「眠れる月の少女 -This Side of Paradise-」 (Nemureru Tsuki no Shoujo -This Side of Paradise-)
“Month of the Sleeping Maiden -This Side of Paradise-“

The more things change…

First the housekeeping: as far as naming conventions go, I’m following the studio’s lead on this one.  If they want to call this Episode 13 rather than 2.1, that’s good enough for me.  And it’s rather fitting, given that despite the passage of 19 months on-screen and 3 months off-screen, very little seems to have changed.  Aldnoah.Zero is still crazy, still beautiful, and still the undisputed current reigning champ of asspulls.  Oh, Aldnoah – don’t you ever change!

Seriously now – you didn’t really think anyone was going to stay dead, did you?  Asseylum alone has gone through more lives than a clowder of cats.  There was a time when I would have been really pissed off about the ending of the first cour being a complete non-event, but over the course of the last three months I’ve come to terms with the fact that expecting anything different of Aldnoah would be pointless.  If one is going to follow this show I think they have to accept it, warts and all – and there’s not much point in looking for logic or consequences.

Episode 13 brings us right back into the swing of things, delivering us ample evidence that this is still very much the same show.  We get a disposable Orbital Knight-of-the-week brought down by hubris and a fatal flaw in his Aldnoah quirk.  We get blatant sexism. We get Inaho (yeah, he’s alive by the way) riding in to save the day with instantaneous and flawless analysis of the enemy’s arsenal.  We get body doubles and extraneous fanservice, and some gorgeously drawn combat sequences.  It really is the return of an old friend who’s full of annoying habits but always manages to entertain you.

As far as the explanations for the survival of the three characters who should be dead. I think Saazbaum is the most straightforward. He was shot in the torso, and Slaine effectively gave him a combination ultimatum/pledge of loyalty in sparing his life.  As for Asseylum, the episode does a nice job of head-faking that she’s actually now supporting the Martian cause but in fact, the Asseylum we see giving jingoistic speeches is another princess, Lemrina (Natsukawa Shiina) using the shapeshifter techniques we saw Asseylum use earlier.  Is this Asseylum’s sister, or perhaps a cousin?  In any event, she seems a willing conspirator in Saazbaum and Slaine’s continued war on Earth.  As for the real Asseylum, she’s being kept alive in a tank, seemingly unconscious – and there’s no evidence Slaine’s obsession with her has abated in the least.

Of the three, it was always Inaho whose survival was going to be most difficult to justify, but there isn’t much of an effort to come up with anything especially radical.  He’s been shot through the eye by Slaine, but he’s still alive when Inko brings him to the bridge of the Decaulion. The hook here is that he’s apparently inherited Aldnoah powers from Asseylum through their CPR session, and thus his touch is enough to get the ship’s Aldnoah drive re-started and thus, get himself emergency treatment quickly enough to survive.  He’s apparently some sort of cyborg now, which is loaded with its own set or ironies.

Despite the fact that Inaho should certainly be dead and his survival amounts to a pretty ridiculous narrative cop-out, I find myself kind of glad he’s alive because I like the dynamic of he and the now top boss Slaine as arch-rivals at the center of the opposing planets’ forces.  It should be fun watching the two of them go at it for military and political supremacy, not to mention eventually for Asseylum’s heart.  It seems that Aldnoah.Zero left its initial feints towards realism behind at about the same time it detached any involvement from Urobuchi Gen, but there’s still a lot of entertainment value here as a semi-intentional farce.  Since the first cour ended I’ve made my peace with what sort of series this is, and accepted the futility of expecting it to be anything else.  The fan reactions to this episode are all over the map and I think that’s to be expected, because the show is asking a lot from the audience.  But as long as it manages to be entertaining and outlandish, I’m prepared to give it.

Zephyr’s Impressions:

And so it begins again. A new chapter of ALDNOAH.ZERO is back (AND SO AM I! Kinda), and I found myself equal bits nervous, excited, and anxious to see how they’d resolve the previous season’s cliffhangers. As it turns out, everyone involved is indeed alive—saved in one shape or form by medical miracles, chance occurrences, and just a little bit of blood letting—and it’s a revelation that catches me as a mix of the expected and the unexpected. I should’ve known none of them would die, but at the same time I did hold some hope that there’d be at least one permanent death that’d lead to a significant change in the dynamic and also make last season’s finale more than just a combination of climactic events.

Interestingly enough, this resolution did bring the dynamic change I wanted—just not in the form I expected. The fact that Asseylum’s seemingly going to be being sidelined for what should be a fair amount of the season will force a focus onto the Slaine v. Inaho part of things, and it’s something that makes the first season’s finale more than just flash. There’s an actual, noticeable difference caused by the cliffhanger of last season despite all of them technically surviving in one manner or another, and it was something I so badly to see from this first episode.

Now that that’s out of the way, so too does go most of my nervousness about the content of the second cour, and it’s safe to say this’ll likely be just as fun of a ride as it was before. The addition of Princess Lemrina as a false Asseylum adds a new element to things as well, and it was interesting to note how much her room and the statements she said were set up to contrast the latter. The golden splendor and large size of her room makes a fitting contrast to the white/silver area we saw Asseylum in at one point earlier, and it’s a notion that leads into Slaine’s fitting (and somewhat sickening) involvement with the two. At this point, Slaine’s SIR (excuse me) Slaine’s using Lemrina as a replacement for Asseylum in more ways than one, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he might not even care of the latter ever recovers again given his actions (which would be in stark contrast to what she wanted). We thought the Vers side of things was quite messed up before, but when you consider how Saazbaum’s also essentially using Lemrina with the latter seemingly aware to boot, you realize how we didn’t have much of a clue at all.

Aside from that, here’s to the return of our (now robotic-eye wielding) savior and king of on the move calculations: Inaho (Orange) Kaizuka. The fact that he may be capable of activating ALDNOAH tech now (how ironic it is that there’s probably an equivalent amount of Terrans and Martians with that ability now) opens the door for a lot of potential fun in the future, and it’s going to be great seeing Slaine’s face later when he realizes he didn’t actually kill him off. For now though, I think it’s apt to say the most important thing from this first episode isn’t so much the aforementioned as it is the question of whether the door will ever open for Inko to get a shot or if the specter of Asseylum (and/or Slaine) will continue to hover between the two. I mean seriously, look at that reaction. That smile. That face of joy. LOOK AT IT. She’s a winner if I’ve ever seen one.

P.S. ALDNOAH.ARCHIVEZ preview is here for those who haven’t seen it yet!


OP Sequence

OP: 「&Z」 by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki


    1. That was the BIGGEST ASSPULL in the history of asspulls.

      The whole ending of Season 1 was completely pointless. I thought it had the balls to do something different but NO, everyone who ”died” is alive. What a joke.

      Inahole = autistic cyborg (finally deserves the name)
      Slaine = worst shooter in the galaxy (even beating the stormtroopers)

      The only reason AZ is popular is bec Urobuchi wrote the 1st episode of S1 so the ads can have his name all over this anime.

      LeDouche vi Britannia
      1. I think it would of been better if Inaho would of had an eye patch with scarring from the side of his skull. Can hardly see a difference with the eye implant from a reasonable distance.

      2. I was too really disappointed to know of Inaho and the Princess’s survival. I really wished that this next arch would be all about Slaine’s characterization, but it is turning into Mahouka. 🙁

      3. Technically, Slaine’s shoots were all bullseyes. Inaho would have died in minutes without medical attention, and Saazbaum would have bled out. It was just a huge about of coincidences and plot conveniences that allowed Inaho to get help in time, and Saazbaum is just alive thanks to Slaine’s ultimatum.

      4. As for Inaho surviving a bullet thru the eye.

        With a fast moving, massive and cone-shaped rifle bullet this is somewhat real. But pistol bullet at close range would be blown up Inaho head.

      5. At the end of last season, while I did not agree with the ending, I at least respect the writers for having the balls to write a massacre to start the 2nd season kind of with a new slate.

        This is just stupid. If you want cliffhanger, make them missing or something. You can always do the whole “entire base exploded, did they make it out alive or not?” so you can manipulate who you want alive or dead.

      6. Dear KF,
        If we don’t do this the story will be incredibly dull. Fake deaths are the only way the monkeys chained to the typewriters in our script dungeon can artificially generate tension.

        The Studio.

      7. @geth

        if we were talking about hollow point rounds I’d agree but since we were never shown what kind of bullets Slaine was using we’d never know. and also last time I checked rifle rounds are more destructive than pistol rounds.

