「旋転する罠 -Toll for the Brave-」 (Senten Suru Wana -Toll for the Brave-)
“Pivoting Trap -Toll for the Brave-“

I think we can consider the ante officially upped.

Is it me, or has Aldnoah.Zero actually started to make sense? And if it has, is that a good thing? If you put a gun to my head, I think I’d have to answer yes to both questions. The thing is, I don’t think this show every totally sold out to batshit insanity the way, say, Valvrave did – so as a result, when it goes into full asspull mode rather than agreeably crazy it was more just irritating as hell. But the events of the last two episodes actually a show that’s actually going somewhere with a sense of purpose, and that some sense of logic is governing things (after it got the big asspulls out of the way in the S2 premiere). Of course, if Saazbaum survives this one you can pretty much scrap that whole paragraph.

As I said last week, I’ve come to rather like the growing battle of peachfuzz genius brewing between Slaine and Inaho. I think we’re still owed some explanation of just why Slaine is capable of seemingly superhuman feats of prescience (not even Inaho has figured it out), and I think the ship has pretty much sailed on getting one for pre-gunshot Inaho’s level of genius. But at least now what we’re getting from bizarro-Pinocchio Inaho makes sense – in his own words he’s about “70-30” relying on his own brain for his Gary Stu (at least in chess) with the implant (which we now know is much more than just for vision) providing the rest.

The narrative seems to be split pretty much 50-50 between the Earth and VERS sides at the moment, with some interesting stuff happening on both sides. Inaho suggests to Captain Romance-counselor that it might be best for all concerned if he doesn’t risk his neck in the upcoming battle royale with the Mars forces, given that he’s now the only way his side has of accessing Aldnoah. But there’s an essential contradiction here, because it could hardly be more obvious that the Earth forces would have no chance in battle if Inaho wasn’t performing his usual superhuman feats. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t – but it’s clear Earth has no chance without putting all its eggs – on sale or otherwise – in Inaho’s basket. If you’re going to play the genius teenager saving the day trope card, I guess you may as well play it to the hilt.

No question though, the biggest dramatics this week come on the VERS-ian side. The reminder of how much of a cartoonishly evil caricature most of the Orbital Knights are isn’t exactly welcome, but it does serve a larger purpose – the taunting and threats of two of them (Barouhcruz and Marylcian – if it matters) prompts Saazbaum to proclaim Slaine his son and heir. This seems to offer him some measure of protection, though it’s obvious the “Terran Dog” ought never to turn his back on his fellow Knights.

Slaine’s gambit here – using the brilliance he expects Inaho to display in the coming battle to spring the trap he’s laid for Saazbaum – is a brilliant if credulity-straining stratagem. Inaho is unwitting in all this, but even if he’s not the victim he’s certainly the one being played in this round – though it’s Saazbaum who pays the price. I’m of mixed feelings about this – Saazbaum was always the most nuanced and interesting of the VERS nobles (though that’s a low bar). But this makes Slaine’s character a lot more interesting, and it was never really believable that he’d honestly swear fealty to the man who pulled the trigger and put his beloved Asseylum in a tank (though Saazbaum seemed to buy it). Needless to say I sincerely hope Saazbaum really is dead this time – again, nothing against the character – because pulling yet another false demise would really be a bridge too far in the asspull department.

The other thing – probably the main thing – Slaine’s betrayal does is to make the VERS storyline infinitely more interesting. Slaine is now a true subversive, a revolutionary who obviously plans no less than to overthrow the VERS order and remake the society in more egalitarian terms. In this endeavor Harklight (Hirakawa Daisuke) with his common birth seems a logical ally, and Princess Lemrina another tool to be used. The dynamic of the series just leveled up in a big way – we have not just the Earth vs. Mars/Inaho vs. Slaine drama, but also a stealth coup taking place within the VERS society. A society with VERS technological superiority but freed of their antiquated and dysfunctional feudalism is actually a much scarier prospect for Earth than the enemy they’re currently facing – but is it just possible Slaine’s endgame is to seize power and then pursue Asseylum’s dream of a peaceful coexistence with Earth? We don’t know yet how this will play out, but I’ve become much more interested in finding out.

Zephyr’s Quick Impressions:

Oh Slaine. How a new mech and a little bit of a extra foresight can change things! For lack of a better term, it’s a doozy of an episode this week—one that started out with a lull before the big fight and ended with a death I didn’t see coming. It’s a bit hilarious how much the actual battle was overshadowed by the focus on Inaho, Slaine, and Saazbaum, but the latter’s death comes as an important development that turns the tides dramatically. Just like that, Slaine’s the “white knight” (it’s not a coincidence he’s literally a VERS knight riding a white steed) leading the charge for all of VERS’ lower class inhabitants, and it adds a measure of legitimacy to his competency as a character and antagonist to our equally capable Inaho.

The problem is, there’s no way Asseylum’d be supportive of such a plan despite its noble intent, and I’d be surprised if this ends happily for the involved parties. It looks like a star-crossed tale (cue Romeo and Juliet references) if I’ve ever seen one, and it has the death of a majority of the main cast (at least three of the four out of Inaho, Slaine, Asseylum, and Lemrina) written over it. The only questions are how many will die along with them, whether or not it’ll take both sides decimating each other to end the war, if Slaine Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard can pull one last coup by becoming Emperor before it’s all said and done, and whether they end up developing things along the lines of the ALDNOAH activation being something you can potentially “just” infect people with.

