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OP: 「Punky Funky Love」 by GRANRODEO

「全力でやってるだけなんで」 (Zenryoku de Yatterdu Dakenande)
“I’m Just Going At Full Strength”

After a length hiatus (unless you’re like me and marathoned the past two seasons within a few weeks), Kuroko no Basuke makes it triumphant return. Picking up exactly where the last episode of season two left us, this week’s episode was more of recap than anything else.

Quick Recap

Under the guise of being interviewed for a popular basketball magazine, the story decided to jump straight into recapping everything that’s happened since the start of the Winter Cup. From the preliminaries where Seiren barley managed to tie with Shutoku to Kuroko managing to block the insanely tall Murasakibara, it was a pretty nostalgic trip down memory lane. That and I’m sure everyone who hasn’t been marathoning the show appreciated the refresher.

Haizaki Shougo

Back when I was writing the preview for this show for our Winter Preview, I remember reading in various places that there was going to be a mystery seventh man appearing this season. While it was alluded to that this person would have some kind of connection to the Generation of Miracles, I never expected the guy to be such a complete and total douchebag. He may say that he’s playing to just kill time or to take back what’s his, but I’m honestly having a hard time seeing the silver lining for a guy who chokes girls. That said, I’m sure that somewhere down the line he’ll show his true colors like everyone who’s been defeated before him.

Looking Forward and General Impressions

As someone who wouldn’t call himself a fan of sports anime but will watch the crap out of them because they’re so enjoyable, I’m happy to see that we’re getting a third season of this show. After two seasons of watching our two-year old team go against some of the heaviest hitters in the league without seeing the fruits of their labor, a third season to continue the story just makes sense. Sure I could do without all the silly names for the techniques that players keep revealing but you take what you can get right? And if anything, what’s really cool for this season’s opener is it seems Seiren won’t be the spotlight of the first “arc” — something I think is a nice change to help longtime viewers focus on something than the “team that could”. So yeah, overall a pretty good start to a long running series!

P.S. Sorry for the late post guys! I was at #ala2015 this past weekend and haven’t had much time/internet to do things. I have an introduction post for The Rolling Girls that’ll roll out tomorrow as well. Catch you later!


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    1. That’s bec their names are based on colors:

      Aomine Daiki = Ao means Blue
      Kise Ryōta = Ki means Yellow
      Midorima Shintarō = Midori means Green
      Murasakibara Atsushi = Murasaki means Purple
      Akashi Seijūrō = Aka means Red
      Momoi Satsuki = Momoi means Peach
      Tetsuya Kuroko = Kuro means Black (as in “shadow”)


      1. In any sports series, you can’t solve violence with violence, you have to solve it with the sport that the series is revolved around, and in this case it’s basketball.

    1. Whatever the case, let’s hope he gets his ass kicked eventually. How could anyone possibly do that to the lovely Alex? This guy’s a major douchebag.

      Imagine if he did that to Momo in front of Aomine? Aomine would have killed him.

      This show sure is good at making people you love to hate.

  1. The focus will be spread out amongst the remaining teams, as the majority of the teams in the quarters(6/8, GoM – Aomine + Kuroko + Haizaki) have somebody connected to the old Teikou team. Every game pitting GoM vs. GoM (or Haizaki or Seirin) was shown, so there are more games not involving Seirin on the court.

      1. For comparison’s sake, the first season ends ~70 and the second ends ~160 with some minor reordering of events. The finals itself took 40+ chapters, and I think a lot of that were action shots, everyone’s reaction, and repeating the ubiquitous cliffhanger scene from the previous chapter, which don’t take that much time in an anime adaptation. I’d imagine the bulk of the episodes will be dedicated to the Teikou flashback arc since that was more dialogue oriented and will actually need time, but I don’t think this season will turn out too rushed.

  2. I kinda wish that they will show one episode where the old generations of miracles will fight together in a basketball match. Like they form a team and fight against some other team. I’m kinda curious just how powerful they are when they were in their old team. I mean,they’re all so powerful now individually!

    1. Currently there is a sequel to the manga, Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game, in progress, where it will show the Generation of Miracles playing together in the same team against a foreign team. The first chapter was released in December. It might take a while before it gets animated though.

  3. Wow art looks so different… lol Kagami’s eyes are at an even sharper angle now xD
    And Morita Masakazu playing the big bad? I’m psyched! [But from here-on out starts the waiting game..going to try to resist watching the following episodes until the match ends..though I’ve never succeeded in the past]


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