      8. I kinda agree with what LeDouche said above I mean come on I can still understand the survival of Saazbum(a chance where the shot doesn’t hit into the heart) & Asseylum(the helmet prevents the shot) but for Inaho to survive that headshot lmao ASSPULL he’s more like a new GARY STU character with ULTRA MEGA PLOT ARMOR (I CAN STILL STAND THE FACT THAT HE CAN FIGHT ALDNOAH ROBOTS WITH JUST A TRAINING ROBOT but FOR THAT ASSPULL TWIST). This totally waste the purpose of episode 12.I Anyways I will still check on the future episode of this series but this ASSPULL twist is not funny anymore,I always appreciate Urobuchi’s works but for this series is kinda meh. Not to hate on this series in fact I like the season 1 of this series just the fact that what I said above does not exceed my expectations. Just my opinion.

      1. Thinking about how backwards Martian culture seems to be about gender dynamics, that’s probably why they invented royalty breeding :/

        But hopefully we won’t go there and they are all terribly surprised this is even possible.

      1. Perhaps princess has ” bodily fluids loving ” nanomachines. On her cooler body fluid: sweat, tear, saliva, blood in her finger ( not sure about this ) for one time aldnoah drive activation. On her warmer body fluid: blood in her lung, heart etc for unlimited aldnoah drive activation. Maybe the nanomachines can also repair body damage up to a certain extent.

        Observer Q
    1. A Cyborg may be more like it. I officially see Inaho to be the son of Jeremiah Gottwald and Sayoko Shinozaki. Orange-kun is a powerful a name only bestowed to Jeremiah, and his decedents, by the demon king; now the only question is if Siegfried will be delivered soon. XD

      Anyway, previous episode with Guardian Enzo
      “Yes, I believe she’s really dead this time.”
      “She better be, or credibility destruction is complete.”
      With your current statement “you didn’t really think anyone was going to stay dead, did you?” it makes one wonder if you must’ve also hope she didn’t stay dead sir. XD
      Now, it is questionable if we sure that others, like Cruhteo, are for sure dead.

      Anyway, the Chekhov’s gun element was a nice touch on this episodes part. Slaine should have googled why the ocean is blue before leaving earth, kinda embarrassing that the misconception was broadcasted throughout earth. Even more so when Inaho saw through such an obvious disguise.

      “Asseylum’s sister, or perhaps a cousin”
      I don’t find wiki reliable, but it says that the new girl is Asseylum’s step-sister; don’t know how that is possible, since they brought up the topic of blood, unless it is more like step-sister/cousin.

      1. Actually, Lemrina is not her stepsister but her half-sister. It was posted in her bio. Google translate is doing a horrible job at translating it, so I asked native speakers. Basically the term used means that she’s Asseylum’s younger sister by a different mother. Since Asseylum’s father died right at the moment of Asseylum’s birth, then that either Asseylum’s father had multiple wives, or that he was sleeping around while Asseylum’s mom was pregnant. That could be why Lemrina has never been mentioned as an heir to the throne, she’s illegitimate.

        It could also be the reason why she hates her royal blood and doesn’t seem to care about Asseylum.

      2. Aahh, thank you. Now we know that Lemrina isn’t her cousin but rather her half-sister. I would feel sorry for her if she suffered prejudice because of being an illegitimate child.

  1. So Inaho actually didn’t get his Alnoah powers just from kissing Asseylum (although that may have been part of it). If you pay very close attention to what’s going on at the end of the episode, one of the teardrops on Inaho’s face mixes with some of Asseylum’s blood splatter and drains into his mouth. In fact, the dialogue at that moment is one of the other characters wondering aloud whose blood is on Inaho’s face, which they were courteous enough to remind us this episode was Asseylum’s after Saazbaum shot her.

    And literally the instant that bloody teardrop goes in his mouth Inaho starts glowing.

    Unfortunately, this still doesn’t explain Slaine’s mysterious aldnoah activation ability, because nowhere in the first season does he get a taste of Asseylum’s blood. But this is Aldnoah.Zero. I’m sure they can backwardly justify that somehow anytime they want. 😀

      1. But even though Asseylum survived Rayet’s assault, she had to go reawaken the Aldnoah drive on the ship. So it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that could happen automatically.

        Although if Count Cruhteo ends up having survived as well, I know a lot of people who are going to be all kinds of upset. So who knows? Maybe…

    1. Pretty sure slaine’s ability to use the power came from the messed up stuff that his dad was researching when the man was still alive lol. Remember that he used to be a prominent researcher for the drive and it wouldn’t be surprising that he ‘blessed’ his son with his discovery. Also see below for my justification of why it’s not just blood, but also the kiss as both the activation factor.

    1. There could be significant wind-like effects from the massive amounts of microscopic dust that are flying around up there from the moon being blown in half. That’s about the best explanation I can think of.

      1. You mean this.
        “A new study provides the first conclusive proof of the existence of a space wind first proposed theoretically over 20 years ago.”
        “As detailed in the new Annales Geophysicae study, the data showed a steady and persistent wind carrying about a kilo of the plasmasphere’s material outwards each second at a speed of over 5,000 km/h. This plasma motion was present at all times, even when the Earth’s magnetic field was not being disturbed by energetic particles coming from the Sun.”

  2. This thing hasn’t changed one damn bit. All that talk and they still ended up being saved by someone who was supposed to be dead and should remain dead.

    I know this is anime but for some reason my logic pries in and say “the hell is up with that bad weed like tenacity? Saazbaum got shot multiple times and was practically bleeding to death yet somehow feels like never went into shock. That’s the least of my gripes but then Inaho surviving a bullet to the head was so convenient. Yes a miracle happens and some have been shot and survived in real life but this was SO not ok with me. Oh… Plot armors… Works wonders…

    Not particularly happy with how things went. I just can’t take this show seriously anymore which is a shame since I was pretty hyped with how S1 ended. Was expecting it to be solely about how Slaine goes on. I guess I’ll just go in and ride this show till the end and hope that the forces of M Night Shyamalan injects it with some kind of tweeest.

      1. It’s plausible, yes. However if two people were shot in the head (Asseylum and Inaho both were), more than likely one of them is going to die.

        Coincidences like that can tick people off when it comes to stories.

      2. Yes I did say that. But does it warrant it here? Pretty much the height of suspense the ending of S1 left us with just came plummeting down the earth in such an anticlimactic manner. The moment that they started teasing Inaho’s return with half of his face shown was already annoying. You already know they’re gonna pull some dumb crap. Suspenseful? Mysterious? Not in the slightest. The moment that music kicked in and Rayet and Inko were in a pinch, it was a sealed deal. That was the moment where I say “F*** This”.

      3. No, the chance of survival IS slim but not 1 in a million. Ocular headshot (Inaho’s case) is about 5% chance of survival with huge chance of permanent body paralysis. Forehead headshot is about 1% chance.
        Gun in mouth shot is 0%. Side headshot is 10% chance but with poor prognosis. Also a stab wound is not the same as a bullet wound. Bullets can deal 10 times the damage of a blunt/bladed weapon.

        Helvetica Standard
      4. I would have been more okay with his survival if it wasn’t the fact that, other than a mechanical eye, he’s basically the exact same with no after effects from being shot in the brain. The bullet went through his eye, and through his temporal lobe before coming out the other side. That’s a pretty traumatic brain injury, one that they said would kill him if they couldn’t get him into surgery in time. However, the only evidence of that now? Nothing, he gets a new eye and that’s it. They couldn’t have had him sit out a few episodes? Did he have to be up and running the very first episode.

        Also, I wouldn’t be so pissed if Asseylum, who had less life threatening injuries was okay too, but no, she still in a coma and has been for the last year and a half. How is that possible when the Vers have much better medical tech than the Earth forces?

        It just felt so ridiculous the lengths they went to get Inaho back out on the front lines as fast as they could, but put the princess in a jar to look at for I’m guessing a chunk of the season.

      5. Holy shit. Inaho couldn’t possibly survive a shot to the head without any brain damage or paralysis. And they even gave him a mechanical eye? His plot armor is just too ridiculous.

    1. I can asure it´s going to be Slaine right by the hand with Saazbaun. When Seylum wakes up she´s going to put a bullet right between Slaine´s for all he has done, this can no longer be called, he´s just a crazy stalker doing what he wants with his poor victim.

      Also, I love the way Inaho realize that the Seylum on the transmission was fake right, poor Inko doesn´t stand a chance, not after that scene of him trying to reach for her at the end of part 1.

