“Hello Sadness”

「悲しみよこんにちは」 (Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa)

Shinichi’s Downward Spiral:

Shinichi is breaking apart, piece by piece. It’s uncomfortable to watch but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it. He really has gone through the ringer in these past twelve episodes, and this thirteenth one is no different. I suspected a while ago that Shinichi has split personalities and is unconsciously shifting between them when his emotions go wild, but now I’m not too sure. We see several times in this episode alone when Shinichi went into a mode of panic before completely shutting off and putting on a calm face. It’s as if his body isn’t allowing him to get too emotionally invested or affected by what’s going on around him, and if he does then he just resets back to a nonchalant state. I mean, just last episode we saw that he was genuinely affected by Kana’s loss (though he still couldn’t cry), but this time around it’s noted by Tachikawa and Murano how he seems completely unaffected by what he witnessed. At one point he even says that he wishes he could feel ‘more’ about what happened with Kana, and I don’t blame him – it’s sad to watch. Sure, he may be a badass hybrid at this point, but at what cost?

The tension in Migi and Shinichi’s relationship increased dramatically as well after Migi notices that they’ve been caught on tape. Migi’s instinct is to eliminate the man along with the evidence, but Shinichi manages to prove he’s still got humanity when he needs it most, trying all he can to let the man escape before he’s murdered. It’s also nice to know that Migi still can’t go that far from Shinichi once he’s separated from his arm. I was slightly worried about what that could mean in future, but limiting Migi’s power and reach in that form is a good compromise.

Poor Murano:

I genuinely forgot that Murano still doesn’t know what’s going on. We got close to her finding out, but I’m glad she didn’t because I’m pretty sure Migi would have killed her there and then. In an otherwise fairly uneventful episode, that was a sure standout moment that really had me worried for a few seconds. It’s a difficult situation – on one hand I really want Murano to be part of this plot and know what’s actually going on, as I think she would be more levelheaded with it than Kana was. But there’s also the other side, which is the danger and consequences of getting her involved in this mess – honestly, I’m surprised Tachikawa hasn’t told her about what happened with her (unless she has?).

Still, I want Murano to play an active role in the series soon. That’s what I (and others) liked about Kana, she was doing things and was wrapped up in everything that was going on. It may have resulted in her demise, but I think Murano could survive if prepared. That being said, I’m not in support of people being anti-Murano. It’s not her fault that the story is excluding her from what’s going on.

The Parasites Gathering:

We’re seeing more of Tamura, of the stoic parasite leader, and the other intelligent parasites gathering together. I’m very suspicious of what they’re planning, but Shinichi is heavily involved at this point. Unfortunately, Tamura isn’t intriguing me as much as she did in the early episodes. Even if her human baby adds a new dynamic, her complete lack of expressions makes it difficult to be all that interested in what’s she’s up to.

Overview – What’s Next?

Out of all the episodes so far I felt this one had the least amount of ‘oomph’. It was still very good, don’t get me wrong, but other than the final scene with Shinichi and Murano I wasn’t completely invested in what was going on, but I’m confident things will heat up before long. Maybe I’m just missing Kana…



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • The parasites are rooting themselves in human society with Hirokawa Takeshi now being elected as mayor.
  • Shinichi decides to tell Kana about himself and of the parasites, but her love for him results in her untimely death.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 32 – 34 p.33

Tamura’s Baby:

  • Her method of silencing her baby was certainly… effective. She trains her child as if were an animal, but that’s too surprisingly.
  • I do wonder if her baby will become relevant to the overall plot. It was said it was an ordinary human when she fell pregnant, but who knows what’ll happen?

Eating Areas:

  • The group of parasites mentioned that the one that was killed Shinichi was outside of their dining locations.
  • They’re completely unsympathetic with him dying, even grateful for it. There parasites are evolving, learning to survive, and don’t want to be dragged down by the weakest link.



  1. silke13
    1. That’s some serious dedication from that detective. He was sliced up by a creepy alien monster, has to use a crutch, and is still trying to investigate. Not sure if a champ or an idiot.

  2. As much as you want to side with Shinichi not wanting to murder the detective, it was a terrible idea not to. Migi was right. Letting him live is just too risky. Izumi should have killed him!

    1. Although I agree with you two things come to mind.
      1) He’s become a trouble magnet so she’d be safer walking away.
      2) It seemed like she was using emotional blackmail “If you really trusted me you’d tell me…”. I don’t like emotional blackmail and if someone is keeping quiet there is a really good reason (such as the swift right hand of scything death).

      1. Just re-watched the scene when Murano said “You really don’t trust me”. I guess I may have interpreted that scene differently. Its nice to have another take on it.
        I tell people what they need to know (not what they want to know) and I’m happy to be treated in kind. They don’t tell, I don’t ask. There’s usually a good reason.

      2. There can be many reasons for leaving your partern in the dark. And most of the time is something like cheating or worse…
        We, as the viewers, know why he is hiding things from her, but Murano doesn’t know anything. His drastic change in behavior and the obvious fact that he is hiding thing from her…Most relationships would have endet alrady because of these things.

