World Trigger – 02

「近界民とトリオン兵」 (Kin Sakai Min to Torion Hei)
“Neighbour and Trion Soldier”

World Trigger is doing something that many anime adaptations nowadays don’t usually do – taking its time.

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World Trigger – 01

「異世界からの訪問者」 (I Sekai Kara no Hōmon Sha)
“Visitor From the Other World”

As the era of the ‘Big 3’ is coming to a close, here comes the adaptation of World Trigger – Weekly Shonen Jump’s only surviving battle series in the last 6 years – ready to try and fill the shoes of this daunting genre!

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