  3. I believe the activation factor for the aldnoah drive isn’t blood alone, but also something akin to a kiss. When you kiss someone, a large variety of chemicals are passed through the mouth and to the other person. So much in fact, that, when choosing partners at least, kissing is a huge deciding factor as it practically tells the person whom you kissed mouth to mouth what you’ve being ddoing you’re whole life(there’s a whole biological thing going on here so for those who’re scientifically inclined, there’s google! :)! Also, and probably the most important reason, that I believe those two thing are the activation factor is due to the screen time that the directors put to insinuate that. Otherwise, why else would the director put the whole blood into mouth scene and then the sudden flashback to kiss sequence?

    1. I can see the kiss being part of it as well as the blood. We just simply don’t know.

      I do think however that when they showed the flashback to the kiss, they were trying to remind us of the earlier incident in which the Aldnoah drive shut down because of Asseylum’s “death”. So it may have been highlighting the fact that the captain was remembering what it means that the drive is shut down. I think this is supported by the dialogue surrounding the momentary flashback, and that the camera was looking at the captain either before or after the brief flashback (I don’t remember which).

      So while I can see the kiss being related, I’m not sure that flashback is direct evidence. It is a bit sloppy of the director, because if it isn’t intended to be evidence then it’s a little too easily misunderstood.

    2. For what its worth this is my theory: The writers paint themselves into a corner by killing main characters to increase tension. They realize it’s only halfway through the show and they are now in trouble. Cue retrospective arsepull.
      If they just did two cours back to back they wouldn’t have needed the hook to keep everyone watching. At least Cruteo has the decency to stay dead.

  4. Not too long ago while I was looking for the ost track list, I found a something about an interview Urobuchi did at a Gargantia event where he was talking about his original idea for the first season’s ending.

    Possible spoilers for season 2
    Show Spoiler ▼

    So what I get from that ending of the first season was the people in charge probably went, “The Urobutcher isn’t Urobutching, so let’s Urobutch for him.” Needless to say, it didn’t go over very well. I don’t think it would have went over well even if it was the actual series ending.

    In regards to this episode, I’m pretty annoyed at the survival of all parties involved in that last scene of episode 12. I’m pretty sure now the main conflict of the show is Inaho going to save his waifu from the claws of the evil obsessed childhood friend.

    The show’s also still mired with the same problem as the first season as well. Inaho is still the only one who can apparently think. The implementation of the Meissner effect (correctly or not I have no clue) was pretty cool I guess, but why did no one else think to use the heat from grenade explosions to counteract the freezing.

    I already knew it was going to be like this, but I still can’t help but be annoyed. I should really just watch this now to see Slaine’s demise.

      1. Sure, we can go with the Lunatic Slaine killing mankind and holding princess Asseylum as a wife aginst her will…

        Serously, like it or not, Assyelum will never ever be happy with Slaine when she wakes up. I have no doubt that she won’t work with his absurd plans and I have no doubt that the villains ind this story will have to pay for their crimes. Slaine and the evil Martians, be redy for your punishment.

  5. Okay, Saumwhateverhisnameis survived. Reasonable explanation and I can dig it. Out of the three, I figured he’d be the guy most likely to survive.

    Inaho survived and while I’m sort of surprised, at least you can kind of get away with it. He’s got the touch(kiss) and therefore has a bit of plot armor for him to survive. At least he paid for it, though he now has a swank cyborg eye.

    Asseylum surviving and not being used as a battery, like what I had said would like be the case for her survival? ******* no. Just no. If she is in a healing pod and that’s it, I’m utterly disappointed. They had set up little hints here and there that the “core” of the mechas the martians’ use are actually human bodies inside. The Martians should totally be using her body as a battery for like an awesome mech, or setting her up for it. Which this episode did neither. Sure, she’d eventually be freed of that by Slaine or Inaho, because Gen isn’t doing the series anymore, but why hint and not do? Make Slaine totally accept that she needs to be the battery to his mech which means that Inaho has to be either his cold steely self and truly kill her or show some emotion and try saving her.

    Aw well. Maybe it’ll all come together. I’ll continue to watch for now.

  6. To be honest, I think everyone’s being a little unfair to Aldnoah.Zero regarding the deaths that aren’t happening. Yes, it does seem like people are dying, but it’s not like they actually ever say that their dead. Instead we should consider the story they’re trying to tell.

    I think it makes sense that people are going to get hurt or injured in this war, and it makes a ton of sense to me that there would be some near death experiences. I’m ok with the survival of the characters as long as it’s within reason because that’s the story that the writers are trying to tell and as far as i’m concerned it’s their prerogative. If the story they want to tell is one where there characters put their lives on the line and nearly pay for it then i’m ok with that. It makes a ton more sense to me than those shows where the main character never even suffers even a flesh wound.

    So basically, until I’ve seen the whole show: I’m not going to pass judgement on the writers for Inaho’s highly improbably survival, or Asseylum’s either. As long as it’s in the realm of possible they’re allowed it in my book.

    As for the ending of the series, I really hope they all make it out alive. This isn’t some psychological thriller where it could be argued that these characters deserve death as some kind of fitting punishment. They aren’t crazy serial killers. They’re just normal kids put in a bad situation defending their lives as best they can. Although they may do something in the remaining episodes to earn a worthy death (I’m looking at you Slaine…).

    1. Your point of view is really generous.
      The reason I’m pissed about faking deaths is that there is a lot of it in the show, too many to really take seriously now. Secondly, it was just a shameless attempt to maintain interest during the break.

      1. Yeah I can understand that. I never said this was a really good anime, just that I don’t view it as harshly. Guess I am little generous.

        I will say though that Aldnoah.Zero as an anime does do a lot of things well, which for me makes it pretty enjoyable even if it is crazy. I’d prefer more anime like this to the generic ones we keep getting. At least it pushes the envelope.

        Ah who am I kidding? I’m a fan. Darn it.

      2. I understand, we’re all fans for something or we wouldn’t be at RC. There are shows that I’d defend to the hilt.
        You’re as entitled to your point of view as I am to mine and I respect your opinion. The fact that you can articulate it well and justify it is a bonus.

  7. Interestingly, Asseylum’s voice actress and Lemrina’s are bandmates in real life (Sora is the oldest member and Shiina is the youngest.)

    Also, seiyuu-wise, Lemrina/Eddie were Nonoka/Noel last season.

    Waiting for Mocho
    1. “The Knights come forward in the presence of the Holy Emperor of Vers, then kneel before him.
      The Emperor draw The Imperial Sword, lays the sword firstly on the right, then to the left shoulder of the new knight. The Knight lifts his/her head, as The Emperor lets his Holy Blood drip into the Knight’s mouth.

      “Arise” say the Emperor as he leaned to The Knight, who prepares to receive the Imperial Bodily Fluids…

      …In the end, The Emperor give The Knight a powerful backhand slap. “And that is so you remembered that you kissed me ye basterd”.”

    2. Well, like the Above one.. in different matter

      “Drink then this is my Blood and Flesh!”…

      Well, some kind of Blood drops in a glass, that the Knights had to drink. Inaho is some kind Hime-sama first Knight. if you want have a serious reason.

  8. Urobutcher: Everyone is expecting someone to die. Now how am I going to surprise the audience? I guess I’m too famous for my own good…Lemme try something new…Of course, Asseylum can’t die yet. I haven’t killed her enough times.

  9. Inaho surviving a headshot wound is actually possible. Coincidentally IRL, Saburo Sakai, a Japanese naval pilot ace who survived the WWII was also badly hurt in the head, by an enemy bullet shrapnel that hit his Zero fighter during a mission. He managed to keep himself conscious and got back to his base piloting a badly damaged fighter, with his left side paralized and (permanently) blind in the right eye – talk about badass.

      1. No, the chance of survival IS slim but not 1 in a million. Ocular headshot (Inaho’s case) is about 5% chance of survival with huge chance of permanent body paralysis. Forehead headshot is about 1% chance.
        Gun in mouth shot is 0%. Side headshot is 10% chance but with poor prognosis. Also a stab wound is not the same as a bullet wound. Bullets can deal 10 times the damage of a blunt/bladed weapon.

        Helvetica Standard
      2. I don’t know the percentages and stuff, but’d heard that headshots leaves some chance of survival due to the shape and hardness of the skull, and the trajectory of bullet possibly making the bullet deflect. But still, the chances are pretty low.

      3. @Helvetica Standard

        I’m assuming Sean is using a hyperbole, so of course its not literally a 1 in a million chance, but just an exaggeration exclaiming that its unlikely that both Inaho and Asseylum surviving from gunshot wounds in the head(and the question to how fast they got medical attention in the time span between being shot and transported). For maybe many of us, its not the fact that there is a chance for them to survive, its the fact that everyone survived despite their fatal wounds that makes it crazy.