    2. He drags her out at whatever time at night to tell her nothing basically. Everyone can see there’s a problem, but he’s not admitting anything. Must be frustrating to deal with so I can sympathize with her.

  3. Doesn’t look like Murano and Shinichi are going to last much longer, I’m surprised she hasn’t left already, due to the fact that he can’t open up about anything to do with Migi. Migi would kill Murano if Shinichi told her the truth.

      1. Not really “true colors” showing as Migi never tried to hide his thoughts on such things, and was always blunt about it. It’s just more of Migi’s parasyte-based cold hard logic at work. He’s always been like that. If you think about it strictly logically and without emotional attachment, the things he has said so far are actually true. As humans though, most of us simply can’t comprehend logic to such lengths because we’re also emotional creatures and a combination of logic and emotion keeps us balanced out.

        Being strictly logical OR strictly emotional would only result in the human race destroying itself (much faster than it already does). Adding in logic when it comes to emotional thinking and vice versa keeps most of us humans from taking things too far in either direction and making bad/worse decisions.

        Like, if a loved one of yours is murdered, then being totally logical would make you appear like Shinichi has been – very calm, almost like you don’t care that it happened and, with Migi’s thinking, even think that perhaps it couldn’t be helped and that the person killed was simply too weak to survive in the world. Obviously, the emotional side of humans keep you from being like that and so you feel sad, wish it didn’t happen, hope that something is done, and so on.

        However, being TOO emotional can also end up with you thinking, and perhaps even try to carry out vengeance in hunting down and murdering the one who killed your loved on with vigilante justice without regards for the consequences. This is where your logical side helps keep the emotional side balanced out, by remembering that there are laws and consequences for such actions, and acting out on such thoughts will only make things worse for you and your family.

      1. To be fair, if anyone does find out their secret, Migi is basically dead. From Migi’s point of view, it’s entirely reasonable to cut Murano down if she found out, as it simply isn’t safe.

    1. Yup! This.
      I want really tell him:”Don’t worry Shinichi, you’re still human through and through! You still like complicating you life quite unnecessarily. A sing of humanity without any doubt!”

      1. Technically speaking, he won’t be revealing about Migi if he only reveals that his mother had died. Just be vague about the circumstances of mother’s death. Maybe just mention that his mother, although officially still considered as missing, is highly suspected as having been murdered (by parasyte?).

        However, I’m not sure what that information would actually accomplish other than giving Murano a tiny look into a fraction of Izumi’s complicated circumstance. It may work to quell Murano’s questions at the moment, but later on she would realize that that’s not anywhere near enough to explain the more disturbing stuff going on with Izumi.

  4. Interestingly, the mayor’s meeting room scene proved that the parasytes are capable of working together AND coexisting with one another.

    The trait we had seen so far was each parasyte considered every other lifeform on the planet as potentially threatening and that survival is the number 1 priority. Migi still believes this. The only reason Migi cooperates with Shinichi is because its survival is directly dependent on Shinichi.

    Up till now, the lifespan of most parasytes would have been short because of this trait of not being able to peacefully coexist with anyone. The mayor’s gang seems to have “overcome” this fault which indeed makes them much more dangerous than ordinary parasytes.

    1. Also, next episode is titled the selfish gene which, unless not a reference to the book, may be foreshadowing a falling out between Migi and Shinichi – Migi tending to favor the Mayor’s group and Shinichi wanting to protect his fellow humans.

  5. Honestly, it isn’t entirely unrealistic that someone would act calm and cool after witnessing a murder. Izumi might be desensitized to this sort of thing after already watching his mother die.

  6. Quite a very interesting episode, i could call it “the calm before the storm”, a lot of things seems to be signaling the oncoming chaos, whether it’s the tension between Migi and Shinchi, the tension between Murano and Shinichi, or the tension between the new organized Parasytes and humans .. i’m sure it’s gonna get messy very soon and it was indeed a good idea in terms of pacing to slow things a little bit so people can catch their breath and let the death of Kana sink in … then off we go to a rollercoaster ride.

    That said the final scene gives us a glimpse of how intense things could get, that scene with Murano giving her back to Shinchi and Migi going full killer mode against Shinchi’s will was very dark and morbid … excellently done scene really.

    That said, i think Shinchi should consider other alternative methods to tell Murano about his condition, maybe an e-mail or a video he makes while Migi sleeps and sends it to her warning her of talking with him in person about Migi (thus keeping Migi in the dark) .. it’s risky but still far less risky that telling her face to face.

    Unfortunately, Tamura isn’t intriguing me as much as she did in the early episodes. Even if her human baby adds a new dynamic, her complete lack of expressions makes it difficult to be all that interested in what’s she’s up to.

    Really !!?, i thought we already established a long time ago that all Parasytes are emotionless and therefor also expressionless (that goes for pretty much all parasytes we saw in the show so far).

    1. The average criminal/dealer/terrorist would have killed that detective without a second thought if he was found while said criminal was committing a crime or something similar… Fact is Migi here acted in quite a “human” way by trying to secure his existence and secret… says a lot about “humanity” I guess.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime that does change so gradually and so natural among the characters throughout the series. The character progression and development seem believable. Not just Izumi but the others as well.


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