「ジャマすんじゃねーよ」 (Jayma Sunjyaneeyo)
“Don’t You Get In My Way”

While Seirin may be the masters at unleashing something amazing right as the clock hits zero, Kaijo did a fine job at putting up their best effort until the very end.

Finger Licking Good

Oh Haizaki, why must you try so hard to be a bad guy? Sure there might be no room left for any other character archetype but to put up such a tough act to the point where you get a nice warm fist to the face? Seriously though, it never fails to surprise me how well this show handles it’s characters. In Haizaki’s case, I spent a majority of the episode waiting for him to have some sudden change of heart after realizing just how much of a asshat he’s been — because that’s what supposed to happen in these types of situations isn’t it!? But as the flashbacks came and went as we watched him spiral downwards as Kaijo (or more specifically Kise) stole the game from him, I loved how he didn’t get some fairytale ending. Because at the end of the day, there are some bad guys who are simply just bad guys. Also, it was nice to see Kise finally make his own retorts against some of the nonsense Haizaki was spouting.

That said, even I’m not proud enough to say that I didn’t smile a little watching Haizaki fail to throw away his shoes the second time around. I mean, he’s a legitimate asshat but who says there isn’t room for him to grow some empathy?

Friendship Strikes Again

I personally am not a big fan of seeing the Generation of Miracles during their middle school days. Instead of getting to see just what they did to gain their titles, we’re usually subjected to simple slice-of-life moments that highlight their quirks. And yes, while they are fun to watch, this is a sports anime dangit and I want to see all these cool players do cool things!

On the other hand, without all those moments of seeing just how close everyone used to be, I doubt such a rush of emotions would have welled up within me when Kuroko managed to be louder than an entire stadium to pump up Kise. I don’t know what it is exactly but there’s just something genuinely moving about adversaries helping each other out because of mutual respect. Anyways, good on you Kuroko!

Looking Forward

With the final four teams amped and ready to compete in the semi-finals it looks like every match from here on out is going to be explosive. We’ve seen what three of four teams can do so far but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t itching to see what makes Akashi such a fearsome player (I still remember the scene where he chucked a pair of scissors at Kagami!). Luckily it looks like Shutoku’s match is up first so we’ll get to see a bunch of Akashi and Midorima!

Catch you next week!




  1. ”Now.. What to do from here..”
    Thank you Aomine, you just did what we all wanted to see. All that’s left is to bury the body.

    ”There really are bad guys..and scary guys out there.”
    Is that foreshadowing for the Akashi badassness that’s about to come?

  2. random viewer
    1. As a non-manga reader I’d really like to know why Akashi is feared. He is the captain so I’m sure he’s good but a short guy like him doesn’t look intimidating. I’m sure there are other reasons.

      1. Remember Kuroko’s game is not to be in the spot light. Kise is just a too big a character. You will see what I mean in the next eps.

        But what should be more interesting is why he can’t enter the Zone. Imagine Kise in the Zone with all 5 GoM now that would be great but then the damage to his body and time limit will be greater.

      2. As awesome as Kuroko’s moves are, I don’t think it’s necessary for Kise to copy them since he is already a decent player with great skills. On the other hand, Kuroko created his own play style in order for him to overcome his own obstacles of being weaker than his peers: vanishing drive and phantom shoot, etc. Kise can already play brilliantly.

  3. Such OP copy abilities. Halfway through, I actually expected Kise to lose, but then Perfect Copy happened! Nice to see it in action again. I loved the animation on that scene.

  4. “And I totally dumped her as soon as I boned her too”
    So Haizaki had sex with Kise’s girlfriend when they were in Teiko. How old was he? 13? I don’t think that’s common in Japan though. Either way, no sympathy for his loss then. 🙁

      1. I’m glad Kise didn’t get pull out the ”zone” thing. It would lose it’s ”magic” if everyone did it at every single game. That’s his ace and he should reserve it for the tough GoM players.

  5. “Don’t fall for it guys. It’s an obvious bait. This person is trying to get a rise out of us and will probably continue to do so for the next 20+ episodes. Don’t waste your time & energy and just ignore it. :)”

    I wonder that guy gonna do it on episode 3, with that g and h words.

      1. I always thought Kise was the weakest of the GoM since he doesn’t have an ability of his own but when I saw his Perfect Copy I completely changed my mind about him. I’m really glad that they didn’t drag this match and of course Aomine punching Haizaki was the highlight for me!

  6. The 2nd half of the episode seemed rushed to me. I’m not a manga reader but Kise’s team caught up and won in just 5 MINUTES. That’s really fast for Kuroko standards.

    Kenpachi Fried Chicken
    1. I’m not sure if it was rushed compared to the manga but I think they’ll be adapting all the remaining chapters. We’ve still got about 4 games left, and the last game is the longest.

  7. Part of that’s the art style, but it’s also kinda realistic for them to look like high schoolers if they are prodigy basketball players. There’s stories in the US about colleges who can’t wait to start recruiting middle schoolers who are 6’6″+, and they look like a man among boys in a few videos I’ve seen.


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