  10. I spare you the relevant pictures as it would make it into wall-of-pix comment…
    -that’s SIR Slaine for you!
    -glorious navel fanservice!
    -the XO of Deucalion STILL can’t land a date! (I am suspecting something, or my yuri goggles just are switching on needlessly)
    -“he’s more machine than a man now…”
    -“and he lost none of the tactical genius…”
    -“but he at least knows how to hold a small talk -and a girl in arms – finally!” (nice move, Inko… but you are still no princess!)
    -…and he can power up Asspull-erm, Aldnoah – drive now!
    -in other news: Eldelrittuo, changing princesses like there is no loyalty?
    -and the REAL princess is kept safely in the jar (it took Inaho only 30 seconds to discover fake!)

  11. I give up. As always the story was crazy and all over the place. It turns out no one died at all. I had to rewatch this episode because I was so shocked the ending from season 1 meant nothing at all.

    As always, it did deliver great visuals and music. Even though I think the writing for the show could use more Urobutcher I am still entertained somehow

    Rick Anime
  12. Loved the episode, but it didn’t click until Inaho mentioned that refraction deal with why the sky’s blue.

    I know this show has a reputation and all, but damn if the payoff isn’t entertaining for a lot of things. Hopefully it can maintain steam though (or failing that, do something spectacularly over-the-top by the end).

  13. I was expecting Saazbaum to actually be killed off. I know his motive makes him quite an important character and all…. but… w/e it’s just how I feel personally.

    Kind of mixed on how I feel about Inaho. Definitely feels great to see him in action again, but it is quite an asspull.

    And good for Slaine, hopefully his role in S2 is much larger than S1 was. (Hey you never know, they might just shaft him again).

    I’m “really” hoping that Asseylum never wakes up, and that when Inaho finds her, he totally destroys the tank she’s in along with her because he rather put her to rest than have her around as a trophy. But I am feeling somewhere around EP6-8 she will awaken….

  14. Ass pull is pretty much what we got with the 3 surviving BUT honestly what would have happened if they didn’t survive? What story would we have. So like it or not the story really needed the 3 of them to survive for it to make sense. Also Gen’s comments at the end of the season were pretty straight forward when he said Asseylum gets taken away by Slain.

    Anyone care to explain Slain’s thought process when he rescued Saazbaum as well? For the life of me it just makes no sense

  15. No screencaps of Inko and Nina? I am sad 🙁

    Orange! That is the name of my loyalty! Seriously, Inaho should get a mask the same as Jeremiah’s. Since Inaho has the activation factor, he also has the Aldnoah canceller 😀

  16. Ugh, this was an okay return, but I was quite unimpressed with it. Inaho’s survival, and the crap and ton of coincidences and miracles they used to pull that off, pissed me off and practically took me out of the whole thing. Also, it wasn’t the CPR that gave him Aldnoah power, but the fact that Yuki’s tear mixed with Asseylum’s blood that was on his face and it ran into his mouth, the blood of course being the carrier of the power within the royal family.

    However, I did like the fact that we have new characters now what with Princess Lemrina (who is Asseylum’s younger half-sister from another mother, by the way) and Slaine’s new underling, Harklight. I like that there seems to be more going on with Slaine than meets the eye, and I want to know more about his deal with Saazbaum and what exactly the latter’s new plan is.

    We’ll have to see what the new season is going to involve, what with the focus being turned towards the Martian side of things. Not a strong opening, but I’m still engaged.

  17. “Seriously now – you didn’t really think anyone was going to stay dead, did you?”

    Well, it was possible… I mean, that would be different for this show, and… OK fine, not really. Actually, I did think there was a small chance that Saazbaum might have died which sets up Slaine as the primary antagonist, because let’s face it, the story is now (if it already wasn’t) Slaine vs. Inaho anyway. Ironically, I did find Saazbaum surviving the most credible of the three as Enzo notes.

    Asseylum was 99% certain to survive since Slaine took her away… for medical treatment (seriously do not understand the insinuations of necrophilia made for last season’s ending). That being said, I do wonder what role, if any, Asseylum has to play beyond winner’s prize for the inevitable Inaho vs. Slaine showdown. Frankly, of the three “dead” >_> characters, I think she was the most expendable. So IMO, the 3rd time needed to be the “charm” here. Having Asseylum die on the Martian operating table (giant fluid filled chambers notwithstanding), would have helped considerably with the show’s credibility towards death. It also could have been a way to fuel the Slaine vs. Inaho fire by having each blame the other for her death. Oh well.

    Inaho’s survival though… Not only alive, but he seems to be just A-OK complete with Aldnoah power-up AND a nifty cyborg eye to boot. Had to LOL a bit at the cyborg eye given Inaho’s personality (or lack thereof). His character has almost(?) become a parody of itself. So yeah, put me down in the “ass-pull” group when it comes to Inaho’s non-death. At least have him lose an eye or something after all that. Something.

    However, if you think about it, ass-pull or not, it had to be done. IMO, this show needs both Inaho and Slaine around to make things happen. Who’s going to take Inaho’s place on the earth’s side? No one. They all get beaten down until Inaho shows up, and then marvel at his prowess while he takes down the Kataphrakt of the Week in a most mundane fashion. Same goes for Slaine. If he’s not around, who’s going to take his place? Saazbaum? Inaho already pawned him (anti-climatically I might add) when he piloted the not-so-super Kataphrakt last season.

    “If one is going to follow this show I think they have to accept it, warts and all – and there’s not much point in looking for logic or consequences… But as long as it manages to be entertaining and outlandish, I’m prepared to give it.

    That pretty much sums up my view on it. I have ZERO problem dropping shows/series I don’t like, but I’m still willing to hang with this one (for now at least). Adlnoah does have has its… issues, but IMO it does some things right as well and still manages to be entertaining.

    1. Clarification regarding my Inaho comment. Obviously he did lose an eye. What I meant by “lose an eye” is that he’s actually blind on one side. Just something so that taking all that damage isn’t white-washed away and he’s “good as new” – or better. I would NOT at all be surprised if he got a power-up from the cyborg eye (i.e. infra-red vision, telescopic vision, etc.).

      1. Night vision, without a special Head-up Display, possible = check
        Radio-waves visible, possible = Check
        Eye like a Hawk, possible = Check
        Weapon Target-system upgrade, possible = Check
        Can now look his own Back, possible = Check

  18. Don’t have access to my own screenshots right now,but after the timeskip I did not see the Aldnoah drive on the bridge of the Deucelion anymore if i recall correct. So if this is true, did they put that thing into Inaho’s kat?

    I’m hyped 😛 loved the ep, was kinda what I expected, Slaine is still a retard (with skills and and aldnoah kat, but still a retard non the less) Cyborg Inaho, i cheered inside when i saw his cyborg eye \o/

    Btw yes, i think Inko should win ^^

    1. Nope, she came right out of nowhere. You’d think someone might have mentioned that Asseylum had a younger half-sister hanging around. :p

      I’m guessing she has to bearing on the throne since they act like Asseylum was the only heir.

  19. Slaine is Love Broken, because of Hime-sama loves Orange-kun, and i bet if he find out that he is still Alive, he will personally want to Kill Orange-kun. Even more, if he find out that Orange-kun can activate the Drive. But they let a backdoor open, Slain with a little Blood sample somehow, should be able to activate his own Drive now, too

    Ironic, is it not? They keep the Old King alive to continue use their Drive Mechas and such, the Count wants to end the Kings system, and exploit the Hime-sama with Slain’s help

    Slain, that loved Earth so much, now hates it now. Orange-kun is still the lonely, but with the found love he now a bit more Open

    Both has the Hime-sama as Drive to move on. One for Love, the other of Betrayal

    1. Actually, it did change some things about the status quo. Asseylum and Eddelrittou are back over with their own people. Asseylum has been taken out of the equation by her injuries, at least for now. And it gave the UFE their first actual victory, and slight as it was.

      But the biggest thing it did, was change Slaine’s character irrevocably. The entire first season, he was the character that went through the most growth, from being a doormat that trembled before his Martian masters, to losing that hesitance and innocence and no longer being afraid to kill and to go toe to toe with even Vers nobility like he did with Saazbaum. He went from a fearful child, to a cold and experienced young man during this war with Earth.

      1. No matter their ideals, they are still Martians and have held a such, never thinking of themselves as Terrans. So, even if they are with the enemy, they are still their own people in that they are back over with the Martian Vers Empire.

  20. Fires two bullets and deduces that they’re being repelled by the Meissner effect. Then immediately devises a plan to charge in while generating enough heat to prevent himself from freezing until he’s at point blank range, where the bullets down have enough time to be cooled into a superconductive state before reaching their target. All within the span of a few seconds. Typical Inaho.

    Small side note. Shouldn’t 「眠れる月の少女」 be something along the lines of “Sleeping Maiden of the Moon”?