You don’t have to look back yet, but with this episode and the possibilities they present, ALDNOAH.ZERO’s catching up a little bit from a narrative perspective. It’s still far from great in that respect, but just as one cannot deny the enjoyment received from this series’ action aspects and dramatic twists, one can say there’s a potentially good story to be told here now that we’ve gotten to this point. I’ll say, it’s going to be interesting seeing how things go from here now that everyone’s roles seem to be officially set, and things have begun to sort themselves out following the first season’s finale.


  1. Aldnoah is making sense you guys! I never thought I’d say that.
    As of now Slaine has fallen back in my good graces, initially he made 0 sense to me coming in to season 2 after that finale and the season opener, but things are truly working toward awesome now and that’s great to see…if just a bit late.
    As for Inaho, he’s in a position to reach a level of interesting that exceeds the basic ‘genius teenager who’ll save the war’. Though, I do believe their ideals will definitely come to clash if Slaine really is trying to live out the dreams of the Princess from a different angle.
    We’ve got the guy working to save his world from annihilation from a very massive foe whereas you’ve got another guy working to take over another world for the sake of leading his own down the right path now that it’s more than evident that the corruption and imbalance of power is beyond repair of other means…Great stuff.
    I’m curious about Rayets role in all of this too, it’s clear she hasn’t been 100% accepted, at least outside of team deucalion, and that can make for a good story as well in the long run if it isn’t wrapped up so easily…hopefully it wasn’t wrapped up after this episode.
    Inaho’s superhuman brain…I want there to truly be more behind his character rather than ‘he’s really smart’. I also don’t want his character growth to be a result of the Princess without some reasonable explanation as to how…overly calculated and human robot-y he is. He’s essentially devoid of emotion…If we don’t get something behind that story, I’ll be pretty upset….but I’ll move on I suppose :/
    Now Slaine is a knight, we’ve got a conniving bastard princess working to steal everything her sister ever had, a big lie regarding the health of the princess, and soooo much more.
    This is what Aldnoah ought to have been from the get go, this is interesting stuff now.

      1. The person who triggered the start of the war is dead.
        Yet Inaho is still a target thanks to his poor choice of words from long ago.

        –Excerpt from Episode 07–

        Inaho’s sphinx-like nature lends itself to another possibility, though. Slaine asks him if he intends to “exploit” the Princess, and his response is “Would it bother you if I did?” Slaine asks if Inaho is his enemy, and Inaho replies with “You are my enemy.”

        I wonder what are the chances of them having a casual chat over a cup of tea..

      2. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2015%20-%20Large%2012.jpg
        “I also think Slaine should’ve killed him last season, since it makes more sense for me to calmly carry out an unemotional long term plan of revenge after Saazbaum seemingly killed the woman I loved, but then inexplicably let him live because I decided right there to plan my revenge through a, dare I say it, a game of thrones, instead of just shooting him on the spot in a fit of uncontrolled rage.”

        Impel Down Hippo
  2. In the early stages of the storyline, he [Slaine, the Protagonist of Mars] was actually a character hiding a strong, rebellious spirit. Despite the abuse and oppression he received at the hands of the Vers noblemen, within his heart burned a strong desire to return the favour one day.

    The Slaine onwards is going to be the rebel leader he was mean to be first, but with the addition to his loyalty to Asseylum. They changed his backstory to introduce him as a character who had lost his spirit and only focused on Asseylum because she was the only source of kindness in his life. In the original stages, the Hero for the people of Vers (not the Orbital Knights who are the Antagonists), Slaine, was ambitious and resented the system and wished to overthrow it by moving up and turning the tables. Aldnoah Zero features two underdog stories in conflict (for the moment): Slaine, representative of those oppressed internally in Martian society, and Inaho, representative of those who the Martian knights want to conquer and destroy.

    Pre-planning Slaine did not meet the princess until she visited the Orbital castle he worked, so their planned relationship dynamics was closer to Lemrina-Slaine, a push pull with politics background. I suspect that Lemrina and Asseylum seem to be split characters from the original only Martian Princess figure.

    1. I do not Hate her. Did she done something around killing someone? She is just Honest to Slaine, and Slaine is Honest to her. Both are Outsiders in the same World. Slaine just took a Big Step upwards in Power. So both know they need each other to fulfill their Dream.

      1. Believe me, that girl is dangerous and has her own agenda. Don’t be fooled by her, her jealousy of her sister is going to drive her to a bad end. And if you really think Slaine was being “honest”, be aware that that was totally a façade, like the one he’s been wearing ever since he he came into Saazbaum’s service.

      1. He would be a decent anti-hero if he just throw morals to the wind and do what is right regarding of the concequences but he´s not doing that at all. He´s going to recreate VERS into a better nation, how Nice! The catch: he´s using the corpses of all the terrans as the keystone and tromping all over the dreams and hopes of Seylum, the only person he claims to love, yeah no, this guy is a monster.

    1. If you need some more deep understanding (Well, how i see Slains motivations, so far out of my Mind)

      Slaine want to save the Mars peoples, that are suffering under the oppressing power of the Counts. He want to free these Peoples from the Chains of suffering on Mars. Perhaps he want to conquer Earth also to use its resource to free or let live these on Mars.

      Slains motivation is not for World Domination. it is for the Sake of the Peoples like him. Break the Chain of the Nobles. But really Peace with Earth, i dunno. I need some more hints to force my mind about him

      1. oh, i forgotten. But to fulfill these noble actions, he is in need of the Princess. All moves around of the Peoples that can Command the Aldnoah Drives. When all Mars Peoples emerged to Earth, then there is no need anymore for this Aldnoah except for Weapon Power. No the Civilian urgent need is no important anymore.

