“The Black Trigger”

「ブラックトリガー」 (Burakku Toriga)

With the official introduction to the series finally coming to a close, we make way for the Black Trigger Retrieval Arc. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finished the Introduction Arc, which had its tendency to be random and inconsistent at times. From now on though we will have focused arcs for the weeks to come, so I’m pretty excited for that.

As for this weeks episode, it was very simple, which isn’t a surprise given that only one and half chapters were adapted this week – a record low for Toei! It’s not as bad as say… One Piece, but it’s still far too slow. Instead we got some flashback scenes that we’ve seen not that long ago in order to pad out the time and finish on the big reveal at the end of the episode.

But before that exciting stuff, we have the first part of the episode which finished the fight between Yuma and Miwa Squad. We get an explanation of their cornering tactics that they used in order to get a shot of Yuma no matter where he tried to go, and it certainly worked… for a time. As Jin points out, Yuma is simply too strong for them, and it turns out that he can copy Trigger abilities of others, as evident by the weights used against him. But that’s not all, as the moves actually come out stronger when it’s Yuma dealing the blow. And with that, the conflict with the Miwa Squad is over.

Jin also makes an appearance and tries to quell the situation, escorting the snipers to the scene whilst also having absolute confidence in Yuma’s abilities. It does say a lot that not only that, but Jin is certain that Yuma is not the enemy, and wastes no time considering otherwise. Is it his side effect telling him that, or common sense? Regardless, Miwa bails out, returning his actual unharmed body back to Border HQ.

As I said last week, I appreciate how in World Trigger every character has a different perspective of the current situation. It would be very easy to have the other member of Miwa Squad be just like him, but thankfully they aren’t. The snipers, Toru and Shohei, do want to seek revenge of the Neighbours as they destroyed their homes and basically made their life a misery – which is entirely justifiable. Miwa also harbours hatred for the Neighbours, as seen by the what happened in his past. The boy may wear his heart on his sleeve, but it’s hard to fault him when all he wants is to get rid of the evil force that murdered his little sister.

Yosuke, on the other hand, is an interesting contrast. From the moment of his defeat he is surpassingly jolly and doesn’t take all of this as serious as his teammates. Neighbours have never done anything personal to him, so he doesn’t have any particular hatred towards them. It’s nice to know that the units themselves don’t hold agents that all share the exact same way of thinking, even if they all accept what it is they have to do.

After the fighting is over and done with, Yuma and Chika head off and prove yet again just how cute they are together. Last week got hints of Osamu x Chika, but I think Yuma x Chika is just as likely. Maybe it’s because they’re roughly the same height and they personalities work together to make easy-to-enjoyment moments. Basically, they’re goddamn cute, and it’s refreshing to have those moments of comedy mixed in with the seriousness surrounding them.

The final scene in the meeting room has Jin explaining his side to the story. He almost convinces them that Yuma can work with them and would be an important asset, as is now obvious with the Black Trigger that he holds. But his plan backfires when Commander Kido applies his strict code of honour, agreeing that the Black Trigger is useful, and so believes that Yuma should be eliminated and his Trigger should be taken from him.

So there we have it, the Black Trigger content is finally underway, and I hope Toei really do it some justice. We’ll be seeing a new conflict involving various border agents, new and old, as we get to the bottom of the mystery of the Neighbours, Yuma, and the Black Trigger that he has!



Information Digest:


  • Four and a half years ago, a gate to another world appeared in Mikado City. From the gate the Neighbours appeared to wreck havoc.
  • But the mysterious Border defence agency arrived to fight back against the alien invaders, allowing the city’s residents to live their lives normally again.


  • It turns out that Amatori Chika has a gargantuan amount of Trion within her body, which explains why the Neighbours have been trying to capture her.
  • Miwa Squad also shows up and starts fighting with Yuma after he confesses to being the Neighbour they are looking for.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 15 p.5 – 16

Black Triggers:

  • We get introduced to the concept of Black Triggers this episode – Triggers that are made for those with large amounts of Trion, that can only be used by a certain few.
  • It is revealed that Yuma uses a Black Trigger, but Jin does as well!

The Omake:

  • Shoutout for Yuma, who suggested that Chika have a Pink Trigger, and telling Osamu he doesn’t get a colour attached to his! Poor Osamu…



  1. About Black Triggers, isn’t it the case that they can only be made by those with high Trion?

    So like, they place all their powers into the Trigger, like some sort of soul weapon which allows them to manifest their true ability. After they die, it can only be used by those compatible with it.

    At least, that was the impression that I got.

    1. Calling people “haters” is just a lazy excuse of saying “I have no counter argument.”

      When you put your art or whatever out there you’re going to get mixed feelings no matter what. Fuck the haters? No, fuck you and get over it.

    1. I do think it’s more of there’s not much to comment about since a lot of things that are too obvious or got explained relatively quickly(unless you want some ships to depart…)

  2. Samu, I’m so glad that you mentioned about Yuuma and Chika. I, too, think they are adorable together. As you mentioned they have great chemistry because of their personalities – Yuuma is a bit mischievous whereas Chika is patient and caring – that work really well together. They’re the cutest kids I have ever seen in anime interacting together, especially when Chika taught Yuuma how to ride a bicycle. It makes you fuzzy inside.

      1. Yeah, Yuma x Chika are among my favorite ships in the series. Is kind of fun to see how they have somewhat opposite personalities but in a way they don’t conflict with each other.

        I see where people that also ship her with Osamu are coming from. But I honestly see their relationship in a more sibling-like level. Like when Rinji was taken from her, Osamu became her stand in older brother in a way.

        I don’t know if I ship Osamu with Kitora, but I would love to see it develop a bit more.

  3. How many episodes are they going to give this? Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. I have been enjoying the story so far and it seems like things will start picking up. For better or worse I’ll be sticking around to the end with you Samu!!

  4. I’m well beyond the 3 ep drop rule so I will be sticking with World Trigger. The show is still relatively slow and lacking in quality. Hopefully the new arc will spice things up.

  5. “It sure would be great having a weapon that powerful on our side! And the kid using it is already friendly with our people!”

    “Let’s kill him and take it!”



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