    1. 眠れる月の少女
      I’d have said “Maiden on the sleeping moon” or “Girl in the month of slumber”. Something like that. I think the verb goes with the moon not the girl.

      1. I suppose it is grammatically possible to parse it as (眠れる月) の 少女 instead of 眠れる(月の少女) but the latter makes a lot more sense.

        In any case, it seems to be a play on 「眠れる森の美女」, a translation of the title “Sleeping Beauty”. Taken literally, that would be “Sleeping beautiful woman of the forest”.

    2. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2012.jpg

      I still find the minor touches (like the above photo shows) entertaining than what everyone here is ripping on.

      ie. Magbaredge: Let me tell you why you can’t get a date…

      it’s still cracking me up a little.

      btw, I looked back about 4 months ago @ Enzo and Zephyr‘s predictions regarding the time skips and whatnot. They both got the main point right, JUST slightly off on the details (but who cares about that).

      Also, this post…O SNAP

  21. WHAT. AN. ASSPULL. WHAT. BULLSHIT. Oh I don’t ever care anymore! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) *storms off*

    Oh, who are we kidding? I’m going to watch this anyway, clutching at my pearls and screaming CHILD, NO like it couldn’t get any more miserable every single fucking character.

  22. I really liked Slaine, I really did. Up until episode 11 anyway. Episode 12 was a table flip and now episode 13 is another table flip. It’s really hard to buy into this plot. Slaine going from zero to hero is far too much of a stretch in the span of 19 months. Inaho surviving is another stretch I’m not willing to buy into.

    After a shot to the head, I cannot comprehend that he can live for more than minutes after initial impact. It must have been hours before he was sent to a hospital.

    Cruhteo better be alive if these guys make it. He was my favourite character until he did the “Ready my Tharsis” and got blown to smithereens.

    1. Actually, there are many reports of survivors who got hit by bullets in the head. And like this case, many of those stories happened in war situations, where medical care rarely comes fast.

  23. So basically :
    – the Inaho show continues
    – Inaho has reached living mac guffin status thanks to his ability to awaken Aldnoah
    – Inaho pulled a Zaeed Massani
    – Inaho has actually learned to smile

    Not to mention : WHAT THE FUCK SLAINE?!
    Because this is the single biggest ass pull. He sees Saazbaum shoot his princess, and what does he do? JOIN HIM! Compare to the time he actually shot the guy who’d first tried to kill Asseylum. He had one thing to do, kill Saazbaum, and he can’t even do that right. Seriously, he’s reached Suzaku-level of stupidity, or even beyond.

    Weird D
    1. Well, Slaine got his princess back and the princess is no longer a threat to Sourbum’s vengeful plot. Slaine also has a bone to pick with the Terrans for the trouble they gave him, not to mention he was double-crossed by the Terrans (Orange in particular) once. Moreover, Slaine had a debt to Sourbum, despite that guy being a bit of a twit, and there’s that thing about his dad too.

      All that had a hand in swaying Slaine’s heart and earned his sympathies for the Sourbum. And knowing that the guy wasn’t known for being rational, I suppose I could understand how he ended up on Sourbum’s side.

      1. That’s the weird part of the story. Slaine joins Saauzbaum who had just shot the person he loved, I doubt anyone would forgive anyone just because of a debt. Plus Saauzbaum was one of the people who wanted to wage war on the Terrans, but that goes against everything that Asseylum stands for, so doesn’t that make Slaine despicable for loving her but not supporting her views and actually participating with the pro-war Martians (looking at how he seemed to agree with her in episode 1 of the first season). If Slaine did get swayed as you said, then it makes it even more confusing to Slaine’s character as a whole.

      2. The only thing that matters to Slaine was the Princess. He doesn’t care that he is the one exploiting his beloved Princess, but in season 1 he had the nerve to accusse Inaho for doing that. He doesn’t care that he is the one that takes big part in murdering billions of his own people. He is siding with Sazzbaum, a man who is responsible for the death of millions. Slaine is clearly obsesed with the princess and he clearly goes against everyone of her believes.
        Slaine is a hypocrite and I can’t wait to see the Princess bitchslap him when she wakes up.

      3. There’s also that thing where he need Sourbum to provide the facility to keep his princess alive. That means yet another debt. Not to mention seeing Orange being all that intimate with his princess must had rattled Slaine.

        Then we throw in his history of bad decision-making.

    1. Code Geass was at least coherent (except for Suzaku, that is in the wrong show *it should be in here*) with its characters relationships.

      As “Weird D” guy said above:
      “He sees Saazbaum shoot his princess, and what does he do? JOIN HIM! Compare to the time he actually shot the guy who’d first tried to kill Asseylum. He had one thing to do, kill Saazbaum, and he can’t even do that right.”

      This is just another level of bullshit for me lol

  24. I’m bit dissapointed with how simple it is to inheriting aldnoah power. I think granting power with kissing doesn’t make sense in sci-fi anime..
    And also i don’t like how lemrina existence isn’t foreshadowed/mentioned at all in season one..
    but yeah, nothing is perfect, and our analitycal-expressionless badass returned, so i gonna watch it till the end…

  25. Slaine Slaine Slaine, you have lost any sumpathy i had for you by the end of the last season but he is now worse than I expected he could be. What I find funny is Slaine feared Inaho would exploit Asseylum, but now he doing that himself. But not only that, he even goes against the believes of the woman he supposedly loves and fights against his own race and supports the genocide of his own people. I wonder what Asseylum will say when she wakes up and she understands what Slaine is doing? I’m sure he won’t be happy with her reaction.

    I’m happy that Inaho is alive and I can’t wait to see how he will rescue Asseylum from this NTRed Guy and I’m eager to see how he will kick Slaines and the Martians butts.
    And Inaho is badass as ever. He set the grenades to detonate at fixed distances and used his Kat to reach those locations because the “air” would’ve been heated at the time of the explosion. Thus, he prevented his Kat from freezing like the others did and by doing so, he also got close enough to the Martian Kat to deal the finishing blow.

    1. Slaine might be a bit tough for Inaho though, since his Kat doesn’t have those bullshit gimmicks beyond speed. Using his Kat properly relies almost entirely on Slaine’s own piloting skill.

      What Inaho has to his advantage is his knowledge on how Slaine operates. That plus understanding of vectors, will be key in securing victory against the Bat.

  26. Cool. Absolutely nobody died despite everything we were shown in the last episode? So leaving that as a cliffhanger was pretty pointless then. What the hell is this Naruto?

    It’s pretty disappointing that the military is STILL full of incompetent soldiers who are not capable of winning without Inaho. Seriously I’ve seen ninja fodder more useful than these people. Heck they even had info on their opponent this time. Sadly, they only exist so that we can see them get killed while Inaho thinks up some convoluted plan on the spot with barely any effort. That might have worked for one season guys but can you at least TRY to come up with some different formula here? Where is Marito? That guy was pretty cool with untapped potential. Couldn’t you have used him? I’d rather not attend the Inaho handjob festival again thank you very much. Hell even on the Martians side they aren’t to bright either once again. I guess anyone else having a brain is bad for business in the world huh?

    During his revival scene i could only think “Blah blah blah crying blah blah blah BULLSHIT deus ex blah blah blah”. Yep apparently kisses allow you to activate Aldnoah power. You know that bloodline trait only unique to the royal family and their knights? You can get that from kissing someone. Freaking seriously? So when the royal family chooses their knights do they just have a massive makeout session with each other or something? Do they transfer their blood into each other? How exactly does this system work?

    Until we get clearance I’m going to consider it a plothole. The main reason Saazbaum didn’t attack the Emperor was because he was in control of all the Aldnoah magic. Thus why he tried to kill the princess to not only satisfy his anger against him but obtain Earth as well. But if he knew about this (yes he would have to know about it unless the royal family gives them power in a different way) why wouldn’t they have just captured the royal family and extracted their blood for his own purposes? If a small bit of blood/fluid/whatever can allow a mere human to activate Aldnoah magic a knight could simply extract the kings blood/fluid/whatever and obtain his powers! At least that’s what the anime is leading me to believe with this dumb explanation.

    Nobody seems to be questioning how Slaine is able to pilot his robot not being an official knight and all (Slaine isn’t either). So the only explanation is the kiss he shared with the princess when he first came to Mars. Either that or there is something in his past they haven’t told us but given how this show operates I wouldn’t be surprised if these details were skimmed altogether.

    We saw a bit of tears slip into Inaho’s mouth before his activated so it must have mixed with the princesses blood. Whatever the case it’s still pretty dumb (I still can’t believe in this day in age characters are still being brought back through the power of crying). I actually commended the show for giving us an unexpected ending but I can see they decided to just take a shit on that so whatever.