        The Show could also break up the dependence on this Cursed Power. Or use it only for Weapons of Mass Destruction

      2. If i think it deeper, even the Old King would be grateful in the end to Slaine. It would be him, that free him out of his Curse. So if Slaine save the Peoples of Mars (The King surly think only of the Noble house), he is not needed anymore to keep alive for Mars Life support

        So enough deep toughs let see how the Story give us

      3. Breaking the chains of opression by exterminating billons of inocents, yeah, this guy is no hero, Slaine is so insane that he might actually think he´s doing the right thing. And I doubt he´s doing it ofr selfless reasons either, remember he said to Harcklight: “I have no dreams” to me it seems all part of a plan to keep Seylum “safe” or at leats his twisted definition of safe.

      4. Well, you could also say he is some kind of Sasuke of Naruto. He nearly has the same Skill, too. And both walk the Dark Path, but someone still believe in him, so he do no Slip to deep. But i cannot say how Dark Slaine is, i need more “data”

      5. I always loved Naruto, that series was part of chilhood and young life but if there is one thing that always hated of it was Sasuke and the fact he didn´t what he deserved. The way naruto kept on beliving in a guy that was not even worth saving made go rrggg!.

  3. I think we’re still owed some explanation of just why Slaine is capable of seemingly superhuman feats of prescience (not even Inaho has figured it out)

    I thought that was pretty obvious – it’s not Slaine, it’s Tharsis’s ability.

    Heck, Slaine even flat-out mentioned it in this episode, when he was laying down his trap for Saazbum, something along the line of “I guess not even Tharsis can see that far into the future”.

    1. I wonder why the Tharsis has that name, it just doesn´t fit with its powers. All martian kataphraks have a meaningfull name like: Stygis becuse they look lile beetle copelatus stygis; the Dioscuria because of Castor and Pollux, since it has the ability to separates in multiple parts it really fits; Frozen Elyseum doesn´t even need to be explained; the Argyre is named after a mythological island made of pure silver wich makes sesne considering the mecha is silver; but the Tharsis is named after a volcanic plateu in Mars, doesn´t really have anything to do do with the power to see into the future if you ask me.

  4. Have to say that was better than last episode, and IMO the best episode for Aldnoah so far this season… as long as Saazbaum stays dead. Seriously, he needs to STAY DEAD. I don’t think I can deal with another “non-death”.

    Slaine’s betrayal firmly answered why he would team up with Saazbaum (on top of a way to save Asseylum). A plot for revenge AND a massive rise in societal rank? Works for me. Count Slaine also makes things a bit more interesting on the VERS side of things. Then again, the VERS side is already more interesting for me than the Earth side. Need to step it up Terrains. Frankly, like him or not, I think Slaine continues to be the more interesting of the two male leads, especially as Inaho continues his journey towards becoming a true cyborg. His character does not need to be more machine-like.

    Aldnoah being Aldnoah pushed some limits as usual such as “assigning unused brain cells”. Would someone please explain how that works. Assigning tasks to unused brain cells seems like a fine way to get an early start on my tax return. OK, fine. I’ll just go with it. TBH, I am getting tired of Rayet’s “Kill all Martians” shtick. Yeah, I got it… last season. Say something else. The show needs to do something more with her character than that. I also think the show is milking the supposed (solar)”wind effect” a bit too much.

    Overall, a solid, better than expected episode for Aldnoah, and one which puts me on board for the full season.

    1. “A plot for revenge AND a massive rise in societal rank? Works for me. Count Slaine also makes things a bit more interesting on the VERS side of things. Then again, the VERS side is already more interesting for me than the Earth side. Need to step it up Terrains. Frankly, like him or not, I think Slaine continues to be the more interesting of the two male leads, especially as Inaho continues his journey towards becoming a true cyborg. His character does not need to be more machine-like.”

      I can’t agree with you more. On another note, it was good to see Inaho struggle some.

    2. pseudo/pop-science at its best. probably stemming from the “we only use 10% of our brains” myth. what IS possible is that it overclocks the lower activity portions of the brain since not all of it is working at high activity all the time. but if they understand the brain that much in how many years ahead of us? now we also have a somewhat feasible reason for why not all the Kataphrakts don’t have a autoaiming system when Inaho’s eye implant can but I still don’t see why they don’t at least have a rudimentary one (pretty sure mechs have enough processing power for some limited range calculations). especially if their tech/science with brains is so advanced

      in the first place, the whole solar wind effect thing is bs anyways like you said. if it’s actual solar wind, Inaho should not be able to calculate the paths without some clues (but there’s only rocks that won’t move unless you hard calculate how wind would move around that…). if it’s gravity from rocks as suggested by one of Inaho’s throwaway comments, then 1. Moon rocks are about as dense as Earth rock and are not super massive as shown by comparison to Kataphrakt size and 2. there’s rocks in all directions so the gravity should cancel out

      1. Actually if you really want to think about it, it was Inaho who was the king in this chess game as alluded to in the chess game in the beginning. Slaine actually used Inaho in his plan, which really makes him the Chessmaster.

  5. Actually, it makes sense that Slaine would become a revolutionary. Ever since he moved to Mars, he’s been treated as subhuman. He’s lower than even the commoners, and has suffered more than any other character in the series. He’s began to gather courage and development throughout the first season, going from a doormat that everyone tried to beat and break, to the strong leader and strategist we see now. He can understand the plight of the peons of Vers’ feudal system, people like Harklight, whose family had to suffer and sacrifice just so that he could be a servant of the noble class. He’s lived through what even they haven’t.

    And Slaine knows how to play the game. He’s being paying lipservice since he’s been on Vers. He can probably placate just about any noble. He’s also been around the royals and counts long enough to know how Vers politics works, AND he just so happened to work for the two most powerful of the counts: Cruhteo and Saazbaum, he’s probably learned tons from them.