    Slaine is still awesome though. At least they didn’t take that away from us. Ended up still being able to save the princess while forcing the Saazbaum to come to his side as well. It’s good that they had a pocket princess that we knew nothing about until now (seriously these people don’t know what pacing out information is at all). Ideally I’d prefer that things could end peacefully but at this point with the citizens among everyone else pushing for war it would be denying the inevitable. Slaine has finally chosen his side and is sticking with it. And being badass while doing it ;).

    Oh and the Commander needs to get some new material. That “May I tell you why you can’t get a date?” crap wasn’t funny the first 5 times.

    1. I’d rather not attend the Inaho handjob festival again thank you very much.

      I agree. Screw Inaho. I got tired of his antics in S1. Do the creators think that he’s still amusing too watch? His OP got old quickly.

      At least Slaine has a higher status now. And a boytoy.

    2. I agree, Inaho is dull, and frankly not enjoyable to watch at all. He acts like a computer, he thinks like one as well (well seeing that he does have a mechanical eye, maybe he has a mechanical brain too?). I’d rather talk to siri than watch inaho. At least Siri gives a few jokes.

      Slaine on the other hand has kept his character, though he has chosen his side. He was awesome in his plane, and now even better in a mech. As to how he knew how to pilot the mech, perhaps the controls are somewhat compatible? At least Slaine has an interesting character.

      Not many people mentioned it, but is it me or is it that the creators are trying to build some kind of relationship between Lemrina and Slaine. Also, it would be quite interesting if rather than as a mere puppet, Lemrina has an agenda of her own.

  27. Are you fucking kidding me?! Eggs and Hime both survive A FUCKING BULLET TO THE HEAD?

    And fucking Saazbaum survived a fully unloaded mag to his torso?!
    And now Slaine is happily serving Saucybum after he shot his waifu in the heart and the head?!
    HOW MUCH STUPID BULLSHIT CAN YOU SQUEEZE IN ONE FUCKING EPISODE? Fuck it, I’m on a roll, lets see what else went wrong!

    1. More shitty CGI mechs and asteroids.
    3. Eating CAVIAR while lounging on a BEACH during TOTAL WAR
    5. More “only inaho can beat these enemies” bullshit. ALL HAIL AUTIST CYBORG EGG LOVING JESUS-KUN.
    6. OP ice mech standing completely still while eggs is charging at him with A FUCKTON OF GRENADE LAUNCHERS

    My God. I haven’t seen a trainwreck this glorious since Guilty Crown. I’m almost tempted to keep watching to see how much worse this shit can get.

    1. “5. More “only inaho can beat these enemies” bullshit. ALL HAIL AUTIST CYBORG EGG LOVING JESUS-KUN.”

      If a certain Lieutenant would get over his life-long drunkenness and PTSD then Inaho would not be the only one destroying the enemies.

      1. Marito isn’t the only problem here. How are we supposed to honestly believe that the Earth’s military has collectively lost all of its strategic fortitude in the near future to the point that the average high-schooler can be a better military tactician than all of them? Why is it that every time we see trained soldiers in their Kataphrakts fighting against the super robots that their basic instinct is limited to run away and die, stand still and die, or charge straight at the enemy like a fucking retard and die? Not to mention every plan Inaho comes up with is filled with insulting level of convenience in every battle. Inaho is a Gary Stu of the worst kind.

    2. Wind in Space.

      “As detailed in the new Annales Geophysicae study, the data showed a steady and persistent wind carrying about a kilo of the plasmasphere’s material outwards each second at a speed of over 5,000 km/h. This plasma motion was present at all times, even when the Earth’s magnetic field was not being disturbed by energetic particles coming from the Sun.”

  28. Slaine should do some mental health check up… his action is beyond weird, obsessive creepy guy… my condolences for whoever the girl he set his eyes on, espescially when it’s unrecruited one…

  29. What is clear from this episode as well as the season finale is that the writers and directors have no idea what is going on in their story. They are really just making it up as they go along. There is little attempt to write a truly compelling story but rather just using ‘shock and awe’ to temporarily hold the interest of viewers. This is a cheap form of storytelling and for me, the greatest weakness of the show.

  30. …I can’t say I was surprised. Somewhat disappointed, but not surprised.

    That being said, Inaho is now actually partially robotic, yet acts slightly more human. Heh. Whereas Slaine is basically exactly what I surmised him to be at the end of last season – someone who really has no room in his heart for anyone but himself, and craves recognition and actualization like a fish needs water. Show him any kind of acknowledgement and he’ll literally do anything for you… anything, including everything you would never want to happen.

  31. Why no one die? Are they immortal or something. By the way, Slaine’s going crazy. My moneys on Inaho reviving Asseylum with his newly acquired b.s Aldnoah drive somehow.

    random guy
  32. I can kinda understand Slaine decision, because for Slaine:
    1) Princess will have better survival chance with with Martian medical technology.
    2) If he kill Saazbaum there, he would not have the authority to request to use the medical equipment.
    3) Also, by getting Saazbaum agree with his plan, he will be able to hide princess from others conspirator knights who want princess to be dead; or at least get join the boat and not to kill Asseylum anymore.
    4) Inaho once told Slaine what will he do if they exploit princess to their own end (in ep. 7 I think). Hence, earthling is an enemy to him who trying to exploit the princess.

    So, in the end, he decides this will be the best options to save the princess and prevent her for being exploited by earthling even though his action will be betraying Asseylum wishes. He will be trying to go for “The end justifies the means” method for her.

      1. I think being in zero gravity has impaired and slained his morals, ethics and intelligence.

        I’ve yet to watch NGE but from what I heard……. I won’t be surprised.

        Makise Kuristina
      2. Really? Even the Rebuild movies?
        You have so much to look forward to should you watch it. The seething frustration and confusion of the tv series, the wtf of the End of Eva, the relief of a seemingly coherent Rebuild until the realization dawns that Anno is about to do what he does best. Its all ahead of you.

  33. Slaine has no logic and lacks common sense.
    “I fear that the earth wants to exploit my princess. And now I’m exploiting her mayself”
    Slaine was never the brightest dude, but here he is just…no words…

    Really, can’t wait to see how Inaho will pay Slaine back.

      1. @SherrisLok
        It’s really funny when you understand this.
        It was Slaine who let the massmurderer live that wanted to kill the princess who Slaine has sworn to protect. Guess what, the massmurderer nearly killed her.
        Now Slaine has nothing better to do, than working together with this massmurderer, killing millions of people and exploiting the princess.
        If I remember correctly, Slaine accused Inaho that he would exploit the princess but it is not Inaho who is doing that but it is indeed Slaine who is doing exactly that. Not only that, he is clearly going against everything Asseylum believed in.
        Slaine had a couple of times the chance to kill Saazbaum, but hey it is better to help him kill the people on earth.
        Besides that, Seylum was ready to die any time. She was fighting for the people on earth against people like Slaine and Saazbaum.
        Do you really believe that Asseylum will prise him and accept and agree to the things Slaine is doing when she wakes up? I have absolutely no doubt about that she won’t be happy with him. And the moment he tells her that it was him who „Killed“ that guy who was with her, she won’t be happy about that too.
        About payback.
        I’m sure that the people on earth and Inaho will get this traiter und punish him.

  34. The amount of asspulls and convenient plot devices is too damn high…yet, the show is still really enjoyable for me. The first episode did a good job of explaining what happened after the bombshell of episode 12, and setting Slaine up as the main antagonist. It’s good to see Inaho again too…by all accounts he should of died, but a big part of the show was basicially Inaho having hack knowledge and using it to defeat overpowered mechs, not having that wouldn’t be fun.

    Still, I kind of wish that Inaho doesn’t always hog the spotlight, and make out everyone else in the military to be incompetent and basicially cannon fodder. I feel like even the studio knows their overdoing it when the only lines that martian had when he got killed was “Good job man”, lol.

    1. Say that to the billions of people that died because Saaz wants revenge.

      I can’t wait to see it when both Slaine and Saazy get what they deserve. Slaine getting NTRed again would be a good beginning.

      1. If someone is responsible for genocide, he will get punished as a war criminal. And Saaz and Slaine simply will get what they deserve.

        I get that Slaine fans like to downplay his responsibelity, but like it or not, justice will be done.

  35. Jesus christ this show just doesn’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I mean you expect writers to care about continuity and feasibility especially when your main zombie, protag, god in flesh whatever is a scientific genius. What’s changed from season 1 besides Asseylum being knocked out? The conspiracy remains under wraps, earth and vers still hate eachother, Slaine and Inaho still fighting for he girl.