    He’s actually in quite the opportune position.

    1. It also seems that Saazbaum is actually proud of Slaine and all that he had wrought. I guess he expects Slaine to finish what he started: tear down the Vers’ aristocracy. Starting with himself.

  6. I never would have thought the pure hearted Slained would turn out to be so manipulative. This ep made it clear to me that he aimed for this outcome from the get go. Saved Saazbaum just to make use of him to gain peerage in the martian society. Man that was devious.

    I am very suspicious of Harklight though. Slaine is moving up fast… from terran to knight and now to a count, just 1 more step to royalty. Is it too fast?

    This screenshot is taken when Slaine got out of the Tharsis and greeted the 2 other counts:


    The thing on the sole of Slaine’s feet. I think this will be of some importance on future developments.

  7. I found this Episode Great, i gave it a 9+/10

    But i understand these Peoples that find this:
    Start with this:
    and end with this:

    A bit to much Deus Ex Machina

    This White Mecha is a bit to much Overpowered in looking into the Future. But well, Inaho had successful land a Hit. Now he must understand Why he could hit him. And another Mecha weakness gets exploited by him

      1. To Mincemaker,
        Yes, I agree with you. It does look like Slain simply changed the plan mid-fight when he saw the chance to kil Saazbum. Although I probably have to wait until next episode or even later to decide whether this is a good twist for the story.

        Reason? You will find out.

      1. Actually, what happened was that he originally planned the trap for Inaho, but be revised it oncertificate Saazbaum named him his heir. The moment they went out to battle, the trap’s target was Saazbaum. You can tell that he let himself get hit by Inaho’s shot which was why Inaho was surprised. That was to get Saazbaum to fight him and Inaho to disable the barrier. Notice that he didn’t interfere when Inko arrived or when she and Inko escaped. Once they came out on that battlefield, everything was dancing to Slaine’s tune.

    1. Exciting episode, it is. However, there are several points that I am not sure whether should I label them as good point or bad point yet. So, I will hold my judgement until at least next ep.

  8. Wow, I didn’t thought Slaine would kill Saazbaum so fast after his “adoption”.
    But I’m al little dissatisfied with the way of killing. I wished Saazbaum would be killed by a simple way. Thats was so Inaho Style + Back to the Future Thing. Shooting Bullets in the Wind of the Earth und pinpointing Saazbaum at right this point? If “Slay”ne can see so far in the future he should be able to kill Inaho so easily?

  9. Slaine was actually pretty awesome this episode and I don’t even mind how contrived it was. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like Slaine! For once he seems to have outplayed Inaho because he actually set a trap for both Saazbaum AND Inaho and nearly succeeded on killing both of them. It was clear he taking potshots at Inaho to keep him in the trap zone. The irony of course is that INKO of all people who was the wrench to his plan and even Inaho acknowledges that her presence saved his life.

    That’s another part I liked about this episode: both Inko and Rayet actualy get to do something. Rayet in particular seems to have her own mini-arc of having to deal with racism with the other soldiers. Quite frankly, its the only thing interesting happening on the Earth side right now.

    1. Todays battle score: Inaho 1 (tactical victory, survives) – Slaine 2 (tactical loss, BIG strategic plan advancement) – Salzbaum 0 (thats what you get for hurting cute princess…).
      And its fascinating how Rayet in Earth forces mirrors Slaine on Vers side – a renegade form the other side, never trusted save by few friends…

  10. But i should give Knights of Sidonia their Credits. See what this “New IP” done already in the Anime World. This here use inspired Actions from it.

    The Docking 5 Mechas to Increase Speed and lowering Fuel consuming. Thats from Sidonia
    This Catapult of the Earth Mechas out of this Asteroid Base, vibes from Sidonia. Well to explain, this is needed to get them out of the Gravity Well to save fuel

    1. To WorldwideDepp:

      Great point there and, as a fan of ‘Kinghts of Sidonia’ myself, I felt happy, too.
      Unfortunately, that idea about ‘combined formation’ dosen’t seem to be invented by Sidonia. As far as I know, a certain classic PC game called ‘HOMEWORLD’ already had something like that in its firt sequel/side story–CATACLYSM. In CATACLYSM, you can combine two fighters into a combined unit, boosting their capabilities.

      Side story/data disk…not god damned DLC…what a wonderful world it was.

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  12. I have no problem with the episode. It was good and it straightened the plot and all that.

    But I don’t get everyone’s seeming response that suddenly Slaine is a hero again. Unless, something very strange changes later, Slaine is very much not a hero. Murderous manipulative political schemer is not generally a heroic role in anime. Slaine’s obsession with Asseylum has given him blinders from episode 1 and that is continuing. Nothing about Asseylum suggests she’d be at all okay with any of the stuff that Slaine has done this season.

    Slaine is an interesting character, but he’s still a train-wreck; a guy who’s so bent on his own obsessions that he just careens from one disaster to the next, bringing destruction in his wake. If anything, he’s an object lesson on how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And no matter how noble his intentions may seem, betrayal and pre-meditated murder don’t tend to be good signs.

    As for Inaho, we finally get a bit of a thematic explanation for him; he’s based mildly on Odin. And I think that says something about the constant use of gary stu complaints about this. This show was never really about the normal soldiers, and the ones we focus on are not normal. They are ‘gods’ and this is their myth. Inaho is Odin and Slaine, especially after this episode, is perhaps the trickster?

    1. Odin is not very heroic, he’s called the Oathbreaker, his own wife cheat on him, and he couldn’t really stop the end, his foolishness (not wisdom) only had fate of destruction inevitable.

      1. I don’t think it’s actually a re-skin of norse mythology, just some thematic elements, and the overall idea that the story revolves around these ‘gods’ as opposed to being an actual war story.

    2. He’s literally a shinkansen-fast moving train wreck, and that’s why him (and this series) is actually amusing.

      Btw (not related to reply), I think I realized that they add some small details to Earth-side characters to make them not terribly one dimensional (Rayet has her mini arc albeit still not interesting, Inko actually useful although overall she’s still barely competent and too defined by her obsession to Inaho, even that super useless mechanic guy actually saying something meaningful albeit only for exposition). Still far below what development that martians side got though.

      However, this show definitely will be much better if it has better focus and some additional actually capable characters in both sides, at least just to be disposed when the main characters are ready for the final growth.

  13. (Hugs Slaine plushie) Let’s face facts here guys. Slaine MAKES this show. All the dramatic developments take place on his side. Inaho and co are still stuck spouting corny one liners or trying to make a boring conversation interesting by playing chess. Doesn’t make these guys any less boring writers! I suppose they want to show that the general is smart but they should probably give her a chance to properly show it off eh?

    This episode did catch me by surprise as I did not expect Slaine’s betrayal of Saazbaum (though they did hint at it earlier in the episode with the ambiguous camera angles and Slaine mentioning his betrayal during that first scene). That part actually legitimately made me sad since I felt Saazbaum was a pretty good villain who had genuinely good goals for his people. This episode does prove that Slaine did have respect for him as well but couldn’t let go of his anger at Saazbaum shooting the princess. Even if I do understand why he might feel that way it was still a pretty messed up thing to do.

    Seeing the bigger picture though does show that Slaine’s goal ultimately is too fight for the lower class citizens who are treated like garbage due to the current social superiority that is constantly displayed by the higher class. Since he came from that background he very much knows what that kind of suffering is like and wants to help them. Gaining higher status is key to that goal. Pfff and he said he didn’t have any dreams. Knew that was a lie the moment he said it. In retrospect I do see the argument about him only saving Saazbaum for his own purposes making a bit more sense but I’d argue it was a bit of both respect/manipulation given this episodes resolution. Whatever the case I still can’t get enough of my boy Slaine! ^_^. He’s a bit of an anti-hero which my favorite kind xP.

    That aside this series just feels like a bunch of movie cliches stock piled into one series.

    1. Person says something to conflict the protagonist before they die or are killed.
    2. Let’s out a one liner as they die instead of being pissed off.
    3. Guys who have been on the job for a while tease the rookies.
    4. The rookies save them in combat instantly gaining mutual respect.
    5. Character who loves the main protagonist stupidly charges into fight in order to magically save the protagonist due to their stupidity.
    6. Characters are struggling against the enemy only for Inaho to come and save them AGAIN (This is an Aldnoah cliche at this point.)
    7. Due to some bullshit reasoning only the protagonist is able to use a hidden power that nobody else can. They never really explained why Inaho randomely activated the Aldnoah power in the first place since he was unconscious and they already established that an unconscious person can’t power the ship.

    Either I’ve been watching to much Cinemasins or this series is just a compilation of all the movie cliches out there xD. It’s part of the reason I kind of like the series but it does make it rather predictable at times.

    1. “6. Characters are struggling against the enemy only for Inaho to come and save them AGAIN (This is an Aldnoah cliche at this point.)”

      And sad to say, if the struggling characters like Inko and Rayet are not going to kick the bucket any time soon, it just means that the Martians’ side will continue to suffer losses even though they have the upper hand.

    2. As I said below the last episode post…

      “Someone appeared and seems competent enough to actually hit something! Who can it be?!”
      *surprise surprise, it’s Inaho*
      “IT’S INAHO! But how!”

      Always. A few more times and it’ll start being funny instead of cringe-worthy. Maybe.

  14. This certainly feels like leftovers. It’s definitely something that could’ve been done in S1 had Slaine been Saazbaum’s retainer much earlier. I guess they could have cut down on Inaho’s one-man-kobe-bryant-81-points-in-a-game-everryday and made space for this. While probably less impactful than the seemingly bad end massacre, it’ll certainly feel more coherent with the way things are going now.

  15. Man, A.0 is really going full Code Geass, chess and all.

    I like it. Slaine, you’re a bastard, but a magnificent one at the moment.

    Wish they’d drop the “gravitational space wind” though, every time they mention it my inner physicist cringes.

  16. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2015%20-%2036.jpg I’ve always stuck by you Slaine since Day 1. You are the character AZ needs and the character I deserve to watch grow into a complete badass. A combination of Lelouch and Suzaku you are, but what will you become in the end?

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2015%20-%2032.jpg The best is yet to come!

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2015%20-%2009.jpg “Slaine, Fighto!”

    This was the best damn episode of the series so far. 10/10, Justice was done and the heavens will fall, a.k.a. Slaine will dismantle the Vers establishment board by board. Saaz got slained and the birth of Slain Aznable came to fruition.

    All he needs now is the mask…

  17. I’ve found to care less and less about the Earth side. They’re just so generic and unappealing as a whole. It’s as if they’re the same as they were 10 episodes ago. At some point Inaho’s genius save-the-day shick just isn’t cool anymore. Martian side though is just much more entertaining. Leaving aside where I like or hate particular characters, at least I’m interested in them.

    I do like the set-up of Slaine becoming an anti-hero. I think what will happen is that he does complete the revolution but gets killed in the end by Assylem, who will take over as the leader in peace.

    1. If they Seylum kills Slaine in the end after he accomplishes his goal that would be like the Final Fantasy Tactics ending, but Slaine will never kill Seylum so that’d be the only difference. I don’t want that kind of ending though, Slaine deserves better for all the crap he’s been through.