  36. https://randomc.net/2014/09/20/aldnoah-zero-12/comment-page-2/#comments No Dragonballs or Revival jutsus were used, but god dammit I’ve lost my shit.

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2013%20-%2005.jpg Team Slaine no matter what, all the way non stop. I want my justice to be done and heavens to fall properly. I demand permadeath!

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2006.jpg Slaine already has his own version of Lancelot. He’s already on the Suzaku path, fighting for the wrong side to take them down from within ( we obviously can’t see that happening yet), but I believe it will happen.

    Even Suzaku was obsessive and creepy crying about Euphemia, but he killed my bro so I didn’t like him in the end. Slaine can kill Inaho since he was never my bro.

    That being said, if Slaine dies in the end, this show is automatically worse than Guilty Crown and will hold the crown for biggest trainwreck in the history of trainwrecks with good music.

      1. True, so is brain-washing your people into believing they are a superior race and fanning hatred then factions creating an incident that becomes an excuse for an unjustified war.

      2. @SherrisLock

        Neither of the sides is wrong? Really? facepalm…

        Ok lets see.
        1.Slaine, Saazbaum and the rest of the Martians started this war with the intention to kill all humans on earth.
        2.The humans on earth are fighting against an agressor who wants all of them dead.

        I find it extremely dangerous and absrd when people say that neither side is wrong when it’s clear that one side is defending himself and is fighting for survival and the other side started the war, is killing billions of people and wants all of them dead.

    1. So Slaine continues to be in the wrong side and takes part in a genocide against his own people(murdering billion humans) and betrays “his” princess and her ideals…because he wants to take the Martions down from within…
      This logic is so absurd…

      1. Murdering million and billions of people is exactly that, genocide. That Slaine is even fighting against his own race makes him also a traiter to humankind.
        And Slaine is taking part on and supports the crap the Martians are doing to the people on earth.

      2. The point is that no matter how Slaine sees it, by betraying everything Asseylum believed in and with using her for his own agend despite knowing very well that she would never ever support it, Slaine lost the right to cal her “his” princess.

  37. I’m happy A/Z is back and all and that Inaho’s alive but… Why the heck leave Saazbaum in the series and kill off the handsome Cruhteo? T^T Fangirl in me speaking. I wanna cry when I look at Saazbaum. The director said that Cruhteo’s death was ambiguous for his fans, so maybe there’s still hope?
    I’m disappointed in Slaine overall. It’s not his obsession with the princess, he’s the type of character to see false justice and act according to it while hurting others only to realize he was wrong all the way in the end.
    This brat has no right to use Tharsis, in my opinion.
    Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  38. Let’s face it people, the moment we heard that Aldnoah got a second season, we knew that Inaho was gonna pull something out of his ass again.

    It’s not a bad thing.

    On the contrary, I’m quite happy he and his Gary Stu ways are back in action.

    After Mahouka and Magic Jesus, I’ll be happy of whatever Inaho can pull out his ass (Unless it goes to Magic Jesus levels of absurdity)

      1. A shame really. Aldnoah has successfully pulled off one of the most entertaining shows in its first run despite the Gary Stu character. If you cant stand these types of characters, you’ll be missing out on a lot of decent animes

  39. Aside from the curious wonders of whether Slaine has the power of Aldnoah as well, my only concern is, they never showed Slaine’s face during the whole shoot-out event so you can’t completely tell what he was thinking and I’m seriously worried he might try some bullshit “exit stage left” crap that Show Spoiler ▼

    pulled off by getting himself killed in the end. :<

  40. Hey does anybody else thought of Spike from Cowboy Beebop after seeing Inaho´s new eye? I wouldn´t be surprise if he could read minds with that eye as well, just what you need to end that war, Master Chief with a new cyborg eye!. XD

  41. I had to rewatch the episode to confirm.

    During the Kat attack when the captain orders the Deucalion to launch, the aldnoah drive is no longer in front of her around the 9:39 minute mark into the episode.

    Neither is it there during the orbital take off at 19:44 and also after entering orbit, it is strategically blocked by the captains chair in the scene where the window shutters open.

    Sooo.. where is it? did they put it into Inaho’s Kat?, Is orange now Aldnoah powered?

    Seeing he stood point blank when the martian kat went boom, makes we wonder

    1. This is actually old news, but the Aldnoah drive doesn’t usually rest in the bridge. Even in season one it moved down to a mysterious engine room immediately following its debut, a smaller version of the landing castle’s variety. I suspect that it was built so that it could be lowered there after activation, possibly moving to and fro. Probably because they thought that whoever could activate it would be hanging around in the bridge. Maybe the captain?

      Just one of the little details shown to us but not explicitly discussed because I guess it wasn’t that important.

  42. Slaine can’t aim for sht and Saazbaum too HAHAHAHA. It felt like i was watching an alternate dimension or something lol.
    Oh Slaine. What a tragic character…He saved Saazbaum from Inaho, even though he told him he was hellbent on killing the princess and even gave him his own martian mech. Only to have him put few bullets in the princess…What a tragedy, considering he manufactured it all by himself…
    He still think in his demented mind, he as a chance but the princess won’t be happy when she wake up and Inaho already went tongue DEEP, with a LOT of saliva, in her. No one comes back from the friendZone, No one.

  43. Well, i will give Slaine some credits. He could realized, that he needs the Count’s Help to defend the other Knights in Space. So in other Words, he is using the Count Rage against the Emperor to Keep Earth “save”

    Slain has now power above his Princess. He could turn of the Machines if he likes. Right now Hime-sama is only a Play toy. She is with him, not able to run away

    But then again, under this action that will come. We have here an old “Damsel in Distress” Story. Inaho is the Prince, Slaine the villain. But first, we need Earth to find out where the real Princess is hidden

    The Count is still on his Vendetta against the Emperor, but he needs Earth for Food and others support now. He can not go there and ask Mars for this. And why is he broadcasting this fake Princess stuff? No not for Earth, it is for the other Knights in Earth Orbit. “it is all okay, nothing happed. I just lost my Castle because i tripped. Really!”. He need to keep up this Illusion, or the other Knights will not support him. I bet the future Episodes will show us their Mechas. The Count is also using the Knights for his own. 1 thing he can not do. He can not use them to attack Mars, so he still keep this farce up to invade Earth for resources and Food&Water. Because the other Knights get their items still from Mars

    The Story know, under the Action is to predictable. Let us hope for great Bangs, Boom, Peng peng, Pew pew Actions.

    Looks like some Write took our little Picture Battle to seriously

  44. So, to easy some Stress here.

    1. Inaho is Hime-samas First Knight. because he drank her Blood
    2. Slain is a Knight stuck in the middle. He is using Count’s Power to keep her alive and channel his anger away from the Princess to Mars household. But then again, how did the 2nd Princess arived on Moon Base? Where she there exiled?
    3. So the Earth Aldnoah.Zero Drive Ship is some kind flying, because Inhao is the Knight of the Princess
    4. Princess somehow is still alive, but in a Coma. The Drive on the Ship do not reset or went dead. It is the same effect like the Knights in the Space, except here is Hime-sama the Power Anchor
    5. Hime-sama Maido, is helping the fake one? Well, it is her Duty!. But i want to now, if she still hold feelings to her real Hime-sama (Please give us screen time of this!)
    6. These Pirate broadcast from Moon with the Princess is there to keep the Facade up, that Count is still working for the Mars household. To hold up the Illusion for the Emperor trustful Knights in neighborhood. I bet this Freighters in the beginning was resupply from them for the Moon. So he need their resources

    So, please clam down. Even i was a bit in Rage, but then my Brain got cleared and thinking began to work again. Let us wait for more explanation. the WTF!!! Effect Bomb was successfully. I give the Writers credit for that *Naruto Gay *Thumb Up*

  45. I hope Slaine gets his revenge on the world that has forsaken him.

    Overall, not a bad start, I wished Inaho had stayed dead. I hated him in the first season, but for some reason his return made me happy.

      1. “…and no more girls in beach, I think this was a bad decision.”

        Haha, count me in. I thought this was a pointless scene especially when the girls are not what I would call attractive.

        I don’t want Slaine to be more broken than he already is. It would be too sad. 🙁

    1. I can understand that Slaine could hate the martians because they treated him worse than a street dog for years but the terrans? the world? his miserable life life? Inaho, the terrans and the world as a whole are innocent on that account. The only person risponsible for Slaine´s misery is Slaine himself, he was the one that cause the war to restart worse than before and finally he directly caused Seylum´s injuries by saving Saazbaun, a monster whose latest enterprise is the genocide of most of the terrans. Yeah, that sick puppy is not getting any sympathy from me.