      1. I recall a princess that Judo flipped Inaho and threatened to break his arm, a princess that fired a bazooka with a smile on her face (an adorable smile, but still crazy), and a princess pulling out a gun in the first OP, what was her name again? Oh wait…

        I would not be surprised if Seylum did kill Slaine.

      2. Also remember that she’s also the same girl that blamed herself for a member of the terrorist group that tried to assassinate her, tries and almost succeeds in strangling her to death. That princess has a bad case or martyr syndrome and I highly doubt she would try to kill Slaine, no matter what he’s done.

        Also, be aware that the show writers have already said that the gun thing in the OP1 was symbolic and a metaphor for a decision she makes that affects the second season.

  18. The count adopting Slaine made no sense. Why in god’s name would he do that? I always saw him as a careful planer. Making a son out of the guy who loves a woman you hate and put few rounds into not so long ago. Giving him actual hierarchic power in the martian aristocracy. Slaine is checking on the princess everyday, there is no way he would have gotten over this. That move was so out of place lol. he better watch his back tough, i don’t think his new title matched with the nicely timed and convenient demise of his ” father” is going to sit well with the rest of martian aristocracy: he is still a Terran, no amount of title is going to change that.
    I really want to see the princess waking up with her memory intact, her reaction to Slaine antics is going to be priceless lol. I hope she puts a bullet in his head by the end of series…that will make him a definitive tragic “hero”.

    1. Saazbaun did that because Slaine was born in lowest class of Verss society and undertood what is be treated like garbage but, he did not take into account how insane slaine truly is, the whole fair society is just a tool to keep Seylum “safe”, Harcklight and Lemrina are disposable toys as well. And I´m with you Satyr-san, Seylum is going to put a bullet right between Slaine´s eyes but you know what would be truly priceless? That the first thing Seylum ask when she wakes up is where Inaho is, right in front of Slaine.

      This is not Romeo and juliet, at least not with Slaine, this is Juliet and the crazy stlker that belives he´s Romeo.

  19. If Inaho is Odin then Slaine must be Ullr, in some Norse Myth this god fought Odin for the Throne of Asgard so it mirrors parts of the dynamic between Inaho and Slaine. That wood mena that Seylum should be Frigga, what goddess would you give poor Inko.

  20. Forgive me, if this Picture battle this time feel a bit akward, i try to force myself

    Now, Inaho. i going to Crush you
    Step aside Slaine, let me do this. I am the Count and have a open Bill with him
    Saazbaum’s Shoryuken
    Fear! Inaho!, Tremble in Fear. Because i got to kill you!
    Um, Sorry to Interrupt my Count. But your Power Limit is about to run out!
    I knew it, i should punish my Technician when i got back. I need a better Power contract
    Slaine, can you tow me home?
    Slaine? Slaine? Slaine! Do you want me to die here?
    I am terrible sorry, But the Count’s Mecha experience a extreme power failing and he suffocate in his Mecha.
    So dear Watchers, this is my Story how i became a Count.
    See you next Episode
    Wait!! What about me? Did you forgotten about me?
    See, i even done a Mind only Chess game, and Won
    i even scanned her 3 Sizes, to rise her changes to get a Date!
    Watching the Mysterious Pocket-watch
    Fly my Mecha!
    One Shoot Kill again some Enemys
    So, why i not getting my Attention?
    Pah! You seeking Attention? I do not got my Pantsu Shoot!! it is more frustrating
    Ohhh, Pantsu Shoot?
    Y-you should not have this unclean thought, Lemrina Hime-sama
    Inaho, grow more into a Men. Will ya?

  21. Say what you want about Slaine, but he’s still the most interesting character on this show and this slightly made up for his gigantic screw-up at the end of season one. Blindsiding Saazbaum like that was pretty brilliant, albeit convenient that Slaine had just become his heir.
    This was honestly where I was hoping season two would go, with Slaine taking the reins in the Vers Empire and changing it to suit his needs. Seriously, we could cut out the Terran storyline and it would not make a difference. Unfortunately, I feel like the writers aren’t smart enough to make Slaine’s takeover convincing (Saazbaum was the only multi-dimensional Martian character) but I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

  22. I suspect Slaine’s true intentions are driven by the princess. To get rid of the Aldnoah that drug her into this once and for all. Which coincidentally, the nobles have control over. Inaho is an obstacle as he is the Earth’s/Terrans best chance of getting their hands on it. He wants Aldnoah gone.

    Aldnoah created a caste of noblea. Aldnoah inspired Mars to believe it could incite war. Aldnoah made the princess such a pivotal chip in conflict. And his father’s reaponsible for it. He has a reaponsibility his family and the princess dragged into this to get rid of it.

    1. Except Inaho didn’t know whenever to trust him or not and he didn’t shot to kill. Actually all this wouldn’t have happen if Slaine let Inaho kill the count, even though the count looked at him and told him straight he was hellbent on killing the princess. hell, he even gave him a mech and told him it was up to him what to do. If someone told me he was going to kill the girl i love, my first reaction would be to do anything to stop him NOT SAVE HIS FCKING LIFE. Turn out the dude escapes, thanks him and puts few rounds in his “beloved” and he start to cry? Why even cry? lol He created this situation. A situation that lead his to make a deal with the same dude, he could have stopped but didn’t.

  23. i think that very last scene showed exactly how complex sazzbaum and slaine’s relationship was. slaine was clearly pained by letting sauzbaum die. sauzbaum clearly did care for slaine on some level. after all that, after he was clearly betrayed. The master schemer was clearly impressed that Slaine had out schemed him. I’m actually not sure how I feel about this. Then again, I don’t think Slaine quite does either, which is part of the point

    1. Completely agreed.
      They would make a good family, if not for the whole love-life-sabotaging business.
      … actually, I am now almost certain that somewhere exists such a doujin or two.

  24. This show just went full Code Geass. Welcome to the Dark Side, Lord Slaine Troyard lol. I guess I’ll start watching it ironically from now on. That is if I don’t snooze off staring at beamspam flooding the screen. At this point Inaho is nothing but a plot device. If he was replaced by an A.I. shaped after WALL-E I’d be full of glee. The thing would be cute at least.

  25. In theory you could call Slaine a genius, if we are to believe he intentionally left him live long enough to gain his trust to a point he would name him as a son and become his only heir. Upon his death he elevated himself to a position of absolute power.

    1. Yeah, my thoughts exactly, i wanted to punch Slaine in the face since the beginning of season 2, his actions didn’t make any sense … but now i understand why he did what he did and why he spared Saazbaum’s life, it was only to use him to gain huuuge political leverage then get rid of him in cold-blood .. well played Slaine .. well played.

  26. It just took 3 episodes to elevate Ald.noah Zero from average to good.

    But if you look at the two seasons as a whole, perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad. I actually like Slaine’s character now (took 3 episodes to transform my disdain too) as it feels much deeper. That myriad of emotions he experienced was a promising start.

    It’s an interesting thought that because the first half focused mainly on the Terrans, so Slaine might actually not be that hateable in a sense. The focal point looks to shift to the Vers Empire as the scene now takes place in space, and they are doing it right so far.

    It’s also ironic that for all of Saazbaum’s purposeful scheming to get at the royal family, he was ultimately done in by one furthest from nobility by a trap not meant for him. That one, of course, does look pretty much on the course to revolution at a most opportune time.

    I’ve always had a preference for Inaho as a main character, and it looks like they are giving him a little more expression and mortality despite his cybernetic implant (i.e. Barely escaping death NOT by his own devices) which makes me like his character even more. It’s safe to say his meeting with Asseyleum had lasting effects which are starting to show. It’s gonna be fun to see how he attempts to deal with a Kataphrakt that is almost like a direct counter to his abilities.

    War, rivalry, damsel-in-distress with revolution on the cards. This is getting good, and all it took was 3 episodes for me to sit upright and pay attention again.

    Just stay dead, Saazbaum. Please.

  27. First order of the day.

    “Put Ejection pods on my mech plus the Eject Button.”

    That could have easily saved Saaz if he ejected before the second volley hit him.

    Finally, Inko was useful and actually saved Inaho this time around by figuring out quickly Inaho’s plan when he jettisoned his burners and blasted it behind Saaz’s mech. That some level of competence.

    And Inaho was a few meters away from losing his lower limbs from that episode. That last swipe from Saaz took both the Sleipnir’s legs.

    And Rayet actually scored two kills. Yay competence again!

    If the captain is putting all her eggs on Inaho’s basket, might as well give him reigns to pilot the original Deucalion mech against the Martians. I think the Sleipnir’s full capacity was used in this episode. And Inaho’s fighting someone who knows and respects his abilities. Too much respect at that.

    Now let see how Slaine orchestrates the deaths of the other Counts using Inaho’s brilliance.

    But my question is, did or will Inaho figured out that Slaine used him?

    1. “Put Ejection pods on my mech plus the Eject Button.”

      “That could have easily saved Saaz if he ejected before the second volley hit him.”

      No. At most, that would have required Slaine to finish the job by shooting the pod himself.

      Jimmy C
      1. True, if Slaine’s sole purpose was to kill Saazbaum… but if that was his motive, he wouldn’t have saved him in the first place.

        Saazbaum had to die without evidence of Slaine’s involvement to ensure he gets recognition as his heir. If Slaine fires on the escape pod and someone sees it and word manages to get out, he would be labeled as a traitor rather than his son.

  28. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2015%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    I sense a disturbance in the Force

    Whisperings of temptation: “Use your anger, feed on it, succumb to it and you’ll be a far greater Orbital Knight than there has ever been”

    Rise. Darth Gull. Your Padme is alive but barely.

    Inaho: *So do I get my light sabre now?*
    Inko: *I can’t believe that Inaho asctually chose discounted eggs over me!*
    Rayet: *We all know what happened to Vader*
    That other guy: *Why must they wear sweat pants???*

    Makise Kuristina
  29. I think Inaho, outside of the battle context, is getting more sympathetic and likable. I smiled when he agreed to go get some tea with Calm.
    But whenever there is a battle and he shows up in his mech, I just want someone to punch him in the face.

    1. That’s one interesting point, Reite.

      I agree that Inaho’s chat with Calm in this episode is beautifully done. However, punch Inaho in the face when he was in the Mecha? Mmmmmm…I don’t feel it that way but at the same time I kind of understand that feeling of yours.

      Looks like Inaho still has ‘rooms for development’ as a character. I like his cool, sometimes cold demeanor, though.

  30. Trollard, Trollard, the princess will cry when she sees what you done! The karma will hit you hard, there’s no happy ending for you boy.

    All the schemes, plots, betrayals… All of those will devour you, turning your life into a miserable one.

    Troyard has chosen the dark side, the princess will not recognise him.

    Poor bastard.

    1. I’m all fired up waiting for his inevitable downfall. When Asseylam chooses Inaho instead of him and he breaks down prompting him to become the true final villain will be the best moment of the show.