  46. I’m sure that Slaine has some plan, but at the moment I can’t imagine anything reasonable that can redeam him.

    I think Slaine clearly knows what he is doing and I think there is no doubt about that he really believes that he is doing what must be done, to protekt his beloved princess from Orange and Saazbaum. And that he believes that it is the right thing to do to end the war, even if it means to exterminate the people on earth.

    But just because he believes in that nonsense, doesn’t mean that we as the viewer should accept and agree with the crap he is doing, just because poor poor Slaine doesn’t know better.
    I say it again, he is a selfish hypocrite who is taking part in e genocide.

    In short, I seriously can’t understand how someone can agree with what Slaine is doing and even support him.

  47. Just in case there’s still someone that didn’t notice:

    Inaho KNOWS that Asseylum is a fake.

    After hearing the princess’ speach, Inaho remarked that the sky is blue because of the Rayleigh scattering, as he explained to the real Asseylum because she was wrong the first time they talked about that. She should remember, but this Asseylum didn’t, so she’s a fake.
    Not that it would take a genius to guess that she could be a fake, as everyone knows that even the original princess had the shape-shifting technology.

    1. Yes, i think this “illusion” is not for Earth, is it more for the Knights comrades in Space. To tell Mars “Everything is alright!. Just continue the Invasion on Earth!”. This is the Counts plan

  48. I’m more impressed that Earth-side Vers Orbital Castles are surrendering to Terran forces.

    Also, it’s incredulous that even after all this time Inaho’s the only one who had a clue on how to beat Vers Kats. You think somewhere there’s a bunch of Kat Squads that are proficient with taking on the Vers Kats.

    1. Well, it is nice that they show that the Terran are capable of fighting and winning. I think it will be really awesome if the show will feature a bad-ass Kataphrakt team taking out a Martian Castle..

  49. Well, at least they spent the first episode to clear things up quick. Slaine has officially entered the category of a true creep (for now) and Inaho is quickly following the footsteps of his Orange Predecessor (Code Geass fan would know who i meant) with his new left eye.

    All in all, great start. But i’m still gunning for Inaho Seylum.

  50. timbo_1
  51. Finally im starting to see my Character Slaine is taking over the story and …. what the hell is he thinking…. i wonder why he chosing the wrong side in the war and oh oh OH Great he’s back the Autistic Genius boy doing his tactical intuition method against the immobile and slow enemy. He’s still the same as usual silence and immature. Thats his own fault why SLaine is different cuz of your quick judgement declaring him as assasin. THats okay i want to see A rematch between Slaine vs Inoha.

  52. Honestly I don’t see why they would do something like this. If you think about it, both Inaho and Asylum were relatively one-dimensional, in the sense that both have a very straight forward set of personality that was very clear to the audience and never hinted the need to explore any deeper on. At least Slaine has a family background that seems pretty crucial to the back story.

    I thought it would be really refreshing for a series to have killed of both male and female lead in the first cour, something you don’t see everyday.

    Just A Random Guy
  53. Oh man Slaine, Saylum will be not ammused when she wakes up. And with working together with Saazbaum, you stained your hands with the blood from millions of innocent people.

    About Inaho. He is badass as ever and I’m happy that he is alive and that he will take revenge for earth.

  54. Well, speaking of creepy, Slaine’s actions may seem contradictory but I can accept it if he is set up to be the antagonist of the show, however nothing creeps me out more than the image of the princess holding a rocket launcher and smiling innocently back in episode 3 of Season 1. Seriously, that’s not the ideal image of a pacifistic princess and it is not cute either though I blame it on the producers. I may be a minority here, but she is the most controversial character in the whole series. She wants to reconcile the Terrans with the Martians, she feels remorse when some Terrans are killed but watches apathetically when her own fellowmen are killed even though they did initiate the war. I’m not a fan of these pacifistic princess characters, but she is the worst creation of this category.

    1. You know, if someone wants to kill you you have 2 option, 1.running or if that doesn’t work 2.fight. And that is exatcly what Saylum did, fight. That she doesn’t feel any syphaty towards the guys who started this war and wanted to kill her is all to human.
      And about Saylum feeling remorse towards millions of earth people because her own people want to exterminate them is only normal. Monsters have no problem with genocide and the Martians are the Monsters in this conflict.

      About Slaine and his hypocrisy and betrayel towards the human race and Saylum… I can’t describe how disgussted I am about the fact that I liked him a little. It’s not like he was that clever to begin with, but his actions have resulted the the suffering of many many people because he is not capaple to thing about the consequence aof his actions. And now he has become a hypocrit by exploiting the woman he has sworn his loyality.

    1. “As detailed in the new Annales Geophysicae study, the data showed a steady and persistent wind carrying about a kilo of the plasmasphere’s material outwards each second at a speed of over 5,000 km/h. This plasma motion was present at all times, even when the Earth’s magnetic field was not being disturbed by energetic particles coming from the Sun.”


  55. …it’s going to be great seeing Slaine’s face later when he realizes he didn’t actually kill him off.

    Personally I don’t think Slaine would give a damn any more. He’s the one that has Seylum, physically at least, and I think that’s all he’d care about. My guess is that he would be surprised that Inaho had survived, and then sigh, shake his head and engage.

    The common point that both share is their single-mindedness. Unlike Inaho, Slaine suffered from indecision and doubt due to his unusual circumstances but now that he has a clear goal in mind, I expect him to do a lot better.

    Random Comment
  56. What I find really absurd is that Fanboys support Slaine and Saazbaum in their petty reasons for the murdering of millions innocent people.

    These Fans excuse everything he does with “he has a plan and he is suffering”.

    It’s like ” poor poor Slaine, he suffered so much”, but that Slaine himself is responsible for his “suffering” and that he is also responsible for the suffering of many many people doesn’t matter. Only the poor poor Slaine. I seriously don’t get that.

    If this would be real life Slaine, would be accused for treasen against mankind and for taking part in killing millions of people. It mean instant death penalty.

  57. I’m totally fine with people complaining about Inaho’s survival..

    But what I don’t understand is why people are complaining that Sourbum is alive…
    Checked episode 12…
    Slaine shot 12 times in rage and only lands 3 shots on Sourbum’s non-vital areas..

    Slaine… AIM for the brain… not the EYE….

  58. Just seeing this episode made me remember why I like this show so much.
    I actually can place myself pretty well in Inaho and I adore the technobabble.

    Dunno if it is just me, but while I agree it seems like there are a lot of asspulls, I find most of them (especially Inaho’s way of winning a fight) making a lot of sense. Then again, I also enjoyed Mahou Koukou no Rettousei. ^_^;

    As for Inaho surviving the shot in the head, look up Malala Yousafzai. Perfectly possible.
    So yeah, imo AZ just really stretches possibilities to there limits but at least they aren’t completely groundless like most asspulls. Besides, entertainment > logic.

  59. I love this chapter… And I think I’ll love this season… Inaho killing martians, killing Slaine, bringing back his princess, ntring Slaine again, with feelings and a new eye ¿can we ask for more? I’m waiting for see the face of Trollard when the princess slap his face for being so asshole.

  60. .. I have nto seen the ep yet. However, in anticipation Icoulnt wait. Only to see this cluster!

    Inhaho is fucking dead??? WTF! This mean they are going to kill the only character that was consistently a decent human being: “Slaine” – Mainly because Cheat Code Inaho is going to want revenge for getting shot in the dome when he pulled a gun on Slain.

    Really pissed they set up framework to paint Slaine – and let Inhaho get his fucking lady

  61. The Terrans’ side of the story always drags, seriously, something more engaging needs to happen other than an orange robot kicking ass. I would rather see the Martians destroy the whole human race than watch some boring sun loungers. This is why no matter how terrible Slaine and the Martians are represented, I am always more intrigued by their side of things, because stuff happens, whether they are using people or killing them.

  62. Poor Slaine, he betrays humankind and the promcess he has sworn to protect becuase he want’s to be in the same club like Saazbaum who want’s to kill this princess and who want’s to play war and exterminate billions of innocent people. Sounds ridiculous? I know. The incredible absurd logic of Slaine Trollyard

    1. to the Writers and Anime Industry:

      I am happy, that me and the Story write have nearly the same thoughts here. I do not know if he even now about this Blog site here. But let me thinking that i somehow gave back that they could use. So to easy my conscience, allow me to say this

      I am happy to be of use, with a Anime-Only Fan ideas. So this is some kind of payback from being a Freelancer Anime of Nippon.

      *Do the Deep possiblest Bow of gratitude*

      i still will write my Comments here, alone for Shirobako, while Nosaki-kun was the first

      please, let it slide. i know how strange it sounds, but i could not write better with my English


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