  31. Hmm now that I think about it, Inko and Rayet’s call signs are “wan wan” and “chu chu” (onomatopoeia of the sound of dog and mouse respectively). I want people to make fanart of them wearing dog and mouse costumes!!

    1. You are right, WhyWai. Even I’m a fan of Inaho, I must say the story needs to cover him more. For example: what’s happened to him during his childhood? Was his stoic yet extremely clam personality came with his birth? Etc.

      The good thing is: Inaho is not totally one-dimentional. I have seen true one-dimentional but Inaho is not that bad yet. In these 15 ep we did get to see more than just one aspect of him. Inaho looks single-dimensional simply because he didn’t have much emotion for most of the time.

      In fact, his conversation with Calm is ep is excellent. I like that buddy-buddy chat between these two ‘brother-in-arms’ and it showed us more about Inaho already. It’s not very direct and you have to feel it. However, the effect is really there.

      We need more scenes like that.

  32. “you monologuing?”
    “just talking to myself”
    “that’s what monologuing means”

    it took me a while to realize he never said he was indeed monologuing which is odd since im pretty sure he knows what a monologue is… which made me realize that if you speak to yourself..and your brain SPEAKS BACK TO YOU… it is NOT a monologue anymore (monologue = only one person speaking..and he was having an actual conversation o.o)

    kinda scary if one thinks about it.

  33. Tropes, so famailiar, sometimes it makes you happy, and sometimes it makes you angry:

    Hey! Inaho! Since when you joined the Scout Legion in ‘Attack on Titans’?
    No? You didn’t? Then where did you get your 3D Manoeuvr Gear?

    Seriously, while this week’s ‘weekly Mecha Battle’ is better than last week, I got a feeling that the production team is running out of ideas for mecha battles.

    I hope they can last all the way to the Grand Finale.

    1. I agree with you on that one about the mecha battles. It’s the aspect that is lacking in creativity. Even a battle with recycled sequences is better to watch than the ones shown in this series. To be honest, I’ll be satisfied to just see the interaction between Inaho and Slaine whether it’s a fist fight or simple dialogue. Scrap the mechas, they are not even exquisitely designed. They really should take a page out of Sunrise’s book.

  34. but is it just possible Slaine’s endgame is to seize power and then pursue Asseylum’s dream of a peaceful coexistence with Earth? We don’t know yet how this will play out, but I’ve become much more interested in finding out.

    I think it really does not expect that Slaine is for peace between Vers and Earth. From 20:45 when Slaine talk, Inaho says it does not lie. So it learns that the princess is alive but we realize together Slaine now despises his own race because he wants to “punish the Earthlings.” For me, it’s seen it all: Slaine betrayed the count for more power within the army and for it to make its own decisions while maintaining the princess alive.

    The question is: What is he going to happen when the princess wakes up? Because it will see in the end, it does the same thing Saazbaum, he uses his image to generate the war but now that the Count is dead, it could very well tell everyone the truth, but no, he prefers continue the war.
    All indications are that Slaine wants to abolish the current Vers government and gain complete power but at the cost of millions of lives (Earthlings). The princess will absolutely not approve this kind of thing.

  35. Ep 16:

    My first thoughts (Appetizer)

    Now the tamer Count’s of the old King gain Respect against the Earth Defense Force. I am talking not about the “Falcon” section of these Guys. I am talking about the calmer fraction

    He do not saw them as lowlife scums beings, he respected their effort to fight him, and looks like the Earth Defense Pilots gave him the Soldier respect back (He survived as POW)

    Some of our top “Sub MCs” made their appearance. I think now we have all our cast around, but this Episode felled like a 2nd “Now the Main Actors entered the Stage, let the Show begin!”

    It is hard to make now Inaho so complex like Slaine. For what is Inaho fighting? to protect his Sister? and the dream of Hime-sama? To protect his precious Friends?

    This Episode earned a 7/10 from me.

    1. I try to explain the Slaine Hype

      Why is there so much attention now to our Slaine?

      Well Slaine is a Human, a Sublifeform living on Mars

      he gain first the respect to work under a Count. Well mainly because he was lucky to had some Important “sublifeform” connections. His Father gave him this Bonus/Boost. So a Count took him under his Wings.
      Inaho, well he was not a Sublifeform on Earth, sure perhaps a weird outsider. But he had already Friends around him when this Anime began.

      Slain somehow gain the attention of Saazbaum, and earned his respect. Here was the connection the Princess. Saazbaum used Slain to catch her.

      Slain realized that, with the Princess gone (Saazbaum shot her), Slaine would lose his Usefulness under Saazbaums Wing. So he realized that, and cunning tempted Saazbaum on the “Old King and Aldnoah Drive Curse” Path. Slain got brain
      Inaho do not need that, His only main Power is his Brain to analyze fast the Enemys weakness, and now with his Eye, he is the Top Ace Soldier of Earth Defence Force. But remember, Inaho still have only 2 Hands and Feet’s. he cannot be everywhere, when Mars is about to lunch a full scale attack on Earth

      So perhaps to give Inaho the same “complexity” like Slaine, the nip into his Own Past could be a good try. Perhaps we could also find here and there some Secrets about him and as Bonus about her Sister (remember her Teardrop + Bloodsample = Hime-sama first Knight Inaho)

      So the truth about Slaine being now so complex. Slain has earned his position and Respect of the Others through Sacrifice. Inaho had only the Respect

      Slaine balance weights heavier against Inaho

      That is my explanation try of Slaine “Hype”

      Slaine = beat a Genius through hard Work like Rock Lee!!
      Inaho = Sasuke genius

      p.s. Someday in my Life, i should really visit Nippon, i really need to go there. Perhaps when heavy responsibility is taken off my shoulders


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